Crosby, Bing - Love Thy Neighbor Lyrics

Love thy neighbor,
Walk up and say "How be ya
Gee! But I'm glad to see ya, pal,
How's tricks? What's new?"
Love thy neighbor,
Offer to share his burden,
Tell him to say the word "n"
You will see him through
Especially if there should be
a beautiful girl next door,
Say to that girl next door,
don't think I'm bold
But my mother told me to
Love thy neighbor
And you will find your labor,
A great deal easier,
Life'll be breezier
If you Love Thy Neighbor

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Crosby, Bing Love Thy Neighbor Comments
  1. _Mooche_ [Minecraft]

    Word "n"

  2. peter. not ranglin

    Bill Crosby big band

  3. Mauce1

    April 14 in 1934..!!

  4. Taleen Donoyan

    when was this song released? was it between 1950-1990

  5. roggie harry Arm

    love thy post bings great!!!! thanks ROGHARM

  6. Antônio Augusto Mariante Furtado

    I agree with you: exactly between 1928 and 1934!

  7. Jef Gleave

    You don't hear music like this anymore. It's a great shame since I love this genre of music and the modern music doesn't really appeal to me.

  8. guggle86

    Love Thy neighbour was sung by Bing in the film We're Not Dressing (1934)with Carole Lombard. Real easy listening.