Crooked I - Yodo Lyrics

[Verse 1]
This is how it happens, somebody yell your name
You turn around and look, you see a barrel flame
You fall against the wall while the hammer nail your frame
Try to get up then you stumble, you sittin' there in pain
Thought you was a thug, all it got you was a slug
Crowd goes wild cause they shot you in the club
Killer comes closer, pop you in the mug
Gravity and the Grim Reaper both drop you in your blood
Wildin' on Instagram showing you pack heat
Trippin' on Twitter, they split you 'til ya black knee
People love a role player, so you act street
Til you in your homie car dying in the back seat
Livin' on the edge, now them killas on your head
Soon as you get it twisted they put a million on your dreads
ER is too far now you a corpse in the car
Before you left you heard death
And this is what he said

You only die once my nigga, you only die once
You only die once my nigga, you only die once
The motto is YODO

[Verse 2]
Now you poppin' rubber bands talkin' bout you got it all
Flexin' for the strippers, one is sendin' out a call
Some niggas slide up on you, quietly pull it out and draw
Walk you into the bathroom, surround you by the stall
One watch the door, other goin' in your pocket
One snatchin' your jewels, ain't shit you can do to stop it
Thinkin' bout swingin' on the nigga, nigga stop it
You robbed by some pros, that stripper ho gon' get a profit
Your ego feel pathetic, tellin' you not to dead it
Expression on your face, them other niggas read it
You walkin' to your car, they knew where you was headed
They parked you in the parking lot before you can even set it
I seen it all unfold from a corner dimly lit
With a Worldstar bunny bouncin' on a nigga dick
See I got my Ruger, couple extended clips
And when I passed security, I hit 'em with some chips


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Crooked I Yodo Comments
  1. This Guy

    just bad

  2. Augie TheWideOwl

    I hear some shots at Rick Ross too..fucking Savage Crook XXXXXX

  3. John the Boss Carter From Earth?

    Smh Crook is 1 of the best for years and just 183 thousand views smfh? Kodak with that ratchet "cash me ouuside" Dr. Phil little ass loud mouth and he ain't close to KXNG Crooked I's caliber and different but if rap wasn't so twisted and messed up it'd be the other way around.

  4. Christopher Edwards

    The Breakfast Club brought me here.

  5. Albert Avina


  6. jes2lift

    man I wished he would of gone straight beast in this song just straight bars, he actually had a good beat where he could of just gone flow but instead did a slow rap. crooked the man but he should of gone ham on this beat

    The Rat Prince

    His delivery was perfect. Crisp and clean so that you can hear every word he's saying clearly. When you're telling a story like that, going fast is a good way to lose your audience.

    I respect your opinion, but I think he chose the perfect way to handle this song. The kind of song you're describing would be a completely different song.

    Paul Sharp

    jes2lift AGREE 100%

  7. Zac Poueriet

    he looks like a fatbr kelly

  8. Captain X

    Anybody else love this beat? That sound of that guy moaning(?) in the back, very 90's very Mike E. Clark.

  9. Fredrik BM

    Wtf why so few views? Well whatever just wanted to say this is the shit here. Fuck yolo, yodo it is. Been liking this kinda hiphop since gravediggaz, n.w.a, etc! Since I feel it more, life aint all flowers and sunshine.

  10. kumngo21

    Crooked I > Drake

    Ritwik V

    +kumngo21 No shit, bruh!


    You talking about that rap-singer guy from, like, 7-8 years ago..?? Why even make the comparison?

  11. kumngo21

    Diamond in the rough

  12. Tyler Aronne

    Just heard this dude freestyle for the first time. His lyrics are unreal. Reminds me of the glory days of rap. 


    crooked has been rappin since the early 90's hes been in videos with 2pac and peeps. this guy just didnt bother going main stream till a few years back. one of my favirotes after 2 pac nas and biggie. Great rhyming skills.

    John the Boss Carter From Earth?

    dasnoopy13 Man that's what's up! I was on this classic like every KXNG CROOKED I since 99 when he was Crooked I and I'm from Long Beach California and dude is a humble, lyrical beast! Also for me I was playing Pac's stuff since 94' and he is my all time favorite but Crook is right there and he is a best been playing him since 99' 💯🔥🔥🔥☝

  13. clive Ryu mgc

    YODO turrnt uup

  14. Randy Ball

    the reaper says YODO my nigga, im sure the reaper wouldnt say nigga haha

  15. Suenno Naingie

    UNDERRATED man #Dammm 

  16. Washed in the Blood of The Lamb

    Can't wait for the Chain

  17. Larrynko1

    Let's not blame it all on ym/ lil wayne there are a lot of underground "rappers" that people listen to I know a bunch of kids that's 14+ that hate wayne but still have the dumb logic

  18. Eireee17

    to nice rte here :)

  19. Mikey330

    Why Crooked look like mario if he gained 75 lbs? lol syke nah 

  20. Mikey330

    Damn shit is crispy

  21. Jesse Aceves

    Very underrated! #Westcoast #crookedi #slaughterhouse

  22. Ace Anon

    Dis is gangster. Forget New era BS wannabee thugg

  23. Timmothy Boone

    eminem did

  24. Jaime Chavez

    He sold out

  25. Alec Lind

    Such an underrated rapper


    This song doesn't support that


    +wunas96 161k really aint a lot nowadays. Around 7 billion people......

  26. Matt mclaughlin

    Drake/YM diss?!? "put a million on ya dreads", Drop you and your blood", "you only die once, the motto is yodo"...hmmmm


    aha i think its a diss...


    No it isn't. Crook is a fan of YM and Drake.

  27. FRD

    It's not that he is not good he is better than most of these rappers out there but its just that the new generation cant relate to this..This generation isn't gangster or about killing..Well i think..

    Oliver enderby

    You have a point!! but the gangsterness! is in the new generation!!! too!!!


    Yes but not this gangsterness its changing a lot...The new generation gangsters are way different than before

    LoLzKinky Thresh

    @Frederick Quashie This generation has been corrupted by the stupid lyrics of Lil Wayne and YM. Im 19 and I cant stand most of those ppl that scream "YOLO". I listen to mainly old school rap and certain today rappers

  28. M3bEa5t

    Crooked bang

  29. DreadlyKnight

    Lol 12 days after the.minecraft parody called 'YODO'...

  30. YourMothersBestFriend

    Also hes saying dont pretend to be a thug unless your ready to die or you are a thug already and dont give a fuck you know exactly what hes talking about

  31. nev

    Ohhh... you like Lil Wayne, U Must be new here!

  32. trampus2

    Is that Kreayshawn dancing behind him?

  33. Martin de Kan

    I got a feeling he is talking about lil wayne in tge first verse

  34. Humble K.

    The motto is YODO

  35. Luke THOR

    YOLO ... YODO ... i agree with Crooked I

  36. K-Tru 15:24

    The real motto, especially for our generation

  37. Cory

    Shits too dope. Checkout my channel, I got bars son! :)

  38. casula

    Perfect song to cruise to

  39. CA$INO-VEGA$


  40. George Washington

    its a parady of YOLO yes and yes you could say its a shot at those rappers who love to say yolo (faggot drake) but it speaks real shit and talks about dieing and stuff because of the fakeness of those rappers. Now idk if hes saying hes real and all the fakes should stop but I would like to think hes saying every one should stop this fake hard stuff....everyone should stop this hard stuff...lets just build communities!! We have no time for thugs here!!

  41. B Walker

    Who is the chick on the cover of the album?

  42. Sikander Kahlon

    YODO > YOLO. not becoz of songs. becoz YODO is real. You Live Everyday but You Only DIe Once. Shout out to my boi CROOKED.

  43. Throw Away Account

    shit sounds nothing like the south. you dudes from dead/irrelevant regions stay trying to tear the south down. and crooked i tries too hard to fit too many words in some of his lines.

  44. adictiveadictive

    i dont think he sayin premo is west coast shit. hes sayin crooked would sound sick over some premo tracks and i agree. go listen to his version of "thank God for that white (thank God for that green)" produced by premo. one of his best spits in my opinion

  45. Gary Simpson

    The beat is dope,the lyrics dope,the hook dope,the song is just DOPE

  46. SirRezayGAMING

    Zinget Laser Storm version way better!

  47. The Producer Joe

    Crooked I Remix Right here COPY and Share also CLICK VOTE
    Top Choice in the Competition

  48. BeatsBy MrSmith


  49. ItsMr401

    premo west coast shit? .... but premo is from the south and did most of his work in the east .....

  50. Λ K T of The Artists

    Check my YODO remix on my page, peace

  51. KaCeTheProducer

    I made a remix to this w/ my own beat. It seems to fit his vocals a little better.... any feedback? /watch?v=DJzqhNWWcg4

  52. djgoshfire

    watch?v=en4ZEGF3oEQ BEATSTARS REMIX CONTEST DJ Gosh Fire Feat Crooked - You only die once Y.O.D.O (Vocal Mix)

  53. Hamlet Collado

    Hey Fam!! Check out this remix to Yodo watch?v=jUksxPwY81U something different.

  54. sechaba moiloa

    YODO remix: watch?v=m0J_IfhJf9E

  55. Bill Kay

    I swear this song has the best intro

  56. Tapu Stacey

    watch?v=XWyfdDxwEe8 Heres my Remix .....check it out

  57. Splinter Beats

    damn this is the worst song ive heard in a long while!

  58. Carl Broadway

    Superspartan southern gettin him big bitch southern shout out to i crook

  59. Pablo Mengin

    i did a remix of this song check it out if you get a chance ! :)

  60. Pablo Mengin

    how about my remix of it :)
    hope you'll like it ! :)
    cheers from a new york beatmaker

  61. superspartan1110

    crooked murders this but he deserves better production. he needs more west coast sounds not the southern club shit. or get dj premier behind the boards. lyrically crook always comes cprrect but production like this holds him back

  62. gabechat2

    lmao youngmoneyfans ain't gonna like this one. YODO. no one gives a fuck.

  63. Chronic Riot

    wtf is this? lol crooked i is supposed to be a monster. This sounds like some shit he wrote in 5 mins.. this is fucking garbage

  64. Ulu PoPo

    i like the song on the whole, but rick ross wants his flow back...


    its not a diss to either, its an anti violence song

  66. sabelo mavimbela

    who cares whos getting dissed dis shit is hard

  67. iiShaanop

    Yeah, cause drake is from the mean streets of upper-class Canada lool


    Kinda looks like Black Thought, haha- especially with them glasses

  69. jhfjhfkf

    Damn after listen to some D Block, Wu tang, Big L for a few minutes , this sound like garbage, no offense to any one or his fans, just saying...


    YOU ONLY DIE ONCE !!!!!!

  71. Daniel Garner

    If this a drake or lil Wayne diss he's not gonna live to make another song

  72. Daniel Garner

    This has to be a drake diss this

  73. lightThatcherry

    this guy is hype. faith in rap music restored.

  74. Tony Montana

    Drake and Chief Keef.

  75. kingofCOMO

    not a bad debut album. go cop it.

  76. Griffin Stacy

    stupid foolz lol

  77. Musical SYD


  78. soriano4tweny

    damn.. i havent heard some real shit in a while jaja

  79. William Gray

    He talking about lil Wayne. Song sucks but he got a point

  80. Mr LeVaZ

    why im watch this vedio ??

  81. Señor Butthole Cartel

    Ghost face aint in this bro

  82. 225crownline

    Ahhh Ghostface Killah chillin in the back

  83. Zak Deering

    This shits trash

  84. lilly shaffer

    This guy has no flow what so ever

  85. John John The Producer

    Lil Wayne he's talking about...

  86. Piercebandits

    ymcmb diss

  87. thunderdragon517

    I like how he tells a story and sets a scenario

  88. Darneyyyyyy Boi

    Ewww this is a flop, bout yodo nigga please

  89. 732 Ricky

    Give me a chance and check out my channel, tryna build up a fan base! Thanks!

  90. AllyOnAir

    Probably the whole YMCMB crew too

  91. Hristo Zhdrakov

    You Only Die Ones ?!?

  92. younes sami

    c l u b

  93. 22Rosia

    YODO for real................