Crooked I - No Sleep Gang Lyrics

[Verse 1]
No sleep gang, insomnia gang
We out here trafficking, that mean I'mma find me a lane
You wanna be celebrities, you remind me of lames
But I got bars, when I'm through selling these, I'mma buy me some fame
All about that mulah holla, I'm a Rottweiler with an iced out collar
Prada frames, Long Beach top shotta
I don't count on niggas but I might count dollars
I don't count on hoes but I might count dollars
I don't count on haters but I might count
Bottles in the VIP when the club turn the lights out
I'm on the white couch yelling out
Bang bang bang, no sleep gang
Bang bang bang, no sleep gang
OG man, how the dope fiends came
Get em so hooked, call a dope T-Pain
Cardo on the beat, then it's no keychain
Push to start, then a Crook to park
Seats vibrate when the dope beat bang
Drank the sip, nigga kush to spark

Bang bang bang, no sleep gang
Bang bang bang, no sleep gang
Bang bang bang, nigga no sleep gang
Fuck sleep, get that money my nigga
Fuck sleep, get that money my nigga
Fuck sleep, get that money my nigga
Fuck sleep, get that money my nigga
Fuck sleep, get that money my nigga
Smoke in the club, roll that up
Drank in the club, pour that up
Haters in the club, so damn what
If it don't make money then it don't add up
No sleep gang, roll that up
No sleep gang, throw that up
No sleep gang, throw that up
If it don't make money then you don't add up

House in the hills, thousands and mill's
Getting wild in the field with your spouse in Brazil
On ounces and pills, how does it feel?
To count dollar bills, to count dollar bills

[Verse 2]
No sleep gang, insomnia gang
Raised by some O dogs, that's why I polly with 'caine
They pushed rock in the 90's, they remind me of Dame
Hundred on the dash, Jordan's on the gas
Pull the top back while I'm sliding through the lanes
Yelling bang bang bang, no sleep gang
Bang bang bang, no sleep gang
Do-si-do with a ho he claim
In the low-key mode, know she throw me brain
And I know she know, chain and the cross
C.O.B, I'm the COB gang boss
Bitch threw a molly in her own champagne
This time around y'all can't blame Ross
Momma told me I couldn't behave
To that dollar was Crooked a slave
Now I'm a master, fly right past ya
Louis Vuitton sneakers one foot in the grave
But before I die let me tell you this
I'mma ball on you niggas, I can tell your pissed
Talk about I took your wife out all night
Nigga don't tell me, homie tell your bitch


Bang bang bang, no sleep gang

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Crooked I No Sleep Gang Comments
  1. H B

    Fuck sleep bank account zero my nigga

  2. Levar Kizer

    Check out Levar Kizer on YouTube mellow

  3. Chris Mendoza

    Definitely different he was less serious which is awesome to change it up. So dope respect to crook and fuck you lil pump.

  4. Articulate Thought

    Sleep is a crutch

  5. cursed vol2

    Why don't crooked I famous like dr dre cos' he is so damn talented

  6. William Ables

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 crooked snapping my beard just caught 🔥🔥 🔥✌️😂😱 😂😱 😂😱 😂

  7. Fitawrari Fitness

    157 people sleeping

  8. Julian

    Seriously fuck staying up

    This post was made by the Sleep Gang

  9. Julian

    I can very much tell he just hired a few hoes and rented the local roller rink. Crook dope af tho

  10. Naseer X

    2018 who's here?

    Mr Von's Channel Sweatbox

    2019 #NoSleepGang


    @Mr Von's Channel Sweatbox 2019 !!

  11. Vintage_Michael

    Keeping wives out all night don’t blame me blame ya b*tch.


    circle of Bosses


    best rapper alive

  14. Général X

    Awesome musique

  15. PS Parkour

    Very Nice Song

  16. Meowing Sounding babies

    Why is there a Kid wtf?! 0:56

  17. I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg

    Is this the same crooked I from deathrow? ?

  18. Gooner Ace

    is that little dice at :56 ?

  19. incock nito

    Whenever I have to meet a deadline I become part of the No Sleep Gang.

  20. Jaak Unt

    So fly.

  21. marquis McClain

    1take ladys

  22. Ezekiel Wheaton

    Crooked I's going mainstream I see. Still sick wit it though

  23. Merv Watson

    No sleep gang

  24. EliLL Hi

    Top 5 DOA

  25. Kevin Nesbitt

    Everyone from West Side likes this dude hes alright

  26. Jesus Christ

    When my mom wants me to sleep during the night and be awake during the day 😂

  27. bestmusicdj

    Nice track im sad hearing this the first time in 2017

  28. Dylan Sullivan

    ssuutt ssuutt 💪

  29. Brian Valencia

    met crooked last summer he's 100 as fuck super cool man for real

  30. Noah Luna

    finals got me like


    im str8 no sleep gang southside new zealand main wee outcheeeaaaaaa. . . bangbang

  32. Terrance Davis

    be out there money team

    Terrance Davis

    get money

  33. jes2lift

    this beat is hard af but wished crooked would just spit straight bars in this song,

  34. Jamie

    Some words he says kinda sounds like A$AP Ferg. just a lil

    Psycho Mantis

    If u actually listen to crooked's music he is a million times the lyricist than asap ferg is lol

    Devion Cherry

    a million Is an understatement and I like both lol

    Psycho Mantis

    ya i like Ferg & the Mob too but just totally different styles

  35. Francesco Weber

    #sheesh dieser 1 rapper dude aus amURRica is die principles des 1 and only boi am followen tuhen #nosleepgang #gudg #burr

    marquis McClain

    Francesco Weber 1take bodies cob

  36. Samantha Dodd

    Jorge bravo 👈likes anal

  37. Ahmed Waheed

    Instrumental please ...

  38. marcus holtzheimer

    What a waste of a beat


    You're a waste of carbon

    Nowu of the North

    Don't count on haters but I might count...

  39. ma ya

    illlll beats!!!! respect from japan!

    Roboy 5'9" ( The Fifth Slaughter )

    +ma ya !llllllmind LOL

    Roboy 5'9" ( The Fifth Slaughter )

    @***** I seen u somewhere...

    Roboy 5'9" ( The Fifth Slaughter )

    @***** Love that violon

  40. Doroteo Garza

    what is this mainstream bullshit?

    Dylan Sullivan

    Doroteo Garza Yeh right 👏

    Jesus Christ

    Doroteo Garza 🤦🏼‍♂️ oh no a rapper has a club banger 0/10 ign

  41. Ekinox


  42. PaulBeats

    This beat is dope yo. I domt really like rap but the trap beat is hella great

  43. adam melvin

    Owl ent no sleep gang
    Follow us on Instagram savv_owlent
    Soundcloud Adam Melvin 2

    Nowu of the North

    ^Owl Entertainment No Sleep Gang

  44. Steven Irlas

    People don't realize that every track doesn't have to be serious sometimes you just want to have fun well this is him having fun chill and let em shine

    kiX mind

    totally agree with ya !

  45. eyec Collins

    I might count comma's

  46. Hope Mackinnon

    Free Corey :D 
    Song reminds me of you bro

  47. fra nkfurt

    70 ppl. dont know whats good...

    Loaded L.V.X

    Now there are 111 of them Bastards

  48. Patrick Paz

    all u haters go kill urself crook the best ever .

  49. TeeLow

    THIS is how to make turn up music - and still remain lyrical enough to keep the lyric heads enjoying the shit!

    iGotUrAss Olaa

    At least someone knows what's up


    @Walshys Weenis its beautiful! Trap music would be the best era of Hip Hop if it was lyrical

    Miguel Cruz

    Lyric heads

    Jonathan H


    Brandon Hawthorne

    This isnt lyrical

  50. MrEhills

    Fuck all that shit this is a sick song. I'm suprised it doesn't have more views.

  51. B. Stone

    Isn't this guy like 40? Hanging out with little teenage girls? And he wants to get all philosophical in interviews? It's comical the hypocrisy in hip hop nowadays. And it's a shame, the amount of talent going to waste with a shit for brains message.

    B. Stone

    I'm surprised you know that much about the mans penis.


    Same email for 15 years?
    You wish you could fuck the chicks in this vid.
    Hating ass nigga that never made it.


    And with that hate.
    You never will.
    How does it feel?
    To be a loser ass hater prolly still making music in ya moms house haha

    Mesa _

    B. Stone he just made a fun little music video to relax, stop being an old head and annoying cause he is not gonna read this

    Ezekiel Wheaton

    B. Stone What about the people u love in the white house and other world leaders and celebs that like little boys and girls at pizza gate. Bill Clinton etc.. I guess even real perverts get white privilege SMDH

  52. sGGingerbear

    This song is a hit!  Why has it not more recognition!

  53. drunkenbwoi

    the fuck you turned into man? turn that crap shit off and do some real music.

  54. OwenBestEnt.

    You had a dope show! Glad I got to see ya in STL

  55. PapaGeorg10

    Crooked is a Beast with the lyrics but I he needs better producers on his album. 


    dunno about that meng.

    Axel M

    @PapaGeorg10 What the fuck? This beat goes hard af


    @Axel M I like this beat though. But IMO he really stepped up production in his projects after this. I just wish some big producers would work with him

  56. DietEwok

    This is better than Jesus rapping.

  57. c o r


    Mesa _

    c o r liked your own comment, damn loner

  58. Quentin Mayo

    MvC! !  !


    crooked i's the man, this seems slighty commercial but he alouda make money

  60. THE Vigilante

    that X-Men Vs. Street Fighter though. 

  61. MOOBee

    This song was pretty good but this is not crooked i top level song its not at his best


    I'm pretty new to crooked and trying to hear some of his best work.. Got any song suggestions?

  62. dan nunes

    he rhymes about Brazil?please 


    Just bounced to Brazil.
    Why you mad for? Haha

  63. fuck youtube

    this track is sick 

  64. steven mei

    waht snare is this called/?

    Dwin Carlson

    It's a combination of an average 'trap snare' with a 'trap open hihat'

  65. Gavin Koszara

    This song is just another commercial piece of trash. I saw a freestyle earlier where he tore the Shook One's beat up. So i searched him up and came to this song and I have to say ive never been more disappointed as quickly as this. 6 min.




    grow up and start using your brain idiot, seriously.
    this shit still gets denied by mainstream cuz still too smart rap.
    commercial shit is way dumbed down.


    Well .. Look at  his  Crook'n'Porter , his old mixtape HiphopWeekly freestyle ( 72 ) , psalm 82:V6 , his Group Slaughterhouse and more ..

    Don't judge Crooked I by this beat . Apex Predator , in my opinion , Is an Album by Crooked I that Shows only how Versatile he is .

  66. Josh Nichols

    the robot is peter dinklage!!

  67. Tyrone Metallic

    no sleep gang i farted like a moth fuckah 

  68. Mike Garrett

    only if clubs actually played this type of music, this is the shit id love to bang to when and if i go to a club with the lights and  booze and everything but no its all tehcno shit lol its so queer. every single nightclub is techno like where the fuck did hiphop go


    NYC still has real hiphop venues, slaughterhouse just killed SOBs in Manhattan. They put on a good show. He came into the crowd to do this song.

  69. Sincere Powers

    Boom Boom Clap, was a club hit. Bang Bang No Sleep; just keepin' it movin' ;)

  70. J B

    so underrated, it's sickening what this business puts on the front line.

  71. Master Ree

    Fuck sleep


    love how ny n cali bite down south beats... down south is the new life raft for all rappers from everywhere else now.. 

  73. Cory Reinhart


  74. Mr Matthews

    Proper club banger, I like Crooked I freestyles and his more lyrical content as much as anyone but you can't expect him to only do that, To do so would be foolish and if you think he should you are foolish and need some more maturity in your life. Get that paper Crook.   


    this is exactly what a club banger should be. all clubs play nowadays is techno or some techno remix of hiphop, and shitty hiphop at that. i

    Jesus Christ

    misterguy100 techno is good

    Jesus Christ

    Unless it's not

  75. annemarie gettys

    this is my place...i don't know why you are here

  76. annemarie gettys

    i never saw this before...

  77. LxA Fante

    I prefer the real Crooked I that had them bars, and im talking them REAL bars that not even Kendrick gots. Thats what makes him more talented than everyother rapper. Im just not as impressed as the bars he spits on guest verses.

  78. Davie Windmill

    This is an ultra beat, Crooked I is the man.

  79. Jorge Bravo

    This is disappointed n wack....straight garbage

    Andre ortiz

    @Mikey Derkson word

    ThaPod Father

    This fuck is losing at life

  80. SameShitDifferentToi

    Crooked go hard!

  81. Be Safe Tho


  82. ghostkilla346

    My girl listens to Crooked I now, lol.

    Eric Chen

    marry her


    Oh i intend, i intend.

    Nicasso Turpin

    So does my gf memorizing his shit and snow the products lol but she cant keep with daddy

    Nicasso Turpin

    @Nico Turpin keep up*


    My nigga my nigga.

  83. 954buggy

    Man i love that "house in the hills" part from the chorus that he sampled from my life.That aint recycling he did that for the fans and killed that shit don't get mad cuz my man took a shot at a radio hit which was ridin imo better than most of what you'd hear on the radio.

  84. M3bEa5t

    Yall some bitches either you like him or you dont . Crook stay slapping

  85. Phil Moore

    Game would rip this beat in a remix


    the game who??

    no fakes allowed here

  86. RaminemReviews

    is there anywhere i can get COB merchandise?


    crookedi.spreadshirt i got my COB stuff from there before.

  87. Joe Namith

    That's hiphop bro, everyone has does it at least a lot of times lol

  88. UniversalMuziiik

    Shits Hott. Like Always. RESPECT Crook


  89. Brosephh14

    Raised by some O Dogs thats why im probably with Kane.

  90. onesian

    i prefer him then, maybe because he's kinda mainstream now and all these bangwagon dudes come and jump on the COB ship but yea you're right, but there's plenty who can fuck with him, bishop lamont, sly boogy to name a few..

  91. onesian

    since 2000? man you need to go further then that homie.. try 19th Street!

  92. Kiwi Fan

    2:10 - 2:26 recycled from his verse on 'My Life' - Slaughterhouse.

  93. TheInsomniac96

    if Crooked is garbage, then damn, that's some fresh ass garbage

  94. Valeska A. Harlan

    crooked i has turned to garbage!!!

  95. ray rudis

    Crooked I spoke the real on this song you have to grind to make it

  96. PapaGeorg10

    Why doesn't crooked I have Sean Witherspoon in this video? He is the poster man for Bang Bang Bang!! (Wayans Bros)