Crooked I - Never Forget Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm broker then a bitch and I'm sick and tired
I'm feelin' like I'm walkin in fire
I'm feeling like I'm jojo dancer before I expire
Can I get rich prior
In long beach them bullets wiz by ya
Clappa ain't a rappa still it spit fire
In ain't no jobs nobody gets hired
So to escape it junkies get higher
6 in the morning hustling on the corner
Tryin' to get out that abyss
I was born and switch me with form
And rumble in the jungle piss me your gonna get
Mixed with no warning

Piss poor got my school clothes from the thrift store
Just a ghetto boy like the 5th ward
So I dropped out thinkin' this war
Nigga get yours
Cash over bitches true religion
You see what's going on through the kitcken
We steppin' on crack same drug broke
Your mothers back like the superstition
Me and the boys is sellin' poison
Like we 3 members new edition
You said we'll die or get threw in prison
If I make a song about it who would listen

I'm walkin' down the street nigga broke as fuck
Lookin' for a deuce tryin' to patch up
But the change is lose so as we sit down, no doubt
I was walkin' down the street with my nigga skinny kinny
On my side, bitches passing by
Niggas won't let a nigga rise so he stuck
That's why
I'm walkin' down the street tryin' to catch the bus
Just to catch the train headed to Lyon
Tryin' to do my thing cause I just can't stop I can't stop
And it's real as real it gets
I strruggled for years just to breathe in this bitch
So I never forget

[Verse 2:]
Some of us die some got threw in prison
I wanna ride for a new position
I wanna make an album about my life but in this music
Business tell me who would listen
Whatchu' wanna hear truth or fiction
Petty niggas talkin' about they movin' shipments
Like UPS but you BS so your birds wouldn't know what
To do with pigeons
Keep it 100 everytime I rock a beat
And I done it deep from the heart I sleep with a gun
I dream about peace but not the one under the pillow
Glock 9 rather fock mics put a stop sign
On the block life slingin' hot lines
Over rock pipes then I got signed
I'm in the spotlight
CL600 silver benz makin' love to my dividends
Gettin' calls from relatives I never knew at all
And niggas that never been my friends
Niggas that never been my friends
I didn't change
You niggas changed the way you treat me
Just because I'm

I was ridin' down the street with my top down
Got a bad bitch sittin on my side rubbin' on my thigh
Wondering why I'm so motherfuckin' fly and I smile
'Cause she knows
I drop her off pick up one more everyday that's how it goes
In every way that's how it goes
I'm ridin' down the street with my nigga skinny kinny on my side
In that black on back 'lac sittin' on them 6's
Man this money shit is addictive
And it's real as real as it gets
It's funny how shit flips so fuck you and that bitch
I'll never forget

I'll never forget man
How you niggas gonna hate on me
I'm a top running, section A
Spraying raid on roaches nigga man
You niggas should be inspired by me
I came from nothing
A'right, that's real motherfucker talk dog
When I lay that GT coupe on the boulevard
Nigga it came from nothing
You nigga supposed to be inspired right now
Ya know what I mean
You just a looter nigga like me

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Crooked I Never Forget Comments
  1. MatoMusic805

    Some of us die, some got threw in prison
    I wanna ride, for a new position
    I wanna make a album about my life
    But in this music bid'ness tell me who would listen
    What you wanna hear: truth or fiction?
    Petty niggas talkin' about they movin' shipments
    Like UPS, but, you BS so your birds
    Wouldn't know what to do with pigeons
    Keep, it one hundred every time I rock a beat
    And I done it deep, from the heart I sleep
    With a gun I dream, about peace
    But not the one under the pillow motherfucker
    Glock-9, rather rock mics
    Put a stop sign, on the block life
    Slangin' hot lines, over rock pipes
    Then I got signed, I'm in the spotlight
    CL600 silver Benz, makin' love to my dividends
    Gettin' calls, from my relatives I never knew at all
    And niggas that never been my friends
    Niggas that never been my friends ... I didn't change
    You niggas changed the way you treat me, just because I'm

  2. MatoMusic805

    This is one of my favorites.

  3. Dylan Skram

    Man I been bumpin this shit for years crooked needs recognition

  4. Jay Ali

    2 all my haters... 🖕#I will never forget! # killumanti

  5. Jay Ali

    My shit...

  6. kim snooks

    this hook could go for almost everyone ive ever known

  7. kim snooks

    wish this had a video man

  8. Sherman J. Otis

    And that's real as real as it gets!!!!

    kim snooks

    u gatta put the people down you cant fuck wit..... and that's as real as it gets ----- "And That's Real"

  9. Yuck Mouth

    Clapper ain't a rapper still it spit fire

  10. WLMPRO

    also @john smith, you dont have to pay for a beat, or digital instruments unless you want to earn money from it. thats why a mixtape is for free and all the tracks, beats and if you wanna sample the instruments,  them aswell.

  11. Aaron Price

    Does Anyone know what the Sample is on this song?

  12. antlocc

    My issh

  13. kim snooks

    got i love this song, so real

  14. James Thomas

    This shud ave mo views Tunneeee...

  15. Snaz Zeus

    This Song Is Crack. S/o Crooked 2 The Max. Salute! #BOTTOMUPMUSIC

  16. michael godines


  17. Fairlady _Phillz34

    The whole tape is FUCKING dope

  18. The Banditz

    Big ups to a fellow Toronto nigga on the beat.... Crooked is a beast........ That hook tho??? Out of this world...

  19. Brian Russell

    this is crooked i's best song probably he kills this shit destroyed it

  20. AlexJonesMusic

    Dope beat cuz!

  21. Snaz Zeus


  22. john smith

    Lol! It's an honest mistake. This beat is really dope though man, you can definitely feel the emotion it brought out in Crook.

  23. tiffanyjd08

    I like this track. The original "Never Forget" is on Translee ft. Eddy Fontane, "What They Want?" (mixtape) Track 10

  24. REne Hill

    Dude. This Track said produced by Spaz?? lol..Its "Snaz" lol Follow me On Twitter @snazduppro lol i produced this. thanks for sharing homie

  25. Justblaze2729

    Ballinforlife12 just got told wtf it is!!!! Lol

  26. john smith

    Actually, idiot, not all beats on mixtapes have to be someone else's beat. And for the songs that do use other peoples beats, that means the artist had to pay to use the beat unless they get permission. Mixtapes were originally created for promotional releases to hype up full LP's or just to get rappers more known. This was before the digital music days when it wasn't as easy to steal music. The irony in your last sentence is self-explanatory.

  27. ballinforlife12

    You must not know the difference between mixtapes and albums. Mixtapes are songs using other peoples beats which is why they are free. Albums are the artists own beats which is why they are for purchasing. Try not to look so retarded.

  28. john smith

    Sorry man, I have to deal with idiots all the time judging me on my name thinking I'm a little kid that plays call of duty lol. I don't even have any of those games haha,

  29. john smith

    Well by all means, if your broke or a douchebag go ahead and download it for free. But if you have the ten measly dollars to support a guy who puts his heart and soul into his art, why wouldn't you. It's people like you that are the reason why shitty, talentless rappers like lil wayne and gucci mane get all money while actual talented artists stay starving.

  30. STRIKT3

    real street ish,real spit,real intentions. #C.O.muthafuken.B!!!

  31. christheboss1000

    this shit makes you feel a certain kinda way YO... damn...

  32. SEAofRED

    who da fuck would dislike dis......speak up bitches.....SUT SUT.......

  33. Albert Persson

    Crooked never disapoints me, SUT SUT COB!!

  34. john smith

    Cuz I'm not broke or a douchebag that doesn't support good music and artists.

  35. Jay Smith

    yehh nipsey just giving a shoutout to la leakers but im sure crooked a make a tracc with nip soon or a later

  36. Jmar84

    Why buy it it'll be a free download?

  37. john smith

    Crooked did it again. Definitely buying this when it comes out.

  38. Roonoon2

    absolutely amazing

  39. Glen Johns


  40. shreyus1988

    Isn't that Nipsey with the LA leakers intro? I would kill for a Nipsey/Crooked or Nipsey/Slaughterhouse track.

  41. tehjamez

    always on his game...

  42. b flores

    this is what im talking about man bad as song i hope the whole mixtape is sum type of shit like this

  43. Gabriel Blaze

    Dopest song out so far! Shits fire!