Crooked I - Can I Talk To You?! Lyrics

You Know Sometimes I Find It Hard To Put Everything I Wanna Express In One Song You Know?
Some Times You Gotta Go Out Side The Box When You Create...
Can I Talk To You? (Talk To You)
I Just Wanna Talk To 'Ya'll
Can I Talk To You? (Talk To You)
No Hooks
I Just Wanna Talk To You... (Talk To You)
No Motherfucking Watered Down Bullshit
Can I Talk To You? (Talk To You)
Let Me Holla At 'Ya'll Man

Yeah Me Not Writing A Album Every Seven Days
Is As Odd As You Meeting A Reverend That Never Prays
It's As Rare As Me Not Packing A Pistol In The Seventh Grade
It's Like Surviving A Shot From Every Weapon Ever Made
See I'm On An Everlasting Endeavor For Better Days
Got A Vendetta For Chedda I'm Rippin' Whatever Stage
And I'm Way More Than Some Metaphors And A Clever Phrase
Way More Than A Chain And Some Size Eleven J's
I'm A Pyromaniac Looking For Mics To Set A Blaze
I'm A Psycho Brainiac Focus My Brain Never Sways
And My Minds A Maze With A Hundred And Eighty Seven Ways
For Me To Get Out My Mind And Let That Beretta Raise
Or Pop The Shotgun Bet You Never Met A Guage
Leave You Deader Than Dead Stop Your Breath It Won't Let You Age
Disrespect Me Expect Me To Protect Me And Catch A Case
Adress Me As Leather Face Jesse Smith And Wesson James
Not To Spit In Heavens Face But I Live In This Hell This Place
Where People Are Rebellin' Sellin' Hatin' Expelling Grace
In The Ghetto A Piece Of Metal's In Every Felons Waist
The Devil's Peddling Wicked Thoughts At An Excelling Pace
Meddling In Affairs Offer Nectre You Never Taste
Fools And Jesters Fall Victim Hope You Rest In A Better Place
Maybe We Should All Pray Instead Of Measures Of Less Or Fake
See I've Been There Before Bad Weather The Pressure Makes
And As Strange As It Sound I Forever Will Treasure Snakes
Cause They Make Me Appreciate My Brethren Who Never Fake
Swear To God I'm Writing Albums Like Every Seven Days
With' No Effort Then I Crash 'Em Them Records I Never Played
But Today I'm Letting Letter's Connect To Digest A Page
My Collective Perspectives Are Effective When Expressing Rage
Respected I'm Expected To Select The Domestic Cage
In The Pen For Felonies They Said It Would Never Pay
And This Is What They Say Bout You Nigguhs Who Ghetto Raised
Let 'Em Face Hunger And Deadly Plagues No Question They Catching Strays
They Sex'n They Catchin AIDS A Wretched Phaze
Our Community's In It's Like We Gotta Be Edrain James
Just To Dodge Obsticals Kids Homeless They Never Ate
Living In Shelters Momma's Felt This Factions From Section Eight
And These Politicians Are Bitches With Shit They Legislate
Convicted Felons Are Slaves So Prisons They'd Rather Make
Free Labor Is Paper For Corporations In Every State
So They Target Us Nigguhs Man I Carry This Heavy Weight
I Meditate Picture Myself In Front Of Heaven's Gates
Open My Eyes I'm Still In The Hood For Heaven's Sake

Can I Talk To You!
Can I Talk To You?
Can I (Can I) Talk To You?
I Just Wanna Talk To You... Hey Wiz Talk To Them Man!
I Just Wanna Talk To You...
Can I Talk To You?
I Just Wanna Talk To You...
Can I Talk To You? DJ Wiz Talking With His Hands!
I'm Way More Then Some Metaphors And A Clever Phrase... To You!
I'm Way More Then Some Metaphors And A Clever Phrase... To You... To You!
I'm Way More Then Some Metaphors And A Clever Phrase...

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Crooked I Can I Talk To You?! Comments
  1. Darth C-Tzar

    Almost the same rhyme scheme the whole way through.. next level shit

  2. gotta light

    Top 5 genius forms of art. Up there with Twin Peaks The Return Part 8

  3. joetothesanders

    god damn rhyming the same sound the whole verse multi syllable rhymes crazy

  4. Brandon C

    still gives me goosebumps after all these years


    Brandon C truth man

  5. brandonsavege cool


  6. clive Ryu mgc

    Crooked I is the truth

  7. Yuck Mouth

    My collective perspective are effective when expressing rage!

  8. Jim Mur

    i could do that... i wish

  9. Eziokilla9595

    Crooked went crazy.

  10. Bingzly _Hk

    in equivalence to normal tunes... lol I'd say he did 2 verses on the same rhyme scheme

  11. Dewdle Gaming

    Ehats the beat ?

  12. trip topped

    dre beat?



  14. NoCompIy

    this right here is absolute proof crooked is top 5 alive

  15. FlareonBoy136

    Crooked I and Tech N9ne should collab again!

  16. Wordz AhGod

    This track is the fucking truth.. Weapon waist went in son


    it's funny how the end rhymes of this whole song rhymes with weapon waist


    the whole song rhymes with it, insane