Croll, Dan - Swim Lyrics

Yes I'm sure that I wanna be here
I'm warned that the water's rough this time of year
Could it be a test today?
Or shall we leave it all to fate?
Don't you want to explore the depths that I'm willing to take?

Hey lover
Could you be close to me? Or would you...
Swim with another
Take your time to cool your mind

Hey lover
Could you be close to me? Or would you...
Swim with another
Swim with another

Yes I'm sure that I want to be heard today
I'm scared that the waters you call home lead you away
Could you be alone tonight?
Or will you leave it all to fight?
Don't you want to explore the waves that I'm willing to make?

Hey lover
Could you be close to me? Or would you...
Swim with another
Take your time to cool your mind

Hey lover
Could you be close to me? Or would you...
Swim with another
Swim with another

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Croll, Dan Swim Comments
  1. C B

    Great tune.The mixed race girl is absolutely stunning

  2. Amanda Silva

    Pqp Dan, você tá tão gostoso nesse clipe aaaaaaaaaa sofro

  3. TheAntonioBrand®

    3:24 hmm......................... Needs more cowbell 🤣

  4. Sir borris and Football Entertainment politics show

    You always have that song in the album.



  6. Caique Xavier

    alguém do Brasil aqui?

  7. Den4ik


  8. Amálgama A9

    É aquela coisa: chorei mas não disse por onde

    GmP ™

    que? não entendi kkkjjk

    Amanda Silva

    Eu toda vendo esse clipe

  9. Lisa Alisa

    Oh my ! He’s so sexy 😛

  10. Mr. Precedent

    This song is magic. Soothing, comforting, quiet, intensely powerful MAGIC.

  11. Diego Alcántar

    He's fking hot

  12. GamerBot

    Question: How in the world does this song have just 200k views, not a million?

  13. Cauã Rasmussen

    Model Sharmina Harrower is the voz girl

  14. willian matheu

    great tuneeeee

  15. Adalberto Trujillo

    Dan! ❤️

  16. Will Gregor

    You deserve more fans <3

  17. Pandaitis

    reeeeally good shit

  18. Gabriel dePaula

    I remembered of the song soap (Melanie Martinez)

  19. Anna Lena

    Gabby 😍 love this Video

  20. stinky

    This MV gives me lowkey bi vibes tbh and i love it

  21. sergio segio

    your musics is awesome!!!! thank so much for all this!

  22. Luke Armstrong

    0:03 Holy shit, that ringing hurt

  23. Frank

    thanks. ive enjoyed this

  24. Teresa

    I need a song with just the beginning 😍😍

  25. kelli bearden

    small bath tubs freak me out. 😣

  26. Bas Finnis

    Nice track

  27. TrappinAss Gukboy

    This guy a pimp

  28. Larissa Soto

    OMG Dan is beautiful

  29. Cyber Blue

    Grabs table shaking it violently while yelling YAASS BOY!

  30. Dominik Šandor

    After a friday night : " Hey liver , can't you be close to me?"

    giavanna thomas

    Dominik Šandor "hey liver, could you still work for me?"

    летучая мышь

    giavanna thomas idk why this comment is so underrated

  31. Анатолий Маркин

    бля клип заебись но все как будто под героином

  32. Karla Morales

    I love everything about this.

  33. dat chori

    This song is too damn good.

  34. Nick Williams

    perfect for riding

  35. Jake Prasalowicz

    Damn!!! Dan Croll is on point! Great work Dan!

  36. Iestyn Parry

    fifa 18 tune?

  37. Rızacan Yaşar

    Tutmamış Reiz Üzdün :(

  38. DJ FiBa

    I love the wind
    And I love the rain
    I love the coast
    But I've lost my only ghost
    You're, You're my only ghost

  39. Abhilash Das

    Looks like porn sounds like Dan Croll

  40. Ignacio Garcia

    I love you Dan Croll, and I respect the fact that you are a multi-instrumentalist that is so talented that you got to meet Sir Paul McCartney. You are great

    However, the new sound of your songs is heading in a direction that is different than your album. I enjoyed your Album's sound far better, but I will continue to be a fan.

  41. Maytê Bortolo

    Queria dar like mil vezes nessa música maravilhosa!

    Darakios Hoffs

    Maytê Bortolo concordo plenamente... não acredito ainda que ele só tem 23 mil inscritos... puta que pariu que injustiça

  42. King Piccolo

    how are none of his songs on radio? thats total bullshit!!! hes 20 times better than most of these so called "Artists"

    Yogee Bear

    I heard from nowhere on the radio in chili's

  43. Amaury Lannes

    Sounds a slight bit like Robert DeLong...

  44. XDeMelo7

    became a fan since from nowhere GTA V

  45. Spica Rinse

    God this song's good

  46. The Professional

    Great song but the bath it's just uncomfortable

  47. Internet Jesus

    love your work Dan looking forward to a new album some time soon perhaps? pretty please

  48. Sintel Paige

    the song is amazing, also the main girl in the video is beautiful

  49. Mesa the first

    the beginning part hurts my ears a lot

  50. Liam Murray

    Another underrated singer 🙏🏼

  51. Todd Fitzgerald

    Saw him this past Friday. He opened for Aurora. He sounded really good.

  52. Ninoska Pizarro

    omg is that matty's girlfriend?

  53. Operation Spectre Rising

    Dan Croll=Nite Jewel.

  54. Operation Spectre Rising

    2:44 Cock Sucking.

  55. SoccerQc

    When dan is mad he is creepy and when he is happy he is cute lol

  56. MissOrleans-F

    He kind of looks like a cool nerdy brother of Marcus Butler...

  57. Ioran Noragami

    Stop Flagging it, It's actually so cool, it doesnt shows up anything explicit


    Ioran Noragami tru dat

  58. Hugh

    Oh man, I am more chilled than an ice cube

  59. Joey King

    You are so attractive in this video Dan. I love you

  60. Ricardo Sabillon

    who is the girl?

  61. Carlos Carden

    i love you

  62. Herans Welt

    Make an Album u are Great an hopely u will come in The Charts

  63. Richard Readey

    This is so sick! Mon the croll!


    Awesome song

  65. Guilherme de Lima Lopes

    who's the lovely girl singing with lovely Dan??

    Joey King

    Guilherme de Lima Lopes


    Guilherme de Lima Lopes

    just Dan, whatever, hahahahaha

  66. vghvjhgc

    The Dreamers in 2016

  67. 구독자500명되면아베죽이러감

    Yours good men!!

  68. Crow

    This is SO GOOD.

  69. Kenneth Gibbs

    Love this song 😍💜

  70. Usually Bad

    Damn Dan Croll, back at it again with the great songs

    I'm sorry

  71. Doc Holiday

    Is this about netflix and chill?

    Benjamin Estrack

    Doc Holiday dude i thought i m the only one where is thinking that.

    Crow Daddy

    I'm your huckleberry ;)

  72. biLAWL

    deserves more views honestly


    love it! hoping you're comming to amsterdam again so i can see you in real :) flet in love with your music!

    SuperIzaacGamer 17

    TGWO CLAN well your lucky he is coming to Amsterdam he coming in 2017

  74. Rylee


  75. Diana Zuky

    This song gives me weird vibes... Thanks Dan.

  76. Jamie Dunne

    how did they all fit in a bath that small?!?!?!

  77. Danilloplays21

    Keep that awesome work, Dan :)

  78. TheAlbino Rhino

    What style of shirt is that? Don't say just a white t shirt. There is something cool about the sleeves. Pls send a link if possible

  79. awesome work

    I love this song Dan is really patient with his music and that good stuff 📦 🌚

  80. Ш Е

    what is this video about?? Please, tell me I'm so confused..

  81. Credit MacDaddy

    I don't understand why your content is so under viewed. You make really great music and I want other people to enjoy it.

    Nico Scami

    Credit MacDaddy - True

    George Domination

    Because he doesn't buy views from exchange websites....

  82. Alex

    Anyone know who the girl singing in the song is? Sounds like Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES

  83. WatchMyShortz

    Great song! Hoping for an instrumental version though, think it'd fit well in some scenes for a short film

  84. Lyliaa

    How could someone dislike this?

  85. james beaet

    Is it just me, or does this kind of continue with the theme of "Out of Nowhere". Can't keep up with premiscuous fast paced chick, who is always looking for the next conquest. You think you are alone in your bathtub with her, but there's really 5 others "in there" with you at same time

    Andrew Partridge

    I think the video is more centred around a man who is away from his girlfriend/lover/wife and is thinking about what she could be getting up to while he's away (having a fun time in the bath with loads of other people) even though she isn't actually. He's paranoid.

    Lindsey T.

    I like both of your ideas. When I first heard the song I thought it meant that there was a guy who loved a girl (wanted her to come close to him, explore the depths he's willing to take for her, etc.), and he was willing to do anything for her. But she didn't love him back (won't you swim another=find someone else please).


    That's the great thing about music I suppose; it's open to interpretation. I myself took it to mean that he wanted her to himself, whereas she was interested in an open relationship and was encouraging him to try it, too. And any of our ideas could be correct!

    giavanna thomas

    He said it about worrying if someone is being faithful

  86. Alfonso RN

    Gracias a la emisora española RTVE Radio3 por ayudarme a descubrir música asi :)

  87. The 1 inch Wonder

    is this about a threesome? just curious

    The 1 inch Wonder

    don't get me wrong I love Dan Croll but im confused

    Ximena Nossar Yépez

    I think it's about her cheating him.

  88. Jason

    Who's that one girl with Dan Croll at the end and through your the song?

  89. Annie S

    I'm waiting for you to come to Atlanta, GA Dan 💕

  90. Dafne Mldo

    damn boy!! ❤😍😍😍😍

  91. Masquerola

    that high pitched noise at the beginning >_<

  92. Katarina The Sinister Blade

    Oh my god! A new song!

  93. Dvo

    who is the female vocal?

    Crow Daddy

    David Valderrama Muñoz yes

    Aran S

    Dvo Your mum.

    Evelyne Bade

    Rebecca hawly selon rapgenius

    Cauã Rasmussen

    Model Sharmina Harrower, bro!

  94. Julia Davis

    He sort of reminds me of Michael Phelps looks-wise

  95. Jack Oliver Macaulay

    This is a fucking masterpiece (both the song and video)

    baby bree

    Jack Macaulay I love the lighting in this video

  96. SuperIzaacGamer 17

    lol my brother said you have a nice bath tub

  97. misus sleepsalot

    this would be great on your vevo