Croll, Dan - Compliment Your Soul Lyrics

I went back, I went back to your love
And I felt so many wrongs
That I wasted on you by the crowd
And I called, you called me
And I whispered your name
I went home, you stared blank
To the pages I wrote

Well, I just wanna compliment your soul
I just wanna compliment your soul
Yeah, I just wanna compliment

And I wasted the years I let go
So many rights, so many nights
That I come and I go
I just wanna know, that you,
And I can't ever be shut out
You're meant to be the wrong, I'll
Tell it twice

Cause I just wanna compliment your soul
Yeah, I just wanna compliment your soul
I compliment your...
I compliment your...

Yeah, I just wanna compliment your soul
Yes, I just wanna compliment your soul
Cause I just wanna compliment your (soul...)
I just wanna compliment

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Croll, Dan Compliment Your Soul Comments
  1. SR HAXK haxk

    FIFA 14 :) 😏


    creating my ultimate team.... nostalgia

  3. Cinnamon

    I just want a company in Seoul

  4. Mardoqueu Dos Santos


  5. Cesia Arredondo

    2020 and I'm still in love with this guy ❤🙃

  6. Andrew Wray

    Iisten this song when I want to relax. flows so smooth

  7. Cosy 7404

    Is it me or this song predicted the movie “Dolittle”?

  8. Marshmallow Cloud

    I am deeply in love with this song.

  9. Shimo Benmoussa

    For all fifa 14 lovers 😪

  10. Elliott Zales

    WHo's listening in 2020?

  11. Tony Bower fan page

    This was the chillest song on fifa 14

  12. Luigi Caroppo

    Dan Croll sei un disturbato mentale,ti amo

  13. GaMEz4DayS man

    This makes me cry from all the memories in fifa 14 😢😓

  14. Jony's Music Vevo

    Every time i ever lost a FIFA game they played this song for me <3


    Don't mind me i came future yes believe me time machines are real

  16. Weeby Legend

    Its been 6 years since i haven't heard this song i forgotten about it then it popped up in a playlist on accident and was the best accident that happened in my life this song truly complimented my soul the feeling is unexplainable i just reminisced back when i was a little kid playing fifa 14

  17. Charles Renan Tavares Da Silva

    Top 3 músicas do FIFA 14,dá até uma nostalgia,quando eu jogava contra a portuguesa no Canindé com todos os jogadores licenciados kkkkkkk,até instalei dnv por causa da nostalgia

  18. Antonio Tamez

    What Happened to the others members?????

  19. Dennis 05

    Makes more famous this man he is a legend

  20. Gaming W/ Nicko

    The fifa 14 memories

  21. Antônio Gabriel

    FIFA 14 coroi

  22. Sharkinston

    2 0 1 9 ?

  23. Jay Adam

    Can't find a better soundtrack than what fifa 14 had, i just can't...

  24. DR STEAM

    I just wanna compliment fifa 14 Soullllllllllllllllllllooollllllllllllll 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  25. LuckyGuy7

    sooo underrated

  26. Raulito Hernández

    Sombady in december

  27. Baiel Bekenov

    Fifa 14 настольгия

  28. Brasileirao 2018

    Melhor FIFA, jogo até Hoje, Alguém 2019 ?

  29. Teleko Admasu

    anyone in 2019! miss fifa 14

  30. Silver GS

    Indie music is like everything in life. You want to chase your dream but your too comfortable in the moment even if its close to your grasp. music wise people are so comfortable listening to drake and mumble rap without pushing the effort to find good music.

  31. Gerson Villegas

    jajajajjaja estoy bien menso xd

  32. Owly Boy same drummer, cool!

  33. AL2D

    Sieht aus wie ein dünner Klengan :D

  34. Rafael Martins

    algum BR em outubro ouvindo essa musica e com saudade do Fifa 14

  35. GamingwithProsper

    Honestly, i have never met anyone who has ever complimented my soul. People normally compliment the physical appearance.

  36. GamingwithProsper

    FIFA 20 anyone...

  37. GamingwithProsper

    This song reminds me of Bale moving from Tottenham to Real Madrid during FIFA 14 SUMMER

  38. Gilberto Aranda

    Somebody in 2019

  39. Arturo 2003

    F i f a 1 4

  40. Ana Beatriz


  41. Dimmu666ist

    Never gets old

  42. Thatdecent perk

    Playing FIFA 14 world cup mode and watching the actual FIFA World cup it was great a lot of memories

  43. ÆGON Stark

    Finally, I found you...the best song that I listen this year

  44. Vanessa Valdez

    When you randomly find a very good song 💫

  45. wtfjrash tv

    Compliment ur soul not kompany to score 😁😁😂

  46. 2 eazy

    Fifa 14, Career Mode.
    memories.. so much memories.

  47. Hassan Mugerwa

    Who is here now

  48. swaib okita

    Fifa 14 memories anyone?

  49. ColaCouronne

    Fifa 14 2019 ?

  50. Pie

    Iam crying 4 years later

  51. ऋषि ।

    one of the reasons we like all of them is because we've listened to those songs for hours and we feel nostalgic. we remember our childhood and those memories. yes all other songs are good too. but this one. it's not just nostalgia. this song is really good. I would've loved this even before fifa 14.

  52. ऋषि ।

    those bagpipes man... damn!

  53. ËŁ Mäłкσv¡cн

    FIFA 14, Saudades !!! Alguém 2019?



    Antônio Gabriel

    Nostalgia velhos tempos q não votaram mais

  54. Abdulielah

    FIFA14 (2019) ?

  55. Pie

    The most underrated artist

  56. Shantanu Baviskar

    He looks like Ryan from The Office

  57. I make Viral comment

    Those Fifa 14 memories.......

  58. DemonRage90

    Aaahhhhhh! The nostalgia kicking in!!! FIFA 14!!!!! Dude these were the days where you could listen to every song on the soundtrack now it's just one or two in the new FIFA 19, all I listen to it's the "Gorillaz" song on it lol

  59. Mihir Gole

    Hello it's Martin Tyler and Andy Townsend from Anfield

    It's Liverpool vs Manchester United

  60. med wassim

    FIFA 14 ♥️

  61. SuperIzaacGamer 17

    2019? Anyone


    I genuinely almost cry listening to these songs the nostalgia is something else when you play these games for years on end with friends .

  63. All Cool Names Taken

    Im doing a marathon of Fifa 14 songs. It was the last Fifa with great soundtrack

  64. Brandon Cherkassky

    When u just logged on ultimate team and this is blasting aha

  65. John Jacob

    FIFA 14, World Cup, Europe and many other memories associated with this song. Summer 2014 ❤️

  66. Gabriel Toledo

    FIFA 14 😍

  67. Alita GachaMovie


  68. Visca El Futbol

    Damn, this shit brings memories. I remember playing fifa 14 right after high school with my friends and just having a good time. Oh, how the good times pass bye.

  69. Connor Rushworth

    Year 10
    Summer 2014
    Finish school with P.E last and come home to FIFA 14

  70. DMJ

    It’s been 5 years since fifa 14. Fantastic soundtrack, Brazil World Cup add-on, endless chats with mates at school about ultimate team, happiness, nostalgia, sadness ❤️

  71. Shine Yubel

    2019? Still in 2019 one of the best Fifa songs all time!!!!

  72. Jarin

    He’s so hot, like literally my type omg

  73. Andrea Dreismeier

    Love the song The video could be better

  74. Marcelo Velásquez

    Cuánta nostalgia siento, es normal que una canción me despeje la mente? Por qué esta si lo hace.
    Aún escuchándola en 2019!

  75. DemonRage90

    The whole entirety of FIFA 14 soundtrack was breathtaking and this song is among my top favourites to this day

  76. young B

    His big dream must of been wanting kompany to score
    2019:scores the most important goal of that season for them😂

    ujuguhapa ujuguhapa

    Ahh kompany the 3 times champions league winner

    Bruno Lopes

    HAHAAHAHA genious!!!

  77. Marcos Aurélio

    saudades do FIFA 14...

  78. Gaëtan Lalanne

    Listening to this song, as all your problems fade away, and there's nothing relevent anymore exept enjoying the moment, living your life the best you can.

  79. Adiel Arturo Mendoza Rodríguez

    Éramos felices y no lo sabíamos:(

  80. Himanshu Varshney

    Ahh Good old memories, Thanks fifa 14 for featuring such beautiful song!

  81. Multiborg

    Anyone 2019?

  82. Ismaël Diallo

    Man... this song reminds me, a 7year old little boy playing fifa 14 on my ipas and nintendo 3ds and playing all day...😍 this is song is really deap in my heart

  83. Oskari Salonen

    Good Old Times.

  84. Bob

    I turned on fifa 14 because i had so much emotions with this game but then i recognized that it's actually shit lol

  85. Fahrin 93

    2019😭 anyone?

  86. himangshu Dutta

    i just wanted kompany to score

  87. Rehaan riyas

    Fuck fifa 19 I'm gonna go back to fifa 14

  88. Thomas Shelby

    FIFA 14 nosta feeling

  89. Philip Costello

    I just want to complement you soul, Dan Croll

  90. Miki Pipec

    six years ago..

  91. Christie P

    Just a random observation, but I think with Dan’s serious demeanor it would be funny if he were in situations that didn’t match his attitude in his music videos - like more of the singing to bears

  92. Gabriel Victor

    C H E L S E A 2 0 1 3

  93. Gabriel Aldair Tepanecatl

    Se parece al de lluvia de hamburguesas :v

  94. Owen Christian

    Walcot running down the wing....... ibarbooooooooooooooooo

  95. Loota_ 99

    I always sang: cause I just want a company that's all

  96. Santiutu

    Fifa 14

  97. Young Default

    This song is so underated but the best