Croll, Dan - Away From Today Lyrics

I hit the ground running
Running all the way from sin
And she stole my heart faster
Than the bullet that I put in him
She took the case and I grabbed the wheel
She taught me to fend and taught me to steal away

My hands were shaking my knees were weak
The rush I craved the longest seek away

Away, away from today
Away from today
Away from today

I opened my eyes and rolled to my side
And the surprise of the morning sun
She took to the road and left me alone
Before a heartbeat had begun
So I drove through the night
And chased her till light
The hunt lasted days and I thought I'd lost my way
But there she lay

Now my hands are stained
My tears are black
Watch me as I turn my back and go


Away from today
Away from today
Away from today

Away from today
Away from today
Away from today

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Croll, Dan Away From Today Comments
  1. MrListenPlease

    Flutter by bonobo

  2. Art Deco


  3. S.A. K.E.


  4. Con Barry

    Such a good track

  5. Guaxinim Alado

    Pls don't stop Dan, you have a potential for be a bigger singer, you and your band have a good future.

  6. Queen Official Chanel

    Me when when I get lost at my local park

    Sir borris and Football Entertainment politics show

    Brexit Content I knew you would be here

  7. Aaron Bell

    Croll with bangers! Recently discovered and loving this!

  8. Justin Partridge


  9. Igorun

    GTA 5 Favourite Game. Shameless Favourite Serial
    Dan Croll Favourite composer

  10. Bradley Coopersmith tell me you don't see the influence.

  11. Bradley Coopersmith

    I think it needs more cowbell :)

  12. Bradley Coopersmith

    lots of great music on Shameless, but nothing really hit me until THIS.

  13. Chris 5401

    Shameless brought me here

  14. Ju Ma Ma

    Sample bonobo much

  15. WP SN

    Excellent songwriting. Excellent Production. Excellent originality. The full package right here, folks.

  16. Phantoharibo

    You're good my friend

  17. Scott Johnson

    Love this but have the feeling they picked the wrong mood for the video - should have been in Spain or something - sunny!

  18. Ally Forester

    Thank you Shameless. Love this song.

  19. Gustavo queiroz

    why? all the songs is so good!

  20. Nicohio

    Found you randomly and am yet to find a bad song

  21. Abraham Camacho

    Did I just hear Goofy's laugh at the beginning of the song?😂

  22. Theatre King

    Dan Croll's "from nowhere" brought me here ! Excellent songs, a true delight

  23. cuperes

    Uncredibel wonderfull

  24. Adithya Popuri

    Dan's drummer is so good on all his songs!

  25. Mary LaVey

    Shameless brought me here💘

  26. Christie P

    The chorus is hypnotic!!

  27. Elisa Pereira

    Tem disco novo ? As músicas são boas de mais. Volte a produzir a mesma energia para o mundo de agora. Sucesso.

  28. Elías Cáceres

    I hit the ground running
    Running all the way from yourself
    She stole my heart faster
    Than a bullet down hurting him
    She took the case and then grab the wind
    She talked me in the finn she talked me in a silly way
    My hands are shaking my knees are so weak
    The rush I crave the longest you seek away
    Away... away from today,
    Away from today,
    Away from today...
    I open my eyes and roll to the side
    And the surprising of the morning is the sun
    She took to the wrong and left me alone
    Before a heartbeat begun
    So I drove through the night
    And? the light
    A hundred last days I thought a lost my way
    She drifted away
    But my hands are staying
    My tears are black
    Watch me as I turn my back and go, Away...
    Away from today,
    Away from today,
    Away from today...
    Away from today,
    Away from today,
    Away from today...

    Sir borris and Football Entertainment politics show

    We all know you would be here.

  29. Christian Contreras

    This song is seriously beautiful, i have it on my morning playlist❤️

  30. Craig Jackson

    This deserves more views. Who’s listening still in 2019? Long live Dan Croll


    Seria bueno q las subtitilaran a español

  32. JOGOS FM

    FIFA 14 ???

  33. GhostJimmyMan

    Shameless - s08 e03

  34. Odile Mwaro

    What a twist

  35. Haga Bálint

    Where is this video clip taken?

  36. grace f

    2:08 Always gives me goosebumps aaaa it's so GOOOD.

  37. the lime paradox!

    still cant belive this man made probly one of the greatest songs ever

  38. Nicolás Guzmán

    The effort put on this sounds, wow


    AWESOME!!! Sound sooooo gooooog!!!!

  40. deivid

    - Amo essa música💙

    Arthur Silva Rêgo

    deivid br?


    @Arthur Silva Rêgo - Sim 🇧🇷💙

  41. Wiglessfool

    Dan, you're fucking awesome.

  42. Justin Why?

    Highly underrated

    Luka Shubitidze

    Justin Why? Srsly why do i see you everywhere

    dont uWu me

    @Luka Shubitidze the actual person is Justin Y.

  43. LaDelle Dautremont

    Diggin it...Sir Sly brought me here.

  44. Stakmaster

    Dan got that stamina! Running for god know's how long.

  45. VTosha Music

    This deserves so many more views. On repeat for the last month!

  46. Myron Mcneal

    Bravo !!!“shameless “

  47. Hasan özdemir

    Efsane Ötesi

  48. Nicholas Buckeridge

    This and Tokyo is probably my favourite. You produce absolutely awesome and beautiful music

  49. Bradnaro Allen

    Shameless brought me here

  50. Bocce007

    This song should receive air play..😐

  51. Guy who talks during movies

    Shameless 😀👍

  52. king digging

    I have the same shoes he has on..there from Walmart

  53. king digging

    This is so good.. shameless shazam

  54. Brother GreyWolf

    I'm pretty sure Stalley sampled this joint. It's a banger.

  55. Casual King

    Is that Flutter by Bonobo? Lmao

  56. Jay Brown

    Catching up on Shameless season 8, great episode 3 with this great song ending it!

  57. Nick Beers

    Thank you Shameless.

  58. Bocce007

    Shameless brought me here.😀

  59. dwight wilkinson

    Good song love the video shameless brought me here

  60. Davi Abreu

    DUde hell yeah, I was listening to Chaquito and then I stumbled upon this, I can dig it!

  61. Samuel Galaxy

    3:14 travel on the time!!

  62. Adam Dumbleton

    may i add your video to my playlist

  63. Sandy R.

    I literally listen to this every single day lol

  64. Devon Gabner

    this song brings me to a place

  65. Bromethius88

    Yeah greeting from Australia. Great music mate. Jk I’m a Ginny from New York City lol

  66. Ananaiya Dawn Tully

    Buddy Holly? Is dat you??

  67. Abdurrahman Durna

    Shameless 🇹🇷

  68. Televagnon Amaranthe

    Perrin v Slayer teleporting between the real world and tel'aran'rhiod.

  69. Charlotte Keyßer

    Do you know where this video has been taken? Thx in advance :)

  70. Soetri

    More cowbell.

  71. Pearl

    Where was this filmed? It looks amazing!

  72. Larry Webb

    Dan is a British national treasure how this song is not the theme of a James Bond movie and soundtrack I will never know away from today that sounds like Bond!

  73. Tino Trivino

    Sample from "Chaquito Aquarius" :-D

  74. Abby Newton

    thank you shameless

  75. Marco Guillén

    Is that... the music backround sample.. Bonobo´s- Flute??

  76. Patrick Bezrucka

    Where is the AutoREplay Button..... ?!?!
    Def need it here!

  77. Groovy Lisa

    That interlude at 2:35 is on point. I'm watching this in 2018. I'm still amazed by it.

  78. Mary1987Ann

    Like Bonobo song in the background??

  79. Scott Gr

    Good song!

  80. Mee Howski


  81. Mary Burrell

    Heard this at the end of Shameless. This is a good song

  82. Michelle Stella

    Thanks shameless for continually introducing me to great music🔥

    Anh Đinh

    Yeah, Shameless bring me here, too

    Suck ya Mum

    Michelle Stella American or the best one?

    b.a. w

    Add me to the Shameless list!

    Jazzy Spazzy

    Wish I could still watch it. It is a great show

    1Lt Uncle Jack

    Thank you shameless for suprising me how many times my pants can come off in a single episode

  83. x4mpl3

    Shameless brought me here

  84. G. Lu

    not bad

  85. Brandon Hill

    It could be great to have a verse from Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West on this.

  86. Scorpanoc2

    Brilliant song. One massive jam from start to finish

  87. Tara Sigidi

    Shameless brought me here!!!

  88. Francis Chicken

    Never seen such a underrated artist

  89. Kauê Alexander

    Pimbada violenta

  90. Zeno Planets


  91. sara calvin

    Away from today, mind melting from your sin

  92. enigmares

    away from titieeeeeeeee

  93. Uncle Moose

    Who else shazamed this during Shameless?

  94. Noah Zeller

    Really cool filming location for this video

  95. Cat Cipriano

    I love this song but there's a part that is taken from flutter- diplo


    the original is actually much older