Criss, Darren - We Like It Lyrics

Hey, have you been looking at the latest thing in front of me
I need an answer now for my health
Make me everything I ever said I wanna be
I need to hide to hide from me from myself

But oh what a beautiful way for the summer to start out
I'll do whatever you say while I'm eating my heart out
But I just want you to know

Hey, who cares if we like it
We love it all, we love it
Oh what's it to you if we like it
Cause we like it, we love it all

Can you give me a good reason I should live inside reality
I got my favorite life right here
I just heard there was a timer on mortality
I want a life that won't disappear

But oh what a wonderful time to be losing attention
I will always be fine as long as I get a mention
Then I can let it all go

Hey, who cares if we like it
We love it all, we love it
Oh what's it to you if we like it
Cause we like it, we love it all
We love it

How long can we draw this out
How long will we be allowed
Now I know
Now that I said it I know I won't regret it, no
Now that I said it I know I won't regret it, no
Now that I said it I know I won't regret it, no
Now that I said it, I, I just want you to know

Hey, who cares if we like it
We love it all, we love it
Oh what's it to you if we like it
Cause we like it, we love it all
Hey, who cares if we like it
We love it all, we love it
Oh what's it to you if we like it
Cause we like it, we love it all

Yeah we love it all
Hey, we like it

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Criss, Darren We Like It Comments
  1. Denize Portilho

    Ok, então recentemente eu descobri que eu amo essa música e não consigo mais sair desse link


    노래 진심 세상에서제일좋음

  3. 唯祈

    i love this song:D

  4. Isaiah Newman

    This is insanely good

  5. sheli rabani

    Can’t stop playing this!!!!!❤️

  6. PopTheFlop

    The beginning of this sounds like bail me out by all time low lol a bop tho

  7. The Perks

    any new songs coming up this year guys?

    Stephanie L

    I think there's a very good chance of it :D Darren's mentioned a couple different times now that they're working on it, and it seems like he and Chuck have been working together quite a bit lately, so I expect they've been low key working on new music for a while now and will release it sometime soon!

    Darren's NYC music festival Elsie Fest is coming up in October, so I'm kind of hoping they release something before then so that they can play some new things at Elsie Fest :)

  8. bambi

    All Time Low - Bail Me Out ?


    I love you is the best

  10. Sarah Rink

    It’s gonna be totally awesome.

  11. II jack_twilight_assasin II

    Just 18 dislikes :P

  12. unnamed psycho

    This song is my anthem!

  13. Kingsley Simes

    This song is gold Darren u are truely a genius ilysm I would love to meet u one day !!!!!

  14. Dilzia Villarreal

    Why does the beginning sounds like can’t take the bullet by hey Violet????


    omg it does


    I wonder how many people used this song for fanfictions

  16. Shelby S

    bless his voice and his precious heart

  17. Tales From The Crib

    Gives me a feeling of uninhibited freedom... makes me want to watch Swiss Army Man.

    Thanks for the tunes, man

  18. Evanee Dokes

    i love you.......seriously i have no words but that

  19. Natali Mikitenko

    Hi from Ukraine! I love you guys! :) And the Darren's voice is... uhhhhhhhhhghghgh :)

  20. jonhatanvizcaino

    A really good song and voice!

  21. bluedance lilly

    Did Darren do his own album?

  22. Elizabeth King

    Yass this song gives me life

  23. Malfoy you Little shit

    Oh my gosh! Boys, you did something incredible! My dad has downloaded the album on ITunes for me a minute ago and normally he hates a lot of music. He always finds something bad. But now we listened to the songs and he was like: hm...I like that... and he has put it into his favorite playlist!!! That never happened with songs I liked bevor!😂😂😂❤️❤️Thanks boys!😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  24. Shania Vergara

    cant take this song off repeat! love it so much!

  25. Cheryle Abke

    Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

  26. Bárbara Reis

    I absolutely LOVE this song (the whole EP if I'm being honest). Can't wait for more from you two! It would mean a lot to me if you guys could post the CHORDS for this song. Please, please, please, please!!! Greetings from Brazil!

  27. Lil Dominika

    I fucking love this song 💗💗

  28. Ana Carolina Lepikson


  29. Malfoy you Little shit

    In Germany it's night and I'm lying in bed like: HEY WHO CARES IF WE LIKE IT? WE LOVE IT ALL!!!❤️❤️❤️Amazing song and amazing boys😍❤️

    Malfoy you Little shit

    *in my bed

  30. SheoShipper Steele

    Favorite song since today! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Terry Bartley

    This is seriously my new favorite song, so excited to hear more from you guys!

  32. Yiota Nn

    i can just die peacefully now..thanks criss brothers for this wonderful song

  33. The Perks

    okay.. I NEED MORE OF THEM!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤WE LOVE IT!! OMG Darren's voice tho

  34. evanlikesbooks

    How many times can you listen to this on repeat before it becomes unhealthy?

  35. Beeba K Smith

    This is my favourite song on the EP, although the other two are a very close joint second :) <3

  36. Kaya Rossman

    This song puts me in such a good mood!! They are my new favorite band 😂😂😂❤❤

  37. Bar D

    I've loved everything Darren produced since his days in little white lie and AVPM. This song in particular kinda has a Katy Parry vibe too. But overall I dig it. Keep it up Darren! I was always a fan, I still go back to Hogwarts sometimes for good ole times sake.

    - Mia Liang -

    We all go Back To Hogwarts. ♥️

  38. M Levi

    I LIKE IT!!!!!

  39. Daniel verde

    more songs please!!!!!

  40. Stephindiepoprock


  41. Ally Kropp

    I love this song.

  42. Alexandsl

    I do think it's pretty coo! I think I'm going to listen this song every day xD


    que excelente cancion ...ustedes son fantásticos.....toda la canción es perfecta

  44. Anahi Judes

    Beautiful song! Is perfect! They are amazing, guys

  45. Anahi Judes

    Beautiful song! Is perfect! They are amazing, guys

  46. Whitneyleigh392

    This is my favorite! Great job guys! I absolutely love it! 💜💚💜💚💜💚

  47. Mimy7etoile


  48. Jake Scheirer

    I was playing this song and watching a death/fail montage of a video game. It was surprisingly coincidental. Nice song.

  49. Rhiannon

    I love these songs so much

  50. Kat

    The email went to my fraking junk folder. STUPID MAIL APP DON'T YOU KNOW FREAKING AWESOMENESS WHEN YOU HEAR IT?! made me miss out on the downloads. Gosh. Oh well-- only 8 days late. Still amazing work you guys, and going to order my shirt after payday on friday!!!


    Also, Chuck!!! I am so happy to hear you again. I loved your stuff for Freelance Whales. Weathervanes is still my favorite.

  51. Ale Ramírez

    I loved it ❤️

  52. Bri Gathers

    I didn't realize how much I needed this in my life, until I heard it.

  53. Emily Weekes

    nooooo, I love it too much I swear it isn't healthy :/ but I'm so glad you've decided to do this, I love your relationship with each other as well as your unbelievable talent! <3

  54. Paulibus Rivera


  55. Jessica Dale

    When you can't but Like it when your fav guy is even a bigger dork than you #andthatssayingsomething LOVING THESE SONGS keep it up Criss Bros <3 SO GOOD love this and every single night

  56. flakkk angie.

    I love this song, I love that they put all their effort to create art in music. I love you guys, I wish you all the luck in the world. I am already the number one fan of Computer Games💖.

  57. Andy cb

    I LOVE IT <3!

  58. Oliver Fenelon Chee

    I needed this. thank you Computer Games.

  59. Leah Moulder

    Their all great music. I love to have a cd of them. Y'all sound great together.

  60. Sophia Bianchi


  61. Rose Myers

    that is a great song ,love vocals is great Darren

  62. klaudis ossa

    Ohh, I love it, but Darren always for me to be Blaine'm

  63. Laura Lockman

    so addicting

  64. Caroliny Malachias


  65. allie odair

    I can't help but dancing 😍

  66. Maria Llamanator

    and of course when i thought i couldn't love him more, he went and make more magic......

  67. Mackenna Elise

    Thank you guys so much for this ep! I'm such a huge fan of both of you, and I've been hoping to hear some new Darren Criss music for so long. Both of you together is even better too! My birthday is also in a few days, and this is just the best birthday present ever!

  68. Myra Zini

    This band is what I never knew I needed so bad.

  69. Justinethemachine

    please come to Amsterdam!!!

  70. R. P. Neh

    Thank you for the new music. Only 3 songs and WE LOVE IT ALL

  71. faith A

    This is just so good, I love it and the whole EP is just amazing, I'm so proud of Darren and Chuck for making this

  72. Jody Kramer

    Every time I listen to this song I get a silly smile on my face, it is so beautifully fun! Thank you guys!

  73. Sandra Sch

    Brilliant guys!! I love it

  74. flippa74

    love it. Getting excited to see you live- summer at some UK/ European festivals perhaps...

  75. S P

    hey who cares if we like it.... we love it all... well gotta say all ur songs are super fun n catchy... great job guys...

  76. Keiku

    Super blessed to hear this live!!!!

  77. Andrea Díaz

    I really like this song!! Darren I missed your voice!!

  78. noelie32

    It looks like I found my summer playlist! This EP is so on point

  79. Alona P

    it helps me with my depression omg

  80. AngelicMouseGirl

    I love the sentiment behind this song.

  81. Carly Yung

    Omg this is beautiful 💕💕💕

  82. whateveriwan

    Love this the most

  83. abbie T

    i'm in love.

  84. Stephanie L

    You guys are the actual BEST for springing this amazing music on us out of nowhere :''D

    Also, sometimes I forget just how much of a love affair I have with Darren's voice <33

  85. Barb McNeish

    Love this too! Keep it coming'!

  86. Cough Syrup

    me encanta

  87. Alexandra Evrat

    Don't worry we love it too 💕😍

  88. B. DuBois


  89. Montse Vázquez


  90. Maille Uyehara

    So good!!! Chuck and Darren have so much talent!!

  91. Noe PN8

    One person is idiot! Darren and Chuck, so good!

  92. Cristian wXDw


  93. Giovanni

    DARREN! don't u dare stop singing

  94. Valentina Baffoni

    These songs are so amazing. I genuinely have been listening to them on repeat for a good hour.

  95. Reyna Salazar


  96. Ronny Rivas


  97. Daniela D.

    I like this one very much🤖👾🎧🕹💾

  98. libbyyworthyy


  99. Sinem

    This voice, the lyrics, the beat...everything.
    It couldn't be better, seriously i love you guys so freaking much!😭❤

  100. Sinem

    Will there be a music video?😮