Criss, Darren - Jealousy Lyrics

I hate where I'm at
Acting crazy like that
I know that I've been wrong
It's something I've been working on

And I don't know what to do
It's changing me, it's killing you
I'd tear out my insides if I could
But I don't know if it'd do me good

I'm sorry friends, I'm sorry lovers
To put us all in this mess
I know we've still got each other
But I'm in distress

'Cause every time that I feel like I've figured it out
Can't seem to figure it in
It's got nothing to do with me
It's not even you, you see
It's part of my chemistry
It's this jealousy

In absolutely no position
To be so needlessly unkind
When I'm the one writing this fiction
Make it real in my mind

It drives me crazy in the morning
Who is this monster in the mirror?
I try to get the steam to fog it out
But I just can't get it clear

Oh, and I can't stand what I'm feeling
It's just like poison in my veins
I know that I'm speaking
But I don't know what I'm saying

'Cause every time that I feel like the world just got lighter
It seems that my muscles give out
It's got nothing to do with me
It's not even you, you see
It's part of my chemistry
It's this jealousy

And I'm hearing your voice
Babe you know it's your choice
Maybe so

I know it's no use
But it's the only excuse
That I know
Know, know...

Let me go
Let me go
Oh, let me go
Oh, let me go

Now let's be real I've been just like a child
Man, someone could be taking all my toys
So call me dumb, call me wild
See that's the thing with little boys

Oh, I know I can't get it out in the shower
Or drink it off at the bar
This sugar's gone sour
And it's gone way too far

'Cause every time that I feel like I'm riding so high, feel on top of the world
The bitch just keeps telling me no
It's got nothing to do with me
It's not even you, you see
It's part of my chemistry

This demon is killing me
And, oh, Christ it's filling me
It's this jealousy
Oh, and I just can't believe
In this jealousy
This jealousy for you

Oh, this jealousy
This jealousy for you...

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Criss, Darren Jealousy Comments
  1. Rafux 11

    With nolstagic 💖 looking the videos of Darren before Glee 💖 I remember when Glee tell Darren 💖

  2. Kate ?

    the "moooorning: at 1:52 sounds like cory to me every time i listen to this;(

  3. Sweet dreams

    Te amooo!!

  4. Madison Stricker Gleek for life

    This song will go great for my friends in all

  5. Mathias Lorran

    Vou ao the voice Brasil e cantarei essa musica

  6. Jenny M

    I feel so nostalgic

  7. Nurah Abrahams


  8. Au Siki

    Don't hide your gift! Great things need to be shared!! Love from Hong Kong💕

  9. Keiku

    honestly I've needed a good old Darren kick for a minute now. thanks

  10. Karen Gomez

    Darren Criss super star AMEN!! 🙏
    el mejor siempre ❤ come to Mexico

  11. Sanyukta Shrotri

    God... I've been looking for his amazing voice everywhere... never been obsessed with darren more.... I can't thank you enough for uploading this....+Darren Criss

  12. Katherine S.

    For all of you wondering where new Darren music is, Darren and his brother Chuck started a band called Computer Games and have a EP out currently ❤️❤️

  13. Hayley Carr

    Oh my. I love these songs. So many memories of listening to them :')

  14. Cree Summer

    Darren babe its been 3 years since you played some new songs, we need an album

  15. Elise McCormick

    realise new music thanks x

  16. Elise McCormick

    wtf d you're alive

  17. Belen Arce

    Me encanta tu voz ❤️😍

  18. eponine

    when are you gonna stop playing and release a studio version of stutter i've been waiting seven years

    panakin skywalker




  19. fillibustercat

    luv dis boi. golden voice.

  20. Sinem

    Your voice is so good, damn, you sing like a angel.😍

  21. Nina Müller

    great song, Darren!! love you 🙂💜

  22. Aiden Domino

    When's your next album coming out?

  23. Domminique Berthier

    I think this is my favorite, it's too per-fect 😍💚

  24. Daniel Cortes

    TE AMO <3

  25. Ry Ry

    When will you have another tour?

    uhhh orange juice

    Ry Ry He just finished up a tour with Lea Michele :)