Creeper - Suzanne Lyrics

You float along the air, with teardrops in your hair
Up and out the window before anybody hears
So wear your warmest clothes, because you're so cold
Set fire to yourself and yet still your heart it froze

(Now) Now
(Now) Now
(Now) Now
Now, now, now!

Suzanne, I want to die holding hands
Running from this world's demands
All those radio bands never made me feel


You were the girl that the world swung for
I was just a boy who sung until his lungs were sore
And in your diary you had an entry
Listing all your enemies, what you'd do to them and what you'd do it for

(Now) Now
(Now) Now
(Now) Now
Now, now, now!

Suzanne, I want to die holding hands
Running from this world's demands
All those radio bands never made me feel
Suzanne, "Do you believe in Rock n Roll?
Can music save your mortal soul?
Can you teach me how to dance real slow?"

And in your hospital room at the midnight hour
You had your boyfriend back just for half an hour
Past the landscaped shrubs and the rusted iron gate

So let's start a siege, you make a list of demands
Set the hostages free and we'll die holding hands

Suzanne, I want to die holding hands
Running from this world's demands
All those radio bands never made me feel
Suzanne, "Do you believe in Rock n Roll?
Can music save your mortal soul?
Can you teach me how to dance real slow?"

(Now) Now
(Now) Now
(Now) Now
Now, now, now!

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Creeper Suzanne Comments
  1. MrFlashpants69

    never hear of creeper but theyre suporting babymetal this month so i thought i would check em out.....fooking good stuff!!!

  2. Rajat Thakur

    Getting major Aiden vibes from this.

  3. Wapiti Wisey

    Creeper Aww man

  4. omarmhassan eid

    Aww man

  5. LeviAnimations

    Awwwww man

  6. Andy Castro

    I came here to say

    Awww man

  7. Majar buda notulus


  8. Atailorquarry

    Che bella canzone dio caro.....! #boom

  9. JessicaRose

    I miss creeper 😫🖤

  10. Evan Whitford

    They’ll probably explode within a record or two later. Debut is fantastic!

  11. stuart hallimond

    Only heard this on the kerrang and kept missing the band name, kept wondering to myself when did meatloaf release a new song lol

  12. TheAnimeMCRmyKilljoy

    This is like AFI mixed with Meatloaf and I love it sooo much 🖤🖤🖤

  13. Jack Brown

    this band are like a cross between Rise Against and My Chemical Romance

  14. Stella Pace

    Why are the lyrics different on the spotify version??

  15. Werd

    reminds me a lot of bayside....especially his style of singing

  16. Brian Osbourne

    I love Creeper, they are one of my favorite bands but idk, i feel that every song got a very similar sound, just with some little changes but very similar...

  17. Heeri Konba

    When i heared this band for the first time i kinda felt ummm rock indeed will never die...

  18. Serprizebuttsecks

    Honestly if he just didn't go into that Kermit the frog voice once he hits a certain note I'd be able to listen to these but I just burst out laughing every time cos of the singer! Shame really cos the band/music is decent!

  19. Ella Beth

    I wonder how many people understand that there’s a ton of references to American Pie by Don Mclean

  20. aye boi

    my dudes they changed the lyrics

  21. Georgia xox

    Okay they remind me of meatloaf anyone hearing this?

  22. rjbizzle1984

    this band certainly owes afi a lot, their sound seems almost entirely influenced from them. their good songwriters though and the singing is also good!

  23. Paula Esclapez

    Reminds me a little to MCR! And that's good :)

  24. Finn Core

    I live in Southampton

  25. Spooky Spoopy


  26. Luis Guillen

    (Horror) punk's not dead

  27. Imogen Thompson

    Is this true?

  28. Bryan D Nicholay

    Man with a mission?

  29. Giannis Kwnstadinidis

    Pia, gamo to spiti tha trelathw...

  30. olive oil

    this is SO GOOD, and he kinda sounds like eddie vedder

  31. Adam Beales

    Wish they could of kept the American pie bit in

  32. Invisibilly



    Everysingle fan should see them in a concert, they are amazing!

  34. Jb Carp

    hey bass player (forgot your name, sorry) great vid' great song !
    one of those guy from the rumjacks concert in Montpellier, cheers !

  35. Quinty Du

    This song was so great live!

  36. Hannah_5634

    i swear the lyrics have changed from the spotify version

  37. Paige Elizabeth

    My dad in the car listening to this "Did he just say Suzanne, I want to run over your hands?"

  38. VW_Joker352

    The first time I heard this song on the local college radio station, the voice and beat of the chorus reminded me of the Aquabats. Safe to say it was not so. I am intrigued none the less and will check this band out!

  39. Ciara Swinney

    I saw them on Warped Tour in Dallas and they were amazing! They're better live tbh!

  40. Powell Pressburger

    Chorus is total cliche, so dull.

  41. Kat Rose

    I met them at warped and they are the sweetest people ever.

  42. marianna mendoza

    i can't to see them at warped tour

  43. Failed Imagineer

    Stumbled across their set yesterday at Warped Tour while trying to locate a merch tent. I had not heard of them previously and they definitely made a fan out of me and even had probably the most enjoyable set for me of the tour. The album is amazing. I wish them all the luck in the world. Hope to see them again soon. :)

  44. Javier Gutierrez

    love this band good blend of old school and new style of rock alternative

  45. closinginonclosure

    1:19 When he pulls the mic away from his mouth. lol. Good thing this is just a music video or we wouldn't have heard that. lol ;)

  46. Marcos

    OMG this band is so underrated, glad i discover this

  47. skullkap1

    Great tune. Love his voice during the chorus.

  48. Triga Harrington

    Can wait to see you at warped tour this year

  49. Keegan

    My kind of love song

  50. Al Mac

    fuck Punk

  51. S Alaka

    Start A Riot and ARTV in the comment section? Thats how you can tell these guys are a quality band

  52. Seshtinies child

    I seen this live when they toured with pierce the veil and it's brilliant live

  53. Seshtinies child

    I seen this live when they toured with pierce the veil and it's brilliant live

  54. Rose Motionless

    Meow meow meow meow MEOW!!!

  55. Counter Offer

    Meow, meow, MEOW, MEOW MEOW MEOW!!!!!



  56. Liisi Brett

    i cant listen to this song without my parents thinking that im watching porn

  57. Mary Broussard

    Is anyone else disappointed that "do believe in rock and roll" wasn't in the album version? Still absolutely love the song and the album overall but that was always my favorite line.

  58. CasparIsNotCool

    is it just me or does it sound like 'meow' when they say now?

    Chantel Smith

    CasparIsNotCool so glad I'm not the only one!

  59. Sass Master

    who's suzanne meant to be in this lil story?

  60. Violet

    im fucking OBSESSED

  61. UniversalHeat

    Wow, YourMovieSucks' music has gotten WAY better

    Christopher Robyn

    Sure has

  62. Max Bickelhaup

    Meatloaf x Offspring x My Chemical Romance

  63. notjohn100

    intro reminds me so much of The boy who wants to destroy the world

  64. DecemberRose27

    not my typical go to rock genre but this band's underrated for sure, i'm a new fan!

  65. Cons Lorenzo

    holy shit

  66. Digi-Masochist

    I was just listening to American Pie a few hours ago! The reference made me smile like crazy!

  67. Pivari Kejriwal

    who is Suzanne

  68. DeadSephiroth1

    Looks and sounds like HIM with Misfits and AFI influiences.

  69. TheWardenDuncan

    So... they changed the lyrics in the second half of the chorus. Did Don McLean sue them or something? ;)

  70. Bubbles McKenzie

    MEOW-MEOW-MEOW!!! :3

  71. Andres Vergara

    this is a signal that the emo will resurect

  72. Andres Vergara

    Today this band release tthe album Eternity in your arms

  73. Andres Vergara

    bands like Creeper and Waterparks proves that rock music is not dead, in fact it will back in end of the decade

  74. Martin Juruš

    Against Me! vibes

  75. praca spcjalna

    death and blasphemies are at a price nowadays so u gonna be successful sadly...

  76. Norsang

    something tells me that these guys are gonna be huge one day

  77. tremold2043

    this is the golden gods 2016 best new band? this is bad. singer's voice sounds like a higher pitched meatloaf. wtf?

  78. mrbtapir

    any band that includes the dock cranes near the mouth of the River Test in their music video is awesome.

  79. Mike Correia

    So what if I may be considered "too old" for this - after hearing this song I pre-ordered the album....

  80. Skydancer

    OMG, So Cool!!!!
    I like Creeper so much!!!

  81. upsidedownh3art

    I have yet to hear a song from this band that i dont like.

  82. Samantha Alanis

    currently obssesed with this song!!

  83. madallthetimes

    this sounds even better live!

  84. River Koritko

    saw y'all last night w waterparks and too close to touch. fucking sicc mate damn

  85. Suzi Spooks

    Bloody fantastic

  86. 100% shaggy


  87. Reavus85

    am i hearing things or do they say "meow" instead of "now"????

  88. Robin Leung

    Now... Meow, Now... Meow, meow meow meow!

  89. Billie Harrison

    anyone know why the lyrics have now changed on the spotify version?

    Cameron Ewer

    I heard it's because of the "Do you believe in rock and roll" lyric also being in the song American pie, pretty stupid if you ask me

    Yiannis Josephides

    Kind of like the new lyrics better anw:)

  90. guteshoerenistwichtig

    Tageslied. Song Of The Day @guteshoerenistwichtig

  91. KerryHayes2001

    Can't believe I got seem them live with ptv 😍 they were better than pierce the veil and let live 💙

  92. My Chemical Kaulitz

    Wow, I've never heard this band before, but this song is the best I've heard in a long time, it's amazing!


    they are also amazing live. i saw them back end of last year when they were touring with let live and pierce the veil

  93. searc runsape gf type 123

    Wait, have they changed the lyrics?

  94. 2TBeauty

    can't wait for the album to drop!!

  95. Gavin McHendry

    How come the "do you believe in rock n roll" bit is different on Spotify?

  96. Graeme Bell

    “Suzanne, from the river where you lost control, to the summer that you let me go, I felt the pieces fall apart real slow.”

  97. Ari Pinkpie

    Has anyone noticed that the spotify version is different