Creed - Who's Got My Back? Lyrics

All that was sacred to us
Sacred to us
See the signs
The covenant has been broken
By mankind
Leaving us with no shoulder...with no shoulder
To rest our head on
To rest our head on
To rest our head on

Who's got my back now?
When all we have left is deceptive
So disconnected
So what is the truth now?

There's still time
All that has been devastated
Can be recreated
We pick up the broken pieces
Of our lives
Giving ourselves to each other...ourselves to each other\
To rest our head on
To rest our head on
To rest our head on

Who's got my back now?
When all we have left is deceptive
So disconnected
So what is the truth now?

Tell me the truth now...Tell us the truth now

Who's got my back now?
When all we have left is deceptive
So disconnected
So what is the truth now?

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  1. alberto pruneda

    2019 y me sigue transportando esta rola ...

  2. Ğym Guru

    Kevin levrone❤️

  3. Marcello Jesus

    levrone porra!!!

  4. naitikgreyman

    With no shoulders. With no shoulders.

    And I'm thinking about Levrone. Lyrics misfire by a huge margin.

  5. Anthony Mcfarlane

    Love this song

  6. Brittney Pena

    I’m 10 years old on my way to a tournament (sfv wrestling tigers) my dads bumping this loud as shit as we drive . God do I miss the good old days . One of mine and my dads favorite songs

  7. Rodrigo Gregório

    Kevin Levrone, the uncrowned king

  8. André

    Vim pelo insta do mestre Sardinha 💪

  9. Casey DahAlpha

    What’s with the levrone?

  10. John Dongsky

    I like this song

  11. Dante FJ

    Im here because of the legend himself .. I shouldn't even mention him ..

  12. christoph pohl

    Best Song

  13. Talles boyka

    Algum BR aí? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  14. RevengedScar

    Fucking beautiful

  15. GONA



    i played age of empires to this song

  17. Ecce Homo

    Kevin Levrone

  18. Ezequiel Oliveira

    Ronnie Coleman Me. Olympia ;) Levrone 2nd

  19. $keno

    Kevin levrone brought me here

  20. Emmanuel Silvera

    Kevin Levrones Anthem!

  21. ramin alikhani

    run and hide all that were sacred to us...apocalypse now.

  22. John Breuwet

    Johnny Doull TMK brought me here

  23. Sam Scharp

    Damn, looks like I'm not the only one that Kevin Levrone brought here.

  24. Carlos Pera

    @kevinlevrone for sure

  25. TeacherPhilEnglish

    All you idiot naysayers are eating your words. The Maryland Muscle Machine is back !

  26. SunRise SunRise

    Love you Kevin 💪🏼

  27. John Koch

    Kevin levrone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This song goes so hard.

  28. Matej Samul

    levrone champ !

  29. Itso TT

    this is amazing how someone put a song and all comments are for T O&O KEVIN LEVRONE OMG >>>> AMAZING

  30. sylvester pulk

    Arnold Classic Australia 2018 kevin levrone last posing,,god bless you my frend

  31. Fernando Bueno

    Maryland Muscle Machine.... Levrone

  32. Ryan Wilson


  33. Juan Ledesma

    Thanks Kevin Levrone!

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  35. Jeremy Lopez

    Kevin ❤️

  36. intermix

    Mr Maryland muscle machine

  37. Nuno Ribeiro

    I love dis music

  38. Chema

    4:26 Kevin!

  39. Турал Меликов


  40. Gabriel Miotto

    L.E.V.R.O.N.E 4EVER

  41. Bruno Angelo

    Kevin Levrone poha !!!!!!

  42. Jonathan Van Der Zee

    My family does. And I have theirs.

  43. Sabrina Preto

    amo essa música...

  44. Pedro Godoi

    Kevin Levrone💪

  45. Scotty Zyzz

    Real music

  46. canal do maromba

    kevin LEVRONE 2017

  47. Bill Nguyen

    It was an honor. To be the one that add a like to make it 1K.

  48. M-26-7


  49. Nenu py

    kevin levrone

  50. SeeMeNoMore 1984

    So I buy the greatest hits and this ain't on there?WHHAATTT

  51. Турал Меликов

    L. E. V. R. O. N. E

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    Brasil Levrone porra

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    Kevin aka SHABOOM Levrone

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    Levrone BABY!

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  60. Thiago Okuzono

    Kevin Levrone Legend


    2002 best song never forget this old days

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    KEVIN LEVRONE !!!!! 💪💪💪

  63. Creashawn Leon


  64. No Ghh


  65. Ulises678

    Kevin levrone 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shhhbooooom

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    Kevin Levrone Mr Olympia 2002 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  68. Pedro Ferreira

    Legendary music with intangible meaning. Iconic Levrone

  69. Dion Balais

    Great song

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  73. Richard Hekner

    escutando essa musica so consigo lembrar do kevin levrone, mito SHABOOOM

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    mr.levrone brought me here !!!

  75. Alessio Faini

    epic posedowns from 2002 and 2016 by kevin levrone SHABOOOOM

  76. PhilTheGutHeath

    Kev is still the people's champ

  77. TeacherPhilEnglish

    Kevin Levrone is the greatest athlete the world has ever seen

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    Kevin levrone motivación 100%

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    Kev, Bulgaria loves you!

  83. Stefko Georgiev

    Kevin, you are the one and only!!! Bulgaria loves you!

  84. Deapthz

    The guy that owns this vid is probs like who the hell is Kevin and what are all these views. lmao


    deapthz lmao true and same

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    Can't stop listening to this thanks to the olympia legend himself Kevin!

  91. Rickgaiden

    Levrone, moral champion Olympia 2002!!!!

    Marco oldschool

    the legendd porraaaaaaa

    talal rana

    he deserved 4 Mr. Olympias.


    talal rana his back and legs werent good enough

    R I N A L D O

    Olympia 2000 e 2002

  92. Adre nalina

    Kev i send all my support. I saw you remove you jacket at the press meetup and you had no problem showing everyone what you had. I know you still were not dialed in 100% but you looked incredible for only 5 months work and not doing it for 13 years. It takes a very strong mind and a very willing body and you have both. Brother no matter how you place on stage you will be the best out there not because of what you did in the past, not because you are legendary but because you said I can do it again at 52 and you brought it hard. You needed more time if you really wanted to fight for the MR. O title but what you did was incredible and you are showing what a true champion can and will do once applied. Boommmm my hero :)

    Michael Miller

    Adre nalina Beautifully stated. 41 year-old here and been bodybuilding since 12. And a fan since then and the 90's were my favorite age of bodybuilding and I loved Kevin's physique, and posing. Well said. It's nice to see positivity and encouragement on the net. Bravo to you.

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