Creed - Stand Here With Me Lyrics

You always reached out to me and helped me believe
All those memories we share
I will cherish every one of them
The truth of it is there's a right way to live
And you showed me
So now you live on in the words of a song
You're a melody

You stand here with me now

Just when fear blinded me you taught me to dream
I'll give you everything I am and still fall short of
What you've done for me
In this life that I live
I hope I can give love unselfishly
I've learned the world is bigger than me
You're my daily dose of reality

You stand here with me now

On and on we sing
On and on we sing this song

'Cause you stand here with me

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Creed Stand Here With Me Comments
  1. Abyssinian

    One of My most favourite songs for one of the best bands of all time...

  2. LibertiesBreathe 50

    Reminds me of the movie Stargate when the slaves finally revolt with soldiers. Reminds of me of what Green berets were originally built for. To liberate the oppressed

  3. DarKKnightt07

    This is one of their most underrated songs

  4. Cody Salyers

    Miss you dad. All those memories we shared I will cherish ever one of them ❤️

  5. Mohd Fizrill Mohd Yusof

    I cant imagin if you play this song on your wedding day?

  6. Den 1

    Yes Scott your music is the best... lyrics are stories not just there for the sake of it..

  7. Everything Thrice

    1:16 nice

  8. Maizar Maladi

    Best song 2019

  9. Ivor Yoel

    Jesus is my daily dose of reality

  10. Miguel FF

    Br 2019?

  11. Charley Swan

    Great song

  12. Jessica Nowitzki

    Most beautiful song you've shown me. 🖤

  13. Jonatan Villagran

    Who has that power to sing whithout screaming for no reason like most metal singers do, awesome song

  14. xamunas

    wrestlemania 19 one of the Greatest match Beween the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Attitude Era

  15. mohammad Al fatih

    Iam wondering timothy playing guitar in this song reff,,,what an amazing performance band..!!! What a great songs of creed have

  16. Anna Juarez

    Dedicate this song to my Dad, and my brother...they have taught me that I'm stronger than I even ever dreamed I could be!

  17. Karim Alzobaydi


  18. Syl Sed

    Great song!

  19. Denise Hedden

    🥀That's what love is all about🥀🤘

  20. Seth Walker

    Austin Vs Rock.

  21. Venenoso Blue

    Stone cold Steve Austin

  22. J F

    No me gustan las bandas cristianas. Pero esta me puede

  23. vadont

    to my friend who passed away 4 years ago ... you died too young my dear friend !

  24. Yo Ya


  25. Grayve Rose

    I like that a lot about Tremonti's playing when it comes to timing, he knows how to dither the shit out of 4/4 time and make it really awkwardly divided up along the bar but still have a beautiful melodic flow without anyone ever noticing how strange it is. The intro to this song is a great example of that. After the intro the riff goes to a more traditional 4/4 flow, but the intro is really strange.

  26. David Walker


  27. Brian Griffin

    92 people were deaf

  28. Somber Faces

    Thank you . I understand now!!

  29. Damien Walton

    love it means a lot to me makes me cry cuz I feel my loved ones I lost stand here with me

  30. Nazz Gull

    Tremonti's solo gives me goosebumps...everytime.

  31. Denis Silva


  32. wherearemybones2

    This is one of Creeds best songs..its actually pretty fuckin heavy...I am digging the diesel bass and good lyrics...."You're my daily dose of reality!"

    Mr. White

    heavy?! O.o

  33. Blankzy

    i havent listened to this song since i was a kid, riding in my aunts car, im going through some shit right now so i decided to listen to it, brings alot of good memories back

  34. Vinnie Moreno

    Total perfection..Mark's best solo EVER! Gives me chills from the solo on thru the end.

  35. Caleb Budde

    I wish creed had made a lot more music videos of songs they did. They would be so much more successful than they already were!!

  36. Matthew Austin

    A big thank you so my friends for always being genuine friends

  37. Scott McPhee

    In the music press, Creed got a lot of rubbish written about them. Music touches us in different ways. Who saw Creed live? When I saw them, Stand Here With Me was played near the end of the show. How many fans left the concert feeling encouraged?

    Bill Taggart

    Saw them live when they were at their peak - probably about 2000 - 2001, somewhere around there. Fantastic show. They sounded great.

    no s

    I saw them live twice, both times they delivered with amazing performance, fan since 1998. I will always love creed.

  38. Hilda Meong

    Dedicated to my fiance who stay on the call now, listening musics together like always...u always makes me feel u r not far away from me coz U STAND HERE WITH ME...😊😊😊 so i never feel alone

  39. Destree Cooper

    played at my father's funeral. He always guided me. My father was an amazing man. rocked the church.


    Destree Cooper played at my dads as well, 03

    Gandalf The Grey

    I can imagine lol

    Mayhem Operations Starship


    Cody Salyers

    Mine also. He loved Creed and my best memories with him are through their songs. He passed last December and a part of me is gone forever but I keep him close in my heart everyday. I miss him Soo much ♥️

  40. Victrix Legion

    One of the best song... Amazing!!!!

  41. Ed Sanchez

    help! can't stop listening..


    me too!

  42. Chema

    Best song ever

  43. Joe Chill Studios

    lol it's like he's harmonizing his grunts at the end

  44. R L

    Song is epic . Always go back to it . That solo is so much fun .

  45. Kyle Sizemore

    Thank you Jesus for always I mean always standing with me! No matter what, I give you everything I am, and still fall short of what you've done for me!!!!!!


    So true. Jesus saves.

    Sean Hurley

    Everyone else takes full damage.

    David Walker

    Kyle Sizemore lo

    Gandalf The Grey

    @Sean Hurley tf you mean?

    Sean Hurley

    @Gandalf The Grey google it

  46. Anki Hansen

    Third rate Pearl Jam


    Creed is better than today's music that's for sure.

    Jeff Wormuth

    Now I love Creed for sure but Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Disturbed are all today's music and are all above Creed. Alter Bridge is Creed with Myles Kennedy at vocals who is above and beyond Scott's vocal abilities. Shinedown is an AMAZING band and Creed wasn't ever at there level. Disturbed just kicks ass . Yes the heavier but u said today's music and Disturbed is just that.

    kind child

    Who are they? Seriously..they can`t be that good.Nice name-Pearl Jam. Prefer Boney m !


    +Jeff Wormuth Alter Bridge is great.

    Sean Hurley

    Miles Kennedy's vocals bore me.
    They're not bad; on the contrary they're very good.
    But they're boring. They also don't really fit the hardness of the songs. He lacks that edge that a rock singer needs.
    Mock Stapp for his vocal weirdness all you want, but he definitely had that edge.

  47. Homero Henrique

    best song!!!!!Great
    Come Back Creed

  48. Vinny

    Que solo do tremonti !!! essa musica é foda d+

  49. Jesus Gonzalez

    3/3 warriors oorah

  50. Gavan_thenerd

    Always think of Austin vs rock

    daniel Reyez

    hell yeahh memories

    Matthew Austin

    Gavan_thenerd My last name is Austin

    Venenoso Blue

    Gavan_thenerd Austin the goat

  51. Patrick Sousa

    Fala sério, olha o solo do Mark nesta música. Já treinando para o Alter Bridge kkkkkkk. Pena que não fizeram um clipe desse ótimo som.

  52. Flyin' Hawaiin

    now you live on in the words of a song...not alone

  53. Musics Fabio Oliveira Angelo

    Creed - Yeaahhh

  54. james gribble

    My fav Creed song. Awesome solo

  55. j stour

    cant beat tremonti

    Caleb Budde


    Jayrod M

    j stour listen to maggot brain by funkadelic, probably the best guitar performance I've ever heard

  56. Michael Ullman

    Wish this song was on guitar hero live

  57. sven croonen

    on on we sing this song

  58. sweetgina257

    Yes I needed to hear this

  59. Jim Miller

    Thanks for putting up an excellent lyric video! I am learning this song and you have helped me. I know this song will bring happiness to others.

  60. Mohd Fizrill Mohd Yusof

    cause you stand here with meyeaaaahhhhh

    Michael Dillon

    Lol wtf....

    bebe victorious

    YES! That part rocks!!!!

  61. hioro4393

    great song!!!

  62. Man Kind

    What an incredible song!

  63. Raquel Pereira

    "OYA" Stand Here with Me...

  64. Charles Mcdonough

    \m/ (v_v) \m/
    \ \ _/ \_ / /
    \ ¥ /
    \______ /
    I) ] (I
    I l l
    I I I
    _l l l_
    (____) (____) Hail! JESUS! Or burn in hell!!!!!

  65. jose luis armenta

    so jesus came in 2015 when the lhc duble the energy

  66. Mohd Fizrill Mohd Yusof

    at the last. sorry for the typo

  67. Mohd Fizrill Mohd Yusof

    cause you stand here with me yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! at the past

  68. Szymon Strnad

    Yup, that is what I don't understand! :) It was only a quotation from what I read in some comments below.

  69. iamcline

    What's with all of the negativity and aggression?

  70. Staci Seaman

    Anyone that Loves and Believes in Jesus and isn't afraid to show it,are Blessed n ♥'d. Creed is awesome they help Gods word be heard in their music. Creed deserves more condolences than Bands/group's of today. Their Love for God shines in them, They're trying to help you to reach out to OUR Savory,"Jesus Christ". Anyone bashing it should do research of their on.find the truth themselves. ♥ for ALL, May God Bless all of you, I Pray one day you too can find Jesus and know him as THE WORLDS SAVORY!

  71. Sam the Angel Fox

    I love this song, all of Weathered is amazing. I Love how Scott Stapp sings "You're my daily dose of reality" <3

  72. Roland Workman

    its "now you live ON in the words of a song" not "live alone" dumb ass smmfh...

  73. LambofPantera66

    what i ment to say was your a retarded dumpster baby

  74. OneADayFoody

    2 things, 1 Not once did my mouth move during the process of TYPING (If your mouth does move while typing, which I am assuming yours does which is why you mentioned it, that is a sign of autism, and you should not procreate because you will just destroy this world) And secondly you can hit my mom if you want, doesn't bother me at all.

  75. NarooluCA

    FFAGG! lol

  76. LambofPantera66

    lol you are fucking retarted

  77. OneADayFoody

    For someone who is a fan of a christian band you sure do get pretty vulgar. Sad really.

    Sean Hurley

    Creed aren't a christian band...

  78. OneADayFoody

    You sure are mad for someone who likes a shitty song.

  79. OneADayFoody

    There is no Guitar Solo in this entire song, what video were you watching? A Solo is when there is no other instruments playing at the same time. Hence the word "Solo"

    Sean Hurley

    Learn the definition of a guitar solo... This isn't it.

  80. OneADayFoody

    I like the original, You Shit here with me.

  81. applebear1000

    Whenever I hear this song I think of my dog and cry I know how u feel

  82. Larry Eliemenye

    No it will be a good song to dedicate to your dog

  83. Larry Eliemenye

    Mark Tremonti You are a solo god. WTF!!!

  84. Jason Kinney

    This song at the very least brings a tear to my eye. Every time. . .

  85. Claymore8365

    Assholes who make spontaneous, insulting comments showing how much of a douche they are.

  86. Jessica Lesher

    assholes who make dumb comments

  87. Craig Siplin

    I saw them circa 1998 in Charlotte's Tremont area. One of the best shows ever !! And Ive seen some really life changing ones :-D

  88. jason white Jr

    assholes who have no taste in music

  89. kiop5671

    I just think everyone's stupid

  90. Carlos Mora

    This reminds me of football.

  91. Travis Sharpe

    always turn the volume up at that part

  92. Ricardo Garcia

    would this be a good song to dedicate to my girlfriend?

  93. SSJ1Igor

    extreme atheists are the new hardcore christians who make everyone believe in their beliefs. and they keep judging Christians...fml.

    Im a believer, but no one should force it onto anyone.

    Sean Hurley

    I'm an extreme atheist and I don't care one whit about what you personally believe.
    Try and put bibles in public schools or manger scenes on government property and we'll fight though.

  94. dswolf123

    Yeaarrrgh Gonna take off my Glove!

  95. Geoff Peterson

    But as an full bodied atheist, cant you see that the lyrics can be interpreted other than in a faith based way? he could be talking about his child, wife, a sibling..any number of things not pertaining to religion. the first time i heard this song, i thought of my wife.. obviously you listened to the song and immediatley assumed it was about faith because a band with christian views put it out. so you had to come on youtube and tell all who would listen that youre an atheist. Good for you.

  96. Lord Bob

    These lyrics are wrong, but it won't let me post them. In the 4th (I think) verse, he says 'so now you live on in the words of a song; you're a melody'. It's a long 'on', not 'alone'. Also, it's 'in this life that I live, I hope I can give unselfishly.' Love is not in that line. It doesn't fit.