Cream - What A Bringdown Lyrics

Dainties in a jam-jar, parson's colour in the sky.
Water in a fountain doesn't get me very high.
Moby Dick and Albert making out with Captain Bligh.
So you know what you know in your head.
Will you, won't you, do you, don't you know when a head's dead?
What a bringdown!

Winter leader Lou is growin' 'ampsteads in the North.
Betty B's been wearin' daisies since the twenty-fourth.
Wears a gunner when there's one more coming forth.
And you know what you know in your head.
Will you, won't you, do you, don't you wanna go to bed?
What a bringdown!

There's a tea-leaf about in the family,
Full of nothin' their fairy tale.
There's a tea-leaf a-floatin' now for Rosalie,
They'll believe in ding-dong bell.

Take a butchers at the dodginesses of old Bill.
Aristotle's orchestra are living on the pill.
One of them gets very very prickly when he's ill.
And you know what you know in your head.
Will you, won't you, do you, don't you wanna make more bread?
What a bringdown!

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Cream What A Bringdown Comments
  1. Mario Caffari

    A true * MASTERPIECE * and a * MILESTONE * in Rock - History !
    All 3 members playing absolutely < MAGICAL and HYPNOTIZING >
    Best audio - quality so far, probably better then on the original release !
    Greetings from Switzerland

  2. HQ Rare Music Audio & Video

    Should have been a hit I reckon, follow-up to 'Badge'.

  3. Robert Burleson

    What A Bringdown that Ginger's gone. This was one of Cream's most unusual -- and coolest -- songs.

  4. Agus Segovia Alarcon

    Temazo por la reconchetumare

  5. Chris Collins

    RIP Ginger, creme d' ingenuie! This song follows me everywhere now. Thanks Universal Music Group.

  6. Dinos Zoumperis

    So long mr. Baker...yours was an amazing ride

  7. Chris Collins

    Fuller said it's CPAP

    Pablo Pistacio

    Who's Fuller ? And what is CPAP ? Learn to spell .
    Baker's singing , if you can it that, on Blue Condition
    was frightful . I am amazed that they released that
    version . Clapton sings with Jack Bruce on
    What a Bringdown , even though the album cover
    says that Baker is the singer .

    Nicktendo 69 lmao

    Pablo Pistacio

    Pablo: What is CPAP? Learn to spell!
    Also Pablo: Ginger sings the lyrics If You Can It That on Blue Condition

  8. John Smoth

    Felix Pappalardi on bass

  9. Chris Collins

    So Gingeresque! I feel the reign of Basaltic Igneous Sisters, Oregon and MacKenzie Pass, what an an uplifting and Bringdown experience!

    Paul Fuller

    What a load of CRAP.!


    @Paul Fuller you got PMS, bro?

  10. Michael Brodie

    The Beatles , Stones & Cream closed out the 60's with such panache.

  11. Lizardking 65

    Very psychedelic!!!🤤✌🏽

  12. Not a communist anymore.

    "Me dad was in the war" - Ginger Baker one time.


    he doesn't say it that often (and not in this song).

  13. ajholcombe

    Their most underrated song by far

  14. tuxguys

    The third of the three studio cuts from their last LP (while still together)...
    Clapton wrote, and sang lead on one ("Badge"); Bruce wrote, and sang lead on one ("Doing That Scrapyard Thing"); Baker wrote this and (not being a singer) had Clapton and Bruce share vocal duties, putting them, vocally, in Lennon/McCartney territory.
    Further thoughts:
    Baker seems to be warming up for "Blind Faith" with this cut, alternating between 5/4 and 3/4 as it does;
    If the Greatest Rock Trio of All Time had come up with 5-6 more cuts of the caliber of this one and the other two just mentioned, their last LP would have been their best, surpassing "Disraeli Gears," even.
    RIP, you talented curmudgeon.

  15. george preston

    what a bringup


    yeah, it brought me up early last year when i was recovering from a broken foot.