Cream - Passing The Time Lyrics

It is a cold winter,
Away is the songbird.
And gone is her traveller,
She waits at home.

The sun is on holiday,
No leaves on the trees.
The animals sleep
While cold North wind blows.

The snowflakes are falling,
The roof a white blanket.
There's ice on the window pane,
She waits alone.

She sits by the fireside,
The room is so warm.
Her children are sleeping,
She waits in their home.

Passing the time.
Passing the time, everything fine.
Passing the time, having the wine.
Passing the time, drinking red wine.
Passing the time, drinking red wine.
Passing the time, drinking red wine.
Passing the time, everything fine.
Passing the time, drinking red wine.
Passing the time, everything fine.
Passing the time, wine and time rhyme.
Passing the time.

It is a long winter,
Away is the summer.
She waits for her traveller
So far from home.

She sits by the fireside,
The room is so warm.
There's ice on the window,
She's lonely alone.

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Cream Passing The Time Comments
  1. Ben R.

    I saw Ginger on his very last live appearance in Berlin with my father ❤ he played this song and i recognized it within the first two beats, even if he just couldnt go anymore and got off the stage after three songs, he did come back to the stage and played this song, and even better then the ones before ❤ you could feel even with him knowing he just cant, he just couldnt not Do What He Likes 💔 it was an truly beautiful but heartbreaking moment and i am forever thankful for sharing this with my father who was just absolutly shocked when he first heard NSU Live at the age of 13 after only knowing the radio music of that time and immediatly fell in love with that pure magic insanity ❤ which love he well passed to me at a young age ;)
    You all have to listen to a ten minute live drum solo version of this!!!
    That is why Cream is just unique. True musician masters.
    May you find peace wherever you are right now 🤘👹❤
    Found one on yt starts pretty exact at minute 9 ;)

  2. Zane Black

    This song is just one of the reasons Cream was the greatest Rock band of all time. It's a shame they were all such ***holes. Rest in karma.

  3. Daniel Aguirre

    el unico en español que comenta¿

    Kevin Jeffries

    No se por que 🤷

  4. Daniel Aguirre

    que genial este tema

  5. arthur Deth

    The best trio the world of rock ever produced. 3 masters 3 legends.

  6. Leonard Burian

    The band is on tour. Get it?

  7. Putrid Abomination

    RIP Ginger Baker

  8. Manny Badabing

    This is Prog Cream.

  9. Greg

    Love the sung, but needed something better than that passing the time part. Just didn't fit, imho.

  10. zero-east 23

    RIP Ginger Baker.

  11. Dwayne Wladyka

    Ginger Baker has passed away today. So sad to hear this. What a great drummer he was. May he rest in peace.

  12. john t

    RIP Ginger

  13. Jay Vee

    R.I.P. Ginger Baker.

  14. Rafael Zengo

    One of the craziest, creamiest Cream songs. This song defines Cream very much

  15. Mike Harrison

    I dig cream ....but this suk's

    ash austad

    Mike Harrison not when you’re high asf

    jeff davis

    Intro great but the rest dunno what to think of it

    Phillip Amason

    I don't understand the hate, this song dope af

    Phillip Amason

    Definitely b side tho

    Steven Moyers

    ya had to of been there

  16. Harchit Bhatoia

    what a fuckin jam. the BASS

  17. Shannon Lee

    One of the greatest intros of all time!

  18. Lou Costello

    Guessing Jack was playing the cello too.

    Silverfish Imperetrix

    Cello. That was the instrument he first learned to play on.

    zorba nongreco

    yes probably, or maybe Felix Papalardi
    ...superb song anyway

    Yitzhak Finnegan

    @zorba nongreco It was Jack Bruce on cello. On a few other tracks, Papalardi played viola.

    Pablo Pistacio

    @Yitzhak Finnegan Yes , exactly right . Jack was kicked out of music college because
    he played double bass in Jazz clubs at night while he was studying cello .

  19. László Levente Kis

    It is a cold winter
    Away is the songbird
    And gone is her traveller
    She waits at home
    The sun is on holiday
    No leaves on the trees
    The animals sleep
    While cold north wind blows
    The snowflakes are falling
    The roof a white blanket
    There's ice on the windowpane
    She waits alone
    She sits by the fireside
    The room is so warm
    Her children are sleeping
    She waits in their home
    Passing the time
    Passing the time
    Everything fine
    Passing the time, having the wine
    Passing the time, drinking red wine
    Passing the time, everything fine
    Passing the time, drinking red wine
    Passing the time, everything fine
    Passing the time, drinking red wine
    Passing the time, everything fine
    Passing the time, wine and time rhyme
    Passing the time
    It is a long winter
    Away is the summer
    She waits for her traveller
    So far from home
    She sits by the fireside
    The room is so warm
    There's ice on the window
    She's lonely alone

    Chris Westphal

    Great great great great tune.

  20. Stred

    I was the understanding that Cream is huge, what are all of these songs doing with so few views.


    The problem (in The Netherlands at least) is that most people live in a hurry, music is mostly used for background sound.
    Music like Cream and many others don't work well as background music, so people listen to rap/techno/(autotune) pop.

    Harchit Bhatoia

    @Raymond couldnt have been more true

  21. Cassiano Varani

    agoro nega,
    que to atras?

  22. Chris Choir

    these guys were so far beyond the Beatles

    Willie Gordon

    +Chris Choir. You're so right. The Beatles were into a lot of sappy love songs, at least up to 1966 when "Revolver" came out .

    Ed Conyers

    What a dumb remark.


    Lmao don't put one down to exalt other. Be it cream, Rolling Stones, Beatles or something else... All of them were geniuses that made great and absurd music that changed the future for the decades that came after.

    Phillip Amason

    Eh, apples and oranges

  23. Paul R.

    Fantastic bass playing!

    Willie Gordon

    I love this song more than their hits.

    Lou Costello

    Hell, yeah!

    Jake J

    @Willie Gordon Me too. Pressed Rat and Warthog too.

  24. Dwayne Wladyka

    A masterpiece, written by Ginger Baker. May Jack Bruce rest in peace.

    Yitzhak Finnegan

    @zorba nongreco Ginger Baker co-wrote this with Mike Taylor (no relation to Mick Taylor of the Stones), one of three they did on this album.

    Willie Gordon

    @MT_VU_RX _jukebox hero The album artwork should have been in color, imagine how that would look. I have the CD version of this album.

    Jake J

    @Yitzhak Finnegan Facts. Thanks

    Jake J

    Love the Ginger songs on this album.

    Dwayne Wladyka

    @zorba nongreco It was Ginger Baker who wrote this tune. He did write other songs too, such as Pressed Rat And Warthog, and Blue Condition. All three members of Cream were capable songwriters and Pete Brown helped them out lyrically too. The lyrics to this are totally from Ginger Baker.

  25. turuntash the boo

    Wow song!Crazy good!

  26. Luke Selby

    Only 2.8k views wow

    MT_VU_RX _jukebox hero

    10k now

  27. CDrummer Gaming

    Ayoub, thank you for posting this!