Cream - Doing That Scrapyard Thing Lyrics

When I was young they gave me a mongrel piano,
Spent all my time inventing the cup of tea.
Writing your name in the sea,
Banging my fav'rite head.

Missing the last bed, waving a cheery herring,
Balancing brass bands on the tip of my toe.
Phoning your home from my tree,
Drinking my fav'rite loch.

When I was old they gave me a model factory,
I met three salads out on the motorway.
Leaving your name at the door,
Breaking my fav'rite egg.

Missing the walrus, sharing my last banana,
Balancing zeppelins on the end of my nose.
Calling your name in the zoo,
Blowing my fav'rite mind.

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Cream Doing That Scrapyard Thing Comments
  1. Sammie

    And does it have to do anything with doing that scrapyard thing? Nooo but I love it <3 I can’t believe, right now, I am 19 years old and the people my age usually like the modern music of today but me on the other hand, cream is my type of music.

  2. Harchit Bhatoia

    what a massive sound. the bassss. what are they using to get that walking "bow bow" sound?

    Pablo Pistacio

    The guitar and organ are going through Leslie speakers . The speakers rotate and they
    have rotating horns on top as well . If you check out Jon Lord of Deep Purple live in
    concert on YouTube ( there is lots out there ) you will see what I mean . Cheers .

    Pablo Pistacio

    Eric Clapton is also using a wah wah peddle .

  3. Mike Poitras

    Good bands can easily sell something as atypical as this.

  4. Bobby Twig

    “Breaking my favorite egg” Indeed.

  5. Chris Morfas

    Could easily have been a Traffic single. "Heaven is in Your Mind" etc.

  6. Singer Hippie

    favorite cream song. drinking my favorite love glub glub club

  7. Trulysarcastic44

    Umm.. not good. I love Cream, but not into this. Oh well.


    Trulysarcastic44 this is amazing!! The guitar riffs in this song are out of this world!!!

  8. breatheintheair

    Yes McCartney and Lennon going back and forth on vocals! Would've been on Abbey Road imo!

  9. g mat

    bought this album because of an ad for Longs Drugs, same place we all bought Mountain Climbing. Those were the days,,,,,


    Yes they were.

  10. big big

    Underrated song… I like this.

  11. chickey333

    My favorite Cream song on my favorite Cream album and after 48 years I still don't understand what the hell it means.

    Andrew Lilley

    come on, it's obviously about balancing zeppelins on the end of your nose!

  12. Emily West

    I assume that's Jack singing - he sounds exactly like Gary Brooker of Procol Harum here. The bizarre lyrics recall Keith Reid of Procol, too.


    Emily West now i see that as well! Love Procol Harum! Ty

  13. Valery TCHOULKOV

    Still fresh after all these years and nice arrangements

  14. Andrew Lilley

    They don't make 'em like they use to. Such a great tune.

  15. Robert Middlemiss

    Love this, it sounds a bit Beatley and would've fit nicely onto The White Album.

    Jens Clarberg

    Was just thinking as I was listening, did someone dare Cream to do their best Beatles?

    Joao Gabriel

    Robert Middlemiss Beatles is my favorite band, but it reminds me more of Kinks


    abbey road.

    Pablo Pistacio

    I never really thought of it before , but McCartney could have written this song .
    He and Jack were mates . Pete Brown , of course wrote the nonsense lyrics .
    Great song .

  16. oren ron

    great song- but- totaly unic and not representive their style .. so - if that's what you liked from cream- than you might be dissapointed by other stuff ...

  17. Arthur Jackson

    Heard 1st. time in Thailand 1973. Fantastic tune about what??? Makes more sense under influence of Thai Stick marijuana..

  18. David Uncles

    Triffic. First heard this over 40 years ago. Just as good now as it was then!