Cream - Born Under A Bad Sign Lyrics

Born under a bad sign.
I've been down since I began to crawl.
If it wasn't for bad luck,
I wouldn't have no luck at all.

Bad luck and trouble's my only friend,
I've been down ever since I was ten.

Born under a bad sign.
I've been down since I began to crawl.
If it wasn't for bad luck,
I wouldn't have no luck at all.

You know, wine and women is all I crave.
A big bad woman's gonna carry me to my grave.

Born under a bad sign.
I've been down since I began to crawl.
If it wasn't for bad luck,
I wouldn't have no luck at all.

Bad luck and trouble's been my only friend,
I've been down ever since I was ten.

Born under a bad sign.
I've been down since I began to crawl.
If it wasn't for bad luck,
I wouldn't have no luck.
If it wasn't for real bad luck,
I wouldn't have no luck at all.

Born under a bad sign.
Born under a bad sign.

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Cream Born Under A Bad Sign Comments
  1. B. Rod Clark

    R.I.P. Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce

  2. Ray Lewis

    Ginger I hope you're in the golden halls of Valhalla itself.

  3. Larry DuVall

    sold me on the blues was on every radio everywhere about 1968 we had never had exposure to blues like this in the states til that time

  4. Alan Burton

    Dear Marlene

  5. Durango95

    Well let's hear it for Jack Bruce!!

  6. xXxtend

    Well this is cheery!

  7. PV SG

    RIP to these 2 fine legends. Their music live on.

  8. Dennis Mohican

    Been digging this song since almost when it came out heh! I relate to it very well!

    Tonight's little story:
    "So, I look in my LV Shot Glass, I find enough for a single beer at the grocery store...
    I go there looking for a 24oz "FRIO 6.0" (only in Texas!), my luck kicked in, they only had One, count it, One single FRIO Light!!!"

    Born Under A Bad Sign Baby!!!
    Since the day I 'as Born!
    Well, at least I didn't wreck or run outta gas! ;)

    59 Years
    Austin, Texas

  9. Patricia Mobley

    Saw Fresh Cream second appearance in the U S of A.. Ginger had 2 bass drums and Eric had na white cowboy hat.i had screwed up and had 2 dates at the same time. Luckily, they didn't gunstle.


    Written by Booker T. Jones and William Bell, btw.

    Patricia Mobley

    Cool dude, if it wasn't for bad luck, wouldn't have no luck at all. 😎

  11. Rosamund Morgan

    Jacks cool singing against Gingers syncopation and Clapton with his searing good as when I first heard it.

  12. Pig Ford

    The original power trio .....all 3 of those guys were/are amazing....hell they put down the first brick in the wall that would become Hard Rock/Heavy Metal & they were the reason Hendrix wanted his band to be a trio....I’d say those are 2 pretty significant contributions to the world of music....I feel sorry for the occupants of hell now that Ginger Baker is on his way there 😏🤘🏻

  13. R19P82

    That's a dirty beat.

  14. Anwesha Basu

    Rest in Peace Ginger Baker. <3

  15. Pablo Pistacio

    One of Jack's best vocal performances on a studio recording . Obviously he has
    not got the growl of Albert King , but his bass playing almost makes up for no
    horn section .

  16. bassmanjoe

    Amazing drumming!

  17. Charles Middleton

    What a great sixties album.


    No 90's

  18. Jerry Mammoser

    Play drums, Ginger Baker!

  19. Taime Uppe

    RIP Ginger Baker

  20. Art of the State

    Just found out. This is my go to when I want to hear Ginger Baker..

  21. Michael Holding

    R.I.P. Ginger. What a legend.

  22. Mark Coron

    RIP Ginger Baker

  23. Lesley Meader

    Bye Ging X

  24. Elenor Rainbow

    RIP Ginger Baker 😔 10/06/2019

  25. Rob Jones

    Ginger Baker - RIP
    He was truly born under a bad sign. Great drummer, but a very unpleasant man.

    Ed Conyers

    Walk a mile in his shoes !

    Rob Jones

    @Ed Conyers I wouldn't want to walk a yard in Mr.Baker's shoes! He pulled a knife on Jack Bruce in 1964. It was amazing that Cream lasted just two years.

    He was a brilliant musician, but his corrosive personality alienated everybody.

  26. Bee Kay 5150

    RIP Ginger Baker!

  27. Z M

    Pop version of the shamanistic Hendrix song... Don’t get me wrong, this is a great performance. But there other dimensions out there...

  28. Roy Tsusui

    CRAEM the best in the business all into one band! Three man POWER BAND. EVER.

  29. Tim Burr

    12 AX tube inverter/driver for the ancient Bassman/Marshall sound. 12AT/12AU tube inverter/driver for the Fender Twin/Concert amp. (Plus the different tone-stacks and speakers. Trivial now in this digitalis age. Rock on all.)

  30. Günay Kayım


    Z M

    Günay Kayım are you an idiot?

  31. Gumpy 49

    Gingers playing just straight grooves here

  32. Morris Wilburn

    Three is all you need if its the right three.

  33. Jonathan Eves

    The Original Supergroup! A Trio. nuff said!!!

  34. kingfish4242

    straight up down home blues

  35. spiderswebs3 theone

    Something missing fro m this this version.Sounds like somebody going through the motions.For the sake of it.No real emotion.Stick with the original cos the man lived it,and he sang and played it from the Heart.

  36. Night Wish

    This is the end result when real great musicians blend the blues, rock, and psychedelic sounds. This song screams the blues as only Cream could play it and you never hear it like this anymore at least from any rock, metal or other band!!

  37. Ed Zepplin

    I need a drink and a fatty

  38. Gary Wilson

    For me, this was a much heavier and raw version than Hendrix. Both are excellent though.

  39. Phoenix Rampart

    if it wasn't for bad luck, i wouldn't have any luck at all

  40. walter c. charles campbell lll Lovin' Bearwolf

    Cool Song it Rock

  41. Joshua Stephens

    One of the best covers ever

  42. Proto Type / Shrine

    if it wasn't for bad luck (Guitar riff / Baaaaw) I wouldn't haaave PAUSE no luck at aaall..

    Proto Type / Shrine

    Booooorn under a bad sign. GUITAR RIFF I' been down PAUSE since I began to crawl...

  43. Blue Roots Denver TV

    Why would you listen to this when you can listen to Albert King lol. Whiteys

  44. zorba nongreco

    my 2nd. favourite version of this killer blues !!!🐂💨💨💨

  45. DoctorD W

    I think this version is the best. For some reason I always loved the blues, and Cream nailed this.

    Larry DuVall

    never get out of these blues alive

  46. Kevin Hutton


  47. Stella Ercolani


  48. Cissy2cute

    This doesn't do it for all. Albert King owns this song and always will.

  49. Bob Campbell

    Total bad ass

  50. Ju Ju

    Wow 50 ppl listening with their asses it seems, or it was opposite day

  51. Derrick Powell

    Song by the late great Albert King. Some of the lyrics were changed, but a great job by Cream!

  52. The Internet Killed Music

    If I got better at drums, this is how I would want to play. It is so feely and groovy and interesting. Not just basic rock beats.

  53. Pedro Beltran

    A machine guns that my music because it’s rock in the roll boom boom boom I hate to kill my enemy I did my time I’m ready to go fight a big battle armageddon Cain father Satan

  54. Pedro Beltran

    See all the guns all those guns belong to people who went to war and I don’t they are alive because I kill them all

  55. General Bog

    My song man.

  56. Stutter • Allan Scott

    If it wasn't for bad luck,
    I wouldn't have no luck at all
    👍🎶 lyrics

  57. Marina Markarian

    yup this song is about me

    Jens sørensen

    Hm.., or maybe it was for me too!

  58. Stutter • Allan Scott

    🎉🎶50 YEARS THIS MONTH 🎶🎉

  59. GhostMillionairesTV

    Albert King's version still the best by far but this is up there.

  60. Margaret Hughes

    Love this track - lucky enough to see Cream twice - no-one has covered this track better than Cream. Thank you for the memories.

  61. Andrew Garcia

    Now this is music folks! Not the garbage being played on the air ways today. Guitar, bass & drums. That's all it took.

    Amy McGraw-Pate

    Try Janelle Monáe or Hozier.

    Muzaffar Krylov

    *And an 8 track recording studio... that's the 4th member.*

    Nathan Sciarone

    generic ass comment my dude... try again

    Keen J

    Nathan Sciarone Oh look an asshole named Nathan. What is a comment thread without an asshole named Nathan...

    Rock of Ages

    and sadly as the years go by when we’ll we ever here talent like the good times never and that is the saddest thing about our world today

  62. Devin Shaw

    In this Episode of Fate from The Wonder Years on season 2
    Bully name Eddie Pinnetti.

  63. Devin Shaw

    Sampled of Homer Simpsons sings Born Under a Bad Sign
    From The Simpsons Sing the Blues.

  64. Rich Nittritz

    who and the hell are the 42 people who dont like this all time classic

  65. jane a sinner

    Have you watched "Beware of Mr. Baker" He's still an angry/ nutty dude and now he says he's broke but his net worth is 2 M.

  66. Larry Johnson

    Ginger's syncopated beat is absolutely killer!!!!

    Gary Wilson

    Larry Johnson the way he generally syncopates is great 👍

  67. Brown Paw

    I love watching women with bearded rainbows walk.

  68. Achim Helmutwerner

    A wonderfull and unique combination of talents!

  69. Bee Line


  70. TheHercalways


  71. Arturio Saunderese

    Lyrics by Stax Records singer William Bell, music by Stax bandleader Booker T. Jones, inspired by Lightnin' Slim's 1954 swamp blues song "Bad Luck Blues", made famous by Albert "The Velvet Bulldozer" King, & covered by Cream, Jimi, & 1000 others...THANK YOU ALL.

  72. Johan Liebert

    Won me over with the first riff

  73. sharon Schnaars

    This was back when Clapton was still playing an SG. Nothing sounds like those nasty old humbuckers!

    Larry Johnson

    That's what he should have been using when they did the reunion show back in 2005, along with a plexi!


    @Larry Johnson nothing like the early days!

    B. Rod Clark

    He shoulda had 'The Fool' even if it meant the reissued SG and Jack Bruce's fretless SG bass too.

  74. Diane Amara

    My song

  75. Chris Cook

    Since i was 9

  76. Jessica Armstrong

    nothing like it

  77. Jessica Armstrong

    classic. Essential

  78. Frank Richards

    Clapton is Clapton..but Baker and Bruce were plain freaks..too damn good. Love this of my favorite vocalists too..

  79. dldbug

    Born under a bad sign - Wasn't that Rodney Dangerfield's shtick?

  80. Ian Gourlay

    First band to do things to my head with their sheer unbridled power, talent, skill, magic.

    Through a teenaged alcoholic fug I heard Disraeli Gears played at full volume, I'd never understood that music like that existed. I was about 16/17, 1968-ish. That meant I had no spare cash for booze for quite a while after that as I bought every album by Jack, Eric, Ginger. Still have them all, every one. My copy of Wheels is the two single album pair.

    Since then I've heard scores and hundreds of brilliant bands but I confess none ever had the effect of this trio on that smokey evening with far too many cans of McEwan's Export - and many similar evenings afterwards.

    My first ever hangover followed, inevitably. Saw Eric play in Glasgow several years ago, he played skilfully but it felt like his heart just wasn't in it. He never spoke a word to his audience, not a one. He played, left the stage, that was it, we left. A magic-free concert that I wish I'd never gone to hear. Something changed over the years, it seems. But listening to these old tracks, that lights my fire every single time. How I wish I'd found the money to attend one of those final reunion gigs in 2005...

    Paul R.

    Man I had pretty much the same experience when I first heard Cream.

  81. Peter Wagner

    geil .........

  82. william tilton

    albert owns this...still!

  83. Boss man

    The lyrics to "Born Under a Bad Sign" were written by Stax Records rhythm and blues singer William Bell with music by Stax bandleader Booker T. Jones (of Booker T. & the M.G.'s).

  84. Ruben100200

    That fuzzy guitar is sick

  85. wayne hammock

    less is more. Ginger kills it. One of my favorite slow hand leads.


    Unfortunately, I don't think Ginger is playing any more, his arthritis is so bad. I too am an drummer with arthritis, but mine is not as bad. Last time I played on just a suspended cymbal, but the pain was so bad I could not hold the mallets.

    Phil Escott

    @rapidrail – I am a drummer who had to stop playing because of arthritis in 2010. I have now reversed it and I'm playing again more energentically than ever, pain-free. See my YouTube channel for how I did it, especially this video…


    Less? Not really!

  86. Jan Parolek

    The drums are an absolute top.
    One of Ginger's best Cream tracks.

  87. Deelsoft Works

    Are U really theeee Carlos Castaneda ...
    Don Juan's Lessons ruled my life

    I 'm the proces od sharing music for the anouncement of
    the biggest change in in my life, till now

    And I find U there ...

  88. Joe Sanseverino

    Story of my life.

    Kinni Wright

    Me too!


    @Kinni Wright Me three!!! I learnt not to say it can't get any worse. You know the rest.

  89. Joe Gonzales

    that's the shit


    Right Brother.

  90. doogal1234

    I really like what Ginger Baker laid down on this one - Always liked his style. You barely hear any cymbals in this one.

  91. alfonso leon martinez acuña

    Ginger Baker en la bateria.

  92. Diana Urrutia Zegarra

    Bad luck and trouble's my only friend.

    brian galien

    i know its a lyric beautiful. but i hope it isn't so.

  93. Sheri Hart

    another great 3 man Band WOW!!!!!!!!

    Ray Medeiros

    not many. can you name another one ?

  94. Vladimir Sánchez

    Great and wonderful song...

  95. Ed Zepplin

    I'll take this shit to my gave

    Bob Cardenaz

    true that lol

  96. WalkinAlong BonkinNoggin

    I loved all these old bands (was a TYA fan myself, the speed) but the late sixties gave birth to that damn Candanadian band, and their drummer and bass player can unfortunately, out play all our old heros with their feet.