Cream - Badge Lyrics

Thinkin' 'bout the times you drove in my car.
Thinkin' that I might have drove you too far.
And I'm thinkin' 'bout the love that you laid on my table.

I told you not to wander 'round in the dark.
I told you 'bout the swans, that they live in the park.
Then I told you 'bout our kid: now he's married to Mabel.

Yes, I told you that the light goes up and down.
Don't you notice how the wheel goes 'round?
And you better pick yourself up from the ground
Before they bring the curtain down.
Yes, before they bring the curtain down.

Ah Ah Ah, yeh yeh yeh
Ah Ah Ah, yeh yeh yeh

Talkin' 'bout a girl that looks quite like you.
She didn't have the time to wait in the queue.
She cried away her life since she fell off the cradle.

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Cream Badge Comments
  1. Papa Greene

    Q: Ever wonder what the title of this song has to do with the song at all?
    A: Nothing. Clapton & Harrison were working together, & Clapton couldn't decipher George's handwriting on the lyric sheet... George had written "Bridge" at the appropriate spot, & Clapton asked, "What's this? 'Badge'?"
    And that became the title.

  2. Paramjit Singh

    I listened and my life as a musician began, thanks 2 this song. I started with Jazz, everything else was, and is down hill! 40 plus years ago.

  3. James Joyce

    Absolute class Willie

  4. Sammie

    My heart aches that both ginger baker and jack Bruce are gone. Would’ve love to meet them! The music nowadays is trash

  5. Peter Bullock

    Absolute masterclass of a song by a truly legendary band

  6. Gunnar Knutsson

    Love tat song,Wonderful.

  7. darko galic

    It plays in movie ''Fandango'' 1985 in very same beggining in the background. Kevin Costner first movie.

  8. Victor Morgado

    it got that "George Harrison " feeling to it...

  9. Rose Tandy

    Remember folks? Remember this era? Great song

  10. Sandy Degener

    Pattie Boyd, the most sung about babe in Rock & Roll.

  11. joan m smith

    the Cream makes me believe in a higher power.

  12. Lj Hendrickson

    Am covered with goosebumps over the BEAUTY of this song and Cream!!

  13. kollo duke


  14. Peter Bullock

    Absolute masterclass of a song by

  15. Carl Wilson

    Bruce and Clapton really sang unison well together
    Harrison helped on this in the studio, his influence is strong on this song, bringing Beatle ideas into it ....

  16. Dusty the 2nd

    RIP Ginger Baker

  17. cynthia rouse

    I've seen a few virtuoso musicians live in concert. Clapton was one. Jimmy Page was one. Prince was one. George Harrison. Ringo. Elton John. Mick Taylor. Keith in his heyday. The Rolling Stones in the 1970's. Eric Clapton stands the test of time. Just my two cents.
    ; - )

  18. Dusty the 2nd

    Best Riff ever!1 love these 3 together.

  19. Frank Olivas

    Yeah, fill the space between, Jack. Bass Man.

  20. Robert De Brus

    Ginger ❤

  21. Berserker

    Love the comments from the "musically educated" lmao.

  22. David M

    "I told you about the swans that they live in the park," - Ringo Starr

  23. walesdad


  24. cloud reader

    Definately a plausble assumption sure-loc better lock the gerbil wheel the litellee angel heart must b on speed to mak the self-serving and tender love on the table w/ NASA Universe gypsy dreams..--Bwaaaaa 0:19

  25. Nancy Treiman

    We enjoyed that ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Rene no way Lynch

    I always thought he ws the handsomest man I ever saw all the good ones are dyin off

  27. Dana Oliver

    My favorite songs always have George Harrison involved.❤️

  28. David Kerns

    This is creams finest

  29. Stephen White

    It's a shame that NO NEW music (equivalent to this song by Cream) is coming out in present day!

  30. paramjit singh

    Previous posting by Paramjit!

  31. paramjit singh

    Perfect song💜😈🎸


    348 have terrible taste

  33. Pilfer Bean

    Great rock and roll (and all its variants) will combine two things together, commonly, into that dramatic sonic experience we all seek. The two are, most simply, sentimentality and power- although, of course, other themes are found amid these two.

    This song, to me, combines those two key elements almost like no other song in rock. It is simply a classic, a timeless masterpiece of rock music. The first time I heard "Badge" I immediately stopped what I was doing to listen, and I've done that each and every time I hear it again, for over thirty years now. It demands all my attention and rewards it completely. It's not as if this is an opera or some great feat in all of music history; it's that it does what it means to do so very, very well. It is the rare distillation of feeling in rock music that sums up everything in less than three minutes.

  34. vesa vartiainen

    Such a stunning song. We live still in legendary times. when it comes to music like this, there is no problem at all to explain this to the younger ones. You just have to put them to a chair and let them hear it. It has worked every single time. Those boys and girls simply had no clue that there used to be real music, some years before they were born. Our obligation is to let them know. P.S. Justin Bieber sucks....

  35. Marsha Landar

    I named a dog I had after this song :)

  36. Sri Maddukuri

    What a great tune. Remember when music meant something?

    Parasitic Jewish Banker

    Sri Maddukuri so true!

  37. Tim Hubbard

    Only just found out that George Harrison co-wrote this with Eric Clapton. 18 years today since his passing. RIP George 😔

  38. cloud reader

    Po Boys if ya know what u looking 4to invade and conquer with Shakespearean tragedy gone good 4 everyone when it could b just a wish to bill at the bot tom of the list because its 0:51..--Bwaaaaa 0:12

  39. Müfit Cem Seyhan

    Cream dinleyen Türk yok mu olm ya

  40. Paul Troy

    I hear bits of you know it don't come easy.... George Harrison, and I told you bout the fool on the hill!

  41. Soloman Price

    This song I believe is referring to warnings that he's giving his significant other, "or els they'll pull the curtains down on u".

  42. cloud reader

    The super bug no love tumbling down focus to break and spread toxic a colloidal silver machine not that it was, but still thereabouts con ver tible breezes skip[ping class to read clever stars stored in freq. 0:22 1:22 2:22 2:33 ..--Bwaaaaaa

  43. TheOakqueen21


  44. Morning Sky

    They had some great songs but this one takes the cake for me.

  45. Janet O'Shea

    Spoonful will always be my favorite. Jack's sexy as hell voice.

  46. marc layne

    Draft Card 1970..... You are going son.....

  47. Grant

    Heard this when I was 8. Still moves me the same today.

  48. K M

    RIP Ginger Baker

  49. B Bt

    I've loved this song for 50 years! ♥️

  50. Benjamin Bruyns

    who played the guitar on this song? (the soloing)

    Daniel Golus

    George Harrison plays the rhythm solo at the start of the bridge; Eric Clapton then joins in, playing lead solo.

  51. M Hartung

    If only the youth of today could step back 50 years and experience what I and many others did. It would be a different world...….We almost got it right.....

  52. Albert Mojica,Jr.

    Interesting that George Harrison is featured along his, thought to be, good buddy's Clapton/Cream video. As, , Bud Clapton was doing Harrisons "wife". Some friend! AMJ

  53. J G

    that riff around 1:00 is definitely george harrisonesque

  54. LE RIGOLO DU 31

    God song 😄

  55. bob thetog75

    Anyone know who Mabel was?

  56. Rodney Cooper

    Modern electronic recording equipment coupled with a lack of sheer talent makes music like this impossible to produce today.

  57. Yvonne Mendez

    My favorite Cream song Badge yeah

  58. SurfingTheMarkets

    don' forget L'Angelo Misterioso'

  59. luvly pnut

    RIP Ginger. You were a part of the times of bitchen, beautiful and meaningful music. A legend with other legends, alive and dead. I'm privileged to be a part of that time. There will never be rock music as good.


    I disliked this video because I hate even numbers.

  61. Beano Traffini

    Perfect. I always loved how this song (one of my absolute favorites) came to be: The band needed one last song to make up an album they owed Atlantic before they moved on, so Eric called George (Harrison) for help and they sat in the studio coming up with music-and what were essentially nonsensical words & phrases for the lyric, just to get the damn thing done. At one point Eric asks George, who was copying down the word ideas, " What's that then, Badge?"
    What he had actually seen that George had written on the paper (upside down from where he was sitting...) was"Bridge." One of my absolute favorite songs in the whole world doesn't mean much of anything, except the wonderful memories I've assigned to it (I Am The Walrus, anyone...?)

  62. Ryan Neidlinger

    RIP Ginger Baker, a true top 3 rock drummer of all time..hope you are jamming with John Bonham

  63. Jester Charlie

    My favorite from Clapton

  64. Susan Shira

    Such a kickass compilation! Damn!!! Never again. Ever.

  65. Georg Fiscus

    RIP George,Jack and Ginger..... go on Eric !!!

  66. Pete Szerszen

    The thing I hate most about this song is that it's so short. It's one of those songs that leaves you wanting more.

  67. Jay Aeecee

    wore this album out.

  68. paul calderone

    R.I.P Ginger, the legend passed away, but his music will never die.

  69. John Deegan

    Jack Bruce is ridiculously good! Nobody place a more guttural sounding base with such balls!

  70. subg88

    I'd have thought they would've written together more after a gem like this. Oh well

  71. 2rightsmakeauturn

    I listen to Cream and it's better every time especially in contrast to the musak peddled to those who play air guitar and don't know better.

  72. cloud reader

    ack its the intl. sign of the caddy carrying doubles a burden to compare slavery no no just go home ho ho ..--Bwaaaaaa 0:10

  73. tiki trash

    One of those songs that is just too short.

  74. rodstewartshow

    George and Eric were messing around as George had dropped in to visit, as he often did. They were writing this and George was writing the middle section, so his sheet of paper with notes said BRIDGE for the middle 8. Eric read it upside down and thought it said BADGE, hence the name.

  75. marko haapasalo

    Voima trio sykkii edelleen siinä vaan pitää osata soittaa kunnolla

  76. Lee Saunders

    I will forever love george Harrison just for his 1.07 genius input. that my friends is a true guitar breakdown. 👏👏

  77. marko haapasalo

    Badge creamia parhaimmillaan

  78. Brian K DREW

    Rest in Peace Mr. Baker. You were Great.

  79. Matt Schneider

    THIS is the good stuff.

  80. Stella Ercolani

    Rip Ginger Baker.😭🙏💞

  81. Count Blastula

    RIP ginger baker

  82. cosmicdrifter287

    one of my favourite cream tunes ever.

  83. Kevin Allende

    You can hear the influence of George Harrison at 1:07

    Jethro Tull

    Love that slight pause just before that point.

  84. Chris

    RIP Ginger Baker.

  85. Erik Thorsen

    Rip Ginger Baker

  86. S. Pezzullo


  87. olemissfan91

    Opening scene of Fandango. One of the best movies noone has ever seen.

    DYAN York

    I have!


    great movie.

  88. Leslie Seabury

    This was the first time that I became aware of the Leslie Speaker effect.

  89. Owen Quinn

    One of best rock bands ever. They had such a great sound together and so many brilliant songs. Also, they influenced so many other bands. R.I.P. Ginger Baker

  90. Vidar Mathisen

    One of the greatest bands ever.

  91. marko haapasalo

    Kyllähän tuo cream jyrää oikein toden teolla

  92. Juan Sequera

    RIP Ginger! You ARE up there among the very best!

  93. marko haapasalo

    Jos eric
    Tekee se toimii kuin yksinkertaisen nerokas basge

    marko haapasalo

    Taiteilijalle on kaikki niin selvää tietää mitä tekee

    marko haapasalo

    Siis badge

    marko haapasalo

    Musiikki abcdefgh

    marko haapasalo

    Cream on bändien kermaa

  94. marko haapasalo

    Erkin romantisoivin tunne pelkistettynä todellisuutena

  95. steven bowles

    RIP Mr Baker its sad to watch the men and women who were the sound tracks to most of my life pass on,,,,,but no one gets out alive

    Mick Lee

    Do what you can with your time and your chains. Burnt bright or fade out


    There's more than just this life, though.

  96. Cliff Brown

    That George Harrison guitar sends chills up my spine!

    Alexander Mills

    probably clapton bro

  97. scruff dog

    Gods speed Ginger Baker

  98. Rob Jontay

    Godspeed Master Ginger Baker. You taught millions. Ringo told me to play the drums. Ginger Baker showed me how to put a hole in the drum heads! Thank you Master. You deserve all the accolades you are getting today. Thanks Master....and yet we follow and wait for The Next to come close to you.

  99. Rob Morgantti

    RIP Ginger