Cream - As You Said Lyrics

Let's go down to where it's clean
To see the time that might have been.
The tides have carried off the beach.
As you said,
The sun is out of reach.

Let's go back to where it's clean
To see what year it might have been.
The roads have carried off the smiles.
As you said,
To judge them at the trials.

Let's go back to now that's bad
To see the time we might have had.
The rails have carried off the trains.
As you said,
I'll never come again, again, again, again.

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Cream As You Said Comments
  1. ron hobbs

    This proves Jack was the genius of the band. Glad I saw him with his band Spectrum Road, a Tony Williams tribute band, just a couple of years before his passing. He did some Cream numbers. RIP

  2. UtubeProfit

    makes me want to go on a trip

  3. victoracho

    this seem like a 90's grunge sad song

  4. baliscotsurf

    This song....every thing about it sounds like Scotland

  5. eisenhertz

    ginger and bruce are now in an other dimension,waiting for there 3rd man,eric!

  6. Terry Barrett


  7. Keith Waites

    A solo track by the incomparable Jack Bruce - he played the acoustic guitar and the cello. ..just a bit of percussion by Ginger Baker

  8. dave d

    Remember Smashing Pumpkins "1979"? Listen to THIS song @1:03

  9. eisenhertz

    this song is so beautiful!rip,Bruce and Backer!

  10. Stefan Thorpenberg

    Jack Bruce had a very good development, from this, to Songs for a tailor, to Tony Williams Lifetime, and his own group with Mick Taylor on guitar. But it seems like drugs later destroyed his creativity?

  11. Kenny Lyon

    Does anyone else hear this as the source of the melody to Billy Idol's Dancing With Myself?

  12. marko haapasalo

    Jos musiikki kuolisi näkisimme vain murtuneita sieluja

  13. Taft Chatham

    IMHO, Jack Bruce was the soul of Cream. Without him, something was missing from Clapton's music. Ginger was Ginger--genius.

  14. SonoranDub

    Trippy, man

  15. gerard sallows

    i guess the 15 people who gave this a thumbs down are or will ever be more talented than jack bruce i dont think so

  16. andrew pendlebury

    Yes fab tune,highly Scottish in nature I recon.

  17. SonofaColt

    Now tell me Led Zeppelin were not influenced by this Cream track .

  18. cathy struska

    Jack played the cello and the guitar on this track. His voice was so pure and piercing. What an artist we lost. The heart of Cream


    Yes this is essentially a Jack Bruce solo song. So gorgeous!

  19. Rob Gray

    Love Cream, but the vibe of this song is much closer to Songs For A Tailor, Jack Bruce's solo effort from the following year.

  20. william tilton

    cream favorite...influenced led zep?

  21. nitedreamer23

    XTC was listening.

  22. WFOX44

    is it just me, or is Jack singing it a bit like Donovan ?


    Meh, he's singing like Jack Bruce!

  23. househansa

    Cream were around for 29 months. 23 of those spent touring, so they created everything in 6 months.

  24. TheJcfclark

    absolutely one of the best songs ever

  25. ron de don don

    As William Tilton says elsewhere - ``led who?!"

  26. Mr. Numi Who

    My favorite Cream song... too bad they didn't go in this direction... (it's still open)...

  27. steven krichbaum

    someone asked for something from Jack in a similar vein. - check out "theme for an imaginary western" and "rope ladder to the moon" on Songs For A Tailor. - also "out into the fields" on the first West Bruce and Laing album and on "Shadows In The Air"

    Kerry White

    "rope ladder to the moon" YES!!!!!!

  28. Stephen Whittle

    Chapeau to Pete Brown, Cream's '4th man.'

  29. DX7036

    Could you suggest me any other songs with beautiful lead vocals by Jack bruce similar to this one and "We're going wrong"? Like maybe something from his solo albums

    steven krichbaum

    for something from Jack in a similar vein. - check out "theme for an imaginary western" and "rope ladder to the moon" on Songs For A Tailor. - also "out into the fields" on the first West Bruce and Laing album and on "Shadows In The Air"


    @steven krichbaum I already know "Theme for an imaginary western" and "Rope ladder to the moon" ("To Isengard" is another beautiful lead vocals song) but didn't know about "Out in the fields" so thank you very much for that one! I really like Songs for a tailor and Harmony Row ...but still looking for more beautiful vocal lines , there's just something in his voice that i really love (another singer like this to me is the great Greg Lake)

  30. Meoyx

    I’m 14 and I love this!

  31. Dan Wacker

    Disappointed at all the "This was influenced by Friends on Zeppelin III" comments on here. Wheels Of Fire dropped in 1968, two years before Friends was recorded. Led Zeppelin was great but their fanbase can be really ridiculous sometimes.

  32. Jane - - -

    *_I have it on good authority from my grandpa that it was Jack Bruce who was the real genius of the_*
    *_the group, even though Eric Clapton got all the attention/ praise. I agree with my grandpa ..._*

    Blind Brazilian Tex Atlantis

    Ginger invented an original style of drumming. Jack invented an original style of blues singing and could write a lot of worthwhile songs. Eric couldn't write a lot of worthwhile songs and could play and sing like Freddy King. Eric isn't even on this one.


    @Blind Brazilian Tex Atlantis To be fair tho clapton did write a lot of amazing stuff later in his life, but the musical genius of Cream was Ginger and Bruce.

    Blind Brazilian Tex Atlantis

    @JONTHEWHEREHOG "did write a lot of amazing stuff later in his life" Well, good stuff anyway.

  33. Matthew S. O'Brian

    This was Jack's best effort

  34. Ron Hollander

    It wouldn't surprise me if the Smashing Pumpkins were inspired by this song when they wrote 1979.

  35. Pearse O'Byrne

    I remember being sixteen in a friend's house in West Dublin when I heard this. It nearly gave me a heart-attack.. I was wearing yellow bell-bottoms and black Beatle boots and decided right there and then I wanted to be a song-writer and musician.... I've never changed my mind.
    R.I.P Jack, so many of us owe you big-time...

  36. Mark Outram

    I've probably said it somewhere else before but this is PRICELESS. I remember buying 'Wheels Of Fire' many years ago and listening to it for the first time on a Saturday night (possibly after having played a gig) - and THIS one was the one that left my jaw on the floor, which is a big statement for such a brilliant album. JB's music perfectly meshed with Pete Brown's lyrics, really innovative arrangement and - being a drummer myself I have to say this - Ginger's very low-key but perfectly judged and precisely executed contribution on hi-hat make this a truly magical listening experience. It kinda makes me snigger when people say 'Oh yeah - it reminds me of Led Zep or Smashing Pumpkins' or whatever ... THESE guys (along with The Jimi Hendrix Experience & - to a lesser extent - The Jeff Beck Group) actually pretty much FOCUSED & CREATED the market/audience that became 'hard rock' and all that superseded it (Led Zep, Purple, Sabbath, Free etc etc etc), so at the time this stuff was pretty much WITHOUT TRUE PRECEDENT in the area of 'popular music'. THESE guys were 'the innovators', not 'the followers' : get yer perspective right FFS.

  37. Michael Gorman

    The Leslie horn on the chorus parts really is a great touch- I want to do a version of this song in homage!

  38. Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie

    As a cellist, I must learn this piece.

  39. P. Aaron Jones

    This is so cool.

  40. John Delmos

    Super Heavy and unknown these days

  41. Rocky B

    Now that many of you mention it, As You Said sounds like Led Zeppelin's Friends. Actually the other way around, im guessing and it is just a guess (im not a musician) As You Said is slower and is in a Minor Key. Friends is uptempo and in a Major Key (Could be wrong)

  42. harry haller

    What a great song. What a great songwriter Jack was! When he studied cello his teacher said his composings are bad ...ha ha ha...did that man had no ears?. Teachers often have no ideas whar music is about ...I know that from my early school days. Thank you Jack for teaching me ...

  43. George Fuller

    these musicians are revolutionaries --- like hendrix // like brubeck

  44. Dean Laprete

    I heard this as a child but my adult taste was born that day

    Joel Singer

    Very well said sir. Very well indeed!

  45. cttxlv

    12 years old, opened my ears. Morrocon influence.

  46. Ca11mero

    First I thought I was listening to Brian Eno, but no. :)

  47. TheSeeker1960

    Was Jack playing Chello on this? Or is it a viola?


    I do believe Jack is playing a cello. :>)


    +bluebassett2 - yeah, that's how I remember the credits, I think he's the guitar too, sort of all his own thing with maybe Ginger on the kit


    +starman714 Yes. I remember the credits show Jack playing everything except Ginger on a Hi-Hat...

    Man Jay

    Jack is playing all the instruments on this and doing all the singing. Except the hi-hat. That was Ginger.

  48. Liquid Guitar

    amazing composition. Jack Bruce was a genius.

  49. Stephen Whittle

    Cream's range is far wider than many raised on 'Sunshine...' et al. realise.   Just close enough to the much maligned Summer of Love to incorporate images & sounds of psychedelia.  What if Cream had jammed with VU? ........

  50. Daniel Eyre

    Always loved this song since I said heard it when I was about 11 years old back in 1989.

  51. MeloLand

    As Jack Bruce said.. long live to Jack!

  52. edward johnson

     i great little known cream masterpiece and i have not heard it for 15? 20 years ,think it was a very profound one and  it has so much feeling and vocoderas far as i am aware was little used so the chello was bruce was i forget?

    Darth Vapir

    +edward johnson sigh...well it wasnt Jack Frost

    Keith Waites

    Yep..he's also playing the acoustic guitar on this

    Neville Shunt

    Did I just have a stroke?

  53. Erik Walter

    not entyrely bad but i preefer the greenday version

    Alan Eisenberg

    You have to be joking

  54. Evelyn Gordon

    Still can't believe he's gone :(

    Daniel Eyre

    @Evelyn Gordon To tell you the truth, when I heard he's passed six months ago, I was surprised he was still alive and had assumed he'd died years ago.

    He did well to live so long given his well-recorded drug addictions.

    RIP Jack Bruce and thanks for this wonderful band that pioneered rock music.

  55. Bob Loblaw

    This song reminds me of Led Zeppelin. Both were great bands!
    RIP Jack Bruce.

    Ron Slack

    It reminds me of Friends by Led Zeppelin

    Doug Walker

    Total 'Friends' vibe, yeah!

    Brian Herrington

    Bob Loblaw Led Zepplens song reminds me of this tune.

    jimmy ernst

    reminds me of Andy Partridge (circa Apple Venus).

  56. Terry Bennett

    The news of Jack Bruce's passing has made this all the more precious. RIP jack.


    Agreed, never has it sounded so poignant.


    and why is that exactly??......


    The man passed away and this is a gorgeous song. Jesus....did you really have to ask?


    last cd i bought was his latest..its as i thought ..people pile on after a great artist passes. He was always relevant and poignant to me and will cont to be so

  57. Saul Dagenham

    This song is so wonderful and evocative, so different to anything else on Wheels Of Fire. I had forgotten how much I loved this. Thanks. 

  58. 1000ejg

    Just love this song so much, the cello, and Jack's voice, and the poignant lyrics, unbelievable :)

  59. MrCherryJuice

    Like 'We're Going Wrong', this tune was a real precursor to what Jack Bruce's initial solo material would sound like. It's not 'Cream' as such...but given the diversity of the band (first single 'Wrapping Paper', 'Pressed Rat and Warthog'... ), anything seemed to go with this lot. And just as well, because their legacy - despite some leaden blues remakes - is really quite stellar, especially given their overly-busy circumstance and surprisingly short history of about two years.

  60. cdbogush

    I slipped scrolledown and saw a who's better post or something like that I hate guitar players as much as I hate sports fans , and I'm both stop the stupid shit queers

    Bob Onthis best guitarist

  61. Dogdrum

    Bootlegs from The Fillmore, from the first US tour in 1967, not the officially released recordings in 1968. Hmm perhaps hear it many more times. Try. That's how I got to like a lot of artistes eventually. Anyways, they both have their strengths and flaws and I love what they both contributed in their own way.

  62. Dogdrum

    That's very subjective. Clapton has on many (or few, depending on what you think) played interesting ideas with Cream - listen to his guitar work in 1967 on Detroit Grande Ballroom bootleg, and the Fillmore East bootlegs (the first time they played there). Hendrix is without a doubt the entire package, no argument there. He was a better songwriter, producer, arranger, in my opinion, but as a guitar player, and on a technical level, Clapton could match him though he couldn't play with teeth..

  63. Dogdrum

    Yes, Clapton had alot of off nights with Cream, other bands, and even his own live stuff, but so did Hendrix. Isle of Wight 70 is a good example, the 1969 Stockholm concert, is another one.

  64. Dogdrum

    "I know a lot about Cream. Clapton has/had a cool timing thing he does which makes other accents pop more. Ginger could have had anyone for his guitarist, but Eric was unique and Ginger knew that would be cool. Clapton had some serious off nights with Cream. They were sleep deprived i'm sure. He sounds horrible sometimes though?" - Why did you delete this comment? I thought it was well written. But you're not only one who knows "alot about Cream." Thousands in the world do.

  65. Dogdrum

    Totally agree! The fact is they had their musical chops together even before they formed Cream and started experimenting with LSD..

  66. Dogdrum

    That's a good one, LOL!

  67. Genghis Khan

    Bingo...I was I heard this song, though not this song before. I'm a huge Zep fan, or least I was as a kid. I remember listening to Cream as a teenager, and I know I was hearing as an dult A truly understand and enjoy how amazing Cream really were...

  68. Mark E

    I can hear quite a few songs 'inspired' by this - Led Zep Friends and defo at least one Smashing Pumpkins track...

    michael page

    Mark E yup. I was listening to zep III today and thought exactly the same thing

  69. Pedro Takahashi Gunderson

    you're thinking of 1979 by the pumpkins. Thought the same thing when I heard it.

  70. jte2457

    Jack Bruce's vocals ...need I say more?

  71. Jeff Brownlee

    "Friends" on Led Zeppeling III

    Dan Wacker

    Swing and a miss. This was 1968, Friends was 1970.

  72. Snoop DazzyDawg

    could be a smashing pumpkins song, is something familiar but this is brilliant. there is a live version from recent days thats fantastic too, you get a look at the chords. I cant find a tab for this song, is a special tuning. a lovely sound to his guitar.

  73. Skwinkster

    Sounds kinda similar to Blue Jay Way.

  74. randomstofil

    Maybe, im not sure. But i swear i've heard another song whit a similar guitar riff, i just can't seem to remember it :/

  75. Mic. B

    I don't quite know what to make of this song but if you really listen it will take you to another place.Jack Bruce is just fucking amazing.

  76. randomstofil

    That guitar rhytm starting at 0:12 reminds me of another song, but which?

  77. theledstone

    Does the violin part at the beginning remind anyone else of the Smashing Pumpkin's 1979? (In very slow mo).

  78. Gettheledoutstyle

    @daregularperson not at all..thats a reach..zeppelins is based on "mars" for the string arrangement but still an original track

  79. jwjeffrey

    @sombrerosandponchos Eric told Jack he should play the guitar,Eric was encouraging Jack.

  80. Mortslake

    @peacenikron69 yes..and guitar..and bass..and vocals..only ginger on hihat..:)

  81. TheGrayRevolution

    that's my 3rd favorite cream song...

    cream is my favorite band ever.

  82. Cherishanne Tripi

    @MrKirkenstein .....why not Clapton?

  83. Daniel LaBarge

    damn, great tune. haven't heard this song in years thanks for posting

  84. Ron Zamora

    This is Jack on cello, is it not ?

  85. BAppleJuice

    @JamesParkour731 I can hear it. Also listen for Led Zeppelin's "Friends".

  86. Average Skaters

    Elements of this songs sound like Blue Jay Way

  87. noblesiner

    @associate434 HAHAHAHAHA

  88. naturelover1957

    My all time favorite group.Vastly underrated band.Never got their due as one of the greatest bands of all time.

  89. Glenn Wheatcroft

    @Ingramdumpkiss that would have been the choice of the composer in this instance probably

  90. RockCleric420

    Felix Pappalardi all over this album!

  91. David Groome

    This is the best track on the Wheels of Fire album, just magnificent Jack at his best!

  92. Ingramdumpkiss

    The sign of Cream's (and Jack Bruce's) greatness is that virtually any other band working this song up would have added a complex drum track, but Ginger Baker - a great drummer - simply plays hi hat and nothing else - not even sticks or brushes. Less is more. Genius

  93. Mark4669

    Heard this on XM Deep Tracks this morning and hummed it all day. Don't remember it from the old days, but the strumming reminds me a bit of something Led Zeppelin did. 3? Friends?

  94. Jeff Brownlee

    @anandanaga999 Your reference to Jame Joyce is very clever.

  95. William Petty

    Jack Bruce..What a Voice. For me of the one very best voices of the 20th century./
    excepting James Joyce....Nut did I say voice? Nay Lyricist!! Bassist? Nay Angel...-never understood the fuzzy hat but God He simply Must sing at my departure!

  96. Chris Keach

    Felix Pappalardi of Mountain on cello, also helped to produce this album...

    dr. paul

    wrong, jack on cello felix violas on white room

  97. Jeff Brownlee

    I hadn't heard this song in twenty years. There's a French expression "Presque Vu" I think it is. It means a feeling that is real and defenite but remains just outside of conscious, verbal expression. Jack Bruce achieved it with this song. It is in fact a very haunting . It may be a tired cliche but they don't make songs like this anymore.

  98. Rhon243243243

    No pretence, this is real music, a rarity these days..!

  99. Tom Milley Music

    for those who dont know, jack bruce is playing guitar on this one. he was shown an open tuning by richie havens and eric clapton encouraged jack to play on it. and by the way, jack did not write the lyrics to this song. pete brown did.