Crazy Lixx - Wild Child Lyrics

Turn out the lights and say your prayers
Sleep tight now, don't be afraid
There ain't no monster under your bed

The moon is rising, it's time to go
I'll tuck you in real tight and lock the door
The only monster's inside your head

There ain't no chains that could have held her down
You know that fever's like a fire inside

Now she's out of time
The beast inside has come alive
In the midnight hour
She's such a wild child
By the call of night
Howling at the moonlight
Hear the cry
She's such a wild child

You hear the screams behind the door
She ain't your little girl no more
Just a monster 'til morning comes

There's something calling from the other side
Those twilight creatures on the prowl tonight

Now she's out of time
The beast inside has come alive
In the midnight hour
She's such a wild child
By the call of night
Howling at the moonlight
Hear the cry
She's such a wild child

Now she's out of time
The beast inside has come alive
In the midnight hour
She's such a wild child
By the call of night
Howling at the moonlight
Hear the cry
She's such a wild child

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Crazy Lixx Wild Child Comments

    I want to give a interview



  3. Марко Браун

    Похоже на приквел к клипу Iron Maiden "From Here To Eternity"

  4. Gambit771

    Everything in this video and song screams 80s apart from the visual quality which is modern, youtube, digital camera quality.
    But everything else is perfect.

  5. Matthieu Asselberghs

    all the 80's in one video clip

  6. Gary Ballard

    A few people should probably re-listen to Dokken Dream Warriors because this doesn't sound anything like it...both bands/songs great though

  7. TragerM

    Awww, from thumbnail, thought she would be the singer.... oh well..

  8. Strutter 78

    Was hoping for the W.A.S.P remake...

  9. Ashwini Rabidas

    Yes keep doing what you're doing, this is so good 🤘🤘

  10. Hades Eye

    ESP, Charvel. They know the gear.

  11. ultimateguitarwizard

    My favorite part was when she wasn't wearing pants.

    Mariusz Wróbel

    You could at least give us a timelapse, you heartless bastard!
    4:26 4:50 you're welcome guys.

  12. Moose Stuff

    Who is the girl?

  13. Timey Thomas

    Вроде бы всё парни делают, как в восьмидесятые, но один фиг лажа у них выходит... А уж целюлитная задница актрисы, откормленной на фаст-фудах, это вообще нечто. Тогда задницы у девчёнок были подтянутыми и крепкими. Так себе, как по мне.

  14. diego ferrero

    Pieno di vogliose fichette sbrodolanti, in attesa di accoppiamenti con i loro idoli del momento..

  15. Jason Eddleston

    Sounds good but Need to change the name of the song. Can’t be messing with wasp

  16. DeadShred999

    Stick with that raunchier main lick sound and ya'll might get more attention more Dokken less Poison . I'm old now but I lived those days you guys are trying to capture ! So go Heavier like Skid Row "Slave to the Grind" Heavy !!!

  17. Aurora González

    You make me feel in 1985... they really sounds in like the 80's. Great video

  18. Guilherme Bueno

    Ótima banda, me fez lembrar os anos 80, 90. Já virei fã!

  19. Julie Gogola

    A fellow Ghost fan told me to look this band up, I am glad I did, these guys are from Sweden like Ghost is, I like Ghost better though. Just MY preference. Wow, they do sound "so 80's", I kinda wondered IF this was a WASP cover of their song "Wild child". I LOVE both bands song "wild child". Wasp's "wild child" is more slow and haunting than this bands "wild child"though.

    Julie Gogola

    Sorry, Wasp's "wild child" is NOT slow and haunting, I was thinking "Widowmaker" by WASP, now THAT song IS slow and haunting. Sorry booze brain tonight.

  20. Paulo Cesar Destro

    Qual o nome dessa moça do vídeo?

  21. Happy Peppering Dude

    I was four years old when this came out. That was 33 years ago

  22. F.UGL.Y 1

    This is cringy lmfao

  23. Maximum Volume

    This is a friendly reminder and update....

    Han Solo didn't shoot first.
    Rey is a Mary Sue.
    Feminism is bad for business.
    Epstein didn't kill himself.
    There are only 2 genders.
    Men are funnier.
    Jabba the Hutt prefers Dominos Pizza.
    Keanu Reeves is secretly your Santa...
    And the "Mandalorian" will be a lady wearing a suit of armor.

  24. Simo B

    I've never understood how could people leave this for depressed grunge. But i guess at some point, things have to change, for the better or (in this case) the worse.

    Eduardo Vicente

    Grunge for me is okay but this is so much better

  25. Simo B

    This music needs to come back. Please save us from alternative and post-grunge and everything else !

    PS: Thelma's instagram ? 😅😍

  26. On High

    The girl for the clip was chosen not the most spectacular. The baby doesn’t even walk in high heels

  27. Markhia Marwein

    They did their homework right

  28. bigrigJim

    I like the 80's flashback thing they got going on , but this is pretty weak sauce. Lets face it , they aren't breaking any new ground with this one. I'm going back to Devilskin videos.

  29. Yohoho Wowowo

    Это типа сценарий для порно: сосед подкрался к соседке, пока она спала и накормил сосисками с соусом болонезе)))

  30. Bryan

    She's a 9...the band is a 7

  31. Sid The sloth

    This song has a strong skid row and guns and roses vibe .... For me it sounds like a strong influence in this song.

  32. Coffee

    All that luscious hair.

  33. Chris Buttonshaw

    who is SHE?!


    Thelma Larsson
    Unfortunately plastic surgery ruined her

  34. Murat Özdal

    O liked This band

  35. Skeeter McSwagger

    Is this even a real band? Are any of them actually playing the instruments?
    The girl is really cute and I liked the music but it just looks staged.... And when did David Arquette start singing for a rock band anyways?

  36. Brock Landers

    Awesome, they are actually playing instruments, maybe there is hope for rock again. But can I make one suggestion "it needs a little more cow bell".

  37. Jared Walters

    If you like this check out STEEL PANTHER!!!!

  38. M 3

    🤟🤟🤟great song

  39. Reel Tech


    Battle Cry of the revolution.

  40. 1313Glock45 God, Guns, Guitars

    WOW! HAIR METAL IN 2017! Ya gotz ta LUVZ IT! Hot chick in the vid and all!
    God bless and take care...

  41. Guitarwizard999

    I was tricked into this clicking this vid...Expecting some hot chic to sing W.A.S.P

  42. professional motion

    3:15. Hey guys! Just happy to be drumming

  43. Fabiano JB

    80's to 2020 \../

  44. Heathen_Pride

    Nice to see a metal band with and 80’s look and sound. Love it!

  45. Betty J

    I didn't know what was wrong until I decided to turn the resolution to 240p and then it all came together.

  46. CaptainScarBeard

    I just googled that model (for science). Her lips look fucking baaaad. She was so hot here.

  47. Guyz39th

    vine por la miniatura del video buena cancion y ese aullido como el de David Coverdale jaja

  48. muddfoot69

    Just discovered them today....I like it!

  49. Salem Saberhagen

    That girl makes my jaw drop everytime.

  50. kevin forsythe

    it had the riffs to Overnight sensation from Firehouse. The singer kind of sounded like the lead singer of firehouse also

  51. A Beautiful Twisted Mind

    welcome back to the 80s!! i fucking love this

  52. Aaron Howard

    I love her sexy feet😍😍

  53. Victor R.

    I'm always skeptical, but it sounds good. And I was more into the stryper, Europe, Dio, maiden sound than the sleaze bands. But, gonna keep listening. See how good it gets.

  54. Ricardo Takazu

    Suecas... 💞

  55. Ssm Issa

    2017 hair metal? not mad just confused.

  56. Jonathan Winkler

    Hey 👋 who has been a friend of a xoxo 😘😘🌈🌈

  57. Anki Hansen

    The Glam sound from the '80s was the worst thing that happened to metal, why are some people trying to revive it?

  58. jon schwindt

    Sounded good till dude started singing

    Victor R.

    Na, he has a typical rock voice. Come on Vince Neil couldn't sing to save his life! He's a pretty good singer.

  59. kollo duke

    Poor mans def leppard ? OR! motley crud ! heehee..

  60. Gabriel Giacomo

    What.... did I just find. It's amazing.

  61. Rhonda Mancilla

    Remind me of Foreigner..
    And that's awesome

  62. William Beber

    Very Cool!!! Love the Walkman. Songs SERIOUSLY ROCKS!!!!!

  63. Eric Williams

    Wow!!! Like watching MTV back in the 80's!!!!

  64. Ramón Velásquez

    I ilke the old style of the video and the song. Really cool work!

  65. hot fuse

    now this is the real rock! i hope this video could reach out to the teenagers today. we can't depend on the mainstream media anymore. keep sharing guys!

  66. SAM3

    so it was cool to cosplay as a 80s studio hair band?

  67. Chase Viking

    If you like this then check out Faith & Scars. They are a newer band that's doing the 80s style as well and are pretty good.

  68. Ignacio Campero

    Classic video edition of 2 seconds 2 seconds lot of shit.

  69. zxc mnb

    i click for the boobs but enjoy the song lol

  70. SiN badpoes


  71. Awesome Welles

    "Revive" the 80s? It never went away, bitches!

  72. Indraneel Mukherjee

    Thank you for keeping the 80s spirit alive.
    I thought it will be a WASP cover initially...but I love this ❤️
    The video somehow reminds me of WASP’s “Love Machine”
    Btw, guys please check out the band Kryptos... they are pretty kickass and keeping the 80s vibes alive too ) For starter try out the song “One shot to kill” )

  73. trazy38

    seen WASP sing this. it was devasting.

  74. Inoke Kitione

    Sounds like "Alice in chains"

  75. Frank Parker

    I'm love'n this band. The chick in this video reminds me of my ex, except she had tattoo's and eyes that said... "I'm batshit CRAZY!" This girls eyes just look dazed like she smoked some weed, this chick looks like she wouldn't try to stab me with a knife while I was in the shower. Still brings back some good memories however, guys will deal with a lot of shit for an ASS like hers.

  76. Suno Saraiki Tv

    who beautiful i love u


    Fuck me is hair metal back?! Thank Christ.

  78. vainparasite

    Perfection 👍👍

  79. mdiem

    Picture quality is pretty good for a VHS cassette from 1986.

  80. Ella Seer

    Why have I never heard of these guys?!

  81. James Cunningham

    They sound like dokken

  82. Scram Jam

    These guys should tour with Steel Panther!

  83. Armandosweden

    Totally AWESOME!

  84. DemocratsArePoo

    Not to sound like a jerk, but to me it looks like they were trying too hard. Music was alright but the visual was too exaggerated

  85. bear*

    I miss music like this.

  86. Robert Harper

    Trump, Heavy Metal, Hot T&A Rock videos, America is Great Again Damnit!!

  87. john giants john

    Big 80s metal fan , and I approve 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  88. weston colins

    Alice cooper vibes

  89. Sham Malmsteen

    chloe grace mortiz?

  90. Matthew Featherston

    Thanks, Youtube Algorithm for finding this band...I love 80's hair metal and well this band just rocks!!! However, I do have one more demand...Just a little more cowbell :)

  91. semitar6

    I thought some singer invented a time machine, went back to 1987 and kidnapped Dokken.

  92. George Urban

    Uh, what the hell is this crap Beavis?

  93. Natasha Flora

    Wasp wild child the best 😂

  94. Christina 'K

    Please don't try to bring the 80s back 😂

  95. djlazyboyex

    maybe 80’s are comin back ?