Crazy Lixx - Hunter Of The Heart Lyrics

You can see her looking
Across the room from you
Here comes trouble
She's got something cooking
But what's a man to do
When she's got you in the noose

She'll take the lead
You'll be begging on your knees
Ready for the taking
There's no release
She will never set you free

Take no prisoners
She's the hunter of the heart
Now you're caught in passion
By the hunter of the heart

Pickin' up your track
Here comes the hunter
Hunter of the heart

She's a deadly looker
You can tell she's dressed to kill
That baby's hot on your heels

She'll take the lead
You'll be begging on your knees
Ooh, ready for the taking
There's no release
You ain't never breaking free, no

Take no prisoners
She's the hunter of the heart
And now you're caught in passion
By the hunter of the heart

Take no prisoners
She's the hunter of the heart
Now you're caught in passion
By the hunter of the heart

Come on
Hunter of the heart
Yeah she's the hunter of the heart
She's the hunter

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Crazy Lixx Hunter Of The Heart Comments
  1. Dwayne Andersen

    Rocking it right!

  2. J Lim

    Why aren’t there more lesbians IRL that are still feminine and “normal” looking despite their sexual orientation? 99% of the lesbians I see/meet IRL have that crazy buzz cut and the whole “I’m trying to look more like a man” thing going on. Is there a reason for this that I’m unaware of? I’m genuinely curious and not trying to insult anyone, just uneducated. If you have an answer, let me know.

  3. Helge Haugan

    Get me og u wanna get pleased

  4. Helge Haugan

    Fuck the shit. Boring. Noko du waña get a good sex experience

  5. Steve Lopez

    I'm here for Sandra.

  6. Eric Gallaher

    ....Butterface ...also needs more thigh- gap

  7. f16 ryan Halford

    I’m so happy this kind of music is back.any uk bands out there that are similar that need a singer,p.m me,
    I’m ready to go.

  8. John Doe

    It's a wonder any of us get laid

  9. Ricky Mosier

    All she needs is a brown paper bag over her head and she's perfect.

  10. Aaron Eggleston

    Some things should be left in the '80s

  11. Simon Hansen

    Makes sense that she's gay. I mean, who woyldn't be attracted to such a crew of straight studs. Good song though.

  12. ewljr

    Wtf did she do to her upper lip???

  13. Finni Finn

    best plot twist ever

  14. hribc78

    shit, this was some serious clickbait... good tune, tho!

  15. Samantha Davis

    Seriously? This is the highest level of hot chick you can afford? Lexxi Foxx's unironic identical twin sister? Y'all need standards more than she needs Jesus.

  16. Marcus Breathnach

    When plastic surgery goes too far

  17. DeadShred999

    She's a Butter Face lol

  18. Emperor Romeo

    This sounds like Lovin You's a Dirty Job by Ratt.

    Tyler Steffine

    That or Dokken

  19. kp 35

    These guys are like a homeless man's Steel Panther

  20. Richard La Rose

    That part at around the 3mins mark reminds me of Whitesnake.

  21. Zen Goraksha

    Is she a trap?

  22. Waddinxslayer

    Finally, the long awaited sequel of the Warrant - Cherry Pie videoclip😁

  23. John Kangas

    Damn, that actress isn't just ugly, she's MF'n fugly!

  24. Arkadi Sarkisyan


  25. Andrew Beaudin

    Anybody know what song they're listening to in the beginning?

  26. Lucifer 777 Christenson

    That is a hilarious video considering I own a gym.

  27. Aaron Alcala

    Killer riff!!!!!

  28. Gary Sanders

    Damn funny, great song.

  29. Dralium

    I get skid row vibes from this!


    jajaj good final

  31. Thomaz Coimbra Kennedy Carvalho

    Saudações do Brasil !!! \m/

  32. Joe Wimberly

    Sounds like April wine


    Danny is no joke my teacher :D

  34. Judit Vesztergám

    The Ugly Duck lips XD XD XD


    they capture exactly the glam rock sound and melodies of the eighties but their look and image are awful and they look not serious , like Spinal tap.If they had the Motley ,s look we could say the hair band era was here to stay.... again.

  36. Shivs Wilson

    So what's wrong with her fucking lips.....ladies stay the fuck away from botox

  37. Gary Woodall

    100$ Every thumbs " downers" we're all born in 2000 .

  38. DZ. Deniz GAMER

    Oghhhh sex on The beach

  39. Eric Shutter

    Fucking hot, until you see her upper lips...

    Rubberbandman 529

    Lol, I came her to comment the same thing. Y the hell do women keep doing that?

  40. Jagger Lux


  41. oregonxyz

    the only place I can find this kind of music is on youtube - thanks youtube!


    and the girl is pretty nice too

  42. Alvaro Pastrana

    El colágeno en la boca de la chica arruina el video🤦🏻‍♂️

  43. Robert was no more

    I think i was here before, great song and that Ass omfg, please sit on my face!

  44. asking Americans

    well now I know why I never heard of these...…...guys ?

  45. forzaagugiaro

    Great 80’s sound!

  46. Gamma 144

    lol I love this, who here had talked to a girl that they thought was hot that turned out to be gay, ahhhh no saving that one

    AJ R

    A girl I liked in high school flirted with me in front of my classmates and one day I decided to ask her out and she gave me a stupid excuse about why she wasn't looking to date anyone then after high school was over I looked her up on Facebook and found out that she has a girlfriend. I guess she flirted with me because she wanted people to think she was into guys.

  47. Ricko pika

    I've never felt cringier in my entire life. This is mocking of actual glamish 80's bands.

    AJ R

    What about the band Cauldron?


    She has a gorgeous body. I love the bodysuit workout outfit, it's incredibly beautiful. Girls would wear that kind of outfit more often if men let them be alone. You shouldn't be sexual with a woman just because she shows off her beautiful body.

  49. Chwalimir

    Anybody, Tabs?

  50. Chris Zablocki

    You're not Isis. Just want to confirm that.

  51. raymiebarnes71

    Rock fuck.n lives on. 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  52. KaiserSchnitzel

    Jesus christ they sound like they walked right out of 1987 in a good way.

  53. Michael Krull

    They're kind of like a less over-the-top Steel Panther

  54. qrsx66

    I came to this MV from "girls of the 80's" and I prefer the 80's girls.

  55. Gregg Mchenry

    Bend over. how sexy ,,beautiful

  56. utha G.U.M.

    Only bullies need big muscles.

  57. Curly Moe

    Fish face.

  58. Mike Smith

    damn she is fine

  59. John Campbell

    I'm convinced

  60. John Campbell

    Leet me no they may be better

  61. John Campbell

    Was out stellpanther

  62. White Ranger Tiger Power

    But what the fuck happened today man nothing but the lonely hunters all over me again lol

  63. Joe Quintana

    I always said if hair metal ever came back I would grow my hair long again.
    But damnit, it took so long that now I'm bald.


    😂😂😂 And I’m too old now, so I just can’t be bothered!!

    Cristian Ariel

    Joe Quintana haha funny

  64. Brandon Hobgood

    for those that want to see more of Sandra::

    i am particularly fond of her ability to put her ankles behind her ears.

  65. Hakan Dursun

    Awesome !

  66. Xaent Vevo


  67. Daniel Maluenda

    Qué lindo es ir en vez de cundo al gin , y mucho más con nenas así 😍😍😍

  68. ROCKETJEFF Matejek

    This song is on my CD mix someone cool,made me! Oops! I thought it was WINGER!
    AWESOME VIDEO! Awesome song!
    AWESOME Girl!
    AWESOME Band!
    Just Awesome!

  69. TheArkhatron

    The guys are fire, the music is top notch, the video is brilliant, the girl is... scary.

  70. Raymond Berlin III

    Sandra Reiche looks a lot like Kezia Noble, the famous professional pickup artist. They're both extremely sexy ladies!!

  71. duhardrock7

    This is good and tradicional hard rock dude!

  72. Petrichor

    took the ugliest prostitute on the street for this vid... WHY

  73. Dialectic Observer

    The world needs more 80s retro rock. Happy times. 👍

    Lord Belial


  74. Aiden A

    Idiots guid to being a gym creep

  75. S73 L33

    Almost as good as steel panther:)

    heavy1metal for life

    Both good bands🤘

  76. Happy Rooster

    Embarrassing...she looks like Howard the ducks sister.

  77. Chopi Vino

    Fuck face

  78. Brian,Keith 50yrs. old Brown,Lewicki

    Sound good,tobad chic has those lips

  79. Robert Shaffer

    Music's not bad, but this hands down the worst music video I've ever seen. And I've seen some that really sucked!

  80. Victoria Zöe Bby Rocks

    "Wild Side" Riff of Mötley Crüe

    Linny P Simpson

    Exactly. Motley Crue sprinkled with a little Dream Warrior from Dokken, mix it all up and I love it. Man I miss the 80s.

  81. Ugnius Stackunas


  82. DV CA

    all the commenters bitching about the girl as if they've EVER bagged a girl half that attractive - riigghht
    funny video, retro sounding - was cool

  83. Jake Saunders

    Funny as fuck

  84. JackATTACK

    Didn't know one can "steal" a riff because then half of the music world would have been stolen from "Let it be"! xD It would also mean that when any possible riff was played music is dead. That's completely bullshit! Music just gets better when it gets closer to the good times of rock, so be thankful that there are bands who take this old styles and evolve it again and again.

  85. Laine Santos

    Bem engraçado o clipe, mas está tal de Sandra está mais para SANDRO KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

    marcos ville Ville

    Aqui tem a Inês Brasil, essa deve ser a Inês Suécia

    Laine Santos

    @marcos ville Ville 😁😁😁😁

  86. Joe Casson

    I hear one very obvious stolen Motley Crue riff.

  87. Гелий Изюмов

    Это ещё что за хуйня?

    What the fuck is that?

  88. Brandon Hobgood

    all this hate for the chick... just look at her as... a slutty Topanga (Boy Meets World) who guest appeared on a season of Jersey Shore.

  89. third major

    "mime men" / a video with my men in it.

  90. Raul Omar Silva


  91. SuperD972

    Campy but fun.

  92. Alan Talco

    fua sandra!!!😂😂😂. sorry . the epic meme for epic Music

  93. Gianmarco Baudazzi

    great song

  94. Jay Rainey

    A bunch of beta boys and one whore and not a pretty one at that. Only good for a laugh.

  95. Mario Weiss

    I clicked cause of the thumbnail