Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast - Real Life Fighting Is Awkward Lyrics

Ooohhhooo, ooohhhooo

Real life fighting is awkward
It's not like movie fighting
Testosterone is rising
But you're really just grappling and writhing

Oh, real life fighting is awkward
There are no cool sound effects
Punching doesn't sound like anything
You often hurt yourself
More than you hurt the other guy

Real life fighting is awkward, yeah
Even if you know karate
You have to both agree to use karate
It can't just be one guy using karate
You gotta' have some ground rules

Aoohhhooo, aoohhhooo

It's not like theater fighting
It's not graceful
There's not a lot of leaping
You don't have to presence of mind to leap
And there's no choreographer
Keeping things from looking awkward

Again, real life fighting is awkward
It's not like sci-fi fighting
You can't stop time momentarily
There are no futuristic weapons

And, even if you had a real weapon
You'd be freaked out by the weapon
A weapon makes everything too real

Back to that clumsy, awkward fighting!

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast Real Life Fighting Is Awkward Comments
  1. Lauren Redding

    "you gotta have some ground rules"

  2. Riley Prowd

    Movie fights: *BLAM* *KAPOW* *BOOM*
    Real life fights: *slap* oweeee don’t!

  3. Margarita M.

    [Bridget Jones fight scenes have joined the chat]

  4. dampfoxes

    Crazy Ex Girlfriend has made me laugh out loud plenty of times, but this moment made me straight up CACKLE the whole way through

  5. Wilson

    Challenge: Josh vs. Greg
    Winner: Nathaniel

  6. rowan m

    josh's faces lmaooooo

  7. Fiona P

    "The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. You guys fought because you care about each other." ❤️

  8. Malin Ullberg

    Who is singing?

  9. Starbits7

    lol So funny XD

  10. Dhara Son

    Looking back its a far cry from when Josh one punches Nathaniel earlier in the season and he falls to the floor. Greg is a lot less buff then Nathaniel so either Josh was going easy on Greg or they definitely played this for laughs. Eaither way great music video da best

    little songbird

    I also think it has to do with what Josh said about his teacher forbidding him from fighting outside of class; when he punched Nathaniel it was because he had just found out Nathaniel tried to kill his grandpa and get his father deported, so he was furious. I don't think he was furious with Greg, jus really upset with a friend, hence the hesitation in actually really fighting him (sorry for the big text lol)

  11. Lunaiih Noa

    I just show this these two guys, who fighting because they're both got a crush on me.

  12. Corza Moon

    Sad that this song, Weird Al's "There's no Bathroom", and the Itchy Vagina Metaphor songs weren't included on the season 4 soundtrack :(

  13. Justin Perez

    I forgot all about this since it’s not on the soundtrack lol I love this

  14. Blue Mole

    How Greg hurted hisself more and just touched Josh because!

  15. milkteaaddict

    I'm kinda sad she said "Have a good show" because now my headcanon that the whole thing was a real conversation is ruined

  16. longtallemm

    I watched Bridget Jones yesterday and I want to set the Daniel/Mark fight scene to this song DESPERATELY

  17. Charrlotte Adelina

    It can't be just one guy using Karate

  18. Mallory Knox

    This is gold.

  19. Skylar R

    why is this not on spotify???

  20. Sig Mar


  21. sick boi

    *(flashes out small knife)*

  22. ozlekosusturu

    Whenever I see anyone get into a fight on the street these days (around bars and such) I immediately think of this video and start laughing. Can't take it seriously anymore.


    In most cases, it's not even awkward, just stupid.

  23. Ryan Brennan

    Who is the singer???

  24. iSpunkrandom


  25. jobo

    A weapon makes everything too rEeEaAaALLLL

  26. Ukulily Filly

    They had the actual choreographer in the video. :D I love this show!

  27. Mimi Cracra

    Oh! One of the best song of the show! I laughed sooo hard! Thanks :)

  28. prostheticballerina


  29. 한고은

    This song reminds me "kungfu fighting"
    I love this song lol

  30. Thaís Sato

    Have a good show! ❤️

  31. Miriam W-S

    nathaniel just being there makes it even funnier

  32. Whitney Jaudian

    The ear hit, the tickles, and the real weapon cracked me so hard

  33. Katy Edwards

    This is the funniest song in the whole show.

  34. Vincentia Yovita

    Is the parody for "Everybody is Kungfu Fighting" from Kungfu Panda?

  35. Bre'Lynn Sowers

    This is truly the funniest song and video in all of Crazy Ex Girlfriend (next to You Ruined Everything) The scalpel part alone had me cackling and crying tears of laughter. It’s hilarious.

  36. Julianne Salemy

    Greg’s face with the scalpel is so relatable

  37. Emily Grace

    “You don’t have the presence of mind to leap” Love this show

    Rhonda Fister

    Best line lmaooooo

  38. Random Yo

    This is one of my favorite songs from all seasons! It's so funny and well done!

  39. Youth

    This is true

  40. CMP

    this is a masterpiece 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻

  41. Travel on the Brain

    This reminded me of those iconic Bridget Jones's Diary fights. Classic!

  42. onigiRia

    1:03 Josh was so hot here ❤️

  43. Eimard Gomes

    Ohhhh I sooo wish I could have watched this with Santino Fontana!!! :(

  44. Amelia Newman

    who is the vocalist on this song?? it sounds like the actor who plays Jim !


    His name is Chester Gregory. On his Twitter you can see Rachel acknowledging him and him thanking her. (He really should have had a credit at the end of the episode -- and on this video.)

  45. Ben

    As someone who saw two guys fight over a girl, this is hilariously close to the truth!

  46. Dalton Fitzgerald

    "I'm really just a singer who moves" I've literally died

  47. Denisse Uribe

    Nathaniel is so relatable here sjdka i love him sm

  48. slashandbones13

    Most bar fights are people falling over after a wild swing and miss and awkward rolling around.

  49. pockyreiko

    2:34 "wow" where did Owen Wilson come from

  50. Eleanor Morgan

    One of the greatest moments of my life right here haha, nearly died laughing

  51. Brian Bock

    This. Is so hilarious. Sadly, I was in a few awkward fights earlier in my life. And yes, they are every bit as ridiculous. This captured it perfectly. My hats off to the guys for learning four ridiculous fights.

  52. Luíza Fernandes

    Why is this song not on spotify? :(((((

  53. Jenn Kaufman

    This was one of the greatest things I have ever witnessed in the show, quite possibly in my top 20 moments I have watched on media.
    I loved this entire episode, and the entire show.

  54. alison hilaire

    Best scene/song of the episode!!! Thanks cough boy for the squirrel flu 🤣

  55. JulianneSparrow2

    This is everything I could want from a music video. Kung Fu Fighting parody, jokes about theatrical singer/movers, Nathaniel being the voice of reason for once, and, of course, Kathryn getting a featured role as herself! Not ready for this show to end!

  56. gracehourigan

    after this episode i would die for a friendtopia reprise starring these three




    Romy a dystopia about our bromance!


    Yes PLS

    Charlotte Dreemurr

    Omg yessssssss

  57. Lauren Kwiatkowski


  58. Megan Ripley

    The West Side Story bit killed me. "Thank you, it's a dream role". 😂

  59. Khalilah S

    When he pulled out the scalpel...everybody was like whoa..this shit just got too real😂😂

  60. Lapin Durand

    Me (an unsuspecting and innocent fan): "Crazy ex-Girlfriend songs are awesome because they're all such great singers"
    CEG (in a low, villain voice): "YOU FOOL, we are ALSO great dancers AND we are hilarious"
    Me (flying into the air as my voice gets gradually higher): "oh nooo, I did not expect such quality conteeeeeeeeeet"

  61. Alexis Rae Lily

    Who is singing?

  62. Laureen Berger

    This is the reason people fight more in movies than in real life. But it's kinda more satisfying to fight in real life tho. Because after sharing such a fucking awkward experience you just have to bond over how bad and ridiculous it was.

  63. MsCunningLinguistic

    Tag yourself I’m just a singer who moves 😂

  64. moeisha n hopey sometimes

    this is only when men fight. girls fight with no remorse. you will not stop. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  65. Raina Pope

    Nathaniel: Can I have a waffle? Can I *please* have a waffle?



    Carolina Tamayo

    @milkteaaddict it's a reference to a vine, it's not actually in the video. lol


    @Carolina Tamayo oh

    oceanic bellyache

    Can we play dNd now?

    Prisc Moi

    Can I *get a waffle? Can I please *get a waffle?

  66. Hila S

    Does Josh Chan practicing Taekwondo or karate?

    This Issue bugged me for the longest time , and it's irrelevant to the plot....

    Why Taekwondo?

    1. Josh Chan have Taekwondo Uniform (dobok).
    There is one problem with the suit tho... white v-neck when black belts should have black v-neck.
    Yes, like colorful belts its another way to waste money on fabric. different suits for the Black Belts.

    2. 'Angry Mad' clip - headband with the flag of South Korea.
    Taekwondo is from Korea, karate is from Japan.

    3. Techniques - In 'Real Life Fighting' and 'Angry Mad' , there is a tornado kick. It's TKD signature move.
    Yes there are a lot of random and funny moves, but definitely looks more like Taekwondo .

    Why Karate?

    1. Everyone refers to it as karate.
    For sure in the special drawer and the burning/trashing josh stuff, Rachel refers to it as karate gear.
    First I thought it was a joke.
    Personally no meter which martial arts I'm doing, if its involved a suit my friends and family call it Jodo (never trained in Jodo btw).
    I'm from Israel and since Jodo is basically the only sport we good at.... it common mistake.
    At the US maybe the popularity of 'Karate Kid' made every martial arts refers as karate .
    But ! in this episode Josh calls it karate and refers to a sensei ....

    Taekwndo and Karte :

    1. 'Trapped In A Car' - Before the song start, Josh talking with paula about the special table , therapy and.... martial arts!
    He is saying Taekwondo and Shotokan are not that different.
    Karate got few different styles , the major ones are shotokan (partial contact) and kyokushin (full contact).
    Then he count to 10 in Korean (anna,doul,set..) and in Japanese (each,knee,sun...).

    LGBT Watcher


    Just imagine Josh figuring out he's been doing Taekwondo instead of Karate his entire life.

  67. Charlotte Elliott

    Who sings this song? Sounds like Jim at points 😂


    His name is Chester Gregory.

  68. Fairly Literary

    It's the awkward, sexy, clumsy KUNG FU fighting awkward song!!!

  69. Sweet Mime Jr

    This is the first episode I’ve ever been attracted to Nathaniel... I’m shocked

  70. Angela Carrera

    This song was amazing and funny! Love my Natha-niel!

  71. Mori no Majou

    Fight for the little cough boy!!!

  72. Lorne Stevenson Jr

    Who is singing?

    LaLa Icyling

    Chester Geogry

  73. ana arias

    1:04 -1:07 is the hottest shit ive ever scene. vincent is such a babe.

  74. Gregory Fister

    "You don't have the presence of mind to leap" fuck, this song is awesome

  75. kkranberry

    "Thank you, it's a dream role" gets me every time


    Ikr. So beautiful.

  76. Edna Mode

    Can someone tell me why they're fighting in a hospital?!?

    Edna Mode

    @Gregory Dusmenil Spoiling is fine! I stopped watching the show but I try to keep up with what's happening through the songs and Wikipedia 😂

    Versatile Lord

    Edna Mode they’re fighting over Rebecca lol

    Gabriella Hall

    They’re in quarantine

  77. SuperHappyNotMerry

    this show is just so much better than anything on tv ever

  78. Jessica Mann

    Does this remind anyone else of childhood fights with a sibling? 😂😂

  79. ozlekosusturu

    This is hilarious and so so soooo true.

  80. Moikkio Costa

    I love new Greg now 😂

  81. IlastarothTayre

    Nathaniel in the background is a big, big mood

  82. IlastarothTayre

    There are real, literal tears in my eyes. Thank you for this beautiful awkward moment.

  83. Kate669 _

    I think my favorite thing about this is how Nathaniel is just kind of standing awkwardly in the background watching them make asses of themselves. Also, the horrified look on Greg's face when he pulls a scalpel on Josh. Would the old Greg have stopped there? I'm not sure.

    Dove Calderwood

    I think the old Greg would have stopped there too. Even at his most messed up, Greg still cared about Josh and wouldn't want to seriously hurt him

  84. Rosie Barrett

    Why is this actual footage of my and my brother fighting

    Sam Sommers

    your brothers are both handsome af

  85. ana arias

    Nathaniel is so relatable here. He really wants this fight to stop but not enough to actually try to stop it himself


    Josh really sucker-punched him that one time. I don't blame him for backing away.

  86. Kate Reid

    No one else has seemed to pick up on that the first fight scene was Nathan Drake?
    Okay then, just me.

  87. Alice Wilson

    Kathryn Burns finally appeared on the show =))

    Sarah Weissman

    She;s in S2 in hte post-credits when the dancers in Rebecca's had talk to her

  88. yellow daisies


  89. Tim Reese

    “I’m more of a singer who moves” if this isn’t my whole life

  90. ileana

    This season has had so many awesome song omg this is hilarious and genius

  91. subtle dust

    Leave it to CEG to do a number inspired by Kung Fu Fighting that is hilarious AND advances the emotional arcs of the characters.

  92. Valentina Della Gatta

    This is PERFECT!!!

  93. Matthew Campbell

    I am constantly amazed at how perfectly this show apes the style and look of other genres, even for brief single scenes. The variety of skills it must require is astonishing.

  94. Kanesha Barnes

    At 0:55 and 1:15 Nathaniel looks like he is so done with them also look how much he's grown. I never thought I would see him as the voice of reason

  95. Oovoo

    Level headed Nathaniel has me like: 😯

  96. ronnnnie

    Kathryn Burns!! <3

  97. Alexha Ochoa


  98. MariaVosa

    1:05 - Daaaaaayuuuum!