Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast - I Hate Everything But You Lyrics

The smell of water, kids screaming with joy
I've hated crap like that since I was a boy
While everyone was laughing and having so much fun
I would mutter "This sucks" till the day was done
I detested most stuff and I still do
You see, I hate everything but you

I hate the feeling of the sun when it hits my skin
I don't like bands with a guy on mandolin
I hate when people post their pictures with the hashtag "mood"
I hate when people call blueberries a superfood
I hate when someone says, "Oooh, it's magic hour!"
Or when people actually stop and smell a flower
I hate white women who call their engagement rings "bling"
Oh yes, I hate everything
But you

More examples!
I hate guys who read magazines devoted to golf
I hate Frisbee golf, and when people call Frisbee golf "frolf"
I hate when people ask me if I'd ever get a tattoo
I hate combination conditioner and shampoo
I hate doing The Wave at a baseball game
I hate couples with a cutesy couple name
I hate when someone says a joke and someone else says, "Zing!"
Oh yes, I hate everything
But you

'Cause when I look in your eyes and I see you smile
When you laugh at yourself and we talk for a while
Just for a moment I forget
How much I hate it when people say, "Gotta jet!"

Even more examples!
I hate it when people say they're going "off the grid"
Or when someone calls their baseball cap their "lid"
I hate models who just happen to date quarterbacks
I hate grown men who always quote Caddyshack

I hate the phrase "Love conquers all," and I hate that it's true
'Cause I want to not hate things when I'm with you
You love so many things and you have so much fun
It makes me wish my hating days were done
And there's one thing I want you to know:

I'll always hate guys who name their cars

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast I Hate Everything But You Comments
  1. Brandon Jasso

    He looks like Dane Cook

  2. John

    Ha iv'e watched this many times and it only just clicked that he doesn't actually play the guitar.

  3. fatamorgana13

    somebody has probably already said it here, but that's totally me during PMS, so accurate

  4. SourSoul

    this also applies to Mia singing to Zuko

  5. Phill O'Donnell

    This was a really good Meatloaf song!

  6. Jesus Villalobos

    Let's be honest, most of the things not-Greg hates are completely understandable and relatable

  7. Rhiannon Delle Coste

    Although I love the song, it’s seems contrary to his character development in season 4. I thought he had grown past the “snarky, him against the world” mentality, but then this happened.

  8. Georgia's Random Gacha

    omg i love this song

  9. Ana Wieder

    To be fair I hate most of those things too

  10. Blanquiblu Azul

    Well I hate when people sing and use instruments as props but don't actually play them lol

  11. Heather Lupin

    i don’t know why but i get a strong horrible histories vibe from this song idk why

  12. melady swan

    I miss Santino playing Greg but when Skylar said "EVEN MORE EXAMPLES!" I died!!😂

  13. Jane Crest

    People always say that they don’t like new Greg because original Greg was carefree and new Greg is so hateful. Personally, I see it more as old Greg having evolved from his sly sarcasm and oppressing alcoholism into someone who is honest out unashamed of being cynical and letting people know it.

  14. Andrew Caine

    He has always been the better ‘Greg’ for me

  15. Lionel Payne

    So, potentially unpopular opinion......

    Skylar played a great character. But it's not Greg. He's built, and his voice is just not Fontana's. For a musical, it's about the songs. For a show, it's the familiar visual. Greg was a self-beaten everyman who is your average Joe. Second choice to Josh. So relatable. Skylar is a jacked, smooth player. I couldn't relate to him as Greg, and while I loved the joking with Rebecca acknowledging that he was "different" (Brilliant), it couldn't make me get behind the casting change. I have the whole soundtrack on my Spotify, that I play in my car all the time, and while I love the songs, I always wonder how the "Real Greg" would have performed these songs, because Santino's voice was just a godsend. Much respect for the actor that picks up a role left by a regular, but this season may have not been the last if the real Greg had come back and nailed it.

    "The preceding comment is just an opinion. Not a fact. It is not a representation of anybody else's opinion, and should be taken as such...."


  16. paulaptre

    I have missed old Greg the entire season

  17. C. Marple

    I never thought about this song (and 99% of them, really) being in Rebecca's mind - though possibly based on stuff Greg really said... It's an unreliable narrator song, he doesn't really hate everything, even if he could have been more tactful about not having fun on the date he agreed to go to...

  18. Dylan Hughlett

    I like how this song has more of a rock n roll feel

  19. That's So Lulu

    Greg hates everything but he could like things if he wanted to🤷🏽‍♀️🤣

  20. Prisca

    He's channelling Meat Loaf, isn't he?

  21. Alexandre Zani

    Is Greg flagging red on the right at 2:16?

  22. Sydney Feldhake


  23. cx45830

    I oNly JusT ReaLiSEd thaT tHIs iS THe SAMe gUy whO pLaYed MArK In RENT :O
    I'm kicking myself.

  24. Alex Pato

    How often do you get the complete, fully subbed collection of a show's music videos? This series is a blessing and so is whoever had the idea is all I'm saying

  25. em&ems 123

    10/10 Bruce Springsteen voice impression (if it’s not purposeful, he sounds a lot like him 😂 especially at 1:53)

  26. Jordan Austin

    He's so hot and his voice is hot asf too

  27. Alexandre Zani

    This is fake Greg's best song.

  28. Clifton Photographer

    This is so much better than the final episodes live version. Not that the live version is that bad, but he smiles too much in it I think.

  29. Lisa Hill

    I love that the lyrics in the description are in all caps

  30. Goland454

    This show was bizarre!~!

  31. TheBiteSizedCrafter

    I think this was a parody of Meatloaf. Cause he sounds like he was trying to mimic how he sings. Which I like.

  32. Maddie B.

    Why is this song so me tho?

  33. whimsicallymad

    Controversial but I prefer Skylar as Greg lol

  34. Yvette Chevalier

    Reminds me so much of some Meatloaf songs... :)

  35. Sue Gaitan

    I love the “even more examples” part 😂

  36. Gianna Bruce

    Greg can't play the guitar, but he could if he wanted to

  37. Holy Atheist

    This is much more of a Greg song.

  38. via gahi

    do they end up together?? in the finale? 😭


    Kind of 😅

    via gahi

    TimTube kind of? 😂


    @via gahi I didn't really want to spoil it for you :p


    they don't since she takes time focussing on herself for some time but Greg seems most likely as he was the only person that was still sticking to her in the end :]

    via gahi

    TimTube oh nevermind 😂 thanks anywayss

  39. Rock And Roll Buckaroo


  40. Andrea Rabinal

    This is the only show that could manage a change in the cast of a former character this fucking well.

  41. Jacqueline Jones

    Too cute!
    In a relatable way :p

  42. Ricky Richards

    i hate this song

  43. Caroline Hooks

    Skylar is good, but I don't see him as the same Greg... I don't feel the chemistry like there was with Santino.

  44. fem wynn

    how the fuck you gonna hate the smell of water.there is no smell.


    It's probably referring to the usual chlorine/urine mix smell in public pools

  45. Holland Kerr

    This was my last relationship, except the bit where he wants to hate things less.

  46. Lauren

    Bruce Springsteen is quaking

  47. angela 5234

    ok I’ll admit this was the only thing that I liked about new greg (this song)

  48. Ally Voon

    He's so cute

  49. Layla5110

    Have anyone noticed Greg said "Gotta jet" on a first season?

  50. Susan Li

    Getting mad straight Adam Lambert vibes

  51. Jasmine Arreola

    okay but skylar Aston could like.....get it

  52. LillyAndora

    Greg is a sexy Bruce Springsteen

  53. Thommy2n

    I actually really like Frisbee Golf.
    ... But are there people who ACTUALLY call it 'Frolf'?
    That's stupid, and I hate those people.

    And Rachel Bloom, I love you for this and every song
    you've made (especially the Greg ones).

  54. Doug Kelly

    Which Springsteen song is this modeled after?

  55. Bork Person24

    Thia shit looks awesome

  56. Danny Anderson

    So really, Greg just hates Americans, then.

  57. Kate D

    This is honestly one of my favorite songs from the entire show

  58. Anthony Sacco

    Rachel Bloom is beyond talented and beautiful.....she's SO fantastic and awesome and cool!

  59. Todo series

    Sometimes i just close my eyes and imagine santino singing to this

  60. Tomas Joel Beramendi

    2:08 Why does this EVEN MORE EXAMPLES seizure remind me of Woody from Toy Story?

  61. Cannibal Teddy

    Just watched the Josh Groban vid with everyone saying that there was no hope for Greg and Rebecca. I guess this kills that theory

    Oh wait
    Grebecca is definitely not happening. But from the cutest nickname part.

  62. Camila Schaly

    E eu odiei esse novo Greg. Saudades Santino.

  63. Smiley Girl

    I’m in love with Greg’s character

  64. Ultraviolet Morgan

    I hate grown men who always quote caddyshack. Lmao

  65. Nora Sprooten

    Greg is the human embodiment of riverdales ‘im a weirdo’ scene


    except not cringy

  66. Diego Mattos

    Yep, I've found "my jam", and I hate it.

  67. Jessica Reyes

    I know it's weird tp say but it's like he's too conventionally attractive to be Greg

  68. Spenser Babb-Biernacki

    The first time I heard this I genuinely lost it at “I hate white women who call their engagement rings ‘bling’ “

  69. Sig Mar

    Greg doesn't even know how to play the guitar but he's quite the pianist

  70. Lima

    god i love skylar astin

  71. Sophia Irene

    Greg not knowing how to play musical instruments and then playing them is the most "I could if I wanted to" thing

  72. micheal stephanie

    I hate that I can't stop imaging 1st Greg singing this but I like Skylar

  73. Gloria Oviedo Pérez

    This song is perfection 💛💛💛

  74. Juan Perez

    This is the only song in 4 seasons I could never get into it's just bleh.

  75. BlairSquad

    I hate how underrated the unparalleled wordplay of "I hate guys who read magazines devoted to golf
    Hate Frisbee golf, and when people call Frisbee golf "frolf" is. 


  76. gina bobbitt

    I think this is a song by meatloaf called I would do anything for love and that is what makes this song even more funny to me

  77. Kasumi Chan

    One of my favs songs 🧡🙌

  78. Liornow

    Awesome song, Astin sounds amazing!

  79. Look Around Look Around

    I think we've found the one thing Greg doesn't hate... examples.

  80. plumplumi

    this song made me wish skylar was Greg from the beginning

  81. Blue Geen


  82. Danielle Sene

    How is this show on the same channel as riverdale 😂

  83. Boss Nathan

    I like your movie

  84. Nehedar

    this is my theme song. whoopdie freakin' doo.

  85. Tess Cook

    I did not expect him to sound like this while singing and it still throws me through a loop

  86. mariana peña

    no one:
    not a soul:
    not a single person:
    me: why can i smell cologne as i hear this song..?

  87. valerielorraine

    I LOVE how at the end, you think he's gonna say super romantic, but he just says one more thing that he hates haha

  88. iloveperfume

    I hate that you introduced me to Frolf. Here I was in ignorant bliss, then randomly thinking ''hmm, Frolf sounds like a particularly irritating Dudebro activity, let me YouTube that for a sec....'' and then I forced myself to watch a full tutorial on it, complete with commentary. Thanks Rachel, you're a pal.

  89. Elisabeth H


  90. JD .Weird.

    I miss original greg🥺🥺

  91. George Lister

    Love how he never actually plays the guitar and just carries it around.

  92. PeaceLightning95

    New actor, same character :(

    Yeah,  Santino Fontaine and Skylar Austin are two extremely talented, sexy men, but I've always hated the character of Greg. He's a cynical asshole who, in his own words, hates everything. Josh has his fair share of problems, but at least he lifts people around him up. Greg is a human-anchor; pulling everyone down and openly hates people who actually care about him.

    The finale tries to hint that Rebecca and Greg might eventually end up together, but I think it's more likely Greg will return to the bottle before he's ever willing to be supportive and loving. To quote him again, 'Our relationship was a Shit Show.'

  93. vanessa

    You're too young to be Greg! Only criticism of the entire show but maaan it bothers my brain

  94. frankinsane and myrrh

    why does no one ever talk about how hot skylar astin is? i'm confused

    Jenna Lee

    I'm honestly upset they replaced the original actor so I don't really care if the new guy is hot 😅

    Thales Queiroz

    @Zoe Mosaic After the last season, I prefer Skylar for role, but totally enjoyed the old school Greg when I rewatched the show

    Zoe Mosaic

    @Thales Queiroz he's more attractive sure but far more mousey and too clean for the established role

    Thales Queiroz

    @Zoe Mosaic I don't know, I still think he fits so good for it.

  95. Anonymous S

    i miss real greg

  96. Laura Goeteyn

    ❤️ Skylar Astin

  97. Alethea Roe

    finally someone calls out the heinous lie that is combination conditioner and shampoo

    Sarah Tschopp

    can we agree that this one wins best comment


    Thank you!!

    The Real Bitches

    I thought it was just me!


    @The Real Bitches SAME

    Nerd Simulator

    don't attack me :(