Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast - Anti-Depressants Are So Not A Big Deal Lyrics

Fluoxetine, fluoxetine!

Paroxetine, paroxetine!

Citalopram, citalopram!

Take once a day
Fluoxetine, fluoxetine
Paroxetine, paroxetine
Citalopram, citalopram
May cause dry mouth

From the moment that we learn to walk and speak
Our parents tell us everyone's unique
Now, I'm not saying that advice is bad
But honey, you're not special 'cause you're sad

Not special, no you're not

The butcher, the baker, the grocery clerk
They're all on 20 milligrams or so

The movers

The shakers

The happy homemaker

You'd be surprised how many of them you know

Anti-depressants are so not a big deal
Big whoop, you're on an anti-depressant

Sweet cheeks, here's the deal

Welcome to the club with open admission
You're cast in the play that has no audition
Yes, everyone is special, that's usually the sitch
But when it comes to meds, you're such a basic bitch

I lost my job and for six months, I couldn't leave my bed, yeah!

When my husband died, I stopped bathing and watched Christian TV instead, ooh!

Now we're on pills and it's less of a slog

Just ask any abused rescue dog


The origins of life are messy and imprecise

We're all the result of natural selection

True! So why should I feel crappy
About something that makes me happy?

Though it may be hard to maintain an erection

Maybe you should adjust your dosage!

I already tried that, didn't work

Have you tried another medication?

Yep, but that one made me gain weight

Oh, that totally happened to me. It got better within a few months

Thanks, cool!

Anti-depressants are so not a big deal
Big whoop, you're on an anti-depressant

Take two with or without a meal

Fluoxetine, fluoxetine
Paroxetine, paroxetine
Our lawyers won't let us say brand names

Anti-depressants are so not a big deal
Big whoop, you're on an anti-depressant


Connor, heel!

Some cry that in the past, we didn't medicate everyone

Cool, witch trials and the Crusades sound like so much fun

Anti-depressants are so common
That taking them is all we have in common

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast Anti-Depressants Are So Not A Big Deal Comments
  1. Laura

    This song actually helps me starting to take the medication I need... And I'm so greatful for the show.

  2. Emily Smith

    I love the dogwalker waving her dog in the air at 2:01

  3. Kronik

    I can't fuck on these pills.

  4. James Mayo

    What the name of the original song?

    Alan Sarapa

    It is a parody of "Another Day of Sun" from La La Land.

  5. littlestlibra

    Just got prescribed antidepressants today. I don't know if it's the answer for me, but this song has made me feel so much better about the whole situation.

    Thank you, Rachel. You and all your team.

  6. WarmLavender

    I wish I had seen this song in high school when I just started anti-depressants. My psychologist tried for six months without and then referred me to a psychiatrist and it truly changed my life. I really love this show.

  7. Henrike Hokema

    Love the LaLaLand vibe I‘m getting from this video 😍😁😁

  8. miaotze

    So everybody's focusing on La La Land and nobody on Björk, am I that old?

  9. Dafoodmaster

    america is really weird

  10. Rosie P

    Ahahahha told my friend I started taking antidepressants and she immediately sent me this, amazing

  11. oopalonga

    I'd be curious to see who funded this video... I'm sure big farmer has its hand in it. Not dissing those were on antidepressants... If you feel that improve your life so be it but you should read the research that isnt funded by pharmaceutical comoanies before you take the drugs! They are no better than placebos and in fact rely on the phenomenon of placebo to work. . .randomized placebo control studies show this.

    Lastly in healthy subjects about 50 percent of them experience emotional blunting. Do. Your. Research.

  12. Sivu M

    I love this song

    The tapping 👌🏾😍

  13. landofthebooks

    As someone who worked in a pharmacy this is true

  14. Mille Milo

    Fluoxetine ♡

  15. Bren S

    Wish there was another season to do a song in the psych ward and the damage medication has done. Perhaps a jingle for withdrawal off venlafaxine and the hell it brings. The ward could slowly transform into a fire pit....

  16. Fiona De Guzman

    That burp tho

  17. Carlos Valdez

    Connor HEAL!

  18. Tiff Guevara

    Okay. Just a serious question, where can i get a medication to get anti depressants? Thanks!

  19. Sahmara Spiegel

    We’re coming for you la la land

  20. SourSoul

    ive been so much better since im taking antidepressants, sure it took a while to find the good one, but its such a big help

  21. Casey-Anne Power

    This just reminded my to take my meds today

  22. ctw onstage

    “When my husband died I stopped bathing and watched Christian TV instead OOOH” the ooh kills me each time

  23. Mckenzie Howell

    Guess which basic bitch just got prescribed fluoxetine :D

  24. B_Potassio

    this show did not play around, I love it so much

  25. tactician

    God, I miss this show.

  26. rent8907

    I am recently learning this for myself

  27. Joel Formica

    I have to rewatch this show

  28. FroggisMcFrog

    I need Dr Acopian right about now

  29. Adamuth / Adam Psychoacoustic

    Isn't the girl who's Connor's master, the same girl who's Heather's class mate in university?

  30. ffles

    Let's give it up to the baby strapped to his dad's stomach during the entire routine and didn't even cry.

    name name

    its a fake baby

    name name

    movie magic

  31. Heather Pew

    This song legit gives me goosebumps and makes me cry every time.

  32. Tech With Sean

    Connor, heel!

  33. Elim Kwok

    *hand tremors intensifies*

  34. Erin Hansen

    Her actual name is Charlene

  35. Max Austin

    My dog is on fluoxetine...and he’s a rescue

  36. officialmaurice1

    I’m not saying that advice is bad (cuz she *points to Rachel* wrote it) 😂

  37. Leon Au

    Why no one recommend this song to me when I’m cramming for my psychology midterms?

  38. Roman Zolanski

    I'm so glad this song won an emmy <3

  39. Tiara Pires

    Am I crazy or did I see on the lyric “happy homemakers”, Josh’s sister and husband from season 1? That makes me so happy

  40. Jack

    This is horrifying

  41. Sandra Azócar

    Is the girl who says "Tommy heel" the same dancer from "The moment is me"?

  42. Tomas Joel Beramendi

    We will never get a show as extraordinary and perfectly planned and executed as CXG

  43. ashlyn angelic

    The heathers sound great

  44. Jane Petty

    I regularly pull this up and show it to my friends who are getting used to the idea of having mental disorders. Normalizing this stuff is a major step in getting people the help they need. Bravo

  45. lifeispink626

    Medication is good (for those who really need it). But It doesn't exclude the fact that, in lots of cases, people are being overmedicated. And they can suffer a lot from side effects.

    So, It is always necessary to see the medication as the last resource for something. Someone being greaving for losing his job, for example ... There are many other ways to deal with this. Sometimes, the medication can mask the syntoms, but It doesn't go to the core of the problem. In other cases, it is the only option of getting the patient back to his sanity.

    Moderation (and an honest evaluation) is always the best choice o/

  46. Wintərly Heīghts

    Good song to help memorise serotonin reuptake inhibitors...

  47. Margareta Ianosi-Irimie

    literally used this song to remember SSRIs for med school

  48. Sophi XRU

    My last Pharmacology test was about antidepressants, Fluoxetine was an answer, I was definitely singing in my head hahaha
    Now I owe that question to this song haha

  49. Patrick MacKellan

    Michael Hyatt is everything.

  50. Brandi Harper

    For the first time in six years, I recently had to go without my antidepressants temporarily due to an insurance discrepancy. I felt the effects to such an extent that I knew my life was in jeopardy without them. I had forgotten how badly imbalanced I was prior to being diagnosed, and now that I have been safely put back on the correct dosage of medication, everything is balanced again. I'm so thankful for the equilibrium it's brought to my life, and I'm SO thankful for this song putting this entire topic at a reach where people can talk about it. Thank you, CXG.

  51. Aaron Speary

    After fighting it for years, convinced I would be throwing in the towel if I tried anti depressants or any psychotropic drugs.

    Knowing now there has to be some sort of imbalance to cause me to feel what I feel, as I’ll go from a rare good mood back to dirt after the smallest issue or negative comment.

    Tomorrow I’m set to see a doctor and get a diagnosis. I know I can’t find this with sheer power of will anymore. Time to find help in being happy

    Aaron Speary

    I only googled anti depressants and found this video. Don’t know the show but I’m glad I found this clip

  52. ChristophProbst

    The issue that I have with this song is that taking anti-depressants IS a big deal. They cause major changes to the body that a person needs to carefully weigh and consider before deciding whether anti-depressants are right for them. There are people that absolutely need them and no one should be stigmatized for taking them. I just hope that people don't see this song and thing that they aren't a big deal to try, even if a therapist suggests trying it. It should be a last resort instead of a first option, which some therapists unfortunately do.


    I hear you! Not sure if you know, but the main character ends up not taking anti-depressants in the end, anyway, partly because they're not very effective for her personality disorder. The full episode addresses both sides better. This is just one side, in quirky song form.

  53. littlepaperjellyfish

    Kind of pissed of at the line around the 2:10 mark. Antidepressants got rid of my sex drive for ~5 years. And I was too ashamed to talk about it and thought that it was just a normal thing for puberty (I was 13-18 when I took medication) and it wasn't until I stopped them that my sex drive came back a year later. And it is weak and barely there.

    Sex is a huge part of life and although it's easy to say not to worry about it, growing up without any sexual urges or relationships set me in bad stead for my adult dating life and made me feel incredibly unloveable and unattractive during my formative years.

    So no, it doesn't always work that way.

  54. mumunga

    I’m actually hesitant on going on antidepressants but this made me feel better (-:

  55. Poppy B

    shes pregnant omg

  56. DeathGodRiku

    Our lawyers won't let us say brand names lol

  57. UnendingUpgrades

    Is the chef the friend of friend from law school

  58. kenna163

    Congratulations on your Emmy, guys!

  59. Sbeth85

    I wish the two examples given weren't both situational depression ("my spouse died so I've been depressed"). I, and many other people, have major depressive disorder, which remains mostly constant in our lives (not temporary) and isn't linked to specific events.

  60. Matt Tierney

    i refuse to not have rachel bloom on broadway in the near future

    PIX Promos & More


  61. Alexia R

    Congratulations for the EMMY❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. Justin Perez

    I love that the song that wins the award is a song sung by an on and off character whom I absolutely love. Bunch and Akopes back at it again!

  63. Anynom

    If you want more awesomeness, THIS is the song that earned Rachel her Emmy!

  64. glorialoreto

    Winner for Original Music and lyrics and Best Choreography for scripted programing in the 2019 Creatives Emmys

  65. Sett0070

    Emmy Award winning!!

  66. deadoralive cowboy

    Yes , finally they won an emmy for this masterpiece !! Congratss

  67. Davey Peppers

    This show means so fucking much to me and me coming to terms with my mental health stuff. If any song from this show deserved to win an Emmy, it would have been this one.

  68. Tony DiMeo

    Congratulations 🍾🎉🎈🎊 to this show for finally winning an Emmy for best song

  69. Meaghan Elizabeth


  70. Féile Kilkenny


  71. Violet Goforth

    congrats on the Emmy! you and the writing team deserve it!

  72. Aljosathewise

    emmy winning song <3

  73. BRQFilms

    Saw some fans (not on youtube) complaining about the Emmy wins that there were better songs that could have win. Don't really get it? This was nominated, and it won in 2 categories so far. It's well deserved! Fun song, truthful and great dance number

  74. Beatriz Gomes

    Came here just to give a thumbs up to all the comments about the Emmy win, lol

  75. Martina Drigo

    Emmy winner.


  76. Pusher Love Man

    Congratulations to Rachel Bloom for (finally) winning an Emmy for this song!!

  77. andres segui

    And this song just won an emmy.

  78. Valdo Fregoso

    Emmy Award Winning Song

  79. The Bunchkins

    Obligatory “This song has won an Emmy” reply! Woohoo! 🎉🎉🎉

  80. maggieswiss

    Congrats on all the Emmys!! :D

  81. Julia Lag

    Who’s there after the Emmy win because you can’t see the victory speech on line ?

  82. Edineiwes Lima

    Who is watching after the song win an Emmy?
    Rachel you deserved it so muchhhh. I'm looking forward your next project!

  83. Catherine Tinker

    This won an Emmy on the last day of Suicide Prevention Week

    sabrina casseus

    Vince Lamb did it win for this song?

    Vince Lamb

    @sabrina casseus Yes.

    Erwin Lii

    Really?! How delightful!

    - -

    this is good to hear 💕

    Kai Summer

    This song makes me both laugh and smile every time.

  84. Tribdinosaur

    CONGRATULATIONS on winning the EMMY for Music and Lyrics!!

    We love you Rachel Bloom! And everyone on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

  85. nora smith

    This won an Emmy for Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics.

  86. Welbe

    Ladies and Gentleman the winner of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics 2019

  87. angelicafun

    Emmy winner!!!

  88. znikkisan1


  89. subtle dust


  90. Ary Eeefaaa

    My fav song so far in this show. Catchy beats, and the lyrics.. Showing it's okay to be depressed

  91. Carmen DeAngelo

    Antidepressants are a big deal. They don't make you dance around in tap shoes with your neighbors. You guys have no clue how damaging this song is to people who have experienced abuse and nearly lost their lives at the hands of doctors (literally me, but you didn't care to think that did you?)... only to win an emmy nomination for THIS song. Same is the upping of "Thanks so much!" and the downing of the real side effects people experience from antidepressants. You guys literally have the time to stigmatize the people who don't want antidepressants over the ones that need them, then go around and say that you weren't doing such things. It's so shitty how we still are completely silent over mental health, attributing comments like mine to "Scientology" users. Ultimately though, the show plays to the idea of women being crazy, needing to settle for guys like Greg, and stay on their pills / in therapy. Which is no surprise.

    Beatriz Gomes

    Is this another comment from someone who doesn't know the context of the song in the story? Fucking hell.

    The whole point of the show was showing how the main character had many unaddressed mental issues, moved across the country because she thought a romantic relationship would be the solution to these issues (she was very, very wrong, and the show was always clear about it) , but then went on a whole journey, went to therapy, got the right diagnosis and became a healthier person. Not perfect, but with a much better balance in life. And *spoiler alert*, her happy ending isn't even "settling" for any guy, she finds her happiness in her passion for music and creativity, something that makes her happy individually, not depending of romantic love.

    Now, in the context of the story when this song comes up, she was actually very reluctant about taking meds because of her previous experiences with them (she felt that it made her "a zombie", but she wasn't properly diagnosed at the time, and her therapist called who prescribed her these meds "a quack") and because she thought she should have been able to handle her disorder on her own, that the meds are "a easy way out". Her therapist here is just showing her that antidepressants are more common than she thinks and that she shouldn't feel so bad about something that could help her keep her balance in life. Simple like that. It doesn't even mention people who doesn't need them.

    Now, I'm really, really sorry about what you went through, but there are plenty of people who had a real change in their life for the better with the help of meds (including two of this song's writers, so they're really writing from experience) and it seems like you're the one dismissing these experiences. Each individual journey with mental health can be very different, what works for one may not work for the other.


    If you watch the show, you'll know they actually addressed that issue of doctors giving bad medication. Of course antidepressants are a big deal, but needing them and taking them correctly does not make you weak, or a failure, and that's the meaning of this song, in the context of the whole narrative...

    Carmen DeAngelo

    Then actually make a song that reflects the issues that everybody has dealt with, not just one person. Actually acknowledge the wide variety of Heath issues, not just generalizing the public’s experience on one.

    Carmen DeAngelo

    If you watched the show you know Rebecca has been on everything but antidepressants up to this point, except the ones her mom puts into her smoothie. Don’t assume something about a person before you have evidence to back it up

    Carmen DeAngelo

    If you feel that way, we will put you in a mental hospital on 8 different meds and see how you fare... as meds are not a big deal! Especially antidepressants!

  92. Katie McGowan

    This song helped me feel less alone.

  93. Thomas Busse

    All psychiatrists need to be gassed. #sfgh

  94. Anis L

    Well-deserved Emmy for Outstanding Choreography for Scripted Programming!👏🏻

  95. Jhonny Roger

    Emmy Winner baby!!

  96. Stephanie Gemino


  97. Clara-Joe Kolterman

    This song gives me life

  98. milkteaaddict

    And remember, don't be a lawyer!