Crass - Poison In A Pretty Pill Lyrics

Your tactile eyes is running over glossy paper,
Printed on with tactile lies of glaze and gause.
They say, "Forget yourself, adorn with this disguise",
This womanhood of smooth and tampered whores.
Let me warn you of their cold sensitivity,
They'll have you gathered in a trap of glass.
Is your reflection all that you will recognise?
That cruel lie will stare you in the face.
Wrapped up in haze and flow of bridal gown,
They tell your lover he must hold a gun.
You're the pornographic reassurance he's a man,
They deal with flesh, incarcerate with rags,
Red lips, shimmer-silk and body-bags,
Hairless legs against the blistered napalms burn.
I want to rape the substance of your downy hair,
In that mist a gutted child fights for air.

Against the fragile, mashed and sweaty wound
Your facile beauty has an outrageous sound,
Like a glamour billboard on a battlefield.
At least the blood-red poppy was of nature will,
That flower perfecting by the barbed wire fence
Must be insulted by your scented poor pretence
Just as I, who finds it hard to touch you now,
You traumatise my love with needle doubts,
I want so gently to remove your mask.
It's hard enough to find water here
In this barrenness of dishonesty and fear
Without you accepting poison in a pretty pill.
Your bondages of silky robes and lace
Are the bandages on a bullet punctured corpses,
The layers of precious imitation worn
Are the layers of history to suffocate the unborn.

Poison, poison, poison, poison
Poison, poison, poison, poison
Poison in a pretty pill.
Poison in a pretty pill.
Poison in a pretty pill, etc...

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Crass Poison In A Pretty Pill Comments
  1. Cristian Mendoza

    The ending Is too fukin legit to quit

  2. richard wilson

    crass wot a band they just sing about wot was going on the world (truth ) and added music to it fucking brilliant band if ur no happy don't listen their music now is worth a fortune dicky fae Dundee

  3. john middleton

    What a great tune.

  4. d cowlam

    There best song?

  5. Deplorable_Brian

    Shouldn't it be cold insensitivity in the lyrics not cold sensitivity.  I hear her say insensitivity.

  6. Jane Doe 138

    Like a glamour billboard on a battlefield, at least the blood red poppy was of nature's will..

    Attack of the The Eye Creatures

    At least the blood-red poppy was of nature's will.

    Jane Doe 138

    Attack of the The Eye Creatures well spotted, I must have been a little distracted when I wrote that - 'tis fixed now ;)

  7. Alan G Mar

    Such a bloody honest message delivered by a real woman herself unlike all these fake mutant vane woman popping up everywhere

  8. deadboy909

    Crass not punk? That's an extreme display of ignorance there.

  9. stay .mellow

    you know nothing my friend