Crass - Demoncrats Lyrics

I am not he, nor master, nor lord,
No crown to wear, no cross to bear in stations.
I am not he, nor shall be, warlord of nations.
These heroes have run before me,
Now dead upon the flesh piles, see?
Waiting for their promised resurrection, there is none.
Nothing but the marker, crown or cross, in stone upon these graves
Promise of the ribbon was all it took,
Where only the strap would leave it's mark upon these slaves.
What flag to thrust into this flesh
Rag, bandage, mop in their flowing death.
Taken aside, they were pointed a way, for god, queen and country,
Now in silence they lie.
They ran beside these masters, children of sorrow,
As slaves to that trilogy they had no future.
They believed in democracy, freedom of speech,
Yet dead on the flesh piles
I hear no breath, I hear no hope, no whisper of faith
From those who have died for some others' privilege.
Out from your palaces, princes and queens,
Out from your churches, you clergy, you christs,
I'll neither live nor die for your dreams.
I'll make no subscription to your paradise.
I'll make no subscription to your paradise.
I'll make no subscription to your paradise.

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Crass Demoncrats Comments

    Democrats are why we sent people out to war if you really think of it and so did Republicans I guess to say. A war for change like always.

  2. Brandon Spivey

    Alan do you have an email I can contact you on.We are making a film about reality Asylum

  3. Nordisk Makt

    Brainwashing anti white jews!

  4. Picnic Boy

    Republicans before election: Vote for us and we'll help our rich friends which will somehow benefit you! Trust us!
    Republicans after election: Yeah... We know this didn't work or anything... But it's the democrats fault... vote for us again.
    Democrats before elections: Vote for us and we'll help you! We actually care unlike the republicans.
    Democrats after elections: Yeeeeah... I know we lied and actually just helped our rich friends but we promise that if you vote for us again we'll do it for real.
    And people wonder why anarchists don't vote.

    Mike Schneider

    Picnic Boy .. thats a understanding of politics from a 4 year old .. its ok if you are a teenager i guess

  5. Wayne Adey

    Democracy has got eff all to do with freedom of speach

  6. magic

    Anarchy would never work we need order no matter what, no matter what type of goverment we have the rich and powerful always find a way to gain control.

    The Lizard King

    Do I have to explain to you what anarchism is? Because people can't just brain power in an anarchist society

  7. Ricky X

    It's as if they are trying to hypnotize people lol 

  8. NiichanNick

    Fuck socialism, communism, democracy. ANARCHY 


    Ever heard of social anarchism?

  9. 2resist36

    Can't believe how popular that comment is when it clearly fails to grasp what communism is as defined by any of its theorists such as Marx or Kropotkin. The USSR was Marxist-Leninist. The USSR was supposed to be a socialist society, a Marxist transitional phase prior to communism. However it wasn't even remotely socialist as it involved a group of elites who controlled all land and property and had control over production. Like capitalism but even more tyrannous due to it being totalitarian.

  10. dinglebatmc macatron

    choking victim :D

  11. Magnus Ballard

    The only difference is that there were less corporations

  12. Connerbishop

    No Gods No Managers*

  13. Belakor Venator

    10 people must be lost on Youtube and in life.

  14. TheUnosay

    No Gods No Masters

  15. mitchell Brochard

    Their records were brilliant,looked like a book with posters etc...Highly political and satirical,love them.
    Still have my record,warr song was my favourite.

  16. Libertatem Veritas

    @Omnicron777 Amen brother.

  17. nymetsrock

    @thatfukinfreakshow wait, what

  18. Mike Hunt


    Thank you for having knowledge and speaking the truth.

  19. Karen Ramone00


  20. nymetsrock

    i dont agree with a lot of democrats, but i have to say, they arent as bad as republicans.

  21. Robert Jordan

    @negativecreep420 Russian communism started out strong and proud and to have a anarchist country you must first have a united group like the USSR who fight against the reform of the Nazis and Catholics. Although poorly run communism is the lesser of two evils.

  22. fistpunxoioi

    Love this!

  23. Skulldrix Jones

    @77Conzilla Well that's a very mislead statement. If the human race is to violent for anarchy then we would have killed eachother off pre-historic.
    Humans are too violent for government and power. I mean, look at how those in authority are violent.

  24. Skulldrix Jones

    @77Conzilla Well that's a very mislead statement. If the human race is to violent for anarchy then we would have killed eachother off pre-historic.

  25. CyborgOctopus

    @negativecreep420 You're confusing Communism and Marxist-Leninism.

  26. Jacob RedElk

    i never said the ussr was stateless or classless.....

  27. HeadHunteR1988

    @negativecreep420 real communism is libertarian/antiauthoritarian/anarchist communism and not marxism/leninism like soviet union.

  28. Benjamin Morey

    @mediattackrecords I don't think there is a 'perfect form of government' as long as humans are fallible, so to are all systems of rule.

  29. tauresule


    Really, isn't having a communist 'officer' an oxymoron? True communism has never existed, and I tell myself this when I think of Russia and China and North Vietnam because those are the places I think of when I think of communism. I have my reservations about communism, but it could work. Anarcho-communism is better than a lot of what we have now at least.

  30. 1stAma

    @negativecreep420 Never heard of Anarcho-communism or anrarcho-syndicalism??

  31. foohk yah

    You know what....Fuck politics.

  32. Burt Morris

    @negativecreep420 exactly and all forms of govt. will only be perverted by those who want power.

  33. Krimewave186

    Good work.

  34. Dakota Henderson

    fuck democrats

  35. Fallinldols

    @deathtotheism Blamming christianity is the biggest scapgoat of all. Weak people that don't want to dive further into the truth usually do this. But its all a fairytale and it really boils down the individual.Most people don't know the truth so they are misinformed and brainwashed.Religious or not. Most peoples religion is the tv and hollywood and their job and other useless shit. But the governments are not religious in anyway. You have to realize this. They are athiests.There religion is power

  36. Fallinldols

    @deathtotheism Look up secret societies like skull n bones, freemasonry, bohemian grove,illuminati. They have been behind the scenes funding both sides of every war since WW1 and i think before that too. War, famine and manufactured disease like AIDS are there tools for their eugenics nightmare. I know its hard to ascertain, but the answer isn't easy if your looking into why is their so much human suffrage in the world. It aint incompetence.

  37. Fallinldols

    @deathtotheism It really does. And this isn't coming from a christian. I pretty much agree with your name, death to theism, even Atheism. We must spiritually evolve from the mind shackles that bounds us from thinking of the greater metaphysical plain. But satanism is the esoteric agenda behind all of government shit. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushs etc are proclaimed in it. Its sounds totally out there but they have histories of blood sacrifice, torture, pedophilia etc.

  38. Fallinldols

    @deathtotheism And the west has never been true free market capitalism. This way everyone says that socialism/communism and capitalism is fascism but when its fascism the whole system is a fraud. We have never seen anything but fascism and secret elites dictating and controlling presidents like puppets on every side of the fake political spectrum for world policy and total greed. Whom ever doesn't go along with the satanist agenda usually gets taken out by the anglo saxon countries or CIA.

  39. maxeskorbu

    AnarchoAlan.... sos alan de beccar?!

  40. xG33Kx

    So many people talking about anarchy and communism and socialism... none of you have ever witnessed what actually goes on. You all live in either a democracy or a constitutional monarchy. Go live under anarchy or communism or socialism, or "communal anarchy" or whatever, then you will actually know what you are talking about.

  41. nalgaface123456789

    was 9/11 an inside joba and is alex jones credible? Im confused

  42. ian chalmers

    anarchist socialism. dont make me laugh.

  43. tra93

    If your wonder how communism and Anarchism go together think of Communism right?Now there isn't a leader, revolution or Dictatorship of the Bourgeois.Now we as Anarcho-Communist have mostly Communist Values but with some Anarchism No leaders ,No Law's,No Gods,No Capitalism So on and so on

    Just look it up

  44. Bruno León Chávez

    Although many realise that the ideals that communists (anti soviet) and anarchists hold are similar. In protests and marches, you will often see them march side by side without prejudice.

  45. Jacob RedElk

    @davegangrena, communism and anarchy dont mix well at all, there is communal anarchism, but most anarchists are bitter about russia, thousands of anarchists were murdered by the communist officers.

  46. Matthew Mazar

    Nothing will every open up those eyes.

  47. Lovehill

    is thiss song is an anti chirst?

  48. panzerfausto

    Obviously, since god is a people's invention

  49. bob733333

    it's stupid people, not God's fault

  50. Rockstar Raccoon

    I have no idea....

  51. j d

    to each his own

  52. Rockstar Raccoon

    Pah! Crass is still so much BETTER than the Clash, so it doesn't matter!

  53. j d

    Kind of funny you should make that comment because steve ignorant and other crass members were huge fans of THE CLASH!

  54. Rockstar Raccoon

    No, I'm an idiot, I was wrong, this IS Demoncrats. Reality Asylum has lines like "Jesu, Whorefucker. He forgives? SHIT He Forgives!", making its subject obvious, this isn't it. It sounds the same, but the words aren't as awesome. XD

  55. blackestcracker

    God's not being blamed. It's Christianity that's being criticized here, and we all know Christianity has nothing to do with God :)


    Like any religion …

  56. Rockstar Raccoon

    this is Reality Asylum, not Demoncrats...

  57. roflwafflex123

    this the shit i dont get why do ppl blame god for bad history T_T

  58. xerhoss

    Wouldn't be the same. To each his own, i suppose, but personally i like what she adds to the mix.

  59. MOBRIEN1234567

    anyone else think crass would be better without the female singer? i find her vocals rely annoying

  60. Edgardo mendoza

    Wow...that was nice.

  61. Markus Williams

    crass..... way ahead of theirs and out time....

  62. Lisa Farabee

    Excellent. Thank you!

  63. AnarchoAlan

    Cheers mate, working on the next batch now.... should be up soon.

  64. AnarchoAlan

    Cheers buddy, more videos soon, keep watching.

  65. randyosbourne

    dude finaly, someone that posts just crass and other crass records this goes for all ur videos anarchoalan im pleased now make more vids

  66. ResidentMich

    Thanx as per usual Alan, your craft, we should all be in awe of. Like the recent footage too which generally gets forgotten as we become obsessed with the past!!! Today is tomorrows past!!!!!