Crash Test Dummies - I'll See What I Can Do Lyrics

I could love you once or twice
I think you'd find it very nice
But then I'd have to call it quits
And tear you're little heart to bits

I think you're gonna come with me
I think you'll like it, too
And when you beg me for some more
I'll see what I can do

I could meet you once or twice
We'd drink our drinks and suck the ice
And I would pay and we would chat
And talk of this and laugh at that and

I think you're gonna come with me
I think you'll like it, too
And when you beg me for some more
I'll see what I can do

And when I take you home to play
And sing my tiny hear away
I think you're gonna like my licks
I think I'm gonna give you my itch, and

I think you're gonna come with me
I think you'll like it, too
And when you beg me for some more
I'll see what I can do
I think you're gonna come with me
I think you'll like it, too
And when you beg me for some more
I'll see what I can do

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Crash Test Dummies I'll See What I Can Do Comments
  1. Scott ??????

    I couldn't sing a lick, except for these guys songs. Once I popped a CD in while driving, my gf was sleeping and I was singing along because I knew she wasn't listen. Didn't hold back at all. She told me when we got home that she woke up and heard me. Said she listen to me sing and was amazed because I sounded just like the lead singer. She always listened to the CD when I was gone because it made her think of me. I think that was one of the coolest thing a girl ever told me. She passed away in 08 and now I think of her when I listen to these songs. I guess that's what they mean when they say something is full circle.

    Thomas Kowalewsky

    awesome but also sad

  2. Andrew Todd

    your ears are ringing from me, true fucking story, lol!

  3. Luciano Melo

    Brasil, legal

  4. Paul Custard

    I think of my ex females(wives) every time I hear this song.

  5. Tom Mc

    I love this song, but when it cuts off, I can't help but sing "how . . . does a duck know . . . what direction south is?"

  6. OllieGief

    Every time this gives me bursts of energy and I can't make use of it

  7. wpg4life1

    Thanks to my pops who had this CD I would play it in my room when me and my little brother would play with our toys. I find myself listening to it more and more such a great album plus they started out in Winnipeg which is where my family is from

  8. DJ TBOne

    What kills me is how people put up a still image just so they can upload music to Youtube. Would it kill someone to change pictures and make it an actual video? There are web sites just for music. This isn't one of them.

  9. Todd Buckley

    Comical fretless bass is the best......Get in touch with me if you want the hat, or t-shirt.....

  10. John Jereb

    Saw them once in Minneapolis, back in the day,96,Mill City music festival,great band!!!!

  11. Montague

    the best bass and drummer ever.

  12. Jumpin Jack


  13. chris lawrence

    going on 47 and I still have the shirts from the tour. love this shit.

  14. Melissa Garrett

    Had a great trip to the mountains and played this CD the whole time, just couldn't get enough, funny that it's so embedded in the memories of that trip, even looking at the pictures just pushes play....🍁🌲🍃

  15. Brian Walker

    93' was boring until this album came out.Great driving music too!

  16. Dustin Burrows

    Always loved CTD.. Especially the first few albums

  17. byronius5

    A truly brilliant song by a brilliant band.

  18. Minnesota Acoustic

    Best track on the album...or maybe the psychic...pretty close...

  19. Arnav Paul

    Great tune with great rhythm.

  20. Mark Jackson

    bought this CD new .. age 22.... awesome song

  21. Mike Oxlong

    I swear this has to be the best snare tone I have ever heard


    A Pearl maple snare, 14 inch diameter, probably 5.5 to 6.5 inches deep, tuned a bit on the high and tight side, with a llllLLOT of compression.


    Every time I talk about any song on this album, I always mention how tight the production is, especially on the drums, but really everything.

    Gar Pearson

    @BadReligion417 ahead of there time..

  22. theTenthlife

    I was nine the first time I heard this album. I loved it then. I'm 31 now and I love it even more. Truly one of the shining gems of 90's music.

    Rubyx Croft

    me too <3


    I'm 29 now, my parents used to listen to this and similar stuff.. loved it then, loving it now.. good times man :) back when radio music kicked some serious butt!

    hollis pencheff

    What is similar? just curious.

  23. rlcrawdaddy

    Tude! Darn spell check!

  24. rlcrawdaddy

    I meant tide not rude! Hee!

  25. rlcrawdaddy

    Tequila in the morning comment has me rolling! Underrated band...tight lyrics, singing and rude! Lovin it.

  26. Jamie Davis

    Perfect ex wife song

    Cast iron1969

    @Jamie Davis read my comment from yrs ago..lmao

    Chad Wade

    Every time i hear it, reminds me of my first WIFE . I miss the trailer park

  27. Thomas Peoples

    rededicate this song to my mom because her brother annoys her, she always says, she is going to disappear.

  28. FloridianScotch

    I just can't help but love this band 

  29. samanthabaxley

    20 years later...and I'm stil listening to the same stuff I was when I was a kid. It's good...

    Nick Day

    Great music never expires I grew up in the 90s and I thank God for that the last great generation

  30. penyuwan

    20 years later, this amazing song and album lives on.

  31. DaperARN

    I want the CTD of the first 3 albums back :-D

  32. Pete Daley

    god i miss this band. hahah i used to listen to this all the time in 93-94

  33. GPSjammer

    I love you all :)

  34. matt williams

    I still love this band!

  35. Kristie Straughn

    Agreed! Your father has/had? great taste! Bravo!

  36. Benjay

    I'm 16 now. I grew up listening to CTD in my dad's car. Now they are my favourite band ever. Anyone in my generation who disregards this song has no taste in music.

    Kyle van Wyk

    Benjay same bro😂

  37. Cirno N euron

    What is funny, It has been almost 20 years now, and I can totally agree with you.

  38. Shreem

    "flew by"

  39. heroclixman1

    yeah it is super odd

  40. Wise n' Frosty

    @kristiek1000 Haha ya she can be I guess, I'm 25 and we live in different cities so when I do see her she won't give me a minute to myself lol. CTD are great memories and I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had the same experience =) Really such a shame they went "poof" like a cloud of smoke, fantastic band. cheers =)

  41. kristie Strsughn

    @AtheismISgod Wow, your mom must be my age as my children have the same memories. She must be a super cool chick...kudos!


    You float by like a summer vacation.


  43. Cosmo Jarvis

    this band is my favorite

  44. FoxXxDen

    Most Awesome Voice Of The World

  45. WheresMattyNow

    @2:50, that solo... so simple, but technically breathtaking!

  46. Marco de la Garza

    @farmhousemedia3000 I agree!!

  47. Wise n' Frosty

    I used to listen to this on tape when i was a kid, my mom was a big fan of CTD. Love it, thanks so much for posting it in this quality =)

  48. The Adequate Gamer

    Best song on the album IMO!

  49. Jennifer Toner

    I miss the time when music was poetic. No one had to scream to get their point across.

  50. illuair472

    @borkityborkbork i feel what u mean. i just bought this on itunes because it reminded me of when i gave my bro a cd of ctd. back in 1996 or 97' and i love every song on this album. The songs are so relateable to many people . :)

  51. borkityborkbork

    ... and to show that putting music up on youtube isn't bad, I just ended up buying this album (again) so I can listen to it .. I have no idea where my old copy is.

  52. borkityborkbork

    I haven't heard this song in years, but my early teens just came flashing back to me .. funny though, listening the lyrics now, they make much more sense now that I'm twice++ the age I was when this came out and I bought it. So fantastic. Also amazing, I immediately knew all the words without hearing it for well over a decade.

  53. felsner1

    TV movies and a messy kitchen...

  54. Sonia Abell

    Thank You~! I love this

  55. David Mitchell

    Crash test dummies are simply awesome.

  56. Sims Time

    104 people have disappeard whils playing hide and seek

  57. swiss irish

    93?really,where is my youth,its nearly fuckin gone,im clingin though for dear life:-)

  58. jaksspring97

    my Jeremy and I always inserted the words "well f*ck you" after the "aren't you even gonna say one thing to me...anymore?"
    Poor guy's GF dumped him then kept hanging around to 'just be friends'. silly girl, didn't she know he was devastated?

  59. scottyhp

    You flew by like a summer vacation...

  60. 78 Enduro

    Ah! Brings back memories... balmy afternoons in North Queensland...listeneing to the Crash Test Dummies.. choofin' on the verandah!

  61. SanityIsForTheWeak0

    I love this song :3 Yes, there's actually someone from generation y who loves CTD :P

  62. Walks》

    ive only recently started getting into the crash test dummies they have some good stuff

  63. brad1380

    first album i ever owend just redicoverd it recently, man its awesome

  64. likes2aplay

    loved it thank ya

  65. Joe Servo

    I was only ten when I bought this album. Damn. Such an awesome song on a really solid album.

  66. Dammiel Mora

    Catchin a sniff of tequila in the morning...
    My memories of Jalisco México!!!

  67. matt mattmatt

    thiis man is a beast

  68. wrnchhead

    God me too. Just thinking that.

  69. Jenny Omikeg

    u just got me laughing myself off with that comment. =D

  70. Gareth Dowling

    Do something else while it's playing then. you're on the world wide web lol

  71. paulo dias

    ja nao se faz disto!!!!!!! BEAUTIFULL

  72. LiviaIndica

    Hey I understand your frustration. But the audio only vids are great for those of us with slower connections. For me, if I wanna watch a 5 minute video I have to wait about 7 minutes for it to load with the sound off first. And only then will it be watchable. I've even got DSL but it's not quite fast enough to work correctly with videos.

  73. Alice Lewis

    No, it's obvious

  74. Prometheus1st

    what's cool is....

    He still has that Hottie Wife.

    He still has it....

    His music just reinforces it.

    I am a it odvious?

    LOL :P

  75. KINGKURT14

    @toseller. this music really makes you ponder sometimes. but apart fromthis is is good relaxing mst of the time

  76. wrnchhead

    Tell me about it.

  77. Jazzmin Mummert

    i love CTD!!! they are like soo cool!! i love this song so much for some reason haha great song!!!

  78. movAX13h

    "crash test dummies" is the band. the song is called "i think i'll disappear now".

  79. derdings2112

    I love this record. Oh, and the Drummer(s)!!!!
    Mitch's Drumming is so great. He has got THE GROOVE. Wow.

  80. jayson sweet

    why is it call crash test dummies? and this is a relaxing song :)

  81. Becky TheBullet

    fuck I love this song!! xx<3

  82. nardo363636

    one thinggg too me, anymore

  83. Tiltsberg

    don't think so. might be thou

  84. Tom P

    did he say 'messy kitchen' knowing it sounds very similar to 'masturbation?'

    clearly :)

  85. fuckyougoogle

    "You float by like a summer vacation."

    Such a great line.

  86. dabond

    Who is the actress who plays the girl in the video. She looks really familiar.

  87. DrDavenstein

    one of my favorite bands of all time. :)

  88. JediMasterDracus

    one of my favs. used to listen when i was a young chap... sad no one's heard of them in my area.

  89. xyz

    Woooooo Hooooo!!!

  90. mildmyle

    Love Love Love<333333333333333333

  91. wasp714

    this song is so nice!=)

  92. thateldoo

    Yes, this is the best album for having each cut so great to listen to! All of the comments are just great...too bad we don't hear this type of music from todays artists.

  93. sdetoy

    anyone who likes mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm should get the album. if you like this stuff, you won't be disappointed. the entire thing delivers. i love this album.

  94. betty sue Parker

    I don't know how I missed hearing more from this band.
    Just heard MMMMM on the radio yesterday and had to look this band up. Now I must get the CD.

  95. Ste G

    who needs a video, appreciate the music ;)

    ty for posting it.

  96. Mike Mathieson

    Agreed whole-heartedly. I can't even stand the radio when it's on in the background at work. Great song by a great band... I think they still do stuff in Canada no?