Crane, Rozzi - Psycho (Remix) Lyrics

[Pusha T:]
King Push, Rozzi

[Pusha T:]
Maybe I'm psycho, maybe you're right though
They said that 'bout Warhol, they said it 'bout Michael
Or maybe you're all wrong, maybe you're spiteful
I'm just a better me, it's like I'm recycled
If they never loved themselves, how could they like you?
I see how they judgin' you, don't let 'em indite you
They constantly killin' you, don't even give life to
Jesus had haters, and most were disciples

Maybe I'm psycho, maybe I'm a little out of touch
Maybe I'm delusional, or a shot glass away from insane
Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm disconnected from all of reality
But that's fine with me, cause I'm happy here

It's my life, it's my voice, it's my mind, I can do
What I want, all I want, I don't have to ask you
What to do, what to say, I'm so free, I'm so brave
So tonight, be like me, just lift your hands and say "yeah"!

Tonight I'm gonna be as free as birds are
Fly away no matter where or how far
Tonight I'm gonna switch up the way things are
Tear down these walls and break away


I'll do time for my crime if I'm wrong, but I'm right
No need to speak for me, I fight my own fight
I came here by myself and I'm leaving out the same way
Only I can save me, so I'ma take my chances



Try it out, try it out, try it out, hey
Try it out, try it out, try it out, hey
Try it out, try it out, try it out, hey
Try it out, try it out [x2]
You should try it out
You, you, you should, you should


I'm happy here, I'm feeling good here
I'm feeling good, I'm feeling good
I'm happy here
I'm feeling good, I'm feeling good
I'm happy here
I'm feeling good, I'm feeling good
So happy here

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Crane, Rozzi Psycho (Remix) Comments
  1. PayZeg

    On 1,25 Speed its Sounds so much better!

  2. EnterNameHere

    Still listening in 2019!

  3. Jo el

    Damn she is beautiful

  4. Lululuiza


  5. Xaviar Lair

    This song actually keeps me sane.

  6. Monalefae

    Yaaaas guh!!!!! You better sang! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  7. S Y L V I A A L I C E II


  8. Animador Vittorio Rozzi


  9. carlos im


  10. Sachin Samuel

    bestest song most beautiful voice.........its like listening again and again and so on.....awesome just no words for you...unbeleivable....magic...

  11. Suni G

    Love this song!! maybe we are all psycho in many beautifully different ways...

  12. adonicedzdz algeriano

    20/20 i like yessss

  13. 4 Play

    king Push can lyrically master any origin of music. A true artist.

  14. Choy Sin yee

    The sound and video of this song is too commercial for me
    Her voice is so unique and soulful but this song doesn't fit her
    It sounds so awkwardly wrong, the lyrics is just written by a teenage girl, the melody sucks.
    Sorry guys, I love her but I hate the song


    I completely agree. rozzi is freaking amazing, she needs to be singing better shit that this. seriously, her voice is way too good for this pop shit. they did the same to Ariana grande tho so it's no suprise really -.-

    Choy Sin yee

    Whoever make her to sing this shit. I want to punch him in the face.

  15. benjaminthegreat58

    got this stuck in my head

  16. kohljackie

    Love this song and Rozzi's voice

  17. Maximiliano Velazquez Pecker

    Rozzi Crane brought me here :P

  18. Gee Press

    Pentatonix brought me here...She's dope! Then i saw Pusha T- one of my fav rappers, now I'm a huge Rozzi Crane fan

  19. neverscared1001

    Pusha T is the nicest

  20. Kristen Dior

    yeeeaah.. pusha t only reason I'm here. he kilt it.

  21. Krista Smith

    watch out world here comes ROZZI CRAIN

  22. Krista Smith

    this hot I love it !!!!!!!

  23. Kyle Mack

    She actually doesn't sound bad at all! I like her voice

  24. Nick George

    She's a fantastic talent . drop Pusha. this video hides her FANTASTIC voice.

  25. Stacey-Ann Carrington

    pusha t is the only reason why I like this song

  26. Talisa Ceasar

    I really love this song

  27. Bundess

    he is so fly

  28. Elijah Garcia


  29. Stefani Aikens

    What was the video about?

  30. Karen Ng

    Love and hip hop :)

  31. GunStreets


  32. AnthonyOVOXO

    her voice... she's phenomenal

  33. Osiris Ezell

    Pusha T should have did the whole song by his self


    @Osiris Ezell factzzzz

  34. Kim Fuertes

    Love and hip hop brought me here

    Lishar Sitagata

    @Kim Fuertes ME TOO :D

    Michael Aguayza

    +ena lishar how love and hip hop brought you here

    Adrienne Michelle

    Which one? NY, ATL or Hollywood

    Kidron Ramirez

    same!!!😀😀😀😀 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! THIS SONG!!!!!! OMG😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Kidron Ramirez

    +Adrienne Michelle ATL

  35. mynd88

    Pusha had me wanting more.

  36. cynthia macsime

    She got a cute voice

    kizza patrick

    Not Bad

  37. leo jones

    Lol at all the lil kids who dont even know who pusha t is

  38. Adrianna Fisk

    Everyone hating on pusha t man pusha t is the only reason im listening to this he went off

  39. TheVeganWithTheFro

    This is amazing!

  40. Raquel Do Vale

    Muito bom!!

  41. Kini Palominos

    I'm so happy you have a video to this song. I've been waiting every since I saw you on 'The Voice'. Crazy as bitch is on of my favorites too, well they all are. Congrats girl!

  42. Arthur Bucher

    this is a good song

  43. 33J7 // Jub Electron // Jubes

    pusha t with that kanye flow

  44. Attallah Gray

    Love it 😘😘😘😍

  45. Chanel Adams

    Love Pusha T in this song !

  46. AmandaKay

    I love this so much. I wish this version could have the full "IM haaaapy hereeee" part cause thats beautiful. But I love it so muchhhh

  47. Elsa

    I love Rozzi's voice in more acoustic songs it's a shame this video and song and video don't show her talents

  48. Mirriam M

    LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!

  49. DocMc Stuffins

    This was better without the rap.

  50. gold6011

    Keep Fighting!!!!

  51. adamdecoder1

    why did that man put tinfoil on his teeth?

    Slimm Corleone'

    Foil, bet you can't afford it.

    Roshane Bennett

    +Djuan Reese yeah dough

    Jimary Bueno

    love this song😀

  52. kjkfjrf

    she is so amazing and her voice so pretti

  53. nattapol l.

    I got her EP!

  54. Buddy Hall

    i fuck with pusha...but this shit wakkk as fuck

  55. Serenityblu23

    she can sing never heard or seen her before

    Kini Palominos

    She's Adam Levine artist. Seen her perform this on the voice


    @Kini Palominos I was wondering when some one from the voice would make  a cd I have only heard or seen one other person before this.  Have u seen or heard anything from them?

  56. Janice Zeno

    Okay I'm ...

    Janice Zeno

    Thanks everyone for listening...♥

    Phillip Catron

    good one love this

    Fede Campamix81

    Beautiful song, good music ;-)

  57. traeann95

    Love love the song. Love her. She's genuine. And her voice is spectacular live. But I don't understand the video or what I'm watching.

  58. Eddy

    This song is great!

  59. TimelessViBe

    this video saturated with illuminati symbolism it aint even funny

    Rachel Talin

    the owls is the number one


    @Aaron Byrd learn some politics before you comment my dude 


    @Aaron Byrd this whole shit is a heirarchy 

    Aaron Byrd

    I apologize for not being paranoid about everything and actually putting forth effort to research things like this. But I guess listening to conspiracy websites is more educational.


    @Aaron Byrd its not being paranoid its calle common sense, won't you have questions on why the same symbols all of a sudden have been appearing on every new mainstream comer music video, and the real famous pop musicians also, why? its a curiosity on why the videos they make ALWAYS have the SAME SYMBOLS, isn't it a little weird to you that all these famous influential people have been throwing up horn, one eye, signs, and have also been pictured in magazines and music videos with one eye covered, the lyrics are esoteric, and dark, why, if i assign 5 kids to draw a valley, and they all come back and show me very similar drawings, i would think they have synchronized minds or they were working on it together, now apply that to these mainstream music videos, somebody or some bodies are working together to put these symbols up there, and the symbols being traced to satanism and esoteric knowledge, and luciferian beliefs, and masonic black magic, why would it be shown so much in all these videos that millions watch, its so much repetition that it registers in your mind as a norm, 

  60. Julez Rulez

    I like this song and she's beautiful. Ex Machina style video.

  61. carlover72

    Love it! Just wish Pusha T had one more verse in the middle of the song.

  62. Jillboard100

    This is insane!

  63. Hal Shapiro


  64. Thiago Matos

    She's cute. That's all.

  65. Daniel Platero Ruiz


  66. Alex Diamandis

    Amazing, my queen.

  67. Karmen J

    I love the message and the images but I just cant,  I cant put that voice and that face together, sorry....

  68. samosatheena

    I think we broke the view count

  69. Ida Giese

    I love you Rozzi, such a big inspiration <3

  70. Paula Dimaano

    Rozzi, you're amazing.