Cranberries, The - This Is The Day Lyrics

I never had a friend like you
This is the day
Your skin is white, your eyes are blue
This is the day

But the wind might change
I will still remain
I will always be there for you


Those thoughts, they circle in my mind
This is the day
The demons I can't leave behind
This is the day

Don't be insecure
I'll be at your door
I will always be there for you

Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Stay safe!
Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Stay safe!
Stay safe!

Par forth thy grace into my mind
This is the day
Par forth thy grace, thou art divine
This is the day

Don't be insecure
I'll be at your door
I will always be there for you

Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Stay safe!
Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Stay safe!
Stay safe!

But the wind might change
I will still remain
I will still be here

But the wind might change
I will still remain
I will always be there for you

Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Stay safe!
Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Faith will save you
Stay safe!
Stay safe!

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Cranberries, The This Is The Day Comments
  1. Diego Andrés Castillo Herrán

    🖤🌱 the best

  2. Silvi Salamander

    This song is TOO much underrated! :')

  3. ELIAZ :v

    Yo No supero su muerte 😢

  4. Qwer Qwer

    Хорошо 👌.

  5. Евгений Кривенко

    Да уж было время... Время моей молодости)) Покойся с миром Долорес О' Риордан!🤘

  6. Plantoid

    a cube moving towards earth

  7. wmfivethree

    Saw her live at Celtic Fest Chicago in 2003(4?), her performance was almost inhumanly flawless. God rest her troubled soul.

  8. Samanosuke akechi

    Does anyone else find the lyrics in the chorus haunting? Idk why but it seems like a sort of futurist warning to me because it's repeated so much.

  9. Ana Polanco

    This is the day Im still listening your Beautiful Voice... RIP

  10. Sergio Pitarch

    Love this song and love this video.

  11. Claudio Tibolla

    Pra sempre vamos ouvir

  12. Adamonkey

    i'm listening this song at Friday, 04/10/2019. See you in 10 Years

  13. canal feliz com a Laurinha Freitas

    Dólares O'riordan sempre ....

  14. Stove Harsh

    I couldn't imagine that you would run away from me like you did..I love you Deloris

  15. Stove Harsh

    Why could've I've met you along time ago? You could've wiped my sins away.

  16. Sara Heart

    Love this song and the video. Wish the guys could have been in it a little more.

  17. pedro juan Carollo

    que paz me da en el alma escucharte cantar dolores

  18. gozde gzdgzd

    Dolores ♥️♥️♥️

  19. Teguh Nuramin

    DOLORES with the Cranberries wow amazing it's beautifull * song by this is NEXT IS THE DAY.. verry good..👍👍

  20. Airton Fernandes


  21. Oscar Harmand

    I love this song and i love dolores !!

  22. Renato Medeiros

    This used to be a pop music.. Look at the young ppl listen nowdays... 😩

    Ice Cold

    This wasn't even POP


    Alternative Rock. Just My Imagination is pop

  23. Rafaela Tomazi

    Que saudade de você minha linda 💟 descanse em paz 06/09/1971🌹_ 15/01/2018✝

  24. Rafaela Tomazi

    I love you Dolores o Riordan💟😻💕

  25. Adrian Dí

    Great and beautiful voice

  26. Николай Серяков1


  27. Guglielmo Rinaldini Finance

    "Faith will save you...Faith will save you..."

  28. Shimaru Ayako

    RIP Dolores O'Riordan Burton my Only One Idol and thanks so much for ur great Songs💖💖💖

  29. Maria del pilar Sanchez roman

    Lo bueno que Diosescucha esta musica allá en el cielo

  30. Dennis Lizana

    Thanks for the great legacy that you left us. You still live own through your music.

  31. Jose Manuel Martinez

    Thanks for ever *DOLORES* I LOVE YOU

  32. Orange Fury

    She was special.

  33. Jay Cap

    I miss you



  35. asdfasdfsafdsfasdf

    song is beautiful, video is mindf*ckingly overwhelmingly broken. sorry, but this video could quite easily actually start epilepsy in someone that has never had it. oh well, what's done is done.

  36. Jorge Mata

    Que hermosa se veía Dolores de cabello largo y negro , tan joven , tan llena de vida , woooow la reina del rock , la hoy leyenda e icono de la música , miss you my queen

    Rodri Garti

    Aún nos queda Garbage. Y no estoy comparando. Me refiero más bien a su generación.

  37. Sara Heart

    It's been a year since Dolores left us. RIP

  38. Robo Lizard Studio

    Why is a whole section of this melody identical to Salvation. Did no one notice that? It's almost note for note:o

    Robo Lizard Studio

    I just listened to it again, yup, almost note for note, right from the get go, and several times throughout the song! It's ok though, that is bound to happen sometimes. It's tough writing multiple songs that all sound different from one another.

    William M.

    @Robo Lizard Studio Yes, it is. Especially if you have a whole collection of them. I am aa fan of Green Day and I notice that a lot with their music as well.

    Oscar Soto

    So what? You are digging to much, do you wanna an award for that?

    William M.

    @Oscar Soto Whoa! He was just making an observation based off of what he had heard. It's not that big a deal. It doesn't matter anymore anyway.

    Robo Lizard Studio

    @Oscar Soto no thanks. I was just pointing it out, because it jumped out at me, in other words, no digging required. And I didn't say it was a bad song or anything, just that it recycyled a lot of notes from another song.

  39. TheArtyYvonne Mixed Media Artist

    Dolores so beautiful RIP 💔

  40. Mr. T

    RIP Dolores

  41. deatth florincd

    Dolores 🌹

  42. M. Angeles Fajardo

    La música y voz que llega a salir en un acorde mi menor salvo unas pasadas en el estribillo de do y la menor cuantas varía iones tiene la música que tema tan bueno como casi todos de cambreries que dulce voz siempre te estaré admirando dolores d. E. P. Juan Miguel Rodríguez higueras

  43. Rafaela Tomazi

    Dolores o Riordan 🖤

  44. Iulian Brok

    it's a very energizing song !

  45. Eva Waziri

    I Lovve you Dolores You are zoo Beatyfull Angel I Love that beatyful song from Ireland Thank You Angel Dolores I will Always miss You Dollores xxx Angel xxx I Love Ireland Thank You xxx


    INDONESIA For Cranberries Forever

  47. replumaz sophie


  48. Emma Moffat

    You are the faith that saved many people in hard times.🌹RIP Dolores.

  49. Pablo Gustavo Flores mejia

    01:15 😁😁

  50. John Boy

    If you can enter Earths atmosphere on the hood of a Cadillac then yes...."This is the Day".......a damn good day ;)

  51. TheCoffeeAddict

    God, the memories are gushing through my head. One of my first CDs. One of my fav all time.

  52. Mati Mat

    Super ...

  53. gerald 413

    Cool tune such a tragety 🌹

  54. Sara Heart

    I love this song.

  55. Fairy Fellers Master Stroke

    The start is the same as the Promises.

  56. Giuseppe Pupella

    Lei è bellissima,splendida,meravigliosa,magica. Lei è magia

  57. kevkno

    The Cranberries always had the most interesting music videos. Full of energy and creativity.

  58. Сергей Осов

    Русские есть вообще?The Granberries - для меня откровение. Долорес О' Риордан.Слушаю,смотрю.В приятном кайфе.Я стал поклонником певицы.Храни Господь её бессмертную душу.

  59. H- D Old School

    The best of the cranberries... thank you cranberries...👍👍❤❤

  60. Joel Samir Couoh Menéndez

    Esta si era música

  61. Delyth Mckendrick

    Very similar to zombie

  62. Delyth Mckendrick

    Love her

  63. Inner Ear Productions

    Damn! Wonderful like usual. I am going to need to figure out how I am going finish working on this tune if I always have your music on repeat! 💟🖖😃💔💕⭐️💞🖤💞🎶

  64. Pamela Dicicco

    my angel

  65. Yael Levy

    Stay dismiss probably csdzcc juice wear computer advantage boyfriend besides dismiss.

  66. Empath Caroline

    Love this song RIP Dolores

  67. Nicholas Geoghan

    She is singing about Jesus

  68. Nocturnal RS

    Riding the Tesla Roadster to heaven lol.

  69. MinoriTerre


  70. SADat4AM

    unliked and liked so it could be again in the top of my list :'')

  71. Pugsheen Dog

    R.I.P 💔😢🙁

  72. Andrew Burns

    What a wonderful composition! Time to get to work myself. Hearing your music always inspires me!

  73. RacBeat girl

    best of the 90s

  74. Александр Л

    я расскажу о тебе свое дочери.

  75. irishguy200007

    So that is where Elon Musk got the idea of a car around the earth.

  76. Александр Л

    я не знаю о чем ты поешь.... но я уверен что только о хорошем. царство тебе небесного.

  77. Lennon1978s

    make good dolores.I will always have you in my mind.

  78. Paco Rhymes

    we will never forget you

  79. Ilnar Rakhimov

    Долорес спасибо !!!!!!!

  80. Andrea S

    How can someone sing like this and be so physically beautiful too? She was captivating.Nothing will ever be quite like her :(

  81. Miss Jerrica

    The Cranberries is popular in Philippines and USA, awesome band

  82. Gizem Çalışkan

    She is my angel I love you so much Dolores see me from away!!! o benim meleğim Dolores seni çok seviyorum beni uzaklardan gör!!!

  83. mallorcacasaymassl

    Very nice song rest in peace 😢

  84. RacBeat girl

    physical pain and bipolar disorder is extremely difficult. i know i struggle everyday with both. but God keeps me going and wants me to live. my problems have only made me stronger and more compassionate towards others. i understand darkness cause ive been there way too many times. but if u look hard enough, there is always hope and light in the darknest hour.

  85. julieta barbosa


  86. Gigliola Fratarcangeli

    Adesso ci sei veramente tra le stelle.💟

    Roberto Dal Santo

    Giliola e Davide finché continueremo a ricordarla così ,vivrà per sempre anche quaggiù

    Cotoletta aaa

    Roberto Dal Santo esatto

  87. Esteban Mata Vargas

    Despite the fact you haven´t been born when W.B. Yeats wrote these verses, I´m pretty sure he was thinking about you, Dolores.

    “A girl arose that had red mournful lips
    and seemed the greatness of the world in tears,
    doomed like Odysseus and the labouring ships
    and proud as Priam murdered with his peers”

  88. Alejandra Jacobo

    So gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  89. Massimo Manfuso

    un pezzetto del mio cuore ha smesso di battere ma tutto il resto lo costringe a muoversi ancora. Per me sei più di quel pezzetto.

  90. Sara Heart

    The drumming is great. Wish they had included the band more.

  91. Nicholas Geoghan

    Jesus does save. You are in Heaven now because of your Faith.

  92. RA GH

    RIP DOLORES ...🎶🎵❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  93. Nirajan Pradhan

    God did unfair

  94. Fernanda Ribeiro

    Eu vou ter tantas saúdades tuas !!! ❤

  95. Bintang eka


  96. Nirvana Nevermind

    When You re Gone Dolores... You are left us so early with my childhood memories... But your music lives forever ... We never forget... #rip

  97. Patty Huanosto