Cranberries, The - Schizophrenic Playboys Lyrics

Lalalala, lalala-a

She meticulously curls her hair, her hair, her hair, her long blond hair
Applies mascara with the greatest care, with care, with care, the utmost care
She puts on lipstick that is scarlet red, she’s already fairly off her head
Fishnet stockings and a bottle of wine, she’s fine, she’s fine, she thinks she’s fine

Girls, you better watch out, schizophrenic playboys
Cannot handle their toys, lalalala
Girls, you better watch out (ah ah ah), schizophrenic playboys (ah ah ah)
Cannot handle their toys (ah ah ah), lalalala

(Out, out, out, out, out)

Baby baby will you come with me, with me, with me, please come with me
I’ll take you places that you’d rather be, to be, to be, to come with me
Driving faster now in his car, now she knows that she has gone too far
In the morning she is in his bed, his bed, his bed, her eyes are red

Girls, you better watch out (ah ah ah), schizophrenic playboys (ah ah ah)
Cannot handle their toys (ah ah ah), lalalala
Girls, you better watch out (ah ah ah), schizophrenic playboys (ah ah ah)
Cannot handle their toys (ah ah ah), lalalala

(Out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out)
I’m in, I’m out, I’m out, I’m in, I’m out, I’m out

Boys you better watch out (ah ah ah), schizophrenic playgirls (ah ah ah)
Cannot have of your bed pearls (ah ah ah), lalalala
Girls, you better watch out (ah ah ah), schizophrenic playboys (ah ah ah)
Cannot handle their toys (ah ah ah), lalalala
Lalalala, lalalala, lalalala

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Cranberries, The Schizophrenic Playboys Comments
  1. Emmanuel Brito

    Que buen tema dolores o'riordan tenía una voz única una gran cantante es una pena que allá muerto

  2. Joey Matthew

    Can’t believe I can’t find a single cover of this song anywhere.

  3. Oscar Soto

    Dolores ❤❤❤❤without dolores there is not cramberries

  4. OLA 5555

    I love this song.

  5. 80's Geek

    Love this track, I can't help wondering who it is about

  6. Isabel Neves

    Today, a great mental health professional told me that this need for birth is a symptom of inner emptiness.

  7. Jaime Enrique Concha Gómez

    Dolores y Cranberries brindaron juntos y por separado un estilo magistral que no muere.

  8. Shithead Sakularssohn

    giiiiirls you better watch out schizophrenic playbooooooys cannot handle their toooooys lalalala

  9. Giovanni Magliocco

    One of my favourite songs... So hauntingly intense and emotionally powerful. Rest in peace Dolores! i love you.

  10. Freddy Master

    The intro reminds me Numb by The Cure

  11. Isabela C.

    Most will be listening to Zombie because it is the most known and commercial song, but according to my taste, this song is a musical jewel, rest in peace Dolores.


    There are songs the Cranberries did,that it boggles my mind they weren't noticed (in a bigger way). Like this one,or Astral Projection....instant CLASSIC!


    kmsharley75 I totally agree, there are miryads of Cranberries songs that are wonderful Yet so underated.

    B**** G****

    People aren’t intelligent enough anymore to decide for themselves what’s good.

    Tina Stanley


  12. Vilmar Sodré de Carvalho

    Demais! muito linda!

  13. Andrés Nuñez

    the best cranberries

  14. Kailan mx

    Me encanta!!!!

  15. Mohamed Ibrahim

    terrible mixing x_x

  16. Desolate Soul

    Thank You. Amazing song.

  17. Desolate Soul

    My personal fav from Roses. Amazing song. Long live this great band!

  18. Dani Molina Garcia

    Los mas grandes

  19. zerocool1ist

    I have to grit my teeth to listen to the only 4 tracks I like on the albulm.



  21. Dame Sitorus

    I love this!

  22. PedjaUnderMySkin

    great new song..

  23. J G

    anyone explain the lyrics to me

    Hanan Hamad

    What I got from it is (could be completely wrong tho): the song is basically warning how in a blink of a moment a girl could loose her virginity and afterwards could regret it badly. The first part is talking about how a girl is getting ready with the hair, mascara, lips, .... to go out for a party or something. Then we have got 'Baby please come with me', as in the boy being first very 'nice' and trying to trick the girl into following him and 'Driving faster in his car, now she knows she has gone too far' as in there is no way back because they are in a place where nobody could possibly find them. And then we have got 'In the morning she was in his bed, her eyes are red' and this tells us that he took her virginity and her eyes were red because she was crying tears of regret. The title is chosen to be 'shizophrenic' playboys because when you have shizophrenia you hear stuff that in the real world are not hearable and just aren't there. And so they mean that the boy is hearing the permission of the girl in his imagination, but really she didn't give him the permission at all.

  24. Fiorella Viru L.

    this song reminds me of the 90's, i don't know why...

  25. maor malik

    I think this song should be a hit on the radio or on MTV

  26. Kruegerisgod

    funny, the cranberries are cool

  27. Lobo Feroz

    Jajajajajajaja!!!!! XD I think the same XD

  28. BirdZoul

    I think this version is great and in "live"...they did it on that way,shows that they are great musicians to make different versions of his songs

  29. BirdZoul

    Muchas,Muchas,Muchas gracias por la canción hace mcuho que la quería y por fin esya,Gracias
    Many, Many, Many thanks for the song that has long wanted and finally i found , Thanks

  30. Kruegerisgod

    i'll cum with you, dolores haha

  31. Nyhousedancer7

    Not only the Best song on the album
    But this is the Best Cranberries song EVER!!!

  32. Rachael Burke

    favourite on the album. love the cranberries

  33. Kirstie Imelda

    GREAT!!! Their songs never fail to send me shiverssss

  34. Roberta Foraci

    i love this song. it makes me recall to the faithfull departed!

  35. Nyhousedancer7

    The best Cranberries album and this song is the best of it all!!

  36. Michelle Medina

    Another awesome one!!! Thank you for sharing!!\

  37. Daniele Gomes

    Very well! Like before!

  38. SuperMemzzz

    How and why in the name of god they didn't do this song with distortion?! All of their concert versions were! This could be that one heavy song in their album (they always have one token don't they?!)! Why made everything acoustic :(

  39. cylon74




  41. janisj5

    this is my favourite from ''roses''!