Cranberries, The - Like You Used To Lyrics

When I think about the things I said to you last night
Well I was wrong, I didn't know what I was saying
Anything that wants you

You used to hold me so tight
But now it's gone, and you drastically ??
Don't you love me anymore, anymore, anymore?
Don't you see me, like you used to?
Like you used to.

You used to see me like nobody else could,
And now it's gone, the way you're falling forever, ever.
And when they told me then that you were no more
Should I leave? Or should I take it all behind me?

Don't you love me anymore, anymore?
Don't you see me, like you used to?
Like you used to.

I'm falling down
Falling down, falling down, falling down
I'm falling down
Falling down, falling down, falling down
I believe you.

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Cranberries, The Like You Used To Comments
  1. James Scot

    Thank you!

  2. abnunga

    "Anything that wants you, you used to hold me so tight" lyric should be "and to think that once you used to hold me so tight"

  3. Conan NinteenEightyEight

    Now that the song has been released in the 25th year anniversary edition, Does anybody understand what are the lyrics in the part when she says "And now is gone, and you were drastrically *******" ?


    Really? looking forward to hear the clean version of this song. My guess is "faded"

    Conan NinteenEightyEight

    @msnid9 other guess is Bailing, could that make sense? I'm not a native English speaker

    A R

    I agree... Faded

    Conan NinteenEightyEight

    It seems to me that there is a L at the end of the word, Could it be "failing"?

  4. Kamil Malecki

    If we had been born in islam world I would never have seen her face, I would never heard her voice, I would never red a single word of her lyrics.

  5. sweetness cranberry

    I love that song ❤❤

  6. Koray Erdem KILIÇ


  7. Rabi3a Smaoui


  8. gilnogueira2012

  9. Haberin Olsun

    RIP Dolores...

  10. Filippo petrognano

    Thank you Cranberries

  11. Filippo petrognano

    Some times this music is the only hope

  12. Ars MC

    Great song

  13. kenny P

    Love her voice 

  14. ThePatheticOblivion

    is last comment 1 year ago??? ohh, i can't believe this..

  15. Rosie Posie

    I heard this song while listening to my Cranberries playlist on iTunes yesterday. I can't find it now; it must be under a different name. I just downloaded from pirate bay.

  16. manifestman132

    I think the song was from around the time uncetian came out but I think this song is no album song.

  17. Laura Roque

    Totalmente de acuerdo, es una canción exquisita de principio a fin.

  18. azza jay

    demo song probably before we recorded uncertain so this was probably recorded in 1990! uncertain came out in 1991 then , there success happened with everybody else in 1993 , i love these lyrics such a cool song !


    Esta canción me hace viajar en el tiempo!

  20. musikavane

    She's like a little wet bird when she sings song like this.... It's feels like cuddleing her..

  21. paulywogs

    I was going to put a link up to the site where you can hear the whole Fanning Sessions when The Cranberries performed in 1993 but YouTube won't let me!

  22. Piotr Rajchembach

    This song is from the Dave Fanning Sessions 1993. You can hear it on Radio RTÉ 2Fm, December 7 at 11 pm (Irish time) :)


    K thx..time to get my Timemachine

  23. Andrea Calestani

    @TheTAMANTAMAN Hi, truly I don' know where this song come from. A friend of mine made a cd with many Cranberries' songs (almost 30!) and i get this song there. Maybe he downloaded it using eMule, but I'm not sure. For sure it's a B-Side, written in the earlies 90's, maybe before the 1st album...
    Pleased you liked it, thanks for comment. Bye!

  24. azza jay

    love love this song !!! role on the new album 2011!

  25. Amiya aka maya Pelayo


  26. dolitsa

    the lyrics are not correct....this is a very fav song by the crans. wish it was released

  27. dolitsa

    the lyrics are no correct....

  28. Rach A

    I luuuuuuuuuuuuurve Dolores foreverrrrrrrrrrrr xxx

  29. sopademiso


  30. Luis Hernández

    have you heard about "the same old story" "serious" or "iosa" unreleased cranberries song also =9

  31. Amiya aka maya Pelayo


  32. Andrea Calestani

    @ImaginarySacrifice i'm not sure but i think this b-side haven't ever been included in any album. anyway, is one of the earliest song for sure.

  33. Andrea Calestani

    @donponcho87 penso que no, però no sey seguro...



  35. Alfonso Roldan

    Es un cover? alguien me puede decir


    Alfonso Roldan Obvio que no

  36. Andrea Calestani

    lo penso anch'io... ciao e grazie!

  37. Andrea Calestani

    that's exactly what i thought, when i heard it last spring (after so many time!) ;) thanks for comment and merry Christmas!

  38. Lobo Feroz

    So sad, so sad, memories come back T_T. Great song, I just love it. Thx a lot.

  39. Andrea Calestani

    i'm pleased you liked it...

    Bye! :)

  40. Rach A

    this song is fab, gr8 post thanks !!!

  41. Andrea Calestani

    I'd pass you, but I live on the other coast of the ocean, you know... ;-)
    Bye and thanks for comment!

  42. Andrea Calestani

    Thanks for comment!
    Maybe one of their best songs of that period... bye!

  43. jebigatisad

    thanks for this video
    the song is great!!!