Cranberries, The - God Be With You Lyrics

The truth will ever hide
Even though I tried
They tried to take my pride
But they only took my father from me
They only took my father
Even though I cried
Even though I tried again

God be with you Ireland
God be with you Ireland

Sometimes I was afraid
Even though I prayed
I've lost my religion now
You took that too somehow
Blood upon thy hands
Blood upon thy hands again

(I have served my time)
God be with you Ireland
(Suffered for my crime)
God be with you Ireland

(I have served my time)
God be with you Ireland
(Suffered for my crime)
God be with you Ireland

God be with you now
God be with you now
God be with you now
God be with you now

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Cranberries, The God Be With You Comments

    Jihadist cunts will try to take over Ireland in the future...

  2. Marcos Antonio Marquinhos

    god be with you Dolores.

  3. Romilos Fronimides

    39 Brits disliked the song!

  4. Romilos Fronimides

    Incredible emotional song. The following is the lyrics' translation in Greek: 🍀

    Η αλήθεια ποτέ δεν θα κρυφτεί
    Ακόμα κι αν προσπάθησα
    Προσπάθησαν να μου κλέψουν την τιμή μου
    Αλλά απλώς μου στέρησαν τον πατέρα μου

    Μου σκότωσαν τον πατέρα
    Κι αν κι έκλαψα
    Κι αν ακόμα ξαναπροσπάθησα
    Ο Θεός να σε προστατεύει Ιρλανδία μου

    Ο Θεός να σε προστατεύει Ιρλανδία μου

    Κάποτε φοβόμουν
    Αν και προσευχόμουν
    Μα τώρα έχασα την Πίστη μου
    Εσείς μου την κλέψατε

    Το αίμα που 'ναι βαμμένα τα χέρια σας
    Το αίμα που 'ναι ξανά βαμμένα τα χέρια σας

    Ο Θεός να σε προστατεύει Ιρλανδία μου! ❤

  5. The Irritated Irishman

    If Irish diaspora are speaking up for Ireland it’s because we’re suppose to do it. If someone out there has an issue with it it’s because they’re Leantóir Bastard Madras.

  6. Selena Pap

    Who is here because of Vengeance Rain?

  7. psy cho

    beautifull song

  8. The Irritated Irishman

    Go raibh maith agat Dolores for everything.

  9. Shawn Joyce

    Up the RA!!!!

  10. Dawid Warszawski

    No Brexit!

  11. Δημητρης Keziah Delaney

    Ι am Greek, living in Northern Ireland. Irish people are indigenous not anglo-saxonic tribes. English started sending Scotish and English to the island to raise the numbers of protestants. In my eyes the Northern part of the country is under occupation by the British. Don't want to disrespect protestants of the Ireland after all i pray for peace to last and i have friends from both sides. But facts are facts.

  12. Bohdan Savchenko

    In 1916, bhuail ionadaithe ó ghluaiseachtaí náisiúnta na hÚcráine agus na hÉireann le chéile ag Tríú Comhdháil Peoples i Lausanne, a d'eagraigh Aontas na nDaoine, chun comhghníomhartha a phlé chun daoine ó gach tír a shaoradh. Sin ceart.

  13. Bohdan Savchenko

    Beidh Dia leat i gcónaí le Gaeilge!!! Cuimhníonn Arm Insurgent na hÚcráine ar ghorta shaorga 1845-1847 a rinne Coróin na Breataine i gcoinne dhaonra na hÉireann, agus is cuimhin leis freisin go raibh Éire ina chónaí in 850 bliaini gcogadh leanúnach as a shaoirse. Fan deartháireacha agus deirfiúracha! Dúirt ár bhfile Úcráinis Taras Shevchenko: "An comhrac agus an troid!" Tá an uacht gafa ag fuil an ionraidh! p.s. Ádh mór duit Óglaigh na hÉireann!

  14. 深月藍

    ドロレス オーリンダンが亡くなっていたことを今さっき知りました。

  15. Mírian Ribeiro

    RE Listening in 26/06/2019.... 🇮🇪❤️🇧🇷 Love Dolores and The Cranberries forever! You are and will be amazing for eternity! #BraziliansCranberriesFans

  16. quizatz haderach

    Croats love you!God be with you!

  17. Cabal Cabal

    what a voice.... why we lost her...russia with you forever...

  18. Mike Russo

    Fuck Ireland

  19. Rassa Eyeswideopen Whelan

    32 or nothing .. Continuity not Compromise .....

  20. Strolch Rebel

    Irland to back to the Irish

  21. Matthew Lewis

    It isn’t an American story.
    It’s an Irish one

    (Typing that almost brought a few tears)

  22. ogrebattle22763

    Tiocfaidh ar la...........

  23. Kate Goodwin

    Her voice is so beautiful on this.

  24. Kate Goodwin


  25. Marz BlackBannerz

    Rest in peace Delores..thank you all Irish fam for your support during the lebanese war ❤

  26. สุพจน์ ย้อมปัญญา


  27. Casper Ockley

    Listening to this on St. Pat’s! 👍🤙🇮🇪☘️ #ireland

  28. Frank Dellkamp

    Ich güsse meine irischen Brüder und Schwestern........... Grüsse aus Germanien........❤

  29. Janele z Liku

    I will never forget you, Dolores*

  30. Anup L k

    Irish ppl are cowards fighters gave blood for the whole Ireland to become one and they had to continue their fight

    carl benson

    Ireland isn't one yet you fucking idiot wtf do you know about it? Stfu 🤣

  31. Заур Таскаев

    people,!!! when you finally realize that religion is from the devil, the Jews already openly tell you, stupid bastards talk about it without embarrassment, it was they who invented all this shit and rubbed their Jewish hands, looking at how blood shed Yalyudets around the world !!! think over the assholes thrust these fucking religions in the ass to the devil - he invented it all and live in peace and harmony, and the Jewish bastards fuck you to hell with them - they come from there asshole !!!!!

  32. Retro Fan

    Quite a bit symbolism in this video starting with the flashing headlight and eye, the naked dancer moving her hands over her eyes.

  33. Nelson Fluckz

    i just love this song

  34. Frankie Finn

    Oglaigh na hEireann Saoirsh Erie Taiocfaidh Ar La

  35. Alan L

    God be with you Ireland
    You bet you life on it.
    Fight goes on

  36. Dallas Checo

    Cerdos ingleses siempre jodiendo

  37. Мартин

    Great song, great people - the Irish !!

    God bless Ireland....

    ....and the British, this is the dirtiest Anglo-Saxon nation in the world !!

  38. Charles Bronson

    God bless the Irish ☘️


    Greece be with you ireland

  40. A J Nelson

    Wasn't the IRA infiltrated by MI6? That's when they started to bomb innocent people and create havoc that turned everyone against the IRA and Irish Independence movement. Of course, the British government has been running psyops like that for generations.
    Besides infiltrating and destroying any Resistance, The British Deep State do "Label Lynching" to demonize anyone who fights against their Tyranny. They called George Washington a Terrorist and there are still sell-outs in the USA today who do the same.

  41. Aeteros Rusbody

    26+6=1. That's Irish maths

  42. Pauline de Rooij


  43. Dawid Warszawski

    God Be With You Ireland

  44. Kfir Yakoel

    god be with you babe.

  45. mcmeans36

    i consider myself a bastard son of Erin because the blood in my veins. but,im from Texas and cant even pretend to fathom what my Brothers and Sisters have endured in the troubles. All i can do is send my prayers and raise a pint of stout in yalls name. GOD bless the Irish. worldwide.

  46. 2006xedos

    Absolutely number 1👍

  47. ogrebattle22763

    "The truth will ever hide
    Even though I tried
    They tried to take my pride
    But they only took my father from me
    They only took my father
    Even though I cried
    Even though I tried again"..........

  48. ogrebattle22763

    "Tiocfaidh ar la"..........

  49. Boondock Saint

    God Bless and Rest in Peace, Dolores!!!

  50. Winnow H.

    Today, May 26th, 2018, Ireland legalized murder. Blood upon thy hands! Blood upon THY HANDS!!!
    God be with you, Ireland, God be with you...

  51. Kaan Kurt

    U r so away from us yet we r brothers, can anyone tell me why? Ireland s one of the closest to u.k. but never said ok to them n thats why sincerely, congrats...

  52. John Ingersoll

    For each time we try, but our family is taken... God Be with You Ireland! Slainte!

  53. Mohammad Sayam Khan

    Rest in peace rockstar

  54. Leonard Hughes

    I'd like this song to be also be played at my funeral.

  55. gungho1345

    Erin go bragh, gra mo chroi

  56. Huss Huss

    Syria is with you Ireland
    Ireland is sovereign just like Syria
    Our day will come

    Nick Karagiannis

    Never give up!!!!!


    Assad must go

  57. Shargas ttz

    Why?!????! Did you have to take her???? Her?!?!? I will never forgive you for that.....Never.........

  58. Sòle Croce

    Per suicidarsi non occorre essere brave persone, almeno i nazisti si suicidavano

  59. Dawid Warszawski

    God be with you Dolores. Slainte.

  60. Luca R

    i cant believe you have flew away...

  61. mickey huntEr

    Rip Dolores o' Riordan

  62. Rishabh Sharma

    RIP Dolores..:(

  63. Violet Vixen

    Rest easy, Dolores. Heaven is lucky to have an angel with such an amazing voice.

  64. Corey Cassidy

    R.I.P Dolores Your Nation Feels The Loss Thats For Sure.... May Your Voice Continue To Show The World The Truth!
    Folaíonn Dia ar neamh duit

  65. Adam Ibrahim

    Rest in Peace my Dolores .

  66. Strolch Rebel

    Die Stimme unvergessen !!

  67. upsidedahead

    Today i wept 😢

  68. acburkejr

    Requiescat in Pace, Dolores. A very sad day for all the Irish.

  69. Maceo Nkisi

    RIP Dolores.....


    God Bless You Ireland......

  70. Shawn Joyce

    My heart aches...R.I.P. ( Dolores O’Riordan )

  71. Shawn Joyce

    God be with ya Dolores. Rest in Peace 01/15/2018

  72. Rony Elisandro

    God be with you, Dolores. Thank You for share part of your life with us.

  73. carlos hugo pumarega

    R.I.P DOLORES Ireland is less Ireland now

  74. Eternal Darkness

    God be with you Dolores :(

  75. Ben Healy

    R.I.P God be with you Delores

  76. vincent gogol

    Triste perte de cette merveilleuse chanteuse!

  77. Autumn Daze-1

    RIP beautiful lady! Great song; Devil's Own, great movie. God be with you Ireland!

  78. Jens Juknischke

    RIP Dolores!!

  79. Giovanni Pippinardi

    God be with You...Dolores.

  80. Julie P




    Ryan Citrin

    M DJAOUHAR neither of them...ever forgotten

  82. deadmous3

    god be with you Dolores. I love you. :'(


    Dolores live forever. That what i think..


    Miss her.... that voice....

  83. MaliceMouse

    May the gods speed you home.

  84. Myperfectstore

    RIP Dolores. God be with you !

  85. mkelly481

    RIP Dolores

  86. Michael Anthony

    Rest in peace

  87. LeoSun AriesRising

    Rip Dolores O'Riordan :(

  88. BackRoad TV

    RIP Dolores

  89. nuisance34

    goodbye my dear *wipes tears silently*

  90. VitoccoBus

    God be with you Dolores...
    RIP 😭😭😭