Cranberries, The - Go Your Own Way Lyrics

Loving you
Isn't the right thing to do
How can I ever change things
That I feel

If I could
Maybe I'd give you my world
How can I
When you won't take it from me

You can go your own way
Go your own way
You can call it
Another lonely day
You can go your own way
Go your own way

Tell me why
Everything turned around
Packing up
Shacking up's all you wanna do

If I could
Baby I'd give you my world
Open up
Everything's waiting for you

You can go your own way
Go your own way
You can call it
Another lonely day
You can go your own way
Go your own way

Ah, ah, ah...

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Cranberries, The Go Your Own Way Comments
  1. El antoine Viejon

    Another legend in the music been listening to cranberries since mid 90s
    R.i.p dolores

  2. Francesco Moretta

    I'll miss you, Dolores!!! TOO MUCH!

  3. Alexander Forestieri

    Oh Dolores ,Thanks for gives to us your art

  4. Victor Delvigne

    Cool la reprise 👊 the cranberrys 🌹

  5. andy peters

    I like this ver. it got kick!

  6. Alexander Forestieri

    Rest in peace

  7. JustFor KMW

    R.I.P. Dolores... SLANTE!!!!

  8. Alex Pal

    Equal quality, even better vocaly, with the Fleet's. Dolores sings us from Heaven !!!

  9. John Sinnott

    Are you gi s fans nuts 🥜 134 down you should be a shamed of your self ? ☘️🇮🇪☘️⚓️👍

  10. phillip king

    study communist manifesto then take "cognitive bias" to all western info

  11. Thomas Hofheinz

    It would have been sublime to hear Lindsey Buckingham and Riordan do a duet of this.

  12. SolyLuna Luz

    I Will always miss you perfect girl

  13. chs herrera

    esos ojos azules sofia reyes

  14. Kyril J

    I used to love Fleetwood Mac but their childish behavior in such old age makes them intolerable now. Delores did this song much better!

  15. Tommy Cawley


  16. Bobby McCowan

    she sing this better then fleetwoodmac

  17. Leonardo Emanuel Rivadeneira

    The best cover of Fleetwood Mac

  18. Kazadi 74

    i love you Dolores!!! rest in peace Princess

  19. Pepijn Bosch

    Good! So very good.

  20. Gin T.

    When one of your favourite bands cover your other favourite band

  21. Joe McKenzie

    What a tune

  22. mmattew58

    you went on your way my love ....R.I.P

  23. millerjohn619

    Heaven's choir has a new lead angel.

  24. Kazadi 74

    RIP Princess on ne t'oubliera jamais

    ETB of the INS

    Just preordered their forthcoming final album (due out April 2019). She was extraordinary, literally just one of a kind.

  25. razor sharpe

    Still hurts that she's gone.. We missed out on so much more great music to come. R.I.P. Delores.

  26. Maike Schmidt

    You are in my heart and in my head for ever

  27. Fayrie Wytch

    I had no idea Dolores was gone. What happened?

  28. Mark milky Hammett

    Why does this so called 'God' constantly rob us of the 'Good' in life???????..... 🎶if there really was a god here🎵 he'd of raised a hand by now 🎶🎵

    Godric Salazar

    Maybe he's taking the best of us because we don't deserve them anymore... Have you ever thought of that?

  29. jim1a2a

    Its sad but when you look at her when she was so much younger and full of energy and vitality it would end as it did for her, prompting the question Was It Worth It?

  30. timmi magic333

    Love her voice

    Julius Gutierrez

    Beautiful voice, beautiful soul, beautiful woman, RIP Dolores O'Riordan. 😭

  31. Tina Stanley

    Just so sad.

  32. MacLoisel

    Whenever I hear this cover, my eyes fill with tears. Good bye and rest in Peace Dolores O'Riordan.
    Thanks for sharing
    Lois Lane

  33. janotir 530 Flock

    i hear i n every song of them as lik this message according to the sound of her voice:
    Never you mind me , i am happy and always will be, because i take it as it comes and leave it as it is solved. hope it is true, because she is not gone at all.

  34. focka facebook

    Why is this not at the top when you search 'go your own way cover'? RIP

  35. Bob23973

    This is awesome.

    ...i don't even know the original. (:

  36. Zara Kelly

    Rest in peace Dolores loved ur voice and your music

  37. Mo Kahn

    Oh Dolores :(

  38. Jeffrey Scott

    i bought the CD in the 90s that had "Free To Decide" on it and never heard this gem till a few weeks ago. i'm am totally addicted to it now lol

    rest in piece Dolores, your voice is a treasure and will live on in infamy. if there's a heaven, i know you're up there. thank you for what you left for us, thank you thank you and thank god for the gift that he gave us in your voice and your talent

  39. jean baptiste Baudin

    Shu a shame qu'elle tristesse .

  40. Branimir Fabek

    This was (ACTUALLY) written for Dolores' voice. ;-)

  41. Luca R

    fleetwood Mac cover... to me better than the original but its my opinion, i dont know the story of the fleetwood... just loved Dolores... 💔 so proud to say that i m her fan for ever.

  42. samhain163 163

    precious song . RIP Dolores .

  43. Tommy Popplewell

    That is the shit RIP girl

  44. razor sharpe

    Thank you for this Lois. Still can't believe her and Tom Petty are gone. Thank God the beauty of their music never will.

  45. Charles

    RIP Deloris, unfortunately Lindsey Buckingham has been fired from Fleetwood Mac.

  46. Tona Toporiš


  47. Thank You

    Everything she did is gold what a beautiful voice

  48. indigodaly

    Beautiful cover, RIP Delores O'Riordan

  49. liam mc manus

    Yeah I normally have no time for covers but this is spellbounding!!

  50. AK Berlin live

    Rest in Peace! <3

  51. Casey E. Leydon

    If I could
    Maybe I'd give you my world
    How can I
    When you won't take it from me

  52. Leo king

    Rip dolores

  53. Gerard Quinn

    when our little island producing artists like this it always makes me proud 2b Irish pure class sad day for Ireland RIP true legend

  54. Kieran O' Grady

    you can go your own way

  55. InfinitiG35

    I needed to smile today, hearing this made me smile, thanks for sharing

  56. maksudul hoq

    Rest in peace Dolores. We miss you from Bangladesh.

  57. oneeye willy

    See you in the heavens

  58. Orla

    such a power house of a woman!

  59. jimi shawcross

    I heard Dolores is doing 5 shows a night up in Heaven.....SRO

  60. James O Neill

    If theirs one voice that can sing this song as good as fleetwood mac did it's Dolores o riordan

  61. Bo'i Sanchez


  62. Isabel Brion

    Gracias cranberries por tantos buenos momentos y sobre todo a ti dolores nunca te olvidare

  63. Aeron Komila

    She was my hero, my inspiration. One of the earliest memories I have of listening to music without anyone else's influence was of The Cranberries, and it's because of artists like her that I chose to go into the music industry myself. Rest in Peace beautiful! You've touched more lives than you'll ever know.

    jose gomez

    En español

    C Faria

    @jose gomez Not in america. Learn english, papi.

  64. Dartmoor 100

    You will live on !

  65. Yasmin E

    May Dolores O Riordan,rest in peace.

  66. Brasidas1978

    You can go on your own way... Cause we will always love you, Dolores !!!

  67. E.P. R. Bowe


  68. Alejandro Sabelli

    Dolores for ever!

  69. Limerick's Finest

    RIP Dolores you absolute legend love always from Limerick x

  70. Zak Lane

    Beautiful. Rest In Peace.

  71. XTMachine1

    Thank you so much Dolores!!!

  72. jerracan

    R.I.P. ;(

  73. Khartley 92

    R.i.p girl you have a voice no one will forget

  74. Pedro Garcia

    R I P Dolores

  75. Mr Larkin

    Fantastic cover RIP Dolores.

  76. Cimar Tavares

    Quando se perde os talentos musicais o cenário musical vai ficando pobre. Obrigado Dolores O´Riordan.

  77. ALIAS band fan club

    RIP Dolores.

  78. Franklin Klock

    RIP Dolores. 💔

  79. Astrid Ylva Dornbrach

    Farewell, Dolores. You gave us so much! <3

  80. Thiago Dantas


  81. Peter Walker

    Will miss this wonderful & unique voice, gone way too soon

  82. Gianni

    I want to remember you with your extraordinary voice...Rest in peace Dolores...

  83. LocomotiveComp

    Great cover. Goodbye, Delores. You will be missed.

    caroline nathan

    LocomotiveComp awful stuff r.i.p Dolores 😢

    Петро Козак

    This is not cover

    Ambroise Perrier

    @Петро Козак Original song is from Fleetwood Mac ! Nice cover though

  84. Ben Davis

    Rest in peace...

    Araceli Maidana

    Ben Davis está canción la compuso,Lindsey,para,Stevie, y ella como es una genia ,le respondió con Dreams😘

    Dak Lamerbusch

    Her passing, which I learned of just minutes ago, hit me like a sack of rocks! It's not like "The Cranberries" were ever my favorite band, but . . .my God was she young and *talented.*

    Fayrie Wytch

    What? Delores passed away?

    Николай Серяков1

    Fayrie Wytch yes

    Calebe Elias

    Pq??? A banda acabou??

  85. marty mcfly

    Fantastic fn cover

  86. jawtek82

    Dolores was made to sing this song. But I could have done without all the vocalizations form 1:41 to 2:09.

    Curt Linkous

    jawtek82 interesting that’s the part I love that sets it apart from Fleetwood Mac

  87. umperthay

    This group always delivers.

  88. Abdullah Drury

    An amazing voice.

  89. Art Zeppy

    The cranberries are my favorite band. so sad they cancel the tour. I had tickets front and center. I love this cover of Fleetwood Mac. Not a cover more like a homage to them. I don't think it's better it's just as equal to the greatness of both artist.

  90. Alter Ego Rocks

    wow this sucks LOL... sorry but truth hurts

    Andrew Voorhees

    Alter Ego Rocks Taste is subjective, I personally like this version, Fleetwood Mac's version is better, but it sucking is not "the truth," it's your opinion. And your opinion that it sucks is just as valid as mine that it's good.

    Alter Ego Rocks

    its the truth I think it I PC enough now...geeze


    Actually it's "it's" lol Now you're PC proof lol

  91. Steve O'Brien

    @Tenebrae666 she probably wasn't even born yet!!??!!