Cramps, The - Hard Workin' Man Lyrics

Got a two-ton hammer
Got beat by the pound
I'm a hard workin' driver man
Six feet solid from the ground

Work my hammer for the factory
Foreman always wanna fight
Swallowed-up some TV dinner
Swing my hammer strong at night

When I was a schoolboy
Teachers said study as hard as you can
It didn't make no difference
I'm just a hard workin' driver man

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Cramps, The Hard Workin' Man Comments
  1. Martijn Hover

    It is not a Beefheart song. It was written by Jack Nitzsche for the sound track of the movie "Blue Collar".


    Sung by Beefheart

  2. Terry Baker

    Captain Beefheart can't be beat. Especially with Ry Cooder on slide guitar.

    Janice Sunseri

    I like this version better. Got some nice slide on it as well.

    dim papas

    This version is better by far

  3. Vomit Pinata

    LOVE the Cramps! Great Captain Beefheart cover. Thanks for posting!

  4. Helen Freud

    thanks for upload this