Cramps, The - Blow Up Your Mind Lyrics

I'm gonna get insane. Blow up my mind. Lightnin' bolt my brain. Turn into Frankenstein. Put on a party dress. Jack off 'til I'm blind. Clean up the mess with Turpentine. Nevermind mankind. Leave it all behind. Blow up your mind. Blow up your mind. Like them mummy pharaohs. Over in the med. Wrap up my clothes. And blow up my head. Dynamite or acid? Hybrow or hybrid? Forsee the forbidden. Blow the lidd off your ID. Are you a little too healthy? Drink some bad wine. Trap some bats in your belfry. And blow up your mind. No more static in the attic. Get erratic instead. Get real acrobatic. And land on your head.

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Cramps, The Blow Up Your Mind Comments
  1. scott lovering

    Good stuff there

  2. Christian Rosset

    Nickel chrome !! Les meilleurs !

  3. Matthew Covert

    Yes it is.

  4. vanessa ariza

    hahaha lex its actually lux
    this is how i met my ex boyfriend.
    we argued about the name of this amazing brialliant bands , the cramps,vocalist.


    vanessa ariza luxury interiors rip

  5. Robert Barboza

    Awesome stuff. I really got into the Cramps late in the game but like they say better late than never!

  6. Detroit Bullet

    Lex the bad man from Ohio RIP

  7. kenneth marshall

    love this song ,jack off till i'm blind then clean up the mess with turpintime classic

    david esktorp

    No more static in the attic