Craig Xen - Remember When Lyrics

(Uh huh) I remember nigga
Uh huh, aye
I remember that
I remember when
Say, I remember when (yuh)
I remember when
Uh huh
I remember that (aye)
I remember when (say what's up)
I remember when (say what's up)
Say what's up

I remember when
I ain't get a text back
Now she blowing up my phone
Sending nudes through Snapchat
Bitch I'm unenthused by your desperation
Take yo slutty ass somewhere, fiendin' for attention
Bitch I remember when they ain't fuck with lil Xen
Now they text requests for features, I reply like "who is this?"
I shed blood, I shed tears, I shed sweat but I can't
Shed no mercy for no fuck nigga tryna come up off me
Boy you got me fucked up
I remember when I was dying from depression
Blood dripping' from my wrist
And them niggas laughed at me
They told everyone I'm crazy
2 years later they reach out like "how you been lately?"
Bitch I'm doing great, eating good than a motherfucker
Pockets full of cash, music boomin' like a motherfucker
Bitch I ain't Lil Boosie but I'm zoomin' to the top
All these fake politicians know I'm finna take they spot
And I got the passion in me, can't nobody hustle harder
Every time I doubt myself I see a picture of my daughter
Then I get right back to writing, I get right back to my hustle
Everyday I'm fucking faded
Bitch I'm grindin' through the struggle
Shoutout to my nigga Giz I see you on the grind
Shoutout to my soldiers and all of the lives I inspire
Bitch I'm Craig Xen and I'm based then a motherfucker
But I still take a nigga life if I feel I want it
I remember when, I was trappin' with Lil Mont
Eating packs of Ramen noodles in the dirty ass pot
I remember when, all I had was a dream and a USB mic covered with a tube sock

You don't know my struggle, so you can't feel my hustle
You don't know my struggle, so you can't match my hustle

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