Craig Xen - Murder Lyrics

Woke up like whose face am I gon' fuck up today
Anybody wanna get into it with me, I'ma get into it with 'em
I'ma leave 'em to lay
Ayy, yeah that shit's smackin', nigga
Ayy, yeah, ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah
We can clip all that shit
Look, ayy, ayy, ayy, yuh, ayy, yuh, yuh

Bitch, I woke up like whose face am I gon' fuck up today
Anybody wanna get into it with me, I'ma get into it with 'em, I'ma leave 'em to lay
Ok, I woke up like this morning who I'm fin' kill today
Break bread on the face, smoke a blunt full of blood and then I paint me a way
Yeah it's that murder, murder, leave 'em hurtin'
Pull up on 'em whippin' in a black Suburban
Ayo for certain, fuck nigga lurkin'
Spit like a hundred round drum now he squirmin'
Glock .45 when I move on the low
Ok I think it's safe to say the devil's got my soul
Ok now move out with that work, I got the work on the low
Diamonds white like Mike Tyson got the "K" and the "O."
Got that AK, gotta let it spray
Gotta let the choppa chop up his face
Man down, hundred round
Drummin' like a motherfuckin' high school band
I be like "Hey say, bitch, come my way
Finna knock your ass back to yesterday"
Way hate? I'm pumping brakes
They say I'm too psycho in my brain
Psycho in the brain, woke up entertained
Like who the fuck strap this straight jacket?
When I find buddy I'ma let 'em have it
Woke up this morning and prayed to my ratchet
Fuck on a bad bitch right deep on my attic (Ayy)
Damn, it's affect to the bands in my attic (Yeah, ayy)
Momma ain't know she was raising a savage (Bitch, ayy)
Band outta can, gotta get another band
And indeed another grand, hunnid grand what I master
To the afterlife I be a demonize goddamn shady bastard
Scratch on the palm of my hand
Breakin' laws of the land, committed to die living insane
With a blade six inches, influencen
Death to any and everybody against us

(Ooh) yeah
Sample that bitch, yeah
Diablo on the beat, bitch

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Craig Xen Murder Comments
  1. KW1LL1S

    this slap in the car on spotify bruh

  2. Jacob Watson

    I’m late but this is fire

  3. Olivia Benitez

    dag bich

  4. lysergic acid

    This shit is not called murder lmao

  5. Matt Linkous

    WiFi said : “woke up this morning and prayed to my ratchet, fuck on a bad bitch right deep in my attic” shit was so hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. capone Dibello

    When that beat dropped it felt like verbal abuse

  7. Leonardo Mods HD

    Lit 🔥

  8. Aaron Coker

    Those Batman Ninja visuals are dope AF!!!

  9. Martin Velazco

    Lyrics anyone?

  10. antileixo

    Can i use this song in my videos?

    Wallace Manning

    Naa copyright

  11. JhonTeee

    Damn they both snapped 🔥


    Original anime?


    ALTAIRSPAM batman ninja

    BiG John

    nigga thats batman!!

  13. Sam Giannoulis

    woke u[p

  14. 007BOI.

    Woke up like who face am i gon' fuck up today


    Straight Hittin 💯🔥🔥

  16. Sevion Craig


  17. jawad itani

    guy sounds like skimask


    no he doesn't


    lmao I guess Ski is the first rapper you heard with a quick flow, huh? Well, fast rap has been around for a minute.

  18. Dopey G.94


  19. Zarkan

    Have not listened to him for ages

  20. Corinthian Stennis

    Wifiiii 🔥

  21. ChxinSxw Fuxkers

    I heard the beat i was uh huh this fire 🔥