Craig Xen - Leave Me The Fuck Alone, Im Mourning Lyrics

Depression make a nigga wanna blow my fucking head clean off this whole neck of mine
So many times I contemplate
Bringing my life to a end but I just can't do it
Here for a fucking reason
Lil niggas lookin' up to me when I'm speakin'
Irresponsibility I'm sending them a negative message
I question why they looking up to me as if I'm their parents
It's apparent that I'm broken
Started smokin' again
Duckin' shows and I feel I'm losing focus
Use to have a certain type of drive
Since Vinny died it's been a fight for me to try and stay alive
Wouldn't wanna pass this emptiness upon my people
I know that they miss me like I miss him
I'm reminiscing on the glisten from his motorcycle
As he pull up ready to dump on anybody with his rifle
Vinny was the best friend I never had
And the closest thing to Dad
More mad that he's gone and glad that I met him
Should be happy he's in heaven but I'm fucking selfish
Need his help
Man I need his help desperately
Went and up'd the anti-depression dosage I need
But I'm closer now to death than I've ever been
Went and etched a life wish in to my perfect skin
That's a sin that I intentionally took upon
I'm mad at God so I'm destroying his creation now

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Craig Xen Leave Me The Fuck Alone, Im Mourning Comments
  1. Руслан !

    killstation biaatch

  2. ashl9522 ashl9522

    crate song 11/10