Craig Morgan - It Took A Woman Lyrics

It took a bully riding my back to make me mad enough to fight
And a summer with my granddad to find out what hard work's like
It took that football coach in high school to make me tougher than the rest
That first beer with my daddy to put that first hair on my chest

It took a heart to heart with Jesus
To bring me to my knees
But it took a woman to make a man out of me

It took a pair of soft blue eyes
And a smile so sweet to make me reach up high and really dig down deep
She made me so much more than who I used to be
It took a woman to make a man out of me

It took the first year we were dating and hanging too much with the boys
For her to give an ultimatum for me to have to make a choice
It took that want add in the paper to sell that '68 Firebird
Buy that diamond ring I gave her and rent out that little church

It took the day my baby girl was born
To make a tear roll down my cheek
But it took a woman to make a man out of me

It took a pair of soft blue eyes
And a smile so sweet to make me reach up high and really dig down deep
She made me so much more than who I used to be
It took a woman to make a man out of me

She made me so much more than who I used to be
It took a woman, oh it took a woman to make a man out of me

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Craig Morgan It Took A Woman Comments
  1. Rizal Zainal


  2. Gerald Wilson

    My wife has been my blessing for 43 yrs. Thank you Honey. Thank you, Craig. G.

  3. majr72

    All real men will eventually come to this realization especially after you have a daughter and want her treated the way a woman should be treated

  4. Patrick Ferguson

    behind every good man, is a great woman.....

  5. Joseph Robinson

    this will be me and my fiance wedding song to dance to in November i cant wait to marry my best friend bc she is the only thing that has changed me to make the man i am today as of my daughter being born i had tears rolling down my face before she even stuck her head out lord has a plan for me and my family. i love this song and it will always be one of my favorites from craig morgan. keep it up craig!!!!

  6. rc cars 95147

    amazing song!!

  7. Judy Crum

    a man that I used to know made a woman out of me but he would never know that now because he turned it walked away before you the type of woman so you made me.... I just moved home to get my life straight hoping he might see what a woman he made of me.

  8. majr72

    You ain't nothing without the one beside you

  9. Andreas Mayer

    Geiles Lied

  10. Lisa Maurine Hinrichs

    Very Beautiful song ,!! it tells is alike it Is !!!! Love it!! Thank You Craig Morgan!!!! Lisa Maurine Hinrichs 😉😘😍😍😋

  11. Deborah l sutton

    Duncan Ryan Palmer don't hurt no one else like you done me .

  12. Javier Avila

    Craig Morgan's music reminds me of someone I was so in love with a w m

  13. Amanda Pugh

    amazing words coming from a soft hearted man

  14. Hendrik Van Vuuren

    it took a woman. wonderful song! !!!!!!

  15. Roberta Champion

    I love this

  16. Paul Gonzales,Jr.

    Love his music

  17. aquadog13

    This song will be played at my wedding next summer!


    I hope your wedding will be great and full of joy. Good luck to you two.

  18. Jewel Baldree McCollum

    Love ya always.cause I don't change for nobody

  19. Jewel Baldree McCollum

    Keep on doing good:)

  20. Jewel Baldree McCollum

    I'm so glad you're doing good.blessed be always

  21. Jewel Baldree McCollum

    Reginald and me

  22. Linda Torres

    What I've been telling my boys all their life's..Beautiful song..Great singer..Song writer is awesome...Love it!!!!

  23. Colton Brown

    This song reminds me so much of my wonderful husband! It took meeting me & my daughter for him to turn from the thug life to an honest man whos all about taking care of his family.... I love you so much Colton, and our three children :)

  24. RS Woods

    One of my favourites country singers.

  25. Country Couple :)

    Amen chance!

  26. Karen Jenkins

    dang he has got a hellava voice for sure.. love to hear him sing

  27. bryan cantley

    chance i agree

  28. Rena Bracey

    Chance I agree with you

  29. Chance Flynn

    Not saying I'm grown up by any means but treat her right and you can love each other forever

  30. Chance Flynn

    Sometimes boys just abuse their woman and they don't know what it means to grow up

  31. Kayla Gainey

    Absolutely love it

  32. Louis Bryant

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  33. cmt3kdy

    Ohhh amazing song

  34. totaler166

    Because I hear with my eyes.

  35. Mikey Connell

    Love this song

  36. wunmi ogunbekun

    lovely song but too narrative. Not artistic for me

  37. Da Faq

    it such a beautiful song...

  38. Redbeard

    My woman with her beautiful blue eyes to complete me & make me the man I am today!

  39. Ashley

    Gotta be a boy before you can be a man, you are the woman your mom raised you to be.

  40. Gabrielle Warburton

    if a man can treat his woman like a princess its prof that a Queen raised him. We all know the Queen dose a hell of a lot around here.

  41. Tamraj

    craiag cuiswhaley18 kiss

  42. Jake Schmidt

    Check out my channel and listen to my music!! Thanks everybody.

  43. matthew rugg

    fuck you

  44. Benjamin M. Morse

    That's funny. Because I've gone through JROTC training for the military and I'm going ROTC in a few years, and in a few more I'll be overseas in the front lines. I'll see a lot in the next decade of my life, a lot that's going to change me. But there ain't no doubt in my mind that at the end of the day I'll be sure that what made a man out of me, was a woman.

  45. Brad Reeves

    your only saying that cuz you've never had a woman to truly make you a man

  46. Andrew Miller

    Makes me sad to think that men wouldn't dream of becoming men on their own. If you REALLY need a woman to grow up, you are pathetic.

  47. Karrie Lyons

    I wonder how many men believe this song..... I know in some cases its beautiful and others I wonder how many women appreciate men and same goes for men... I love this song. Makes women always hope for that one to show itself as well as men... He did an amazing job with this song

  48. Erwin Alarcón

    In my culture is not heard country music, because I'm from Chile .... But I love it, it's like always .. had listened A big hug to the fans of this music ... a Chilean who has American soul.

  49. Brian Wood

    describes my wife to be real good, it took her to make me a man. I was a lazy bum till i got with her, now i got a full time job and im a brand new person through and through

  50. kelsey mcgowan

    High school crush, this song fits perfectly around her

  51. Lauren Meyer

    I'm sure she didn't make him, but rather he wanted to, and would go as far as to sell his vehicle to whatever he thinks it would take to show some love:)

  52. Sebrina815

    Music today needs more of this...

  53. kelsey mcgowan

    He was talking to the other guy

  54. ReFuzy

    whoops, miss read by mistake.

  55. Harley Muzz

    He didn't say it was a Corvette.

  56. ReFuzy

    no offense, but I wouldve kept the Vette!!!

  57. fleisha adkins

    i love this song it reminds me of my fionce (:

  58. Samuel Helton

    It took a woman and a beautiful babygirl to make a man outta me! They are my life and I would do anything for them!!

    Julia Deemer

    aww that is so sweet

  59. Michael Walters

    So true

  60. Hannah Smith

    I sooooo totally agree!! I would never make my man sell one of his trucks for a ring.

  61. tyler bailey

    while you are reading comments down here your not paying attention you fucking idiot.

  62. totaler166

    No, I'm not, I can still hear it down here you uncreative dumbass.

  63. bass29595

    haha this song takes me back to the other day when a grandson and a grandpa where talking and the grandfather came out and said to the boy well why the heck are you still here when shes on her way to the airport?? son get your butt out there and make things right with that girl i know sounds like a line from a movie but apparently he listened read in the news paper to day tht the boy is gettin married recognized him by the picture

  64. martin gill

    Well said ahha

  65. DontTreadOnHer

    <3 this

  66. jackeduptruckgirl

    craig morgan is such a great singer!!

  67. Ana Cruz

    That may be the best comment i've ever read. Well said my friend,
    And now i'll scroll back up and listen to this classic and great song.

  68. Jimmy Jimjim

    He shoulda sold the woman,and kept the bird:)j/k:)nice song:)

  69. Demi Cox

    So true. His voice melts my heart:)

  70. dlpine71

    @AutumnnnnnnSheaaaaaa Very clever!! Very funny!! :))

  71. Twiest319

    @multiskyhigh1 so true!

  72. bullpuller1001

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  73. Lauren Taylor

    This song describes y boyfriend.. :)

  74. Rebecca Risjan

    wow what a good and moving song :)

  75. tyler bailey

    scroll up you're missing the song

  76. Norgenator

    One of my favorite songs. It took a woman to make a man outta me.

  77. hunter1991ful

    awesome song!!