Craig Morgan - Corn Star Lyrics

Well she's not the kind a girl
You'd meet on the corner
Of Hollywood and vine
But you might bump into her
On aisle 21 at the farmers
Feed and supply

With a bag of seed on her suntan
Shoulder cut off jeans and a tight
Tank top with a john Deere mower on it
Make you wish you were ridin on it

No you won't see her on the cover
Of playboy magazine
Oh she's too busy getting dirty
In a field of green

She's a corn star
Talk of the crop at every county fair
Corn star
Blue ribbon winner for the last 5 years
They cut a four lane highway
right throuh her pasture
Blamed it on progress
And movin traffic faster
But every body knows the only
Reason for the road was to see her
Jug a luggin on the top of that tractor
She's a corn star

You'd swear you'd seen her in a red bikini
On a bay watch episode
But I'm telling you straight that 600 acres
Is the only life that she knows

There gossip in town flying around
She was sunset stripping for tips in l a
But that's just a bunch of bean growers
Talking to bean loaders
What would they know about a


Oh shes agriculture monthly's reigning queen
Coast to coast every country boys dream


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Craig Morgan Corn Star Comments
  1. Len Bowers

    Awful. Is this a joke song?

  2. luke nickell

    This is soooooo good

  3. Ryan Peters

    Corn Star is the name of my stand.

  4. Chris Gilmore

    kill me

  5. Rugaa plays

    nice song!

  6. LALM thelegendary

    if only i could use it in my male corrin feh montage.

    it would be perfect

  7. david thayer

    and I always thought achy breaky heart would hold the record for the being the worst ever

  8. Jeremy Garst

    Inappropriate and shameful.

    Jacob Bleeker

    Jeremy Garst no its not

  9. Kiara mary

    hey can everyone stop being such a dick? If you don't like the song then just click away,complaining isn't helping.

  10. hnl.c

    Bunch of bean loaders

  11. Jeffrey Brandt

    I'm here because of Jared Guynes...

  12. Ben Affleck

    This song provides me the best quality cornography.

    theduck jr

    He good one

  13. whitetrash dipper

    Course everybody knows the only reason for the road was to see her chugga lugging on the top of that tractor

  14. whitetrash dipper

    too many people too much traffic too much bullshit she's the FFA and 4H Queen

  15. Alec Mulconray

    this is some real corn star porn

  16. Daniel Garcia

    Ive seen women like that coming out the Home depo. 2 sacks of dirt on each shoulder and she said "thanks bruther"

  17. jake enfinger

    near the end it sounds like he said porn star I nearly died of laughter

  18. The Delta Troubadours

    What does one mean when they say "just a bunch of bean growers, talking to the bean loaders."?

    Divya Patel

    +Gritt - means the loaders and growers were just gossiping about her

    Kiara mary

    it basically just means gossip

    The Delta Troubadours

    Thanks for the info. Great tune, I listen to this song every morning while I funnel diet mountain dew.

  19. _Blizzards_

    I love this song so much

  20. TEXAStooTAL L


  21. Derey888


  22. dallasradionerd


  23. Manuel Velazquez

    Oh...I thought this was a song about "Coin Star".

  24. Vomit Man

    My God do I feel sorry for anyone who enjoys this type of crap. Truly music for the lowest common denominator FOX News viewer. Not a single second of the song is based in any type of reality.

    Jason Grimes

    judging by your name, I bet there's not a lot that you approve of. Jesus Christ son, relax!! It's just a song.

    trenton lytle

    Vomit Man your a peace of shit

    Noah Heller

    lol u prolly have ligma

    Zach Leonard

    More reality than modern rap

  25. Jared Braddock

    ::Kristofferson weeps::

  26. Joe Gagznos

    Craig Morgan is one of the few that served our country and then started singing. He is a good singer and has put his life on the line for the US. 

    Vomit Man

    Serving the country is no excuse for putting out garbage like this. This song sucks!

    Austin Dodge

    +Vomit Man this song is great

  27. Budget Hitman

    He oughta be ashamed of himself. Him and everyone like him. I wonder how many more bumper stickers will be made into "Country" songs. Country didnt change, it died and was replaced by soulless horse shit like this.

    Devon Paige

    +Budget Hitman stfu and die

    Braxton Blain

    Budget Hitman lmao right now about how stupid that sound

  28. Sarah LE T

    I would say that girl is COUNTRY!

  29. waltopher

    This makes me want to kick Craig Morgan in the genitals.

  30. Zach Coker

    hopped in my chevy and cranked this bad boy up

    Levi Warner

    Zach Coker hopped in my Ford and Jammed this*

  31. Zach Coker

    65 people aren't corn strs

  32. Zach Coker

    shes a corn star yall

  33. alex

    sick jay this edit is sick

  34. trent merchant

    i showed this to my girl friend she laughed then slaped me

  35. eDuB1980s

    this seriously sounds like something Weird Al would write

  36. Kenzie Hocking

    Idk why I like this song but its awesome

  37. luke rhue

    go to hell u damn jackass

    Farming Tv

    He is on of the best country singers ever. And if you say any thing bad about craig or any body else i will put my foot in your ass and break it off.

  38. Garrett Mack

    where can I download this song?

    Jacob Bodnovits

    Garrett Mack

    probably available in hell

  39. Austin Saffel


  40. Dan Wright

    Son, your messed up you can only find a "corn star" in the south, am i right hell yhea im right

  41. kristoffer kelchner

    well atleast he keeps pop out of his music ya fuck

  42. kristoffer kelchner

    dont listen to it leve the country music to the country people

  43. kristoffer kelchner

    your an idiot keep that shit to yur self

  44. chelle oder

    Country Girl

  45. Joseph LeForte

    this is fucking stupid. Cant believe this is what country has been resorted to.

  46. Catface McMeowsters

    I can't think of a song I've ever heard that was a horrible as this. A CURSE ON YOUR MOTHER'S GRAVE, CRAIG MORGAN!!!

  47. Keeley Crissman

    im one

  48. Keeley Crissman

    yea i have one

  49. pudgexl29

    how bout some pics? :D

  50. Jorja Francis

    I don't get why there is such talk about, what the song is really is about. Well... here it is about a really hot farm girl that can make a guy happy and you can find the corn stars in Nebraska, the CORN husker state.

  51. logan gormley

    Ya well u can go fuck ur self

  52. CoalMinerJoe

    Awesome tune!.. I must be one lucky guy since i've got my very own Corn Star : p

  53. SilvioManfredDante85

    That's coming from someone who dosent know how to spell ''damn''

  54. Andrew D. Smith

    Worst Craig Morgan song ever.

  55. maggie robinson

    Love this song

  56. Kendra Mare

    Dumbfuck, its to official Craig Morgan Corn Star Lyric video

  57. WickedPipeliner

    Love this song !

  58. jrpaulsen

    Looks like they made this whole video for about $15. Very weak effort.

  59. logan gormley

    i mean as in john deere

  60. logan gormley

    damb right if u ant know how to spell deere ain john deere your a damb discrace

  61. andrew jossund

    i was beetin off this fall to this, "like" if your a beet farmer hahah

  62. Luke Riney

    nice song

  63. aaron lambert

    wanna know an easy way to make 1500 country boys and girl laugh their ass off? sing this at a high school talent show. that was damn fun

    Garrett Landrum

    This was 6 years ago, but I'd love to hear the story😂😂

  64. MACstudnet2017

    what program did you use to make this?

  65. 2ridered2

    where's the video!!!!

  66. morgan martin

    i like this song its awesome its my bfs fav song

  67. TheWagner4

    29 people dont like Beer,Mudin,Fishing,Killing,Skinin And Wreckin New Trucks Wow

  68. Jaded Sweetness

    Listened to it on someone's phone and now it's in my freaking head! GET IT OUT!

    It's not that bad tohught and I usualy don't like country.

  69. PontiacGT201

    Love this song. and I really do. Country is gonna change people gotta face that fact.

  70. 2000chevy4x4

    i think when he says she's wearin a t shirt with a red tractor that rules out john deer

  71. Peyton Ellison

    yea buddy

  72. that618guy

    dont we all buddy...dont we all

  73. PontiacGT201

    I know this song is the shit

  74. Kim Jong Udyr

    lol omg so silly

  75. george51012

    This song is absolute shit

  76. Reeh TV

    great tune

  77. Reeh TV

    what corn star lol

  78. Tawney Lynn

    Me? Porn star? Nah... CORN star! :)

  79. NYGiantsrule302

    You're. And that doesn't even make sense.

  80. SouthSweetTea

    ya'll probably say my team sucks anyway. I'm for Falcons! I'm a girl and if a guy liked the packers over the falcons that'd be my deal breaker.

  81. Bret Leffew

    Tell ya what. Go listen to his song "Almost Home" then come back and try to tell me hes ruining Country music.

  82. Steer Farmer

    only 283k views? What the hell, this song kicks some serious ass!!!!

  83. Emaninureye

    Im with you but girls a packer fan so i cant say a thing

  84. jake nordberg

    your gay

  85. jake nordberg

    cj you just got burnt shut the fuck up this guy is amazing and lets here your fat ass sing and sell as many records as craig morgan

  86. Tommy Knapp


  87. susie pink

    Oh and jd is an amazing company tht is reliable and has a lot of science and engineering behind it...unlike tht other shit

  88. susie pink

    Hahaha ya...I like both I love jerry reed and Luke bryan❤❤❤

  89. mimi167916

    I'm a corn star!!! IH all the way!! :D

  90. Jacy Zablocki

    26 people must be porn stars.

  91. Jacy Zablocki

    Oh, & you fucking suck.

  92. Dylon Lapham

    oh yeah man

  93. Kendra Mare

    thank you lol and personally i also love the older country too so no offense to anybody who likes that, but if you do don't like new country music you dont need to be hating

  94. 1950mcormick

    green n yellow stands fer corn John Deere Sucks Balls