Craig, Jonny - Jesus Died For You... Not Me Lyrics

It's a battle inside raging, raging in my mind.
And I, I can't decide where I'm suppose to be...
It's a battle inside raging, raging in my mind.
And I, I can't decide who I'm suppose to be...
It's a battle inside raging, raging in my mind.
And I, I can't decide who I'm suppose to be...

Life in fast-forward, I'm on a fast course,
but I guess it’s what I asked for, but I guess it’s what I asked for.
Life in fast-forward, I'm on a fast course,
But I guess it’s what I asked for just so you’ll know my name.

I know you saved my life, but know, nobody... nobody has the right to take...
To take this away, away.
There's a devil on my shoulder and an angel in my hair.
I'm trying to, trying to stay strong until these voices disappear.
And shit's just insane, I feel it crashing down.
Everyone says I'm to blame. They'll all lashing out.

It's a battle inside raging, raging in my mind.
And I, I can't decide where I'm suppose to be...
It's a battle inside raging, raging in my mind.
And I, I can't decide who I'm suppose to be...

Life in fast-forward, I'm on a fast course,
but I guess it’s what I asked for, but I guess it’s what I asked for.
Life in fast-forward, I'm on a fast course,
But I guess it’s what I ask for just so you’ll know my name.

And every day with these feelings, every day it just gets worse.
I’m holding on through it all, it’s just a gift and a curse.
Walking through these rude ones. Rebuilding everything I've done.
Waiting for this storm to pass, waiting...

Turned their back when I was down
They looked, they left me to drown.
Where are they now? They let me drown.
Where are they now? They let me drown.
Where are you now? They let me drown...

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Craig, Jonny Jesus Died For You... Not Me Comments
  1. Alpha Pryde

    The weekend is trash, same bs each song that everyone talks about. Jonny has talent and his voice is unique

  2. Clayton Schaechtel

    I love Jonny.

  3. Robin Ingalls

    38 years old over here. Just discovered JC a couple of weeks ago... I don't ever being this moved by an artist besides MJK. I am at a loss for words. My soul is home ❤

  4. butterfly girl

    Wow so blown away by Jonny's voice its so Amazingly Incredible and powerful. I can totally relate to his lyrics with addiction, mental illness and fighting the demons.

  5. Danielle Mitchell

    I've had such a hard year and I discovered this voice and omg!! It has brought me back from some dark places and helped me through. All of his songs are amazing, and his voice is the best I have ever heard in my life.

  6. Starr Rangel

    Dont matter what band hes a part of.. Emerosa.. Slaves. I love Jonny craig.. He helps me deal with my depression.. And anxiety.. His voice calms my soul❤🙌

    Robin Ingalls

    Amen. Same here

  7. Starwars Fanboy

    I'm looking at the comments and I'm just like "who the fuck is the weekend"

  8. Natalia 12

    The triangle and the one eye symbolises the illuminati...aka Satan. Be careful what you listen to because satan also deceives many through music.

    John Murch

    Natalia 12 oh shut up with your Satan deceives through music bullshit. Go back under your rock and read more about your “Illuminati”.

    Natalia 12

    John Murch you clearly haven't listen to the lyrics lol the artist is singing about satan. The only people that are ever mad at people that speak the truth are the ones that are living a lie. I don't need to hide under a rock because I have a God that is my rock.

    Dat Part

    Natalia 12 cringe

    Drea Ryan

    Natalia amen girl Amen!

  9. black diamond


  10. GMNI Beats

    TheWeeknd and Jonny Craig are Saiyans they not from Earth

  11. Zombie Angel

    Song Message in a Nutshell: Jonny is Athiest.

    TheAshraf Dali

    I am not an atheist and I do believe that Jesus was one of the greatest humans ever !! but he didn t die for anyone s sins , in fact he didn t die he will comeback in the far faraway future <3

    Zombie Angel

    I have no idea if that's actually you....but yeah, that's the last time i trust Wikipedia. lol

    Zombie Angel

    TheAshraf Dali I got notified by your second reply but its not showing up in the comments for some reason

    Zombie Angel

    TheAshraf Dali It looked like you were responding as if you were jonny craig.

  12. Carmen Smith

    do people not understand Jonny has been around longer than The Weeknd? like wtf...

  13. Johwanfane

    Jonny craig voice > The Weeknds voice.. Real talk.


    That's what I mean? Did you check on all the other comments, people compare between Jonny and Abel. Abel will never reach Jonny level, people do not seem to have ears.

    Bryan Birmingham

    Just to clarify- I was agreeing with you 100%. but nah I didnt read too many other comments really. I did see tons of people comparing them, but that just shows how minimal their music selection is I think. Like is someone has been listening to nothing but The Beatles their entire life &then someone shows them Linkin Park(just as an example) and they end up really liking Linkin Park and buying all their albums, then if you were to show that same person Underoath a few months later, they'd probably say "this sounds like Linkin Park!" but only because it sounds more like Linkin Park than Underoath. Their selection is limited. They think they know what they're talking about, but they really don't. The more music you know, the fewer similarities you'll find with bands. I'm not hating on anyone, this is just how I think people are with music.

    Bryan Birmingham

    Wait I made a mistake up there lol. I meant to say that if you showed them Underoath they would say "This sounds like Linkin Park" but only because it sounds more like Linkin Lark than The Beatles. I'n sure you know what I mean though lol

    Bryan Birmingham

    then you'll hear that same person talking about how Linkin Park is better than The Beatles because to them, they only know of 3 bands right now. To them, it's a fair competition, but to others there's just no comparison. There are too many bands out there for us to compare things like the beatles and underoath fairly. Theyre nothing alike. The Weeknd and JC might be a little more similar than that, but as far as talent is concerned JC is miles ahead. You can literally hear it in everything they do. Sure a few songs might have a similar feel and that might put them in a sim category, but that doesn't mean theyre close enough to where its a close call


    Yes you are right, but I do not and will never think that Jonny has a similar style of music as The Weeknd. Two different voices and two different beats.
    I have listened to Jonny's music since 2009 and I see from my eyes, his lyrics and vocals so much more than just music to me. I know that his music has helped a lot in life, whatever it is.
    I'm tired of people taking up the weeknd in Jonny's music. The Weeknd is good, but is not jonny and vice versa. Jonny's voice is like a gift from God. A cure. I've never seen him live more than on youtube. Which one of my biggest dreams is to fly to the States and see him live.
    Live in Sweden so it's little bit of flying.

  14. James Bramlett

    Any Live footage of this?

  15. Trey Wiese

    Jesus actually died for you also brah.

    Carmen Smith

    WolfTrail2 finally someone who understands!

    Kustom Klosure Designz

    Jesus Loves Us All! He wants to touch the hearts he gave us all! JESUS DIED TO WASH AWAY OUR SIN DEBTS! Jesus is ALIVE! Jesus lives in me and he calls me redeemed!

    Ezekiel Garbosa

    Jesus is alive! Receive Him as your Lord and savior and repent from your sins. Read the bible to know Him more and your life will never be the same again. You can have that genuine peace that only Jesus can give.. He loves you and he desires to have a relationship with you.

    Carmen Smith

    .....It's a song. Calm the fuck down....

    Joaquin Perez Huamani

    not actually, he's dominated by the lord of darkness

  16. Celestial Aura

    Everyone's talking about who's better Jonny or the weeknd..... Do any of you know where Jonny originated from. Emarosa was amazing when Jonny was in it. And his music now is amazing in my opinion

    john doe

    Aaron With Jet Planes

    No he was a temp replacement for a few shows, Jag was sick. Jonny was with DGD since it's inception. If we're talking first band, I think it was ghost runner on third.


    Jag wasn't even in A Skylit Drive during the time I'm referring to

    john doe

    Aaron With

    or he was covering til they found their new singer. I remember the situation, it was never anything more than Jonny covering, he was never officially in a skylit drive, both them and Jonny made that clear.

    Emmanuel Arredondo

    shayla marie emarosa was before DGD? and isles and glaciers?

    Palace Of Decay

    his first band was westerHALTS. he was like 15 or someshit

  17. Ryan Jones

    this is a beautiful song

  18. Ryan Jones

    this is a beautiful song

  19. Artyom Karpov


    Robin Ingalls

    Same. Fukn same

  20. Ryan Vora

    i'm pissed that the fact that there's an illuminati symbol in this cover

    Gina DeCola

    he explained this to me when I asked about it at a recent show. vqgue answer but made me feel better, apparently its an attempt to grab their attention and let them know that their actions won't go unpunished and God wont let them succeed and will be in a state of hopelessness. he quoted something religious and is wearing the all seeing eye for the real meaning before the illuminati existed

    Chandler Fish

    da da da dum da dum

    Starwars Fanboy

    Gina DeCola
    Interesting, glad Craig isn't part of them

  21. Joey Johnson

    Just found out about this guy today,love this song,and the cover he did to Drake's song Marvin's Room!

    Max Stavro

    All of his work from all of his bands are good man. You hopefully won't be disappointed. 

    Joseph Collier

    +Joey Johnson I hope you have had time to check out everything, from his solo work to his work as a lead singer for many bands. Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Isles & Glaciers (not just him though), well as many features on other bands stuff because he is the fucking man.

  22. David Rodriguez

    I need a Jonny Craig and weeknd collaboration asap!!!!!!!!!

    Tanner Harris

    Nick the Gamer yes yes yes yes

  23. mike perkins

    If Jesus died for us...
    how come he's still alive?
    Jesus' dad did a bait and switch on our dumb asses.

    mike perkins

    @Bailey Abshire You are obtuse, like the Jews and Muslims.

    mike perkins

    YouTube Nova Judgment Day intelligent design on trial

    Stephen Chris

    @mike perkins I don't know I'm laughing so hard at that when I believe in Jesus. That's fucking ridiculous.

    mike perkins

    @Stephen Chris​​ Some people grow up mentally, unfortunately some don't.
    They still believe in Mother Goose and Father god.
    Youtube Mrs. Betty Bowers, funny.

    mike perkins

    Youtube...Mrs Betty Bowers Americas best Christian.

  24. Connie Heavin

    Doesnt matter what I'm doing or where I'm going, Jonny puts me in a spiritual and creative mind set. His raspy and soulful story gives alot of hope to people like me, who were also in living in our dark days and rising above.

  25. Sam Henry

    My fave off the EP

    Joey Johnson

    He truly killed it on this one!

  26. Kbspeach

    I am on another planet right now. This takes me away to a place I want to hang out at for a minute! Absolutely beautiful. First time hearing this…

  27. Amanda Martinez

    Good God, mesmerizing.

  28. Sewshi Roll

    Jonny Craig + The Weeknd = <3

    Sarah Martinez


  29. River Snow

    Jonnys got more rasp and soul than all of new orleans

    Lil Uzi Vert

    Hell Yeah!

  30. OGJay08


  31. Max Stavro

    This song makes me want to get funky with a thick black lady

    Karly O'Hare

    +Max Stavro same.


    You're my spirit animal.


    Max Stavro lmfao

    Meranda b

    Max Stavro jonny craig will do that to you.

    Vital Information

    The chick from Roadtrip?

  32. Courtney Ivey

    By far one of my favorite songs from this album you will forever take my breath away ;) fucking amazing

  33. Tracy Quintos


  34. Bergin Hays

    There's a battle I inside raging in my mind - love it!!!

  35. nathan smith

    Ahhhhhh shit bro! Epic!

  36. Tajuana Williams


  37. JonnyCraigFan4Ever


    I've missed you Jonny <3

  38. alex aguirre

    Wow this song completely blew me away. Def my fav song off the new album.

  39. Val Machado

    He's not trying to be like the weeknd he's rrying to be like Jonny Craig and he's always wanted to get more into the r&b genre

  40. Yunus Öztürk


  41. J Chris

    His voice is amazingly good but don't like that he's like trying to use the same style as the weeknd cuz weeknd is on music God level & theres no way he can compare styles soo i suggest that he keeps on his rock roots not change to alternative pop like weeknd btw im huge fan of jonny but like the old him better :\

  42. Kay Vicious

    Freaking amazing vocals! ♥

  43. dennis moulton

    simply amazing i love stressed vocals

  44. Mikel Alexander

    loving it

  45. HooplAAHHH

    Good god thank you Pandora. This guy can sing..

    Dash Peterson

    Listen To Dance Gavin Dance... Look them up and listen to them... he used to be the singer... but hes addicted to heroin so no longer... they have a better singer now! :)

    Robert Lawrence

    @Dash Peterson LOL better singer now? The Three albums he did with DGD were the highlights of their career. Kurt Travis was alright, but that new fella annoys my ear holes. IMO Jonnys best shit was with DGD and the Relativity with Emerosa. 

    Dash Peterson

    Tilian is the best singer Dance Gavin Dance has had... 

  46. Devon Wash

    This sh*t is killer!

  47. Mike Boss

    1 person is braindead

    Sauce Boss

    10 people now.

  48. Chris Krupski

    Jay Rivas your comment is spot on...good man 

  49. Caitlind Paul

    Please make an acoustic version of this album, this is just my personal opinion but I think Jonny's voice is complimented so much better with a band and real instruments in the background.

  50. Peacekraft MOBA

    jonny is 10x better than the weeknd

    camden noir

    i wouldn't say better.  they are both amazing at what they do.  let's leave it at that...

    Celestial Aura

    +camden noir the weeknd sounds bad live Jonny doesn't

  51. ISNEddERSI

    hahahahahaah LOL

  52. Jay Rivas

    No it doesn't. To say that someone with a smaller vocal range than someone else is a "worse" singer is illogical. Range is something you're born with. Talent is being able to control it. It's what makes Anthony Green better than Kellin Quinn and Jonny Craig better than The Weeknd. JC and TW are both good but Jonny's control blows TW out of the water. Look up any live video and you'll see the difference. TW rarely holds notes, depending on his overuse of vibrato. Jonny belts like a mad man.

  53. Dave Jones

    love this song if you you don't eat a dick

  54. DaniAh

    people are comparing him to the weeknd? lol why? am I the only one that thinks they're not even similar?

  55. Michael Dotson

    I hear The Weeknd NOWHERE in this. I hear Jonny.

  56. foxxrider250r

    Jesus died for every single human on this planet. He bore our sins on the cross for us all.

  57. Tommy Gunnz

    Who cares who's better are they giving us an award for the person who gets it right? They are both good just enjoy the music.

  58. Israel Chavez

    I think a damn vocal range does prove a vocalist's talent.

  59. Jimmy Khuth

    Oh hell yea they are.

  60. cigarettesandsaints 13

    It totally reminded me of The Weeknd, too.. They're both amazing artists. And it's well-known Jonny likes the Weeknd. So, what's wrong with that?

  61. Jay Rivas

    Definitely has a The Weeknd vibe to it but for those arguing, having a bigger range doesnt mean youre a better singer. Go listen to DBM1, some of the notes JC hits on there are crazy high ("Open Your Eyes and Look North") and Im almost certain The Weeknd could barely hit half of them. I enjoy both Jonny and The Weeknd but IMO Jonny has more tricks up his sleeve and better control of his voice (when sober) Would kill to see a JC/ TW track, there'd be panties dropping for days thats for sure lol

  62. Jessica O

    If everyone would stop comparing Jonny Craig and The Weeknd, that would be great. They're both completely different in both their vocals and their genres. They're both great in their own way. :)

  63. ian h

    You're crazy dude. I'd like to hear that Abel faggot try to cover The Past Should Stay Dead better.

  64. Stephen Bishop

    I'm not siding with either artist, but I would like to point out, Higher notes do definitely not prove a vocalist's talent whatsoever.

  65. danaysia davis

    this makes me wanna cryyy its like that gooooood. like damn jonny

  66. Tracie Baker


  67. John Gonzalez

    at least now*

  68. John Gonzalez

    You're crazy dude. Have you heard the new "Kiss Land" album by The Weeknd? Abel hits wayyy higher notes than Jonny. I love and respect both artists, but I'm definitely leaning towards The Weeknd in skill, at least not

    Alpha Pryde

    higher notes is easy to reach lmao. The weekend could never reach the range jonny does

  69. whiteflash707

    Enlightening, really.

  70. Chris Krupski

    Better than The Weekend, sorry. Jonny hits way higher notes.

  71. Pat DeVaughn

    I second The Weeknd feel on this. Super good

  72. Anthoney stone

    what shit is this jonny you've clearly stated where you stand, an atheist... fuck Jesus... love your shit anyway you put it out though!

  73. MrDropthecash

    This should have 50 million views. Coming to terms. We love you man! Rise-PDX

  74. Imorokr

    To be fair, so did Hercules, and he was supposedly only a half-god!

  75. whiteflash707

    Love the song. But Jesus died for all of us. No one excluded.

  76. Satan of Suburbia

    @evilshake101 Get out lol.

  77. EvilShake101

    weeknd feel to this one

  78. MofCrew1

    Life in fast-forward, (the moon?), and bad scars, but I guess it’s what I ask for, but I guess it’s what I ask for. Life in fast-forward (the moon?) and bad scars. But I guess it’s what I ask for just so you’ll know my name. And every day with these feelings, every day it just gets worse, I’m holding on through it all, it’s just a gift and a curse, walking through these (new lines?) rebuilding everything I got, waiting for this storm to pass, waiting…

  79. MofCrew1

    Turned their back when I was down, they looked they left me to die, where are they now. They let me drown. Where are they now, they let me drown, where are you now. They let me drown.

    Robin Ingalls

    Fukn so real