Craig David - Slicker Than Your Average Lyrics

Yo craig (yeah)
there's some real jealous people out there right (uh huh)
tryin' to say how you're whack (what)
and your music's soft (what)
and you ain't got nothin' to say (what)

Well it's album number two right
so you gotta let 'em know (that's right)
so do your thing (yeah)
take your time (yeah)
speak your mind (listen)

Ever since I first stepped up
they thought I wasn't good enough, no
they told me that I'd only last one song
(that's foolish man - what's it like now? 7 million albums?)
they said I wasn't from the streets (the streets)
when I was working behind the scenes
shit like this don't happen overnight, no no

While they're tellin' me
about my imagery

How I'm so squeaky clean
whenever I'm on tv

Too much jealousy
in the industry

Why are you watching me
when you should just let me be (craig)

Slicker than your average
tell me what do you want from me
slicker than your average
tell me what do you want from me
slicker than your average, hey
tell me what do you want from me
slicker than your average
ooh tell me what you want from me

Some people say it's been too long
that's why I'm here to prove them all wrong
so why do imitators wanna bite my style
(ladies and gentlemen, will the real craig david please stand up?)
you never had a problem at all
when I was havin' woman trouble
somebody fill me in didn't I serve my time
remember who gave you rewind

While they're tellin' me
that i'm too r'n'b

How I turned right back up
the whole uk garage scene

Now they're stressing me when
I know there's much more to see

Why are you watching me
when you should just let me be (craig)


Everywhere that I go (everywhere that I go)
they keep stopping my flow (they keep stopping my flow)
everywhere that I go (everywhere that I go)
they keep stopping my flow
check it

There comes a time (there comes a time)
when you've gotta take a step to do what's right
(as much as T like T can't possibly please everyone)

Slicker than your average
Singer serving garage
busy tryin' to slam me cos I smashed it
well they don't understand us
I'm hittin' I'm established
By takin' british music to the masses
the gold diggers go bananas
the same ones that didn't show me no love
when I was cashless
in the day when it really mattered
when I was pennin' competition no publishin' hits for damage (craig)
now the gold go to me so minimal
I'm involved in the platinum plaques and records sold
heaven knows that I've battle producer with ego
and there were those that were told exactly where to go
somebody please stop these little kids
they wanna pull bumpers off my 2.0.6
shoutin' outside of the block I used to live
they don't like my records so why listen to this


Everywhere that I go
(they be tellin' me that I can't rock the show)
they keep stopping my flow
(creepin' schemin' and schemin' tryin' to mess up my flow)
everywhere that I go
(I wanna tell the world and let them know)
they keep stopping my flow
(so tell me what you want from me)
every way that I go (oh ho oh ho oh yeah)
they keep stopping my flow
(don't listen to 'em)
everywhere that i go
(dum dum)
they keep stopping my flow
(let 'em know, yo, we out)

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Craig David Slicker Than Your Average Comments
  1. Chance St.Thomas

    Album faves:

    "What's Changed"

    "Slicker Than Your Average"

    "Eenie Meenie"

    3:10- 04:11 Craig!! Damn!!!

  2. MIchael McPherson

    Chico DeBarge ...daddy...this where u got ur style from salute...


    i still got ur album disk wid me 💦 bought 9.5 yrs ago

  4. Lateshia Childs

    I love Craig David talented underrated singer

  5. Read Love Listen

    This was such a great album. He was on track to be the next R&B Star.

  6. me99640675

    What a bass beat😻

  7. Chance St.Thomas


  8. Fa uk

    Guys this was one of his best hits along with whats your flavour...

  9. Chante gary

    2019 still will be listening this album is a masterpiece

  10. Guyot Joel

    Fuking beat !!!

  11. Your Drug


  12. Wiilka Reer Cigalle TV

    The Beat is fire 🔥 15-06-2018

  13. Maikel Romeo Duiker

    were you at Craig,..?

  14. Edward Jefferson


  15. xxxTIN0xxx

    To me this was actually his best work. His best songs are 7 Days, Last Night and Walking Away (from his first album) but her second album, as a whole, was absolutely his masterpiece, I think it’s more varied than its predecessor.

  16. dubai sect


  17. Edward Jefferson

    This song was the bomb, We be chilling in Germany..

  18. WhatwouldPICARDdo Makeitso

    Right name for song and album even now for me it's still slicker than your average.A masterpiece.

  19. John Dillinger

    Such a sick album. Unique sound


    middle finger up to the industry......yesss craig!

  21. Riskon1

    people only like whem your doing well

  22. 정진석

    hey swag yo what up

  23. Abdulmohsen Al-Kurdi Al-Milli

    This whole album is guilty pleasure for me except for 'The Rise and Fall'. I'm not saying this because Sting guested in it, but because the lyrics remind you of how many rock stars fell from grace after having the world in their grasp. I used to enjoy this album when I was 15 when I still thought that musical criticism was subjective. Nope. Sorry, Craig. Looking back, it's pretty ''squeaky clean". I have a feeling that some people will quote Craig and say,"You don't like this record, so why comment on this?" like how I had used Craig's own words against him earlier. Well, like I also said. It's guilty pleasure for me.

  24. Glistening Films

    Loved this song!

  25. Crystal King

    That beat tho they did that!

  26. Martine Rossier

    Tas un fer a friser

  27. sparKINGting

    people change innit. but i agree he killed it back in the day.

  28. bennubird0

    Fire!:0) Craig David's first two albums are classics yes.:0) However, do not sleep on his 3rd album "The Story Goes". In my opinion is just as good as the first two albums. Reason being is that he put his heart and soul into the 3rd album, "The Story Goes" Also, he went from a young man to a man, in which the lyrics and production was exceptional.:0)

  29. thuglord007

    so this came out in 2002 ? i suddenly feel old man

    Iris C17

    If for you old man is around (35 years) than i'm an old woman.🤣🤣🤣

  30. gibdo baggins

    I always thought Craig David didn't have a bad song. I was wrong :(

  31. ChicaG92

    Inigualable ;)

  32. Ali Morgan

    i love all of his songs.

  33. Savage Dark

    I agree, they don't sound similar.

  34. chris freezy

    I was only a kid

  35. kraazykid1

    How does this sound anything like Justin Timberlake? and Like I love you is completely different... I like both but I don't see any comparison there

    Anthony Blue

    Timberlake is 100 times better

  36. xHardModex

    "The story goes..." was damn good too...

  37. Mohammed Helmy


  38. ShutYourBreath

    From 4:46 onwards, is that a Craig David song????????? It shure sounds like him though. does anyone have any idea???? Thanks!

  39. AManwalkinghisOwnPath

    It's Funny how people keep sayin' dat Craig was only gud wen he was in Born To Do It and Slicker Than Your Average Days bullshit wat bout dat album The Story Goes it's funny how people forgot bout dat album, in my opinion The Story Goes is one of his best albums of all time after Born To Do It so criticizing him

  40. Smitty Bacall

    @dagera05 the music industry chewed him up, spit him out. he's not the first victim.....

  41. Thomas Howard

    this is tight geez, he is well slicker than your average. he is defo down with the kids.

  42. Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

    @dagera05 He got main-streamed, that's what happened and it failed :'(

  43. Phil Michael Moran

    @prepschoolkid Nah the bowie remix was a tune, and that wasnt that long ago

  44. superman17n

    PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND SAY: "WORD UP" for this song!!!

  45. Steven

    I like this album

  46. Baby Taw

    i miss him :(

  47. Baby Taw

    @prepschoolkid you are so right !
    love him so much <3

  48. kradiie


  49. Meshal

    good song

  50. MoOs

    @dagera05 that's the best album ever :-)

  51. lilwestindian

    It was his best album with Born to do It, now his things are crap

  52. efdizzle09

    @prepschoolkid his old stuff was definitely better!!! born to do it was such a good album!

  53. Mike TheSilentHitMan Moore II

    slicker than is a tight song man. i love your music. your cd's get alot play in my mp3 and stereo.

  54. YAlnajjar

    @prepschoolkid Sooo true

  55. Amaan A

    cudnt agree with you more. but craigs grown up now.

  56. prepschoolkid

    I love that he's bulked up. his new stuff is ok but the older stuff like fill me in is 10 times better

  57. Gil Matos

    AHAHA MUITO BEM! Apoiada!

  58. MushiNoGami

    I haven't been to Belgium, but every where I have been is a parking space, even england, so I wont argue hohoho

  59. Ellen Verbeeck

    don't you realise Belgium is the centre of the world and the rest is parking space ;-)

  60. MushiNoGami

    Yes, of course, I actually believe America is the center of the Universe. o.O Sorry, maybe my sarcasm is not so obvious to see.

    I'm not American, but excuse me please, I am under the impression that America believes its self to be. My opinion, end of.

  61. MushiNoGami

    Didnt you realise America is the center of the universe?

  62. Tamiselynn


  63. Ammar Al-Zawahra

    I love this song