Craig David - Once In A Lifetime Lyrics

Once in my life I have the chance to find
once in my life I have the chance to find

Once in a lifetime I have the chance to find the key to my dreams
and I know, that it's so good for me

Once in a lifetime I have the chance to find the key to my dreams
and I know, that it's so good for me

In the beginning trouble times in my life
I needed a shoulder to cry on
had no direction until i met you
everything is gonna be all right
looking out beyond the stars
searching always wishing
often i thought that love would escape me
you got the key babe

Once in a lifetime I have the chance to find the key to my dreams
and I know, that it's so good for me

Once in a lifetime I have the chance to find the key to my dreams
and I know, that it's so good for me

I was lost couldn't find my way
you took my hand and chased my blues away
your inspiration is guiding me through
I'm feeling brand new
memories of days gone by
hurting always hurting
you've taken my pain away finally
you set me free babe

Once in a lifetime i have the chance to find the key to my dreams
and I know, that it's so good for me

Once in a lifetime I have the chance to find the key to my dreams
and I know, that it's so good for me

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Craig David Once In A Lifetime Comments
  1. kongou Zui

    2020 hola

  2. STEVEN okocha

    I am really happy to have grown in the 90s,what a great song

  3. David William Odoi

    whos here in 2019

  4. Hanna Rie Francisco


  5. Cyto Sweet

    Who's still listening in 2019?? 💪💪💪💪💪

    Cindy Ayers

    Me...still loving the album.

  6. lydia mlunga

    who is still listening to this song??? still my all time favourite


    2019 #Nostalgie2000year

  8. jewel of Nashville

    University port Harcourt. Beverly Hills estate, University of port Harcourt. 2000. This album was an anthem. Bless Craig.

  9. Dany Paes

    ... som gostoso de ouvir!

  10. Zeyna Diop

    My favorite song. Love this guy too much, since age of teenager

  11. Peter Galgana

    still listening to this classic! 👌

  12. neil Iles

    This was my first dance with my wife at our wedding such a tune

  13. Siphiwe Khumalo

    2019 May month still a hit

  14. Nicola George

    One of the rare albums i dont have to skip on i love every single song.📀❤

    Jerome Gaddi

    Nicola George me too

  15. safa Essa

    You take my pain away ❤ 2019

  16. Hesham Essa

    2019 😅😅2001

  17. Michael sova

    Never forget...

  18. Angelica Lacaba

    I never get tired of listening this song love u craig david

  19. Ballzup123

    Forgot about this song. But not anymore

  20. Jody Gordon

    Old but great songs 1 of a few cds that if got that the whole album is good to listen too

  21. Elaine Callaghan

    I have the chance to find the key to my dreams 🔑

  22. Justin Bush

    Came on shuffle and it’s still the tune!!!

  23. Jal

    I always thought that Craig was from USA ...

  24. Kara Pumipi

    30.03.18 Easter Takiwira NZ

  25. Hussein Abdirahman Sid Ahmed

    Axmed aba

  26. yannick dzamena

    the most beautiful auditory song in the world at any time ... (I do not discuss with anyone thanks)

  27. teslim ajibola

    best in cool 🎶 david

  28. teslim ajibola

    beat david

  29. luke kahu

    My favourite song in my lifetime lol

  30. kevin mamabolo

    year of my matric

  31. Kai Samurai

    My mum's favourite sng

  32. Arthur Tinio



    Turn'n it up in 2017...need to come out with some new music CDavid. You still got it bro saw you at the Friday Night Jams concert in Auckland,NZ😉

  34. dr troy turner

    If a Challenger comes to ring crying and praying to this song, The Champ may want to call out sick.

  35. Michael's ML&ATG

    Timeless lyrics! So good. It's an incredibly beautiful song. This is the one for a Little Mix collaboration! Hey Craig, when you wind down from TS5 concerts will you please cover The Stylistics' "You Make Me Feel Brand New" with Little Mix? The Stylistics, as you obviously know, was the BOMB in the 70's; & your style is well suited for recreating that mood. Please give it a look; intuition man, just intuition. Much love, joy & peace.

  36. Manel Ouattas

    Old days

  37. Rage Man

    I'm Still wondering up this day, why the fuck this album didn't win a Grammy award.

  38. Masi RnB

    Ahhhhhhh Craig your old songs are so nice. much love broo

  39. Dianne Mari

    ☺️ now i feel nostalgic. And old. Lol 😂

  40. Diana Rivas

    They're all new to me what an experience!

  41. Kimesha Barber

    I need to look for this album from my collection. I like most of the songs.

  42. TheMainMayn

    This song makes me want to cry, I hope that still makes me a man. :(

    Mighty Mookie

    TheMainMayn real men cries sometimes. So you're good.

    J Post

    reaching a little, no?

    Monica Bozzi

    Yes, yes it does

  43. Sulaiman Magami

    Once in a life i have the chance to find the key to dream, that is so good for me!

  44. raissa kuo

    Craig David For ever you will be engraved in our hearts...💏💑💙❤💓💜💛💚😘😘😘

  45. Bona Michael

    It was truelly once in a life time album

  46. Lizzy Nalengo

    enjoying this song while working, wonder where he is now.

  47. satnav1980

    So underrated. And one of the best vocalists of his generation. And not only a good singer he actually has great songs.

    Shaun Harris

    I agree

    Jordan Messineo

    best vocalist of all time!? you seen this dude live? holy fuck....

    Emily Pearce

    I've seen him live and he's incredible! I love him ♡

    georgina price


  48. Asseet Meyreles


  49. Yolanda Mitchell

    He just makes me happy...Hes earned his way up slowly but definitely surely

  50. Thabile Mchunu

    we Mic u Craig David,Good music💓

  51. Thabile Mchunu

    luv every song on that album

  52. Nat Almonte


  53. Ariel Odulio


  54. Ali Elfarri

    Good music

  55. Beka Almas

    Every Every song from album Born to do IT was a HUUUUGE !!!! Every song for is so imoprtant for me! Thank Craig!!! Your music lives FOrever

    Nikita Wilkie

    beka253 you ain't lying this album is my only favorite cause I love every song


    My mom's favourite
    wish i could go back home now, how i really miss good old times

  57. Lews Winnie

    90's uk Craig david was the king. Loved the whole scene back then.

    Alex Buisson

    If only music was still like that :(

    oğuz özbey

    Not 90’s, start of 00’s

  58. Kimberley Robertson


  59. Aroha-nui T

    luv it :)

  60. Aroha-nui T

    luv it :)

  61. Al Sal

    This could be a church gospel song.

  62. Jolene Abbey

    this song has being in my head all day 

  63. Edna Padios

    sound so relaxing,so smooth......this is one of my favorite songs....

  64. Gomolemo Moagi

    these songs bring back old memories... Thanks Craig David

  65. shardonay folow

    Once in my life i have a chance to find your voice craig david you make my big sunshine in my mind i am feel so calme thank you so much ... and the musik play on

    Tayo Oladiti

    The music is edifying

  66. Line Dance Cardio

    YES YES YES YES !!!! :D 

  67. ali douk

    dis song it's really take me away 

  68. Dat Boi Nico

    Song just took me back Ages

  69. Tia Soth

    Once In A Lifetime..I've Found The Man Of My Dreams....<3

    John French

    Tia Soth !! We haven't met!! 😱😂😝😘

  70. Fidel Cashflow

    this song sounds like a coffee commercial

  71. FightFairLoseEasy

    Bo Selecta!

  72. Narindra Candys Rambeloson

    i love this song too <3

  73. Rolly Cubelo

    i love dis song' :)

  74. Prakash Singak

    Alright. I'm pissed. My friend sleeps in the bordering room and he just grew great at picking up women. The guy discovered the Master Attraction website by Jake Ayres (Google it). Now I hear him bringing women back. He's always pulling chicks back and I can't help but hear it, which is gross and If only he never found that site. My best friend just signed up and got a blowjob a week later. I am envious!

  75. PrincessKatereen


    Jerome Gaddi


  76. Zaneta Kabzinska


  77. Clyde Fernandez


  78. shom stha

    Excellent video. I was so mystified witnessing my buddy change from being a loser to a ladies man. He started attracting women instantly. He pretended he failed to notice. Then he smiled and told me while he was wasted on Bourbon. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He is on a date now with a stunning girl... Lucky guy!

  79. del smith

    great feel good summer tune.. memories !!!

  80. fredy kemp

    trop cool le son

  81. Ash Dellosantos

    ganda sobra, kanta sa mga, firts time........

  82. Steffi Hyun

    love ko tong song... :))))

  83. coco late

    R I P to real r&b

  84. NikkiY023

    SAME HERE.. i remember this like it was yesterday , pure music does that to you .

  85. NikkiY023

    this song has truly made my day #Ambition #Hope #Inspiration

  86. Ariel Regev

    With this song I know now that there is not a former great song! Thanks to you Davids! You really born to do it!

  87. Yasmine Bounab

    Still in love with this song...

  88. bubblebath88

    same, wish i could too! i was 11...

  89. shola distinct

    i love this song till d end of d world.

  90. jorgehenry44

    the rock vs john cena
    once in a life time :)

  91. Ryan McCool

    Loved this song back in the day,still do...

  92. Akash-sama

    WOW! though CD's my favourite singer,i never even knew this song before...BEAUTIFUL ♥

  93. missmona17

    That's right! My fav song by him - I wish I could hear more live performances of it.

  94. Tom Nguyen

    I love this Song !! Best wishes to ALL !!

  95. J Nate

    this was an awesome album.....i bought it for "fill me in" and ended up loving the whole thing. hats off to cd for such an incredible talent that is not recognized enough