Craig David - I Wonder Why Lyrics

Love is a hunger that burns in my soul
But you never noticed the pain.
Love in an anchor that wont let me go
I reached out to hold you
But you push me away and you always convince me to stay.
And I wonder why we hold on with tears in our eyes
And I wonder why we have to break down to make things alright
And I wonder why I can't seem to tell you good bye Yeah,,, I wonder why

I'm no angel my selfish pride but I love you more everyday.
Love is an anger that builds up inside as a tears of frustration roll down my face
why is love always have to turn out this way?
And I wonder why we hold on with tears in our eyes
And I wonder why we have to break down to make things alright
And I wonder why I can't seem to tell you good bye OHHHH, I wonder why

I don't want to fight again tonight about the little things, please baby
I just wanna find my way back to love Ohhhh
I'll meet you there baby
(hold on) (break down) (can't seem)

And I wonder why we hold on with tears in our eyes
And I wonder why I wonder why we have to break down to make things alright
And I wonder why I can't seem to tell you good bye
I wonder why we hold on with tears in our eyes and I wonder why we have to break down to make things alright
And I wonder why I can't seem to tell you good bye Oh yeah and I wonder why I wonder why
NOO oh yeah I wonder why baby
And I wonder why we hold on with tears in our eyes
And I wonder why I wonder why we have to break down to make things alright
And I wonder why I can't seem to tell you good bye

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Craig David I Wonder Why Comments
  1. B Williamson


  2. Sarah Jane Brewster Wrann

    I really rate this accompaniest as well as he's perfect for Craigs voice ..... we want more of this its pure emotion

  3. Jasmine


  4. Néva Sophonn

    I get go out for my passeport

  5. Néva Sophonn

    Craig 's house 💕

  6. Néva Sophonn


  7. Néva Sophonn

    Hello boy

  8. Néva Sophonn

    ForeVer yours

  9. Néva Sophonn

    My heart for u !

  10. Cree

    you Betta sang

  11. Cynthia

    Craig, you're the greatest. Je bent geweldig.

  12. Monica Rodrigues Rangel

    tem uma brasilheirinha que te curte de montão! s2

  13. Angel Angel

    great!singing soul

  14. 414MrMilwaukee

    This song will make a grown man cry

  15. rckay

    Nice cover but the original by Curtis Stigers still kicks ass!

    Ella Lily May X.


  16. Rose Petal

    he's amazing

  17. Smaranda Clintoc

    I love your music and your voice is divine! Thank you so much for your awesome music!

  18. Chris Gaco, Sr.

    Nice. But sorry, this can't touch Curtis Stiger's version.

  19. Rachel Nicole

    Love it!! x

  20. ago12842

    I love this song....

  21. tkdtigre1989

    gotta love good covers of classics and great singers doing them. much love craig

  22. Issa T.

    Craig David & Kwame Yeboah ! Un super duo ! (y)

  23. Boy Doll

    Great voice.  Don't understand why he's not bigger.

    Denn Foo

    cus small people have great voices too :P

    Mr Miller007

    Totally agree 💯

  24. Boomstars

    love it!

  25. Emilio DAVÒ

    ohh, yeahh

  26. Snake Elvis

    No one noticed that this black is killing it in the piano as he kills in in the guitar? Some musician... Craig my all time fav singer.

    Christie R

    Kwame!!He is a top notch guitarist and he sure owns the piano too!

  27. fluxxer

    Pure magic / music

  28. abdoosh ayoub


  29. Simi615

    Someone who is tone deaf! LoL!...I love your voice Craig, you're amazing!

  30. Pedro Semedo


  31. vision_implementor


  32. kathy diaz

    he's just simply AMAZING. <333

  33. RoseGolden

    Made me cry...

  34. Theodryl Miichan

    it's crazy man

  35. darren scott

    still listening to it....... absolutely smashed it!!!!!!

  36. vasilis vasilopoulos

    what a voiceeeeeee..... :)

  37. Elliot Wong

    most underrated singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. ต้นไม้เล่าเรื่อง - TreeTalk

    ♥ the voice ♥

  39. Bee Assefa

    why i am crying? i think i wonder why

  40. MessageWarning

    Surely JESUS CHRIST IS OUR GOD ! Through HIM all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made - GET SAVED NOW - JESUS CHRIST SAVES

  41. CarolinaLovesCraig

    He's so amazing that I'm kinda glad he is not famous because I can keep him all for myself!

  42. Anna Avilova Makupson

    Craig David has a GIFT from GOD...his voice...he has a signature voice like no one else. This is a well-known song, but the way he performing it and in this acostic version is unbeliavable and brings the chills to my spine...and at the same time tears in my eyes.
    I love you Craig!!! BTW your musician piano&guitar player is absolutely fantastic!!!

  43. MsLeigh72

    I love this, You are still sexy as ever. Keep doing you!

  44. Stephan Ledain

    Kwami, his musical accompaniment, is absolute magic

  45. BananaHammock

    Yes, it's a must for him to make acoustic compilation album!

  46. أبو رعد

    looooooooool. your comment is the best comment.

  47. NabeelKhanMusic

    0 dislikes, I wonder why.

  48. Hamdy Zaky

    WOW amazing

  49. AmirDaScrub

    This is the Craig David I love!

  50. Daniel Maretic

    indeed a excellent live singer but still not in luther vandross',george michael's(in his prime),stevie wonder's(in his prime) league

  51. aRnBStar

    Perfect vibrato singing !

  52. Michael Salinas

    Compared to most artists, he is one of the best when performing live. Craig David ftw

  53. florimond brugerolle

    He's indeed a godly performer but not the best live. There's no debate, I concur.

  54. NurLana Jafarova

    Fantastic! Craig is The best live performer ! Never get tired of listening for him ...

  55. Betta Franchise

    Scaramosa80 - lol we're here to appreciate his music.. There some people who think he is a godly live performer which I agree :) so why put in ur indifferent views here?? This is no debate.. Haa

  56. florimond brugerolle

    @AGbaby235 Saying that CD is the best performer live is reductive. There are some other amazing live performers across the board. It's all about being objective and not biaised. From a clearsighted CD's fan. Though, he's the best live performer in his field (Rnb).

  57. AManwalkinghisOwnPath

    @CarolinaLovesCraig lmao real talk

  58. AManwalkinghisOwnPath

    @scaramosca80 lolz most of the singers are mainstream anyways, there's no such thing as underground singers these days. Just sayin' tho, Craig Def tha best singer live

  59. florimond brugerolle

    @CarolinaLovesCraig Music is way too vast to affirm that CD is the best performer live. You have incredible performers in different types of music. Maybe you should diversify your music tastes. Therefore you'd realise that he's definitely the only one. No offense, just an advice. However, he's one of the best live performers as far as mainstream music is concerned.

  60. CarolinaLovesCraig

    @scaramosca80 I'm obviously a fan, but the reason behind it. I think that one of the things that make Craig stand up among all the other singers is his ability to perform live. Therefore, since that's the reason that got me into his music, to me he IS the best live performer in the World.

  61. florimond brugerolle

    @CarolinaLovesCraig Not the best peformer live Carolina. You're biaised because you're a fan but believe me there are a few artist around that are mindblowing live. He's not the only one.

  62. stefan oud

    This really just as good as "born to do it" so nice!!!!

  63. CarolinaLovesCraig

    @Lubnaniii1 Hi think he's the best live singers in the World, I love how his live is even better than the one on the records... all those super popular trash singers should learn from him :)

  64. bry187uk

    I love the sound of the piano

  65. russian100pka

    @bdmeerAVFC yes! i'm waiting for it for last several years

  66. Badin Kefnas

    The best singer of the world.He inspires me on a speacial way.

  67. SoberDJ

    i would steal his voice :D lol

  68. Tien

    absolutely beautiful

  69. Devllin Duarte

    realy crazy, god blass you ma friend...amazing voice and of the best hever!

  70. Julian BBB

    What a vocal Beast!

  71. Latifah Mraz

    Love You Craiggy <3

  72. AManwalkinghisOwnPath

    Damn dis is too gud bruh

  73. Kate

    No one can sing like he does! He's the best!

  74. Kate

    @JenniferAurelie Pour moi aussi :)

  75. Donna Pavlovic

    im walkin awayyyy, from craig davids new musiiccc. i'm walkin awayyy. cause it makes me sick. (still fkn sexy as hell though) :D hehe

  76. Ayatron34

    Play it for me!

  77. DangeAVFC

    Fantastic got to do an acoustic album

  78. dan magnani