Cradle Of Filth - Transmission From Hell Lyrics

So, I've got a clean copy of the tape
Here now and um,
Well look I should warn you that
This could really scare you.

This is the letter that I received
From one [inaudible]...that was
Dated the 6th of June of 2006.
I have recently started
[inaudible] believe it
When you talked about
The sounds from hell tonight.

My uncle had told me this story
A couple of years ago and i didn't
Believe him, like I discounted the
Stories as nothing more than just a
Hysterical religious newspaper account.

The story about the digging of the
Hole and the hearing of the sounds
From hell is very real. It did occur,
In Siberia on a regular mining
Expedition exploring future oil reserves.

My uncle collected video and audio
Tapes and so forth, on the
Paranormal and supernatural.
Until he passed away recently
Under strange, terrible circumstances.
He let me listen to one of the audio tapes
That he had on the sounds from hell
In Siberia and I [inaudible]...

He received his version from a
Close friend who worked [inaudible]...
It took me awhile to find it tonight,
But attached is that sound from my
Uncle's tapes. It's not the [inaudible]...
But the sounds, those horrible sounds on there.

I was very hesitant to send you this
Because the noise bothers me to listen to.
It has always....haunted me.

To those who discounted the
"Saberian Sounds From Hell" story, it
Is true. And I, for one, wish it wasn't.
Well, that's the letter, and this is the tape.
Its clean better copy and I will warn you...
...what you are about to hear is

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