Cradle Of Filth - Lustmord And Wargasm (The Lick Of Carnivorous Winds) Lyrics

An Archangel in bondage
Bediademed, souled
With a murder of ravens
But no less Astarte to behold
Abandoned by Heaven
To the dead, dark and past
Cast Her dispersions
On life's brittle glass

And though Her eyes still held fire
As stonewalls caged the beast
'Gainst the lassitudes of Death
She fought but fell to greet
And midst lies in collusion
She was martyred to teach
That "Divinity and Lust
Are forever forbidden to meet"

But I swore that they would
Before the veil could part our embrace
Twixt Her cold, silent hips I kissed
And promised Christendom in flames

Gravid with madness
Like a feculent dirge
That obsesses the heart
I am covened by words

To avenge Her
Ebon splendour
And surrender
My soul to the dead to achieve
Prophecies of libidinous scourge
Horripilation braying o'er carious herds

Vexing nightmares
And their weak prayers
To a no one there
To hinder Her decree

To weed the world of their disease

As shadows unblind mine eyes to see
The meat that is their congregation

How they plead to the skies
But this is mere foreplay to war

Scar-riddled saffron eves bleed like the conjugal
Vestal daughters giving throat to the priest
A psychophant, the despoiler of faith
Now His skinless crucifixion feeds a winged diocese

For Her interred
I tore a battle banner from His hide
Splashed in red goetia
Hues of Hell and deicide
So came the night
Its obsidian light
Is a master whom disasters
Suck upon like concubines
And under black skirts
That whisper of delight
Darkseeds near fruition
Darked deeds to marry mine

"In Death's bed I have lain
Paying lip-service to shame
But for dreaming of thee I regain
A reason to seek life again"

Then we smite the divine
For our true nature is sin
To strip tender flesh from these swine
Like the lick of carnivorous winds

The breath of the storm that begins
By forcing its Herod tongue in
The womb of the holy virgin
To taste of immaculate sin

From temptation's peak we will see
The world unfurled at last
Now the wolves of time who stalk Mankind
Shall be as one in grim repast

Commemorating sickle moons
The pack are poised to reap
A scythe of white roses in bloom
Whose twisted thorns will keep
A crown upon a dead man
Daylights crucified in sleep
And lives that hide in scriptured lies
To the memories of a scream

And we shall dance amid the ruin
As Adam and Evil
Dizzy at the falling stars
That burn fiercer in throes of upheaval

If all must we damn for this moment
Then it shall be so
For our souls have crossed oceans of time
To clasp one another more tightly
Than Death could alone...

As Zyklon beats reign to make carrion crawl
The talons of lust rake a clarion call
To the lick of carnivorous winds

The lick of carnivorous winds

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Cradle Of Filth Lustmord And Wargasm (The Lick Of Carnivorous Winds) Comments
  1. martxxx.

    um hino porra

  2. nantia mylwna

    in love with this voice

  3. Gwenn Demi

    Very nice!

  4. Marisol Filth

    Amo todas las canciones de DanyFilth 😘😘😘😘te amo Dany eres mi ángel de la oscuridad..😘😘

  5. BytemeVV -

    I like listening to this at sunrise & sundown...

  6. David Tulip

    Goosebumps. Absolutely phenomenal.

  7. Marc-André Boucher

    I jus fell onto this and one word: WOW !

  8. wmc35063

    Damn I love the beginning of this song. It is like slow and beautiful then all hell breaks loose. Fuck I love it.

  9. Nathan DeWalt

    5:44 When Dani uses mouthwash

  10. Irving Bautista

    thank you so much for this song!long live

  11. Betty Cosas

    That drum sounds tho.. i miss the old type writter sound drums. Lol. But this remaster is great nonetheless.

  12. Серега !

    Провославные ставят ДИЗЫ))))))

  13. Moceríles Bocellara

    Name of the sculpture shown in the beginning, anyone?


    Ustedes van a ser mis primeros Elegidos...Att Milton

  15. Eric Anderson


  16. Boromir Of Gondor

    This video was great! Classic song!

  17. khanage666

    For me the best COF album... I'd love to see Dani make Video Clips like this one for the whole Cruelty and the Beast Album... It just works...

  18. translipcorsia

    6:12 I watch funny cat videos while listen to this music. Try it for your self! 6:12

  19. Hare Krishna

    No band sounds like cradle of filth

  20. MK AR

    More please...

  21. Jorge Alexander Guateque Martinez

    A total explosion !!! one of the best

  22. Chris Hartley

    This sounds so damn gooooood

  23. Carlos Santana

    Dani Filth saudades de suas poderosas vozes, sou fã do Cradle Of Filth.

  24. Dark Lord

    Y love u guys!!!!!

  25. Embrs


  26. 666 sxhx


  27. Death cult agios o satanas 666 Rivera

    What actually says at the end? My spirit will go again, from the beat of armaggedon o another crap?!

  28. Hipster Black Metal

    Still light years better than deafheaven

  29. just George

    Dont buy the vinyl I thought it sounded awful. Good job I got the download code with it.

  30. R Kevin Morales

    The best album forever

  31. Jeremy Hoffman

    I grew up with this shit. I was a dark and edgy youth and in the late 90's early 00's Cradle Of Filth were my fucking idols. Now in my 30's and that I have far more love for Dave Matthews Band and Paul Simon than I would of ever imagined back then I still have to say COF is literally the best Heavy Metal band ever. They still kick fucking ass and despite the massive change in my musical tastes I can still listen to them all day!

  32. Johnny

    My main complaints about the original mix is the drums sound dry and clicky while the guitars are quite flat and lack any detail. This mix solved both problems for me.

  33. Christopher Donaldson

    The first album i bought from cof..this album is the one that opened a whole new door to music i never knew existed.. And has been the one album i listened daily.. Never get tired of it.. And to the remaster of this album is amazing..

  34. Nayara Wongraven


  35. Mitch Pender

    This really sounds phenomenal. The original mix (popcorn drums and all) does have its quirky and memorable charms - but THIS is the way I always wanted to hear this record.

  36. cannibalpredator666

    Holy fuck that was soo good!

  37. F.D. Geiger

    Beast of a track. Dani deserves so much credit for Cruelty. Vocals and lyrics alone are fantastic.

  38. sonsofsparda22

    You guys are the reason why I came to know black/death metal.

  39. Investigator Sozhran

    Remixing is one thing, replacing Nick with modern generic samples is quite different (though the original was quite trigger happy too).

    I'll always prefer the original anyway, the "horror soundtrack" mix is perfect for this masterpiece. At least it will receive some press in 2019, which is a great thing!

  40. MRK Prod


  41. Clean Slate

    This is just sickening. I'm about to vomit.

  42. Darth Vader

    Bout time Dani did Nicholas Barker some justice! Fucking love it!keep the remasters coming!

  43. Grg Zrgks

    Curious how the front artwork eventually looks. With the band logo, the album title writings and the art zoomed in a bit - as seen all around online... or without the writings and just the artwork in full as seen on the online store?

  44. Denis Miron

    Wow ! This is so good!



  46. Final Exit77

    Imo This album is the best definition of black metal🤘🏻

  47. wilr1000

    i cant wait to hear Bathory Aria .. what a track !

  48. wilr1000

    that album was a masterpiece , i got alot of people to like cof after listening to that album ..

  49. Grant Hudson

    omg classic! Twisted Nails of faith plz

  50. Megaforce Omar

    Having goosebumps just listening to this remastered version... I already placed my pre-order. Forevermore, "Cruelty and The Beast" will always be one of my favorites by COF.

  51. Dufniall The Fearsome

    Remember this one from back in my freshman high school year. The whole album is epic .

  52. Fernando Garavito

    Se oye Increible!!!!

  53. mikhail westhallen

    Who remixed and re-mastered this?

  54. mikhail westhallen

    This is amazing

  55. mikhail westhallen

    Great intro to a song this

  56. ignacio meteors

    Hmm, shant say how it pleases me. Sometime it moves me good and sometime ...not.

  57. Reuben Chadwick

    Cant wait to hear this whole amazing album (again)

    Reuben Chadwick

    No better lyricist anywhere

  58. Roberto Lenti

    Fucking finally

  59. TrueMithrandir

    This sounds great, the snare has definitely been improved, fuller sounding, cant wait till the full thing hits!

  60. 88swordmaster

    any chanches to a remaster of Queen Of WInter Throned?

  61. Minase

    Holy fucking balls, the drums sound...decent.

  62. Chris Horror

    It sounds exactly the same to me... 🦇🥀🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♀️👁🐍🕷🕸🦉🐀🐉⚡️🌟🌑🎧🎤🌌

  63. KC123456

    I need more of this remixed and remastered so great.

  64. Andrew Carpenter

    Stupid question: were the drums completely re-recorded or just re-gone though and changed levels/triggers etc?

    Jaime Nôro

    Nothing was re-record except some keyboard arrangements that were originally put directly into the mastered tapes and couldn't be recovered. All the rest was just re-mixed and re-mastered. The drums are where the main difference in sound lies, because that was the real weak link on the '98 version (what was really intended to be improved), but it's still the same drum work.

    Andrew Carpenter

    @Jaime Nôro Excellent and thank you.

  65. drouzokid

    87 asshools

  66. Jason Morman

    What is the release date?

    André Miguel

    November 1st. This friday!

  67. Lord Vile

    Lustmord and Wargasm II was so much better.

  68. FritesMayo76

    OK. Now I NEED a Midian remaster

    Marshall Barnett

    No, nothing wrong with that mix.

  69. Jack Torrance

    It was about time. This masterpiece with true sound

  70. loudness loud

    Brings back memories...👔

  71. Srgkill1134 Srgkill1134

    I cant wait for damnation 🤘🔥🤘

  72. Marco Jose

    Holy crap this is even more wicked

  73. MrVeeSauce

    I"m so ready for this!!! My favorite album of all time!!! It sounds bloody amazing!!!!

  74. Santi_Lee

    I can't wait to hear the whole thing! I'm excited for this new mix!

  75. Justin Holmgren

    you can hear the difference immediately

  76. Erik .S

    Yes finally :')

  77. Dimitris Rodis

    The best band on earth....

  78. HVTË

    Got this tape. Now they remastered. Awesome..

    Privatise TheNHS

    Tape... Alright Grandad?


    @Privatise TheNHS actually I'm twenty not too old dude. I'm a cassette collector. I got this cradle of filth tape cassette from my pals.

  79. jacob goecke

    Remaster The Twisted nails of faith!!!!

  80. Abdel Halim Chehab

    I’d like to be “re-mistressed” myself... 😛
    Here’s my adaptation of the Countess’s portrait:

  81. TheFuriator

    I love love love Lindsay, but Sarah Jezebel was really something...

  82. Steven Jay Wilson

    Equal loudness and keys sound different. Original it seemed guitars and vocals were very loud in the mix.

  83. Jordan Petty

    One of the guitars sound too buried in the mix. Can really hear the tremolo picking as much. Anyone agree?

  84. G-32 SR

    Espero que tenha lançamento do álbum no brasil, se não terei que comprar o importado. Minha banda favorita!

  85. peter phoenix

    Woooooo.....Nicholas Barker!

  86. claudie unas 666

    thanks /M


    Infernalement sublime..
    Perfect délectation auditive..
    Encore un chef d'oeuvre.
    Hâte d'être présente dans le public le 02/11/19 à Bruges en Belgique pour l'entendre en live..


    .. CRADLE of FILTH..
    Vous êtes le berceau dans lequel mon âme se nourri et trouve son repos.
    Dani oh me délecte de ta voix..
    Ta musique est l"anti-poison de mon "karma sacrifice "
    " Filth " à présent n'est plus cette maudite croix que je portais. Une insulte familiaire n'est plus. Il ne reste que le reflet de ma pénitence.J'accepte la damnation si l'enfer se baigne dans les tourments de "nymphetamine ".

  88. kingz WSV

    Marthus is bad azz

    Jaime Nôro

    That's Barker, not Marthus.

  89. * *

    those times when I really like cradle of filth, the best album I think

  90. SagaBKSFolkearth

    Finally we get to hear a little bit more the great work of Nicholas Barker !

  91. Alex Mad

    This sounds great. CoF were pretty much my favourite band from around 95 - 97 but I found Cruelty basically unlistenable and I never understood why people rated it so highly. Looks like I'll get another chance for a new favourite album.

  92. Marian Istona

    COF i was start listen in 1997 ....

  93. edu piqueras

    Dusk and Cruelty Are the Best

  94. Enrico Franchi

    I love this song both original and remixed and remastered version!

  95. KAIL TAJAM 79


  96. Venomorph

    filthy as fuck

  97. Arturo Reyes

    Best album

  98. Ls X

    Does anyone know the lyrics at the end, before he says, 'with the best from Armageddon "? It's not easily seen in the video and wasn't in the booklet all them years ago. I always wanted to know. It is something like, "let's ........ Well go again". Any ideas?

    Ls X

    I think I can now answer my own question. I think its, "Let's cunting well go again". Of course! That explains the censoring.

    John Yannayon

    @Ls X Yeah, it's "Let's cunting well go again with the beat from Armageddon!" It's in the liner notes on both the CD and Vinyl releases of Re-Mistressed...

  99. Lucifer 666

    The drums sound like shit like on the original album. Bass drums are a mistake ...: / How can you screw up such remastered sound? Couldn't you go to another recording studio or get along with Nicholas to record the drums again?

    Jaime Nôro

    Come on man, they sound better. I still have some minor issues with the mix too, but the drums are miles better than the original.