Cozart, Jon - Tourist: A Love Song From Paris Lyrics

At least I avoided cliche
Holding nobody's hand along the Champs-Élysées
Taking my time
Breaking bread, sipping wine
Meant for two

It's a beautiful city for saps
But turn out the lights, we're too clever for that
And I know, I know we're not in love
But we'd fool this old town
With the view of us, thoughts from the tourist

We could fall for the streets of Paris
But the Eiffel's a joke and the punchline is me
And you know, you know it's not funny
But we'd laugh till it was
Just the two of us, thoughts from the tourist

And I know, I know that we tried
To survive on a lie we couldn't endure
So what's just one more
Thought from the tourist, imagining the two of us

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Cozart, Jon Tourist: A Love Song From Paris Comments
  1. Nutella

    Anyone who is still here do you know where Jon is at now? I really want the song on Spotify and for him to start posting again cause I miss him :(

  2. Amy Pond

    Bro can someone PLEASE put this on Spotify?

  3. Rynnie-the-villain

    I have a massive headache and I was looking for soft things to watch so I could relax enough to fall asleep and I forgot how much I love this song.... I love this song so much

  4. Jennifer Milligan

    It’s about to be 2020 n I still luuuuuuv this song. Miss ur tunes Jon

  5. laura bestak

    I'm trying to learn to play this song. And I really want to throw my ukulele into the wall. It's a lovely song btw

  6. Rachel Dawe

    this is the prettiest view for a music video ever and such a wonderful song!! Paris is my fave city and everything about this video is perfect 💗🥰

  7. Tista Mukhopadhyay

    imma have a sad christmas ;( but also this song is beautiful

  8. Stiefelina

    Wherever Jon is right now, i hope he is happy...

  9. emily otsuka

    I want this on Spotify sooooo bad!!!!

  10. Isabelle Syme

    Does anyone else sing Dodies part when listening to this?

  11. Lucas

    Can someone give me songs similar to this don’t really listen to these but definitely want to

  12. Hulalula

    Why is this just showing up for me now. I’m in love with everything about this

  13. Emma Plocharsky

    ive been saying this since i saw the video but where the FUCK is my Spotify single??/

  14. Leonardo Rain

    I’m still sad that this isn’t on Spotify

  15. Terilyn Calvo

    It’s been 3 years and I still sob to this song

  16. brianna merrill

    this song still gets stuck in my head like 4 years later

  17. Gina Khan

    Is this still not on spotify??

  18. Melody S

    does anyone have chords ?

  19. Roman Villalobos

    still my favorite love song

  20. giasone777

    Jon there is only one Person who can make you happy, but you are running in the wrong direction.

  21. Just Friends

    please have dodie back :<

  22. Alburez Victoria

    Wait why Am I SO late 🥺 I LOVE IT 🥰

  23. ztabche

    My heart hurts seeing that almost every song that he’s made is on Apple Music (even his take on the cup song) but not this song

  24. Shirin

    Could you add this to spotify? It is so beautiful☺️

  25. Crazy Games kids Crawford

    This and his Disney Parody’s are my new favorite songs.

  26. kam brooke

    Put this on spodify or im gonna throw hands

  27. tainted minecraft

    He kinda looks like a ken doll I’m just stating an opinion 👁👄👁

  28. Kaipo Gonsalves

    why isn't this on spotify, jon?

  29. Kyra Dieltiens

    This song gets me everytime

  30. Aimee Xochitl

    Angry I’m only just now finding this

  31. mei

    almost 2020 and this song still makes me cry thanks Jon 😬✌️

  32. Matilda S

    it's 2019 but I'm still hoping Jon puts this on Spotify (please!!!)

  33. Anni

    Can I get this song anywhere? I really enjoy it ☺️

  34. Claire Jasmine

    *_tell me how it went._*

  35. adam smyth


  36. kaejae

    Why is this not on spotify? 😫

  37. Bluetube2016.

    I'm not a hater or anything but the first thing I noticed is that the background is a green screen.

  38. Tari Paul


  39. Eve Fan

    What ukulele is this? Tenor? Thanks!

  40. Skyler

    When you see an add and scroll down to the comments, realizing nobody else saw that add.

  41. Jamie 0B

    I would give my left arm for this to be on Spotify

  42. Niome

    Oof I've miss this song

  43. Jung Desca

    It's already 3 years since the first time i watched this video

    I really do miss you, paint:')

  44. Faiz Arsalan

    please put this on spotify :)

  45. 두지헤

    Even First verse have killed me gosh youre super talented 💗 hope you to keep doing, loving ur own music!! Love from Korea

  46. Emirhan Sancaktar

    Please someone tell me the chords

  47. Ali Alatas

    Hey Jon, I know you aren't there but if you are please upload this song to Spotify. As I mentioned in the reply I made to Pete Pete's comment I'm profoundly in love with this song.

  48. Squidy

    Listening to this and to "You" side by side tears me up

  49. Aidan is cool

    This whole song: yo bro what if we pretended we were dating! Jk jk... unless...

  50. EliteFlame101

    what ukulele is that

  51. Amira Mueller

    How could so many people be heartless enough to hit the unlike button!😭😭😭

  52. lily yazdi

    ~whispers~ dodie

  53. williams norales

    Anyone else getting some "Casablanca" vibes?

  54. Yeonju Kim

    노래 너무 좋아요! :)

  55. Jon Snow

    Avoided cliches singing love songs from paris

  56. karinda karinda

    Looove it!

  57. ServantoftheKing

    I am newly addicted to this song

  58. 0928yuichiro

    📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*📲
    سـمـعـت🧏‍♂️ كـثـيـر مــن الــشــبــاب يــبــحــثــون عـن طــريــقــة فــعــالــة✅ لـتـكـبـيـر الـقـضـيـب
    وأنــا أبـشـركـم😉 أنـي حــصــلــت عـلـى الـطـريـقـة الأصــح👍 والــمــنــاســبــة👍 وهـتـشـكـرنـي بــعــديــهــا
    تـواصـل مـعـي وأنــا بـشـرح لـك ســر الــوصــفــة الـواتـس اب *00212645752301*📲

  59. Moisis Montoya

    Does anyone know the chords he used

  60. idontknowwhygodcreated me

    I imagine that your crush sings this to you when u guys are just alone sitting down talking. Wonder how would that feel...

  61. Ekin sekmen

    Hello from a fellow fan who is doing a jon cozart marathon right now just like you. And this is the part where I start crying.

  62. ouper Nery

    Прикиньте сколько он за эту квартиру платит... Мажор блин

  63. Distrax Tion


  64. Mystic ——

    imagine chat noir singing this to ladybug

  65. Jen Morricone

    Found your video from Voces 8 comment. Your song reminds me of my young adult life in love. Thank you. Love your style.

  66. Annie Dancona

    Your and dodie songs separately are both beautiful in all ways, but the second you put them together something truly magic happens

  67. Annie Dancona

    0:42 my entire heart stops

  68. Unknown

    It's literally one of the most beautiful videos I've seen on Youtube. Everything is perfect about it.

  69. LpsAster

    i still love this so much

  70. Maggie Matuszak

    This song is officially three years old and I still come back everyday

  71. Selena

    I tried covering this and now my fingers are aching i cant even lift them and i’ve officialy lost my voice forever

  72. Bardia

    He's playing style is like Steven Universe. Love it!

  73. nazellina

    Still very beautiful. It's sooooooo beautiful.

  74. Brooke Olejarczyk

    Anyone know the uke chords for this?

  75. Chrys King

    My one problem is that if hes alone...

    Who is filming him on the balcony...

  76. apo Demarche

    ‘At least I avoided the cliché’
    Le mec chante une chanson romantique à Paris devant la Tour Eiffel 😂 manquait plus que le béret!

  77. Emma Billemma

    I wish this was on spotify

  78. an idiot

    I can't find this on Spotify and it's making me sAd

  79. Hannah Reed

    Can anyone tell me what kind of strumming technique he is doing???? I can't figure it out! 😥


    put this on spotify damn it

  81. Gaming Stew

    I haven't listened to this in over a year and I still remember all the lyrics

  82. João Eduardo

    *end the song*
    im in new york :P

  83. Faith

    Wait hold on- I had to listen like 5 times to get:

    “we could fall for the streets of Paris.”
    “The Eiffel’s the joke and the punchline is me.”

    Cause he fell. Eiffel... I fell.. I’m actually so shook lmao.

  84. Axo Lotl

    au moins j’ai évité le cliché

    ne pas tenir la main la long de Champs-Elysée

    Prende mon temps

    Casser la pain, siroter du vin

    destinée aux deux

    C’est une belle ville destinée à saps

    étendre le lumières nous ne tomberons pa pour ça.

    et je sais, je sais

    nous ne nous aimon

    mais nous menton la ville avec vue sur nous

    pensées de touristée

    par eux-mêmes

    nous pouvons tomber

    pour la ville de paris

    mais l’eiffle est une blague et le punchline c’est moi

    et tu savais, tu savais

    ce n’est pas très drôle

    mais on rigole comme ça

    seulement nous

    pensées le touristée

    Par eux-mêmes

    i suck at both english and french (i used my boyfriend and a dictionary)

  85. Faith

    I’m going to cry oh my god

  86. Linus Die Linse

    The song is in 6/8 and the chords are:

    first verse: | A | F#m | A | G# G#7 | D | Dm | A A+ | F#m A+ |

    2nd & 3rd verse: | A | F#m | A | G# G#7 | Bm | % | E7 | Dm |
    | A F#m | D E7 | Dm | A A+ | F#m A+ | A A+ | F#m A+ |

    last part: | Bm7 | % | Dm7 | % | C#m Cm | Bm | E7 | Dm | % |
    | A F#m | D E7 | Dm | % | A A+ | F#m A+ | A A+ | F#m A+ | Aadd9

    to achieve his sound, you wanna make sure your topnotes on these chords: | A A+ | F#m A+ | are as following: e, f, f#, f


    Thank you!!

  87. Jessica Eiffe

    k but why didn't u put this Spotify

  88. Ainsley Vasi


  89. moonzi

    still my favorite song. makes me cry every time😭😭😭

  90. Adela

    Can you put this on Spotify?

  91. Jelaine Raven Cabadato


    Jelaine Raven Cabadato


  92. Esmeralda Riverside

    Recommendations you did right

  93. Nothing but Treble

    Wait I just realized I have that same exact uke case

  94. Cristian Chahin

    is this a real background

  95. Mack riggs

    I listen to this before I go to bed and when I wake up for school. It just makes me so happy

  96. Drummer Gaines

    2019 almost 2020 still rockin this

  97. Maxiella DJ

    Wish this was on Spotify, I’m still in love with this song

  98. Violet

    dude if you put this on Spotify or iTunes I will love you forever

  99. Naomi Zarin

    How did I just see this???? This is beautiful, it made me cry!! Jon if you see this, please put this song on Spotify 💕