Cozart, Jon - Share The Love Lyrics

Hey girl, yeah I've liked you for a while
I like your hair, your voice, your eyes, your butt, your skin and smile
So even though I'm awkward most of the time
I still consider you absolutely sublime
Hey girl, yeah I'm really not a freak
Except for those times that I've watched you sleep
So even though you probably think I'm gay
You turn me on more than Anne Hathaway

And I just wanted to say
I love you, I love you
I love you more than emos love girl jeans
I love you

Hey girlfriend, I like you more than food
But I also like your boyfriend so don't be rude
So because you stole him away from me
I'll gladly break your face and shatter your knees
Stay away from him or I'll kill you bitch
And I just wanted to say
I love you, I love you
I love you more than I love throwing up my food to lose weight
I love you

Hey boy, ya know I think you're such a hottie
I like your hair, your voice, your eyes, your clothes, your abs and body
So even though you left me for that bitch in 7th grade
I'm glad you were the first guy that I ever laid
Even though you cried at the words that was kinda awkward homie
And I just wanted to say
Yo, I love you, I love you
Boy, I love you more than my momma love Chinese food
I love you
All of the single ladies

Hey dude, this might sound really gay
I like your clothes, your taste in girls, your smell and body spray
So even though I made out with your girlfriend last week
You're the coolest guy I ever wanted to meet

And I just wanted to say
I love you dude, I love you
I love you more than I love kissing your girlfriend
I lo-o-ove you

Hey mommy, I only like you when you're nice
I like it when you give me toys and cake and coke with ice
So even though you spank me when I break your favorite things
I still love you and it makes me want to sing (about how mean you are)
And I just wanted to say
I love you, I love you
I love you more than dad loves Playboy books
I love you

Hey guys, you're all looking pretty great
Please comment and subscribe and don't forget to rate
So even though I really don't know you as a friend
I'll be there for you 'till the very end (of this video)
And I just wanted to say
I love you, I love you
I love you more than Asians love homework
I love you

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Cozart, Jon Share The Love Comments
  1. Lydia Gray

    2020 anyone? dang this is already a decade old. sad times.

  2. Old Man Spencer

    OMG, ratings! I totally forget about that age of YouTube all the time. I miss the beginning of the decade so much sometimes.

  3. Los Primos Futbolistas

    I really don’t think I could send this to my mom

  4. BlueShiny4Bowser

    This is so hetero. He needs to make a new one to add girl to girl for lesbians and guy to guy for gay people lol. Especially cause isn’t he bisexual lol

  5. Joku Tyyppi Vain

  6. Aidan Manuse

    Problem... That's not me at all...

  7. Eva Moseley

    Video: “9 years ago”
    Me: ... FUCK

  8. Conye West

    "The person who sent you this"
    *cries in youtube recommended*

  9. Sabertooth 432

    Its more than a year now

  10. Cats Terrace

    Youtube notified me about this. Soooooo does youtube love me

  11. CYANIDE qw

    Is it just me or is Jon literally a mix of Thomas Sanders and Bo Burnham..

  12. Grace Ashley

    this is a bit offensive, but i always excuse it because it’s jon

  13. Flame

    It'd be cool to see a new updated version of this for other family members and wlw or mlm also stuff for nb ppl


    Flame that’s what I just said

  14. Zero Animations

    This is too cringy

  15. _ MiiWii _

    wait i found this on YouTube, does that mean that YouTube loves me?

  16. Marcusmania 626

    Any of my 2019 brothers and sisters watching

  17. Hunter Meek

    why do I still find this so funny omg

  18. Ashlyn Howell

    This was made before I was born-

  19. Asha Williams

    While this is incredible, im so glad this wasnt made in 2019 😂

  20. Yeonwoo Lee

    ohhhh he doesnt like us cuz aisian also hates hw LOL

  21. AddiGaddi

    Its been 9 years and I STILL say 'share the love, spread it like a fatal disease'

  22. 이효린

    숙제 안좋아합니다만

  23. Sara

    "I love you more than emos love girl jeans."

  24. Indira Ghildiyal

    can y'all imagine, there's an alternate universe where he never made a youtube channel

  25. Lonely Potato

    Aww, that part where he's singing to his fans is adorable and this is why I have no life. I swear Jon, even though you only upload 3 times a year, I have no life now because of you

  26. Diane Johnson

    He’s an OG lol

  27. Vee

    this guy i liked sent me this years ago, watching this back makes me feel so nostalgic lmao

  28. Alix

    I love the personality changes

  29. Obi Wan Kenobi

    AnYoNe WaTcHiNg iN 2o19

  30. Just Some Random Burger

    0:01 a legend was born

  31. Katrina Wei

    2019 anyone???

  32. Mare Bear

    this video is almost 10 years old omg

  33. Queen Alice

    When I get a boyfriend to stick around i can play such a classic childhood song for him

  34. Mele Mustard

    i am sooooi offended lol jk idk 😐 i'm wired

  35. 3B (07) Kwok Caton Fung Yue

    Fun fact: Asians HATE homework

  36. kaycee

    i was 4 when he posted this-

  37. Miya Patterson

    Can't believe it's been 9 years since this came out.

  38. Abby Wolffe

    This is _so_ Bo Burnham

  39. Jayme Green

    I LOVE YOU JON!!!!!!!! 😍❤️🤤😭

  40. Peyton Coates

    "If you're watching this right now, it means somebody loves you."
    Aww, the YouTube algorithm loves me! I'm so single... 😭

  41. Akshat Mishra

    this video is cursed

  42. Elena_ Angelus

    “I love you than Asians love homework.”
    Me: Pure Asian, hates homework, math, and mentally screams when she comes in contact with school.
    *_You really don’t like us Jon_*

  43. LR Sealy

    Can you make a love song for an 11 year old to send to their mom

  44. Miley Ponti

    Literally I sent this to myself

  45. Miley Ponti

    U turn me on more than Anne Hathaway

  46. Elizabeth Smith

    “And don’t forget to rate” ahh yes old YouTube

  47. Team Toasty


  48. Trollface Guy

    Jon, you got it all wrong. You see asians want their kids to have high-class education that’s why asians love working.

  49. c H i n A likes JoJo

    If only he posted more than once a year

  50. The Ferret Goddess -Yas

    Wow... WE NEEED MORE!!!!

  51. Kaylee Diane

    2019 anyone?

  52. Zack Burkhart

    he said you could send this to your mum and then continues to say "you turn me on more than anne hathaway" SMH

  53. Emily Cano

    Its been 8 years since I first saw this and this is still one of the best things ever

  54. lol, wot?

    *omg he is so smol*

  55. I am a Human

    FETUS JON ♥️🥺🥺😂😂😂

  56. Addison Pakenham

    as a bulimic lesbian, I agree

  57. takesinoyan 6123

    I literally grew up with Jon Cozart

  58. Mia Sirinsky

    I was going to send this to my boyfriend but then I decided that I didn’t want him to break up with me😂

  59. Devon Collins

    Oh my, YouTube loves me <3

  60. bow and arrow


  61. Wiz Vin


  62. Sammy Burk

    Who here in 2019

  63. Rainbow123


  64. Djungel George

    How the fricc did i find this???!

  65. Lizzy Hittner

    Anyone watching this in 2019

  66. История Тибета

    actually, there are asians who like to do their homework


    im not crying you are

  68. Drawing With Emma 111

    Woah why do I keep getting recommended old videos.

  69. Alexandria Marinosci

    How old is he in this video?

  70. Kaelyn Chen

    Lol, it's almost been 10 years.

  71. Jelaine Raven Cabadato

    Anyone in 2019? just me..?

  72. Willow Trump-Torres

    This is a nine year old video and for some reason it popped up in my recommendations. 😂😂

  73. Conye West

    "I love you more than Asians love homework"
    *Cries in unfinished AP Human packet and 17 pages of PSAT practice*

  74. Gold RsR

    yeah... im definitely here cause someone sent this to me.... yep.

  75. ThatOneSinger 3

    Sent this to my boyfriend with absolutely zero context 😂 he's gonna be so confused but that's just what I do

  76. John Lñ

    Anyone watching in 2019 ?

    Blake Brashers

    John Lñ me

  77. GraceAvalon

    I found this myself..... no one loves me 😂😓

  78. Xina scamander Gacha

    0:30 “the thender” I’M *DYING*

  79. C0ld

    Rakist can’t believe he said that

  80. Kaylene Pollock

    Going threw all your videos now because there all so perfect!

  81. Sad

    The video that started it all.

  82. GreenOnscreen

    Anyone here at 2019?

  83. Anna DONALDSON

    Wow this vid is older than my younger brother, this video came out when I was four wow

  84. Gummy Girls

    OMG I WAS BORN IN 2010!! ANYONE IN 2019????

  85. magpies

    He was 16/17 when he posted this lol

  86. Dende

    A legend was born

  87. Aesthetic Queen

    I memorized this so long ago. Haven’t watched for two years and still know every.single.word!

  88. Thisaccountwilldiein1 _robloxplayer

    Youtube is keep eraseing the old videos

  89. Robyn Bailey

    “I love you more than my momma loves Chinese food” 😂😂😂
    Gets me every time

  90. Nérias Bernardo Teles

    I use this vídeo until today. And I love you too Jon

  91. caty31

    so my recommended section sent this to me and sodoes my recommended section love me?

  92. shubha limaye

    the most precious guy on youtube

  93. Commander Smith

    The og "send this to your crush with no context"

  94. Janine music

    Youtube recommendations love me. Thanks for sending me this!