Cozart, Jon - Rip Vine: A Song Lyrics

[Jon:] You know, Thomas, there is nothing you could've done.

How do I cope with this loss and this pain, Vine is now dead to me.
People would soak in me narrating a 6 second masterpiece.
Agony, beyond joking, don't kid, when you 8 million fans, have to move to your Instagram vids.

Cooped up in L.A. I spent all my work days on painstaking art.
Meanwhile my frenemies grow 9 times as quickly with taco bell hauls,
Blah, blah, blah, blah-crunch, blah, blah.
Agony, far more painful than yours when to grow like you want, you must pander the middle schoolers.

[Both:] Agony, oh it hurts to the core!
[Jon:] What is as tiring,
[Thomas:] Or half so inspiring,
[Both:] As being ignored?
[Thomas:] Am I not talented with my impressions? My precious, Ms. Piggy, our family, I do the best Stewie, now where will they go?
[Jon:] You are everything Vine could have wished for!
[Thomas:] Oh, I know,
[Jon:] It died though,
[Thomas:] The platform is lost,
[Jon:] You know nothing of losing 'til you only get 2 million views on a vid, you know, should have gone viral meanwhile, its lists: blah trump! Blah candy! Blah late night! Blah roasting! Blah blah!
[Both:] Agony,
[Thomas:] Misery,
[Jon:] Woe,
[Both:] Though it's different for each,
[Thomas:] Always seconds behind,
[Jon:] Always decades too old!
[Both:] And it's just out of reach!
Agony, that can cut like a knife! Hello, YouTube. Bye, Vine!

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Cozart, Jon Rip Vine: A Song Comments
  1. Jonathan Shapiro

    You know nothing of loosing... DO NOT SPEAK TO ME OF LOSS

  2. Kitty Maiderlyn

    HAHA😂😂😂😂😂 His face when Thomas sanders started singing

  3. Eva Stinger

    I bet Virgil is In Thomas brain thinking:

  4. Gabby Quinn

    Thomas: *looking sad*
    Jon: You will be fine
    Thomas: *gets in his feels*

  5. owen card

    They are twins

  6. You

    I first watch him when I'm 10 now I'm 81 Yo because I have to wait for the next upload

  7. Andrea Byrd

    who eles thinks they sound amazing together

  8. Maggie R

    And then Tik Tok was invented

  9. RandomShiba1105

    I didn’t know Roman was gonna be here

  10. Born To Ship VICTUURI!

    I ship it......

  11. Emkay

    This happens to be a parody of my favorite 'In to the Woods' song. I happen to like this one better though.

  12. Rwby Lover

    ..... the beginning tho Yes !!!!!

  13. Alayan T Brown M

    And why haven't they used these two as a Disney gay Prince yet

  14. LittleLuna Lestrange

    i came back to this video after i found out thomas played cinderellas prince

  15. Vpow Vpow

    Sanders sides comments cannot be stopped. It appears on every single video thomas is in xD even ones not on his channel

  16. Kaitlyn Free

    Bruh you say your busy making things but you havent posted in a year

  17. Maddy TaylorBrock

    It's into the woods. Lol i love this

  18. ImpossiblePentagon

    Thomas: *starts singing*
    Jon: *sits awkwardly* 😐

  19. Lucina Lee

    so an update for tick tok!!

  20. heypeeps 1009_WX

    Byte: *allow me to introduce myself*

  21. Kabam Palpomp

    I ship it

  22. Smooth

    Thomas looks a bit like the guy from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  23. CrazyCats Production

    When your a middle schooler and you hear a line that mentions middleschoolers....

  24. Max Langerud

    I loved that Agony cover!!!! So nice😄

  25. Chris Alwayswins

    Paint are you actually gay

  26. Sarah Chong

    The Roman in each of them was here for 2 mins 35 seconds

  27. AdLiNe The DiNoSaUr

    Did any one notice that clock on the table in the background?

  28. Aniya wethernern

    *feels gay tension building as the seconds tick by*

  29. An_artsy_dork Draws

    This would be the best parody musical ever using all of the vine and YouTube songs

  30. RainbowLight Channel // Chloe-Marie

    I swear this is just Roman taking full control lmao

  31. Whitefoxxes

    Well am i late ;-;?

  32. Baylee Palmer

    Roman sang this and you can’t tell me any different

  33. VulpixEvolutions

    They're dating I'm calling i5

  34. Kameron Peapealalo

    I sang this song at a school play

  35. RoxieRowies Unfortunate life

    Can I sense BROMANCE

  36. Annika Dollevoet

    They should make a Disney movie where there are two gay princes and they in love...

  37. Breeze The Golden pikachu

    I ship it

  38. A gay character

    Thomas: VINE IS DEAD!!!!
    Me: *Thomas they are in YouTube. Don’t worry.*

  39. Caelan James

    Jon just looks so done at the beginning 😂

  40. Lily Melvin

    ROMAN!!!!!!!! OMG YASSSSS!!!!!!!

  41. Where’s my will To live

    Never forget

  42. Rachel Dawe

    My two faves making a parody of one my favorite musical songs I AM LIVING

  43. CJ is big Dum dum

    Its closest to vine

  44. Emma Barge

    Can I get this on Spotify please-?

  45. Blue Moon

    The next thing they'll do is Rip YouTube BECAUSE YOUTUBE'S DYING BECAUSE OF COPPA :(

  46. Kiana Bozeman

    I miss jon uploads

  47. • A r i e l •

    It’s been exactly 3 years-

  48. Ting

    2019 December
    Is there Anyone 😂?

  49. Cat LoverRosie07

    Imagine if we suddenly just see a new ad for a Disney movie. Then we see that Thomas and Jon are there, Thomas in a rip vine t shirt, and Jon in a Pixar shirt. And the movie ad is called The Gay Disney Prince.

  50. SweDog_05

    Vänta va?!? Är du svensk??

  51. freya moss


  52. Sharleez Maeshara

    Gay Prince of Disney

  53. Ananya Manvi

    jon protecc
    jon attacc
    but most importantly
    jon pls come bacc

  54. Jackson Hayes


  55. AlaynaTheRealPotato

    Jon looks like the guy off of American Crime Story Assassination of Gianni Versace

  56. Minjoph

    Can I please have a 6min song with the two of you together? It's just so fucking good.

  57. grolla_the_barb

    Are you on TikTok yet Jon?

  58. Alice Nelson

    this is such 2016 thomas i cant

  59. ¿Mådder Then Måd håtter?

    Ship it

  60. moskeelah hicks

    Thomas sounds like he sang in rent but I know he didn't because I know rent like the back of my hand. I love their voices by the way.

  61. MsM Latin Class

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! AGONY!!!!!!!

  62. The Mickey Squad

    Its only been 2 years? How has it felt decades?!

  63. The Mickey Squad


  64. Salem Aspen

    blah blah blah blah crunch blah blah

  65. Lana Oren

    You need them to voice the first prince & prince love story.
    If you don’t WTF DISNEY?!

  66. pentaholic21


  67. Dank Memes

    The middle schoolers back then are high schoolers who now hate middle schoolers too it’s like a constant circle

  68. TheLegendOfHuman

    The 2nd verse should have referenced a bunch of iconic vines

  69. Obsessed Fan

    Thomas' face is so much like Roman right then 😂😂😂

  70. Nikita Prudsky

    Long ago, I thought you guys were the same person.

  71. Megan's Weirdness

    😂😂😂 Jon's face when Thomas started singing

  72. BlueSoul •

    Into the woods vibe ❤❤❤

  73. Igor Aulin

    r u coming back or what?

  74. eeEeeeEe

    I love how he just started sing a into the woods song and nobody noticed 😂😂

  75. Em7Gem Lovelife

    Now you dress up as a gay Disney Prince 😂

  76. Myles Pina 2024

    Tik Tok 👀

  77. Die_Melli Einschütz


    * Inhales *


  78. Truly Greg

    0:18 His face is just like "of course he's singing"😑

  79. eric Fuchs

    Literally live action Disney prince audition

  80. Sara

    You can tell they filmed this after a long night of not sleeping. Their eyes. Their skin. These two should've have sleep, water, and a shower before filming. Take care of yourselves. Your physical and mental well-being is more important than your internet presence.

  81. lala

    press F to pay respect

  82. D O Z E

    This is the weirdest video I’ve ever seen in my entire life wow 🤣 wow

    D O Z E

    I realized I said wow twice

  83. Rosebush

    What happened to vine tho

  84. Erdem Karadeniz

    I thought these guys were twins.

  85. Jessie Davies

    Am I only the person who thought they were the same person

  86. Alexi Corrales

    So glad that Disney wrote a parody for this 💜

  87. Mijnkanaal21

    The difference between Jon and Thomas's dramatic expressions. Love it😂😂💕
    Oh and ehm. Jon... Why do you use a shoelace to support your ukelele (other vid)🤔😂💕


    This is actually really good. Why?? Lol.


    Why though.. Lol. xD xD

  90. ironically_iconic


  91. Eden

    Jon’s fAce at the start had me wheezing

  92. Yasmin H

    I was watching into the woods and started singing ur version of this

  93. brian stanford

    Hey guys, I understand this is years later. You are both wildly talented and I hope that you have been successful in whatever endeavors since this. Keep up the hard work.

  94. Hiitsme Julie

    Mé hárt♥️

  95. MRD

    Jon: tries to comfort Thomas

    Thomas: bursts out singing

  96. Literacy Rates

    times when the clock changed one minute


  97. John Kane

    I thought into the woods ripped it off

  98. Thoralf L

    decades to old.....
    Thank you Jon - u r so gooood to your older subscribers 😢😢😂😂