Cozart, Jon - Politiclash 2 Lyrics

Alright, Kenny boy. It's the big day. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Oh golly, what do I do?

Vote for me!
Thirty years in the game
And although Clinton's my name
I'll be damned if I let a man define the rest of my days

Vote for me!
My business is booming, I'm entrepreneuring
Fighting fires with you're fired, tired of waiting for the legislators

Vote for me!
I'm on a mission

Vote for me!
I'm tired of pissing next to trannies and welfare grannies
Black lives matter Afghanis

Gotta be sure we don't backtrack
It's time to take the country back

But what are your policies?

I'd love to answer that but first lemme be shady
Tell me, how many banks are in your top ten donors, lady?
One, two, three, four
Don't declare nuclear war!

What are his policies?
Malice fueling impossible fallacies?
Ban religions build fantasies
A wall to keep out the Wildlings

I fund your campaigns, hear the concerns?
You earn your money on the Wall Streets, even Bill's feelin the Bern
Or not, you haven't fronted the Bill since '95
Bring back Lewinsky, least she knew her way around a mic

You've dropped the F-bomb, the P-word, the C-word, and that's just the shortlist
The only thing I'm dropping is the mic
Great, got rid of Mike Pence
And while we're at it, drop these plagiarizing controversies,
First Melania with Michelle, now you with white men from the 50s
Who taught you no means grope? Really though
Wanna wash that locker mouth out with soap, hope you choke on that slippery slope

I grab one crotch, Republicans run for the Hillaries
If you were an intern or a balloon I'm certain Bill would act similarly
It's golf chat, ad hoc, my not-so-small small talk
One faux pas and I'm foe fox, I love women,
Don't talk
You're so two faced, one's white lies, one's boldfaced
Now, just shift to the middle, drop that democratic bass

Our economy's crumbling, it's not time for a wannabe
Least I won't nuke New York cause SNL makes fun of me
You're delusional, bankrupt, your casinos are trash
I'm shocked you can divide the country since you clearly can't do math
It's the mad T party, go grab yourself a pie chart
Cut taxes on the rich, convince poor people it's smart
Throw your marital logic at us, break the Union apart
News flash, in the last civil war the racists had to restart

Running a country's just like running business
I'll handle nukes like Gary Busey on Celeb Apprentice
You're fired
BOOM! Now there's no trouble at customs
What a deal, world peace only costs 1 billion Muslims

Let's make peace in the East, not copy their liturgies
Years of Obama's a Muslim, but Pence is gonna lead us like the Saudis
Please, open up a book beyond the two you cite:
The Bible you didn't read, and the book about you you didn't write

Between the deaths in Benghazi and all those missing emails
This monopoly owner votes Clinton goes directly to jail
She'll be more useful in chains than following up Barack
And while we're at it, jail him too, orange is the new black
I'll make a mess of America make my Mexicans clean it
Throw my name on the White House and deport em if they can't read it
Trump, beware the old hag
Trump, she's just Barack in drag
Trump, I'll use that black guy to end her
Just like Othello, last act
My fellow class acts, let's throw back in tow
And lynch Obama out the White's House, Jim Crow 2.0

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Cozart, Jon Politiclash 2 Comments
  1. Phineas Hammer

    Not to racist or anything but trump sucks

  2. Noah Chou

    0:40 sad but true

  3. Jackson Scott

    0:49 too late 🤷‍♂️

  4. Nehemiah Zo

    4 years later, and we are going to war.

  5. sappie

    Vote tea party

  6. Rei Dx

    Why did he make Bernie so hot Jfc.


    Rei Dx that wasn’t bernie, that was Gary Johnson

    Rei Dx

    @TulpechaidoplaysMC fair enough.

  7. Hadhoodi Hafez

    *what’s Aleppo?*

  8. Jellyroll Jellyjinks

    Third party vote is a wasted vote

  9. K Parker

    Love your work but this did not age well ...

  10. Red Rose

    If he made one for all the nominees for the Democratic Party
    Then for the election

  11. Oliver Bracebridge-Henderson

    What do you do? You leave America and don’t move to Uk as it’s rubbish at the moment

  12. Elsa Montgomery

    This is hilarious!ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ😅

  13. L'inconnu connu

    I hadn't noticed that before, but the backgrounds' colors behind each characters are making the French flag.

  14. L'inconnu connu

    Am I the only one who think the Democrats should have chosen to present Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton against Trump ?

  15. Kimberly Pruitt

    Trump ad came on right before this

  16. Joker


  17. Eternity Joy Nerona

    Haha “can’t do math”
    Well ;) that’s what Andrew Yang is running for #math #yanggang

  18. mirage vld

    3:29 this is just a bookmark for me

  19. StarmanJPEG

    i love how realistic this is
    no one actually cares about policies or facts everyone is just fighting wrong vs right about selfish things

  20. Natalie Johnson


  21. It'sBrengo

    Well...this aged well

  22. Basil Lecky

    trump just got impeached

  23. chawuggle !

    i just realized at around 0:50 he starts humming yankee doodle omg

  24. Shadow Wood

    Fuck Trump to hell!

  25. Tarlochan Singh

    It's just what Trump would actually say? Well done!

  26. Sierra Mikesell

    Ken Bone is voting 3rd partyyyyyyy

    *w h a t s a l e p p o*

  27. Ryan Weeks

    Hillary talking about the economy was ironic considering that it was a member of her party who ruined it, and Trump who saved it

  28. Let's Play

    Lets go france?

  29. Frog John

    2:14 are you fucking kidding me Lincoln started the civil war to end slavery and he was republican 🤦‍♀️


    He saod racists no republicans. And thats not why the civil war started, do your research

  30. Thotaku M.

    3:28 so I can replay that 😳

  31. Jokobros 2005

    Go trump

  32. J J

    한국인 생존자 찾습니다 계십니까

  33. LogicMuch 2.0

    Hillary looks like she is hiding something

    oh wait.

  34. Doggo Lover

    They’re both equally terrible people. Hillary silenced a rape victim to make her husband not look bad. Trump is a misogynist asshole. I’m not a fan of how trump is running the country right now, but I think I would also hate how Hillary would be running this country if she won. I hate both of them.

    Doggo Lover

    ​@The Infamous Melonhead Exactly! It's so stupid because it's a waste of time and money, and he's not gonna get impeached. Anyway, he won in a democracy, and people need to accept that and move on.

    The Infamous Melonhead

    @Doggo Lover and on top of all that, people don't seem to realize that even if he was, while Trump is a mediocre at best president, yes, his voice president who would take over if Trump was impeached is a million times worse. It would completely blow up in our faces

    Doggo Lover

    @The Infamous Melonhead Yeah, Mike Pence is way worse. The guy openly supports conversion therapy and other "traditional values," which are mostly bs anyway.


    @Doggo Lover Mike Pence can go to hell

  35. Lucy Coco Sanders

    You make a great Hilary Clinton

  36. Emily Geier

    Lmao this showed up in my recommended and I’ve watched GoT since he made this and finally got the wildlings reference XD

  37. Valerie Stephens

    Before the vid was a frickin Donald trump ad telling everyone to make America great again😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Jace berg

    U are one educated guy argue with em later about

  39. Angelynn Neal

    When Donald Trump says I love women, I think he is trying to insure people he is straight, he doesn’t respect em, he has sex with em

  40. moongirl -

    yall... Trump really won. Like wtf

  41. 6 couscous

    in the background, there is the color of France

  42. Adryana Rogers

    These roasts kill me 😂😂😂

  43. SeanyBoy

    that lewinski line was fire

  44. Skyler Watson


  45. Reese TV Music

    0:50 Background singers are singing Yankee Doodle. (a very american tune)

  46. pantranwhostansdan

    0:31 I rediscovered this after 3 years and I am a tranny lmao

  47. Harrison Baytan

    3:19 the mustache kinda falls off

  48. Bridgette Walker

    Please do this for 2020!

  49. Noodles99

    These videos amplify my liking for Jon. I think he dislikes trump and clinton and based on the previous video, likes bernie. same here.

  50. Ashleigh

    Great rap battle! Funny af! Just wanna point out one thing tho...Democrats created the KKK and Democrats wanted to keep slavery the most during the civil war....for the most part Republicans were trying to get slavery abolished...sorry internet...dont hate me... lol

    ᔕᗯEET ᔕTᖇᗩᗯᗷEᖇᖇY

    Both parties switched

    Zora Z

    There polices changed

  51. Grace Gutierrez

    ok I like, love you but can you not say the T slur (I'm sorry if this seems rude but its just not a very nice thing to say)

  52. Army Berry

    3:28 that-wait.. jon, you HAVE to be straight now.

  53. Jordan Leigh

    Why are all the best guys gay???? No hate through I love that for you

  54. Wendy Beckwith

    LITERALLY my dad, he doesn’t even remember the name of the guy he voted for

  55. Who Knows

    "Fighting Fires" sure aged well

  56. Alysha Wang

    Trump’s accent or whatever is pretty on point 😂

  57. MmeganN E.

    Did trump jon get a tan?

  58. Marcus Devonish

    Trump was on point but Hillary needed to look a bit more mentally insane, put on an extremely creepy looking fake smile and it would be perfect

    The Infamous Melonhead

    Plus have a fake little laugh all the time

  59. Merlin Dragoon

    wow I just rewatched for the first time since posted and jesus christ I might cry. How did we let him happen. How? It is insane that he is our president. Do the majority(ish) of people really think like that bastard? seriously scary stuff. Also idc if I get hate for this post I know its just an impression and I can own up to my tree hugging liberal bias but the fact that this orange monster leads my country makes me quiver

    The Infamous Melonhead

    I hated them both, I wanted Bernie

  60. Gracie Bertoli

    You know what we completely ignored George Washington warning no political parties

  61. Arden Allen

    Why is Jon Hillary actually like cute tho

  62. comedy conspiracy

    The placement of the colors make it look like a French flag,the middle for cutting out during war

  63. aFICTIONado

    “Orange is the new black”

    Omg dying 😂😂😂

  64. James Greener

    And now Trump is president

  65. Mya bazan

    a donald trump ad came up before this and i didn't know if i should laugh or gag

  66. meh yeh

    bruh color your hair with GREY. That's great for you

  67. syd

    the mustache falling off at the end is a big mood

  68. Tenement Funster


  69. Nina Mamedova

    I hope he makes another one of these for the 2020 election

  70. Red Shadow Ninja

    Well, this helped me vote.
    (I live in Asia) (I was joking)

  71. animeunicorndragon

    he actually looks like a girl

  72. Amanda Martin

    The way he did Donald Trump's voice was top notch

  73. 임혀나

    랩잘해 노래잘해 존잘에 센스넘치고 영상 잘 만들어 대체 단점이 뭐냐고...

  74. Josie Hamilton

    Love how right before this was a Trump ad

  75. Toby N.

    Better lyrics and better flow than Epic Rap Battles of History's take on Trump vs Hillary. Bonus points for the a capella.

  76. Sesshomaru474

    Still better to vote third party.

    You have to notice all the options are shit, that's why they came up with the lesser of evils. The best option would of been to not have a president and let all decisions be democratic where everyone votes on the issues, for majority rule. Instead of voting for a liar who will do the opposite of what he said he would do after being elected.

  77. Lauren 1522

    The bad thing is...He had to buy a MAGA hat for this...🤨

  78. Nat Brown

    I just got it...
    Ken Bone..........

  79. WorldFactsCentral

    I wish Jill Stein was in this lol

  80. Tori Michaelian

    Please do these for the 2020 election!!

  81. Zo K

    All I’m saying is the background of the entire video is the French flag...

  82. Izzy Fizz

    You gotta do one between Sanders Warren and Biden

  83. Ismail Gadalla

    Political raps aren't good

    Pia Lestrange

    actually they are

    no, just stop

    The fact that you spealt this sentence wrong says everything😂

  84. Scourge [female,human,warrior cat]

    He’s the only on who can make Burnie look good

  85. edgy username

    Trump and Hillary are on a ship. The ship sinks. Who survived?


  86. Virgil Sanders

    Hilary: Go grab yourself a pie chart.

    *draws square*

    Me: O_o


    It was a circle, the frame cut it off

    Walter Carvalho

    There was a circle drawn, idiot.

  87. brewski118sempire

    Wow watching this retrospect is... interesting to say the least. Well it's not reading, it's insurance, but hit the nail on the head there.

  88. Shelby 08

    The “wHaTs AlEpPo” joke I get now😂

  89. Carmen Cohen

    Nobody is mentioning the impressive a Capella here😂

  90. Priscilla Espiritu

    It is a PolitiFact that PolitiClash PolitiSLAPS

  91. 이영원

    마지막 진짜 잘생겼다..진심..

  92. Puzzled Gamer

    2:44 the beatboxing sounds like somethin off of Criminal Minds or somethin xD

  93. Choco Pops

    0:48 I love the Hamilton link

  94. Алексей Корнев

    Awesome .... U R really cool!

  95. Young Pker

    Am I the only one who got the Othello part??

  96. Molly Omar

    I love how Jon leGIT HAS HIS EARS PIERCED

  97. Just a Fat Cat -w-

    Nobody gonna talk about his gray hair in the end?....

    Idk how to fell about this perfeck hair bro

  98. Mari Gellerman

    Jon can sound a lot like Trump